İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

father died   (baba öldü)

When Warhol was 13, his father died in an accident.

Mersereau's father died when she was 9 years old.

In 1888 his father died of tuberculosis, aged 42.

succeeded his father   (babasını başardı)

He succeeded his father in the baronetcy in 1892.

He succeeded his father as Seigneur of Courtenay.

He succeeded his father as Earl of Denbigh in 1892.

when his father   (babası)

Warner was born when his father was 57 years old.

He inherited Rietberg when his father died in 1365.

He had to seek work when his father died in 1937.

whose father   (kimin babası)

As a result, a man-child was born to her, Cain, whose father was not Adam.

She is better known as the mother of Heracles whose father was the god Zeus.

His mother was a singer, whose father had been a choir director and musician.

father worked   (baba çalıştı)

Her father worked for the local telephone company.

His father worked in a phosphate mine all his life.

His father worked in a repair shop for railroad cars.

father   (baba ’)

Suteuphaa desired to expand his father’s kingdom.

His career followed almost exactly that of his father’s.

He inherited his father’s property in 1817.

father s   (babanın)

Suteuphaa desired to expand his father’s kingdom.

His career followed almost exactly that of his father’s.

He inherited his father’s property in 1817.

father and son

Another major theme is between father and son.

This new species was then named after the father and son duo.

The estrangement between father and son was never reconciled.

biological father   (biyolojik baba)

As a result, Queen never knew her biological father.

Trexler may be Sterling's biological father.

Prince Milpung was the biological father of Prince Sangwon.

s father

Sam’s father was a carpenter and building contractor.

Later that year Dagchen Rinpoche’s father died.

The surname of Robert Cushman’s father Thomas was Couchman.

late father   (Rahmetli babam)

Her late father was a chairman of the CSIRO.

The song is a tribute to her late father who was murdered.

is wealthy New York oil executive Neil Atkinson, whose late father was J.W.

s father

Sam’s father was a carpenter and building contractor.

Later that year Dagchen Rinpoche’s father died.

The surname of Robert Cushman’s father Thomas was Couchman.

father died when   (babam ne zaman öldü)

Mersereau's father died when she was 9 years old.

His father died when he was barely three years old.

Her father died when she was about 8–9 years old.

own father

Like her own father, her husband is haunted by memories of war.

Seeing this, his friend remarks that his own father is very corrupt.

She later said that her own father's war-time death influenced her to do so.

mother and father   (anne ve baba)

Warhol was buried next to his mother and father.

The mother and father were in a family court dispute.

Victor D’Amico's mother and father were born in Italy.

father and grandfather   (baba ve büyükbaba)

He was named after both his father and grandfather.

His father and grandfather were also Spanish admirals.

His father and grandfather were eye doctors.

father became

His father became the guardian of the children.

Chenery's life changed when her father became disabled.

Her father became a carpenter-builder and a community leader.

founding father

Masilo is the founding father of Basotho.

It also recognized him as the founding father of the city of Keizer.

He is seen more as a character model than war hero or founding father.

father figure   (baba figürü)

He becomes something of a father figure to Titus.

Boss and occasional father figure to the Angel Team.

From then on, Bourgeat became a father figure to Desplein.

followed his father

He followed his father, crew coach James A.

Bagguley followed his father's occupation from a young age.

Van Goudoever followed his father in the wine import business.

joined his father

Stotz joined his father's architectural firm in 1923.

As a teenager Johnson joined his father in the group.

Robert Kahn joined his father's firm 1945.

when her father   (babası)

Chenery's life changed when her father became disabled.

Hoppen briefly returned to South Africa when her father died.

She had met a promising new beau when her father suddenly died.

father and mother   (baba ve anne)

Malhotra is a Sikh, he is the only son of his father and mother.

When her father and mother visit her tower, he tells them a story.

He qualifies through both his father and mother's Corsican heritage.

father and brother

His father and brother were also football players.

His father and brother are also active in the FPÖ.

Hart's father and brother are also screenwriters.

adoptive father   (Evlat edinen baba)

Tomato is an orphan lives with his adoptive father.

Wilford's adoptive father was John Hay Whitney.

Her adoptive father worked in the local iron foundry.

father served

His father served in the United States Navy.

His father served as a missionary to mixed-race peoples.

His father served with the British Army.

father left

His father left the family when Powers was young.

His father left the family and married another woman.

McTell's father left the family when Willie was young.

father when   (baba ne zaman)

He lost his father when just a child.

She lost her father when she was 11.

His mother died when he was seven; his father when he was thirteen.

father took

His father took care of him and his brother alone.

His father took non-profitable music classes at home.

Jan's father took the Bronze World Cup for his weight class.

inherited his father   (babasını miras aldı)

In 1811 he inherited his father's estate at Dellingburn.

He inherited his father’s property in 1817.

He inherited his father's muffler and radiator shop in 1968.

father was killed

His father was killed by Puni's Borabora warriors.

His father was killed at the battle of Crécy in 1346.

Almousa's father was killed by ISIS in Syria.

father owned

Her father owned the Smith Cleaners establishment.

His father owned a small farm and worked another one.

He grew up in Concord, Massachusetts where his father owned an inn.

father was born

Her father was born in Sicily, her mother in Turkey.

Trump's father was born in the Bronx, New York.

Miłosz's father was born and educated in Riga.

father did

The boys theorize their father did this to keep him quiet.

That's what my father did to my mother.

His father did shoe repair and his mother was a drugstore clerk.

father moved

His father moved to Montreal, Quebec, in 1981.

His father moved to Portsmouth to work at the Naval Base.

In 1922 her father moved to Argo, Illinois, near Chicago, shortly after her birth.

father of modern

He is known as the "father of modern taxonomy".

He is seen as a father of modern meteorology.

Leontaritis is said to be the father of modern Greek music.

against his father   (babasına karşı)

Taya's son Adil secretly marries Shahwaar against his father's will.

Andrea played against his father, during the latter's last season as a pro.

Heracles brought the case to court, and Phyleus testified against his father.

real father

His real father is the family gardener, "Dungo".

Her real father is a mess according to the narrator.

She hates Valentina - and placed into doubt Orestes' real father.

following his father

Tymoshchenko took up modern pentathlon following his father, a former pentathlete.

He interpreted musical pieces of the Abdal-Turkoman tradition, following his father.

He takes care of his mother Thaiyalnayagi (Kalairani) and sister, following his father's death.

father played

His father played football in amateur league.

My father played for redskins briefley.

His father played football at Purdue.

because his father   (çünkü babası)

Johnny's nervous because his father Jim is also a gambler.

Jørn Utzon lived in Helsingør in his youth because his father was an engineer at .

Carbo saw Yawkey as a father figure, because his father did not really care about him.

through his father   (babası aracılığıyla)

Gayle is of Jamaican descent through his father.

He became a naturalized U.S. citizen through his father.

He was a nephew of Tiberius through his father, Tiberius's brother.

father and uncle   (baba ve amca)

His father and uncle were art collectors.

Bhau-Bapu Mang Narayangaonkar was the family troupe run by her father and uncle.

His involvement with paper precedes that, as his father and uncle both worked for the paper.

father gave

His father gave him an early a love of Shakespeare.

He obeyed her, although her father gave fearful yells.

His father gave him the racket, beginning his tennis career.

before his father

Lord Paisley died before his father and had no son.

He died before his father c.1578.

Zhenjin died soon afterwards in 1286, eight years before his father.

father before

The former died after his father before reaching the age of 21.

Like his father before him, Henry V was faced with waning power.

Nasser received the approval of her father before their marriage in 1944.

lost his father

Hoffer was a young man when he also lost his father.

Rama Rao lost his father at the age of 7 years.

At 22 years old, Avicenna lost his father.

father had died

(Łazowertówna's father had died of natural causes before the War.)

His father had died in 1818 leaving him a large amount of property.

Her father had died in the 1970s.

father sent

A poor old father sent his sons out to learn trades.

When Camille was twelve his father sent him to boarding school in France.

After refusing to fight in a war, his father sent him to join Night's Watch.

father taught

His father taught him Latin as a small child.

His father taught the piano at the Eastman School of Music..

His father taught Latin at Phillips Exeter from 1910 to 1940.

father remarried   (baba yeniden evlendi)

Her step father remarried a few months later.

After his mother's death in 1827, his father remarried.

Her mother died four years later and her father remarried.

alongside his father

For the next two years he taught alongside his father.

He campaigned alongside his father from early years as a child.

Roosevelt served in the 1st Infantry Division, alongside his father.

father to son

A letter from father to son is delivered to the son shortly after the father's death.

It was constitutional but many people view it as a handing over of power from father to son.

This form of Iranian reverse glass and mirror mosaics is a craft traditionally passed on from father to son.

upon his father

Allen was forced to end his studies upon his father's death.

In 1829, he inherited the family estate upon his father's death.

He succeeded upon his father's death, as Lord of Kilbride in 1247.

deceased father   (merhum baba)

"Jack" Murphy, Karrin Murphy's deceased father.

Viszlát nyár is lyrically about the singer Örs Siklósi's deceased father.

All this is watched over by Joe's deceased father, who pulls the two stories together.

considered the father

He is often considered the father of Roman poetry.

He is considered the father of Seychelles literature.

Hutchinson is considered the father of oral medicine by some.

father dies   (baba ölür)

Walter's father dies, followed soon after by his mother.

The woman's father dies and she becomes preoccupied with death.

However, Ray's father dies the next day, and Ray tells Roma to fire Molly.

foster father   (koruyucu baba)

Hannah cries over her foster father's dead body.

Huston was foster father to Brook Watson.

Aquaman gets Jackson and his foster father to safety where everything is explained to them.

estranged father   (yabancılaşmış baba)

Jon attends the funeral of his estranged father.

Reginald "Reg" Trotter is the estranged father of Del Boy, stepfather of Rodney, and son of Grandad.

Halfway later contacts his estranged father, Jonno Highway (Richard Graham), and he comes to Walford.

abusive father   (küfürlü baba)

He grew up with a physically abusive father and an emotionally abusive mother.

She's the daughter of an abusive father and is hired by Solomon as a housewife.

He spent much of his life on the run, starting as a child by running away from his abusive father.

father ran

His father ran car dealerships, including Medway Autos in Kent.

Her father ran a kiosk in Harburg.

His father ran a sewing machine in a factory for children's clothing.

accompanied his father   (babasına eşlik etti)

He also accompanied his father on concerts.

During his childhood, he accompanied his father to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He accompanied his father to Venice in 1651, when he was appointed Ambassador to the Venetian Republic.

father did not

Her father did not recognize her and Silvia knew him until she was 11 years old.

Carbo saw Yawkey as a father figure, because his father did not really care about him.

John Bell's son, John Bell Jr., found the vial in the cupboard after his father did not wake.

father bought   (baba satın aldı)

Her father bought her a plane when she obtained her pilot's license.

During that time, his father bought a guitar to let him pass the time.

After World War II, his father bought a second boatyard at Maidenhead.

father married

His father married Margaret Ott (née Murray) in 1862 at Dunedin.

His mother Döne also died early, and his father married again, to Arzu.

Her father married a black woman when she was three, so her family was also black.

father came

His father came from an old noble Livonian family.

His father came from Sicily and his mother from Ukraine.

When his father came to see him he was imprisoned as well.

killed his father

With this he killed his father unknowingly.

Jefferson learns that Gambi was the one who killed his father.

Charlie was keen to take revenge on Appachan as he killed his father.

father wanted

He came from a wealthy background and his father wanted him to play football in Italy.

His father wanted him to pursue a career in banking for his son, but Soler had different ideas.

His father wanted him to become a soldier but Murias did not desire that career path for himself.

father during

He lost his father during his infancy.

He lost his father during childhood, and did not attend high school.

But he was unfortunate not to get the love of his father during his childhood.

succeeding his father   (babasını takip etmek)

He served as a Senator of Hamburg, succeeding his father Rudolf Berenberg.

Thomas Hartshorn had been rector from 1753, succeeding his father in the post.

Paulo de Azevedo in 2007 assumed the leadership of the Sonae Group, succeeding his father.

father having

This led to his father having to change jobs from mason to milkman.

Nizan was born to a middle-class family, his father having worked in rail prior to the First World War.

She finds her father having dinner with his new girlfriend, Christine, and lies to him about having a stomach ache.

father in law

and father in law of actress Priya Marathe).

His father in law was one of the most famous Yugoslavian strikers Stjepan Bobek.

He died at the home for his father in law, Mr William Ryan at Geelong on 23 July 1898.

father and daughter

Both father and daughter had roles in the Australian TV series "Heartland".

The Regers had no children, and Max and Alma became like father and daughter for some time.

This program is looking to expand into father and daughter, grandparent and son or daughter.

father later

Danding's father later died of kidney failure.

Hogg reunited with his sister and father later that day.

His father later became a general in Pancho Villa's army.

during his father

He was born in Hebron during his father's reign in Judah.

Henry was already a co-ruler of Waldeck during his father's lifetime.

Shah Rukh was never promoted beyond this position during his father's lifetime.

father made

At age 16, Young's father made him leave home.

Her father made a personal appeal to President Zardari on her behalf.

His father made his living trading clothing; his mother was a dental surgeon.

both his father

He was named after both his father and grandfather.

When he returned, both his father and their house were gone.

He qualifies through both his father and mother's Corsican heritage.

single father

Jackson is the single father of three sons.

Has a baby daughter and is a single father.

Before getting married he was a single father with a son.

father went

His father went away to attend to some other business, and Abu Bakr was left alone.

His father went away when Edvard was still very young and left his family in poverty.

In 1878, his father went to San Antonio, Texas and married Bertha Stenbock one year later.

between father

Another major theme is between father and son.

The estrangement between father and son was never reconciled.

Even though this didn't cause his death, this only worsened the relationship between father and son.

succeed his father

After Wang Wujun died in 801, Emperor Dezong made Wang Shizhen military governor to succeed his father.

Chiyya did not, however, succeed his father as head of the academy: this post fell to Rav's disciple Rav Huna.

Immediately after the death of Zhang Zuolin, Zhang Xueliang returned to Shenyang to succeed his father's position.

husband and father

"Ace in the Hole" was to star Carolla as a husband and father who works as a driving instructor.

He is charismatic, a loving husband and father, loved dearly by his family but especially by Francie.

Arthur Rogers (Walthall) is an unemployed, drunkard husband and father who has no money for a Christmas celebration.

father then

The father then kills himself by jumping off a cliff.

Her father then has a success and becomes rich.

Her father then became chaplain to King Leopold I of Belgium.

father of former

He is the father of former driver David Reutimann.

He is the father of former Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racer, Scot Breithaupt.

Kolbeinn is the father of former Icelandic national team player Páll Kolbeinsson.

father retired   (baba emekli)

His father retired from the business in 1839.

When their father retired in 1892 the brothers began to create moving pictures.

In 1838, when Eliza was about 17 years old, her father retired and moved to Sydney.

until his father

He had used this title until his father's death.

They remained there until his father's death.

He attended Akron public schools until his father died in 1861.

became a father

He married at the age of 18 and became a father by 19.

He became a father for the first time in 2009.

From then on, Bourgeat became a father figure to Desplein.

because her father   (çünkü babası)

The local children ostracize her because her father was a thief and a wife-beater.

She herself was not Jewish, but she was viewed as 'non-Aryan' because her father was Jewish.

She committed suicide because her father sold her favorite piano in exchange of 1 month of free alcohol.

father used

His father used to work as a farmer and his mother was a housewife.

His father used to have a food-catering service and his mother is a housewife.

Her father used violence to punish his children, beating them when they disobeyed him.

father and brothers

In Ohio she worked as a reporter and writer in the offices of her father and brothers.

All people around her including her father and brothers keep advising her "how she should be".

Baez' father and brothers testified that Livoti did put Baez in a choke hold, and that Baez was limp when Livoti handcuffed him.

follow his father

Ceton decided to follow his father into teaching.

Samuel Courtauld would follow his father in both regards.

In 1964, his son Nathan would follow his father in also becoming President of the WRU.

alcoholic father

After his alcoholic father lost the family fortune, Ondaatje had to leave school a year from graduation.

Shortly after, they conceived the first of three biological children, which complicated life at home with his alcoholic father.

"Deportee" tells the story of a young man and his alcoholic father who live in a skid-row hotel while trying to make ends meet.

avenge his father   (babasının intikamını al)

Alexander returns in time to kill Pausania and avenge his father.

His son Pratap (N. T. Rama Rao) seeks to avenge his father's death.

He declared war on Constantine, vowing to avenge his father's "murder".

predeceased his father

As he predeceased his father, he never ruled Albret.

He had no children and predeceased his father.

John predeceased his father.

father returned

His father returned to painting only after two years of service.

In 13 BC, her father returned to Rome and was promptly sent to Pannonia to suppress a rebellion.

Calhoun moved to Nashville, Tennessee with his parents before 1812, and his father returned to Pennsylvania to serve in the War of 1812.

dead father

But Bellvamangaludu, out of lust, leaves his dead father and goes to Chintamani.

Upon speaking to his dead father Calzolaro leaves his troop and becomes a schoolmaster.

Jessica is drawn to the lamp and starts to believe her dead father's spirit is inside it.

join his father   (babasına katıl)

He left school at the age of thirteen to join his father's studio and worked there for six years.

He turned down an opportunity to play professional football to join his father in the automobile business.

Madison lends her support and OK to Brady for his decision to leave Titan and join his father at Basic Black.

father told

Her father told them that they had been the bridge and river.

When she turned 14, her father told her she must marry her cousin.

Moe screwed it up when his father told him to sabotage their rival's store.

became the father

On 7 November 2014, Mahon became the father of twins.

Malden became the father of seven sons and a daughter.

Sampson became the father to both Marybeth and Ainsley.

father was not   (baba değildi)

Sarris’ father was not named on the birth certificate.

As a result, a man-child was born to her, Cain, whose father was not Adam.

It was later revealed, however, that the father was not present at the time of consent.