İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

feelings towards   (karşı duygular)

She developed romantic feelings towards her cousin.

Now my feelings towards that gentleman are directly the reverse.

She also used to spend time to understand Durga's feelings towards Nilkantha.

romantic feelings   (romantik duygular)

She developed romantic feelings towards her cousin.

However, Marcia's brother has romantic feelings for Dede.

develops romantic feelings for Brian.

feelings for each   (her biri için duygular)

And undeniably, their feelings for each other resurface.

Michelle and Will acknowledge their feelings for each other.

While Suraj trains Naina they develop feelings for each other.

mixed feelings   (karışık duygular)

His family welcomes him back with mixed feelings.

Afghan society has mixed feelings about his rule.

Both have mixed feelings for him as he has been with IRIS for a year.

true feelings

Doyle learns about Cigarette's true feelings.

However, she does on occasion, show Kirito her true feelings for him.

It wasn't until after she died that Kit realized his true feelings for her.

strong feelings

Qiu Shi, having such strong feelings for Su La.

Preservation of the language has evoked strong feelings.

He is supervised by one of his colleagues at work who has strong feelings for him.

thoughts and feelings   (düşünceler ve hisler)

He has spoken with a stutter since childhood and has since used art to express his thoughts and feelings.

As students, they develop the mental and verbal skills "to describe experiences and talk about thoughts and feelings".

The series aimed at giving the chance for Arab youth to express their thoughts and feelings on TV using their personal camera.

own feelings

Her depth of despair snaps him out of his own feelings of failing and loss.

When Kunal gets to know about this, he stops her and confesses his own feelings for her.

Rather, it was because Nirenska was convinced it had meaning and that it allowed her to best express her own feelings.

feelings toward   (karşı duygular)

They were then asked to rate their feelings toward the neutral image.

In no place could we discover any but the friendliest feelings toward him.

Her crush on the hare captain remained, and she made her feelings toward him quite obvious.

develops feelings   (duygular geliştirir)

During the quest, she also develops feelings for Kirito.

Shauna develops feelings for Harry and they begin dating.

Shun is the high school boy that Nono develops feelings for.

still has feelings   (hala hisleri var)

This worries Jake, as he still has feelings for Amy.

Kimberly then realises Peter still has feelings for Amanda.

Zara ends up dating Chris, which Boyd still has feelings for her.

develop feelings   (duygular geliştirmek)

Over time, the two begin to develop feelings for one another.

While Suraj trains Naina they develop feelings for each other.

Michelle and Will spend time together and develop feelings for each other.

negative feelings

They tend to be calm, emotionally stable, and free from persistent negative feelings.

Therefore, their donation helped reduce these negative feelings according to the model.

People may also refuse to give or receive it due to negative feelings or sexual inhibitions.

personal feelings

I just paint from my personal feelings, and my reflexes and instincts.

The lyrics of Joaquín Sabina, in this second album, started focusing on usual stories and personal feelings.

Others deal with more traditional subject matter such as personal feelings, emotions, and lost love ("Undecided", "Taiyou no Ao", "Mushi").

feelings of guilt   (suçluluk hisleri)

Ilya finds out that Yuko is a widow and starts to experience feelings of guilt.

Vasilyev returns home overwhelmed with the feelings of guilt, shame and disgust.

If we cannot help another, or fail in our efforts, we experience feelings of guilt.

hard feelings

The band stated that there were "no hard feelings".

Bart hopes that there will be no hard feelings between Edna and himself.

"There are no hard feelings, the management team have been brilliant to work with".