İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

feels guilty   (kendini suçlu hisseder)

Sethu feels guilty and sad for his actions.

Brent agrees to this, as he feels guilty for his actions.

Irene has many deep dark secrets that she feels guilty about.

feels more   (daha fazla hissetmek)

Mishti feels more positive when Dilhan is arrested but his family secure his bail and he is released.

Although she feels more at home in this community, she desperately misses her parents and yearns for a reunion.

Sonically, she stated "Nocturnes" "definitely feels more representative of me of an artist, at least now in 2012.

still feels   (hala hissediyor)

Living a luxurious life in the castle, the family still feels disrespected.

She later sees Priya again, making it obvious that she still feels guilty about her death.

Kurta liked that it was "a seaside town that still feels like middle-class people live there ...

how he feels   (nasıl hissediyor)

At the party, Reet asks Paramveer how he feels about her.

He begins taunting Simone, asking him how he feels now the tables are turned.

The song is a romantic song about Sanz telling his love how he feels about her.

because he feels   (çünkü hissediyor)

Rice is embittered because he feels military scientific research is being incompetently managed.

Jealously, Natasha tells Maria that Tony is only paying her attention because he feels sorry for her.

He forces Kathy to have an abortion in the first episode because he feels a baby would harm his career.

feels very

The man becomes very enraged and feels very unwanted.

She refuses to go back but feels very unhappy.

"Girl on a Bike" Tina feels very nervous about her show.

feels betrayed   (ihanete uğramış hissetmek)

Leo walks in on them kissing and feels betrayed.

When Michelle discovers that Luke had sex with Dr. Catchadourian, she feels betrayed.

Raju, who is very possessive of his sister, gets angry with Anand as he feels betrayed.