İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fan favorite   (hayranların favorisi)

‘Cowgirls’ is already a fan favorite at our shows."

Several fan favorite characters were included as seats.

He scored in both derby matches and became a fan favorite.

favorite songs   (favori şarkılar)

Matt said it was one of his favorite songs.

According to Jackson, it's one of his favorite songs he's written.

The album consists of Kubota's favorite songs by his favorite artists.

became a favorite   (favori haline geldi)

He quickly became a favorite with the Avalanche fans.

Afterwards, he became Kotwal and became a favorite of Emperor Akbar.

Studying the night sky became a favorite activity for the young girl.

favorite song   (En sevdiğiniz şarkı)

"Someone to Watch Over Me" was her favorite song.

Fitzgerald has called it her favorite song.

"Davy Crockett" was a favorite song performed by the guests.

favorite to win   (kazanmak için favori)

Despite being a favorite to win the contest, the song placed 17th.

She was a heavy favorite to win the crown from the semifinal to final.

Guido Bontempi was seen by Sala as a favorite to win a couple of stages.

favorite among

Misty has become a favorite among fans of the series.

It is a particular favorite among pianists and audiences alike.

1 on the Oricon charts, and remains a favorite among Dragon Ash fans.

favorite son

Raghuram (Raghuvaran), his elder brother is their father's favorite son.

His oldest and favorite son Akira died in a car accident in 1966 at age twenty.

Arizona was McCain's home state and gave its 10 electoral votes to its favorite son.

personal favorite

His personal favorite was Ralph Vaughan Williams.

He produced "Accelerate" as well as "Maria", which is Aguilera's personal favorite.

His personal favorite is an Olympic white Fender Precision Bass, since he was a fan of Dee Dee Ramone.

favorite food

Ranpha's favorite food to eat and cook is spicy foods.

are the favorite food plants of sangai.

His favorite food is grilled onigiri.

favorite character

In "Gamest"'s 1997 Heroes Collection, Robert was voted as the staff's 46th favorite character.

In 1991 Rosa started creating "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", a 12 chapter story about his favorite character.

Appearing on and off for twenty years since her first appearance, Warrior Nun Areala is creator Ben Dunn's favorite character.

favorite film   (favori film)

Williams has often called this her favorite film.

His favorite book is "The Da Vinci Code" and favorite film "Days of Thunder".

Film and television critic Matt Zoller Seitz has said it is his favorite film.

least favorite

In 2012, Thompson said that "Pineapple Army" was his least favorite Urasawa work available in English.

The Python was also by far the pickiest, however, turning in the largest groups at averages with its least favorite brands, for a standard deviation of .

Barry Myers praised it as "possible single material" while Fowley referred to it as "pure Runaways", although Fox dismissed it as "one of my least favorite Runaways songs".