voted in favour   (投票赞成)

Five Australian Democrats senators voted in favour.

The vestry meeting had voted in favour, 69 to 3.

All 46 delegates voted in favour of Suker's candidature.

ruled in favour

The court ruled in favour of the prosecution on all counts.

The Court ruled in favour of the African Football Governing body.

The High Court ruled in favour of the hospital on 20 February 2018.

vote in favour

He did eventually participate in the 1997 campaign that led to a narrow vote in favour.

Viewers cast their vote in favour of the contestants they would like to save from eviction.

John Efford, a cabinet minister who recently opposed SSM decided to vote in favour of C-38.

abandoned in favour

However, in later years this was abandoned in favour of String Theory.

Therefore, this theory was very soon abandoned in favour of other explanations.

Recently, the V configuration has been abandoned in favour of straight engines.

dropped in favour

Following the Bolton match he was dropped in favour of Sørensen.

Jamie Mallender and Rolf Munkes were dropped in favour of Magnus Rosen and Dario Mollo.

He played in the first seven games before being dropped in favour of Kidd, who took over for the next eight games.

votes in favour

The resolution was adopted with 140 votes in favour and 11 abstentions.

It passed with 261 votes in favour, 22 votes against and 16 abstentions.

On 5 August, Yingluck was elected prime minister with 296 votes in favour.

voting in favour

Another constitutional referendum was held in 1968, with 92% voting in favour.

However, in 1972 he was dismissed by Wilson for voting in favour of entry into the Common Market.

A referendum in March had resulted in a large majority (81%) voting in favour of replacing the sultanate with a republic.

found in favour

In July 2009, a British court found in favour of Asda.

The council found in favour of Bernard and their judgment was confirmed by the pope.

royal favour

By late 1053 Ealdred was once more in royal favour.

The fifth Earl of Crawford rose high in royal favour.

He submitted to the King and was restored to royal favour.

decided in favour

He decided in favour of Innocent II.

The arbitrators of the case, by a majority, decided in favour of Mercator.

Although the legal case took nine years to resolve, it was decided in favour of Baron Clinton.

argued in favour

With "comparative advantage" Ricardo argued in favour of industry specialisation and free trade.

Tupper argued in favour of a strong central government as a second best to a pure legislative union.

He also argued in favour of a law establishing the general maximum, thus introducing price controls.