İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

album featured   (albüm özellikli)

The album featured French rappers Menelik and 2 Bal.

The album featured a wide variety of tie-ups.

That version of the album featured 13 tracks.

show featured   (öne çıkanları göster)

The show featured Warren Clarke as a guest star.

The 2013 toy show featured a record breaking 237 toys.

The show featured two teams of four competing each week.

featured prominently   (öne çıkan)

The song is featured prominently in the 2019 film "".

The song is featured prominently in the film "The Big Chill".

Aboriginal music featured prominently in this award ceremony.

song was featured

The song was featured on their album "Warrior".

The song was featured on his 1959 album, "Buddy Knox".

The song was featured on his 1958 album, "Jack Scott".

event featured   (etkinlik özellikli)

The event featured a men's, women's and open draw.

The event featured tournaments for and StarCraft II.

event featured plastic horns as the giveaway.

featured guest

The mixtape featured guest appearances from Wale among others.

The album featured guest artists such as Eve, Camar Doyles, & Ding Dong.

The version also featured guest vocals from Fitz of the band Fitz & The Tantrums.

featured artist

Each featured artist wrote their own contribution.

Aloe Blacc was the featured artist in 2018–19.

Prima received credit as a featured artist on the song.

featured several   (birkaç özellikli)

The show usually featured several segments such as:

It also featured several previously unreleased songs.

The second production series featured several improvements.

featured many

The series aired on weekends and featured many actors.

Issues in the 1950s and 1960s featured many paintings.

The film featured many of the players.

prominently featured   (öne çıkan)

It is prominently featured in some Bollywood films.

The same character is prominently featured in this game.

Her work was prominently featured in "Every.

featured in several

The song has been featured in several Hollywood movies.

Noelle has been featured in several different articles.

She has been featured in several national advertising campaigns.

series featured

The series featured Kevin Brown and Austin Pendleton.

when the series featured sport's most overrated athletes.

The second production series featured several improvements.

game featured

The next game featured a #1 versus #2 match up.

This game featured Clarisse from "Castle of Cagliostro".

The game featured two sides, the Alliance and the Maraken.

often featured   (sıklıkla özellikli)

BASE jumping is often featured in action movies.

"The Advent" often featured material by Sri Aurobindo.

Manzoni's works were often featured at Galleria Azimuth.

later featured

He later featured for the Peru U20 squad in 2009.

The song was later featured in an episode of .

Some of it was later featured in the movie "200 Motels".

not featured

The song, "Australia Desam" is not featured in the movie.

He has not featured on the list since 2013.

Founding member Mike Bloomfield was not featured on the album.

episode featured

The first episode featured Elton John as the guest.

The debut episode featured Sandy Dennis as Joan of Arc.

Each episode featured voice-over narration by Peter Lawford.

season featured

The season featured a very unusual end to the regular season.

This season featured an entirely new opening credits sequence.

This season featured 16 HouseGuests.

songs featured

The songs featured during the movie are as follows:

The songs featured OG Maco, Lamont Sincere, A$AP Ant and Macca Wiles.

Seven out of the nine songs featured on the demo were included on the album.

film featured   (film özellikli)

This film featured Charles Victor as Teal.

The film featured controversial Scottish psychiatrist R.D.

The film featured Angsuman Parashar and Barsha Priyadarshini.

featured in many

The house featured in many of his paintings.

She has been featured in many exhibitions.

The news featured in many of the national papers of the time.

song featured

The song featured Evelyn "Champagne" King on vocals.

The song featured Grammy Award nominee Koryn Hawthorne.

"Creme Magazine" had said the song featured "Bursting beats".

featured artists

It featured artists such as Song Dong, exhibiting here in the UK for the first time.

Two days later, he unveiled the track listing, revealing fourteen tracks with two featured artists.

Among the featured artists beyond Calhoun were Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, and Skatterman & Snug Brim.

tournament featured   (turnuva özellikli)

The tournament featured 20 teams, from 10 countries.

The tournament featured the league's top eight seeds.

The tournament featured four rounds.

originally featured

It originally featured on the soundtrack to "Pantheon".

It originally featured a fountain and Astroturf floors.

The league originally featured 60 teams.

featured more

Miho fans wanted Miho to be featured more on the album.

The B-17D also featured more extensive armor protection.

It became Silver Cinemas in 1990 and featured more screens.

song is featured

The song is featured in the "NBA 2K19" soundtrack.

The song is featured in the game "Just Dance 2019".

The song is featured in the NBA 2K12 soundtrack.

featured a new

Season 5 featured a new producer and a new format.

The July 1972 DC titles featured a new circular logo.

The game also featured a new system called a "Surprise Jump."

featured the first

It also featured the first of his famous cameo appearances.

The novel also featured the first meeting between Evelyn and Mel.

The park also featured the first Shoot-the-Chutes ride in Chicago.

video featured

One video featured LA singer/songwriter Zella Day.

The promo video featured Mik Kaminski on violin.

The original video featured the Rising Sun Flag in the intro.

featured a number   (bir numara içeriyordu)

Joseph's featured a number of small shops assembled under one roof.

The album featured a number of appearances from artists on the T.U.G.

Rockwell's design featured a number of features common to 1960s U.S. designs.

featured performances

Hosted by President Obama and Mrs. Obama, the show featured performances by B.B.

The exhibition event featured performances by artistic gymnasts who participated in Rio.

The album featured performances by Jon Secada, Oscar D'Leon, T. Lopez, The DEY and Barullo.

regularly featured

He is regularly featured in Jewish news publications.

"Irreplaceable" has regularly featured in Beyoncé's tours and live performances since 2006.

He regularly featured during the Channel Seven's coverage of Wimbledon 2012, and Ascot on TVN.

only featured   (sadece özellikli)

@only featured in the director's cut, "Untitled"

In contrast, Ramose's burial only featured his coffin.

The video of the song only featured Faakhir and Haroon.

competition featured   (rekabet özellikli)

The competition featured just one tournament, played in Prague.

The competition featured just one tournament, played in Bergen.

The competition featured three songs that were all performed by Aalto.

featured new

It featured new, larger J. C. Penney and Sears stores.

All three releases also featured new studio recordings as bonus tracks.

The updated version featured new tracks combined with some updated tracks from Micro Machines 2.

featured songs

"I Was a Teenage Serial Killer" featured songs by Heavens to Betsy.

The show also featured songs and poems by John Betjeman and Philip Larkin.

Both albums featured songs co-written by cyberpunk/horror novelist John Shirley.

featured guest appearances

The mixtape featured guest appearances from Wale among others.

The mixtape featured guest appearances from Young Scooter, Gorilla Zoe and others.

The mixtape featured guest appearances by Lola Monroe, Jazze Pha, DMX, Kid Ink, Twista and XV.

version featured

The original NASA version featured the NASA seal.

This version featured Melora Creager on cello.

This version featured several more, often unusual, mini-games.

cast featured   (oyuncu kadrosu)

The cast featured Glynn and Hall.

The cast featured Francesca Annis, Deborah Findlay, and Ron Cook, directed by James Macdonald.

Its cast featured Tom Tryon, Romy Schneider and John Huston, and it was nominated for six Academy Awards.

featured only   (sadece özellikli)

It featured only a single integrator.

album was "Careless Whisper", but it featured only George Michael in the music video.

It was fully imported from China and featured only minor cosmetic changes inside and out.

featured all

It featured all new songs recorded by The Jets.

It featured all four living original MTV VJs who are now on The 80s on 8 channel.

The competition featured all fourteen South African provincial unions plus n side the .

featured both

Many other tracks featured both Bill and Ian Nelson.

featured both a new design shuttlecraft and a captain's yacht.

These channels featured both local content and programming from London.

work was featured   (iş özellikli)

The work was featured on The Space, a pilot BBC project.

In September 2012, Colwell's work was featured in "Juxtapoz" magazine.

In 1984, her papier-mâché work was featured in the journal "Fiberarts".

featured during

The songs featured during the movie are as follows:

It was also featured during her 2018 Asia-Pacific tour.

Their love story was featured during a TLC segment on "ASAP" in August 2018.

featured in numerous

PRTM has been featured in numerous publications.

The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books.

His work has been featured in numerous publications and blogs.

first featured

He is first featured in the book The Spooks: Blood.

He is also an actor who first featured in the MMFF film "Otlum".

The shuttlecraft, named for Galileo Galilei, was first featured in "The Galileo Seven".

featured music

The film also featured music from Brown Sugar.

The film, which featured music composed by Ilaiyaraaja, was released in August 1995.

All of Little Big Town's singles have featured music videos (except "The Reason Why").

featured regularly

They are featured regularly on BBC6 radio.

Assassinations and other violent crimes are featured regularly.

Wolff is featured regularly in television, print, and internet media.

featured the same

Both formats featured the same three tracks.

It also featured the same "Sirius II" 2.4-litre inline-four rated at and of torque.

Sometimes referred to as FV2, the car featured the same engine as in the later FV1s.

album also featured

The album also featured a duet with fellow Vermonter Grace Potter.

This album also featured at No.

This album also featured a lot of Fuad's Jamaican and west Indian friends.

again featured

In 2003, the BBC again featured modern re-tellings of selected tales.

This series again featured this version of Superman as a central character.

It again featured contributions from Joe Bear, as well as additional guitar by Faith Taylor.

featured speaker

The featured speaker was James Lovelock, creator of the “Living Earth” theory.

He was also a featured speaker for many local organizations and school graduations.

In 2016, Valentine was the featured speaker at Kids In A New Groove annual fundraiser.

featured a large

The 1908 uniforms featured a large icon of a red stocking angling across the shirt front.

The "Rance" series has featured a large number of characters throughout its installments.

The car was of unitary construction and featured a large glass area with heavily curved windscreen and rear window.

featured the song

16 after a viral meme had featured the song.

Kmart Australia also featured the song in their 2013 series of TV commercials.

The other side of the disc featured the song "Born Every Minute" by The Passage.

featured interviews

It often featured interviews with people of interest to the youth of the time.

This short-lived program largely consisted of music videos but rarely featured interviews.

The show featured interviews with celebrities, subject matter experts and members of the public.

team featured   (özellikli takım)

The 1924 team featured the Four Horsemen backfield.

The Casino team featured former Dutch international, Jack Dalmeyer.

The game was refereed by Tommy Foran and the Kilkenny team featured Piltown's Ned Power (Brenor).

single featured

The single featured a radio edit of the song and the album version.

The single featured another song from the upcoming album, called "Uniform"'.

The single featured two mixes by X-Cabs and another track "Bliss", which became a big hit.

featured live

4" featured live skits from Bun B and GLC.

The compilation featured live recordings from the group's benefit concerts.

It featured live simulated sex and audience interaction that caused some controversy.

previously featured   (önceden özellikli)

A human-machine character was previously featured in "Terminator Salvation".

This sketch was previously featured in Lewis-Smith's contributions to "TV Hell".

A similar sketch was previously featured in Lewis-Smith's contributions to "TV Hell".

featured in various

Blackjack is also featured in various television shows.

Industrial vocal elements are also featured in various songs.

His work featured in various exhibitions and art shows in Algiers from 1948 to 1960.

featured vocalist

Rod Stewart appears as a featured vocalist.

Inaya Day was a featured vocalist on "Horny '98" by Mousse T. vs.

The first single, Killing Me DJ, featured vocalist Toby Breitenbach.

featured on several

Minazo has also been featured on several T-shirt designs.

Etienne was featured on several online photography blogs.

Her work has been featured on several notable media including CNN and HuffPost Live.

featured heavily

Archways came to be featured heavily in doorways.

His name and persona have also featured heavily in literature.

These two characters were featured heavily in ScareHouse ads and promotions.

featured the band

It featured the band's glossiest production to date.

It featured the band members miming to the song in a suburban house.

Released in 1982, the film featured the band as "Nuclear garbagemen".

magazine featured

"Rock Hard" magazine featured "Ritual."

The magazine featured articles on celebrities and targeted women's.

The Toronto Special news magazine featured White Squirrel hunts in a past issue.

featured alongside

The set is featured alongside the Joker's helicopter.

The company's Nescafé brand was featured alongside the article.

Godzilla has been featured alongside many supporting characters.

music featured

He has had his music featured on "Democracy Now!

From 1998 music featured as part of his art.

Aboriginal music featured prominently in this award ceremony.

show also featured   (ayrıca göster)

The show also featured the Saab 37 Viggen.

The show also featured Mike Patton and Fred Frith as guests.

The show also featured a bout between Shane Carwin and Rex Richards.

festival featured

This large festival featured 10 Godzilla/kaiju films in all.

The day-long festival featured in excess of 10 hours of live performances.

The 2010 festival featured 190 films from 33 states and 16 countries, and with over 6,000 people in attendance.

featured performer   (özellikli sanatçı)

He was a consultant, arranger, and featured performer on "To Life!

A main stage is where a featured performer will dance as part of a rotation.

In the mid-1960s, he was a featured performer for Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians.

band featured

The vocal part of the band featured a male quartet as a chorus.

This backup band featured Bob Passon on bass and Jerry Passon's vocals.

The band featured Van Conner from the Screaming Trees as a guitarist and vocalist.

featured various

The first floor featured various shops including a bookstore.

Later editions have featured various other forms of packaging.

The film featured various artists such as, Marina Abramović and Vito Acconci.

program featured

The May 31, 1959 program featured a tour of the Holy Land narrated by Ralph Bellamy.

The program featured also vocal music including the premiere of "Im Gebirg", a song setting a poem by Hans Krieger.

In addition to showing classic Warner Bros. cartoons, the program featured original skits and recurring characters.

frequently featured

MCs are frequently featured in live performances.

Buddy Hackett was a frequently featured performer, as were Tony Bennett, Milton Berle and Tony Martin.

Vlok is involved in technology business globally, and is frequently featured in interviews relating to this.

featured in all

Takedowns are featured in all forms of wrestling and stand-up grappling.

The main ending theme, featured in all but four episodes, is by Izumi Kitta.

He featured in all the matches in Rio de Janeiro, in an eventual quarter-final exit.

release featured

This release featured the radio hit "Roads Ahead".

The country radio release featured a different instrumental arrangement.

Its 1952 vinyl release featured original artwork by Andy Warhol early in his career.

design featured

His design featured curvilinear numbers resembling musical notes.

Mahdavi's design featured pink.

For underwater steering, her design featured four pairs of diving planes.

featured as part

From 1998 music featured as part of his art.

Recently, "DDR" has been featured as part of the "CEO" game tournament event.

The film was also featured as part of the celebrations for Toronto's 175th anniversary.

tour featured

The tour featured a unique internet promotion.

The second leg of the tour featured four different acts.

Some early dates of the tour featured Divinyls as the opening act.

featured vocals

The album featured vocals by the British musician, Chris Braide.

Jay-Z's version was produced by Dr. Dre and featured vocals from Rakim and Truth Hurts.

The third single from the album, "Stan" featured vocals from British singer Dido, sampled from her song "Thank You".

then featured

He then featured in Round 21 (Wigan Warriors).

These aircraft were then featured in the film 633 Squadron.

The song was then featured on L8LOOMER's debut album "Soulm8s" in 2018.

featured appearances

The park also featured appearances by Mr Blobby and Edmonds himself.

"Oceana" (2006) featured appearances by vocalists Carla Bruni, Madeleine Peyroux, and Luciana Souza.

The music video was released November 25 and featured appearances by Natthew and Tiny-G member Dohee.

edition featured

(The Montreal edition featured some others.)

A recently reissued edition featured an Author's Note entitled "P.S.

The "Deities and Demigods" (2002) for this edition featured the greater cyclops and lesser cyclops.

featured such

The ballpark featured such cuisine as hard-boiled eggs, ham sandwiches, and mineral water.

Playwrights featured such budding stars as Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Ed Asner and Barbara Harris.

Another Australian series, "Rendezvous at Romano's" (TCN-9, 1957) may have also featured such a setting.

featured numerous

The "Irish Independent" featured numerous Oxegen-related articles on 3 July 2009.

The weekend includes an annual spring concert festival that has featured numerous famous artists.

Girs was in charge of a diplomacy that featured numerous negotiated settlements, treaties and conventions.

models featured

These models featured 2.5- and 2.8-litre engines.

1997 models featured standard air conditioning.

Petrol models featured the 6VD1 V6 engine.

artists featured

She was one among 12 female artists featured by Google to celebrate international women's day 2018.

He was one of eleven New York artists featured in the opening exhibition at the Terrain Gallery in 1955.

In those days, the popular reggae/ragga artists featured were Shaba Ranks, Yellow Man, Ras Kimono and UB40.

featured a cover

"(which featured a cover version of Traffic's "Dear Mr. Fantasy") and "Ride Like Hell".

The album featured a cover of the song "The Other Woman", written by Jessie Mae Robinson.

The EP, which featured a cover of Bathory's "War", was released through Dark Horizon Records in 2001.

featured former

The Casino team featured former Dutch international, Jack Dalmeyer.

The music video teaser featured former Seeya and 5dolls member, Soomi.

The main event featured former UFC fighters Jeff Monson and Pedro Rizzo.

featured throughout

Walter Day is featured throughout the film.

Musical performances were featured throughout the series' second season, all performed by Natalie Alyn Lind.

An instrumental version of the song is featured throughout "All These Women" (1964), a rare comedy by Ingmar Bergman.

all featured

These torpedo boat destroyers all featured a turtleback (i.e.

He then posted a comic with Calvin, Hobbes, and Opus all featured.

The ground's three List A fixtures all featured Kent as the home side.

featured soloist

He was the featured soloist on "Then Again" as a member of the Paul Peress Trio.

In the summer of 1999, he was the featured soloist with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Canada.

From the age of six, she sang in various gospel choirs, and by the age of 19 had become a featured soloist.

concert featured

Each concert featured King's X as the opening act.

The concert featured several videos from Invisible Children.

The 2 April 2017 concert featured Ari Ariwodo singing gospel.

featured role   (öne çıkan rol)

He had a featured role in the BBC docudrama "A Royal Scandal".

For her featured role in the low-budget film, Devine earned $500.

Michaels had previously played a featured role in Rush Limbaugh's syndication success.

now featured

The players' uniforms now featured leggings instead of shorts.

However, beginning at the first New York concert, the second half of the show now featured Streisand wearing a black pant suit.

Her story is now featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

issue featured

For example, the March 1898 issue featured his analysis of the Rice Gambit.

The magazine's second issue featured comedian Jessica Williams on the cover.

The main editorial of the issue featured those three models plus Marquita Pring.

featured contributions

It again featured contributions from Joe Bear, as well as additional guitar by Faith Taylor.

The album featured contributions from Michael Herbage on guitar and Brett Ascott on percussion.

Bill Wells' 2004 mini-album "Pick Up Sticks" featured contributions from Morgenstern on two tracks.

both featured

The Follies had a cast of both featured and guest performers.

The album, titled "Helter Skelter", produced two singles which both featured music videos.

The previous, both featured and was directed by well-known theater and film actor Vladimir Epifantsev.

featured a more

The album featured a more rhythm and blues influence than Tritt's previous works.

The De Luxe Fords of 1938 featured a more sloping hood and ornamental heart-shaped grille.

It was replaced by the HP Compaq TC4200, which featured a more traditional one-piece design.