İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fell in love   (aşık olmak)

I fell in love with one and bought it on the spot.

Trelawny soon fell in love with Claire Clairmont.

The two fell in love and she became his mistress.

fell ill   (hasta düştü)

There Cappello fell ill and died on 13 March 1467.

She fell ill and died while returning to France.

He fell ill so he was replaced by Roy William Neill.

fell through   (düştü)

A planned full relaunch in 2005 also fell through.

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

The scheme fell through during the Great Depression.

fell short   (kısa düştü)

In 2008, the team made it to the finals but fell short.

However, the Patriots fell short of the division title.

The voice work of the announcer fell short to Bloodworth.

fell back   (geri düştü)

Then, Yazoo City fell back into Confederate hands.

They fell back to the Yenfu–Meihsi line on June 23.

The light infantry skirmished but soon fell back.

fell off   (düştü)

Consequently, cold fusion fell off the ISI charts.

The song fell off the chart (top 50) after 30 weeks.

Some texts have said that he fell off a cliff.

fell apart   (ayrı düştü)

The Party fell apart, leaving only a few members.

However, the co-operation fell apart later in 1745.

In 2005, the band fell apart and lost a few members.

fell into disrepair   (terkedilmişliğe düştü)

Embassy Court gradually fell into disrepair.

It fell into disrepair and was destroyed by fire in 2010.

After the park was closed much of it fell into disrepair.

fell victim   (kurban düştü)

There he fell victim of purge of the communist party.

Everything went fine, until the house fell victim to a blackout.

Cadelbosco was not spared, and 60 people fell victim and perished.

fell down   (düştü)

On 19 October 1815, Lanyon Quoit fell down in a storm.

Sakuni fell down on the earth and Duryodhana bore him away.

He sprang on the witch, and she fell down the stairs and died.

fell behind   (geride kaldı)

Björn served first to begin the 5th set and fell behind 15–40.

The U's fell behind in the 26th minute to a Marcus Barnes goal.

'The Rebels' fell behind by seven points at the start of the second-half.

fell into disuse   (kullanılmamak)

The garden then fell into disuse for thirty years.

It fell into disuse after Renville's death in 1846.

Trafalgar Cemetery fell into disuse after 1814.

then fell   (sonra düştü)

in 1996 then fell to $18.00 per barrel () in 2001.

The garden then fell into disuse for thirty years.

He then fell unconscious and died on 27 July 1917.

fell within

Just south of Blanchard, of rain fell within a 12-hour period.

The north of Bukovina and Czernowitz the capital fell within a month.

Between 1867–1918 it fell within Csík County, in the Kingdom of Hungary.

eventually fell

Borman eventually fell asleep, and then awoke feeling ill.

They got close and eventually fell in love with each other.

These ideas eventually fell from favour.

rain fell   (yağmur yağdı)

In Virginia, up to of rain fell in Carroll County.

Over of rain fell in the eastern part of the state.

In Kunigami, of rain fell during the storm.

soon fell

Trelawny soon fell in love with Claire Clairmont.

The light infantry skirmished but soon fell back.

However, the pair soon fell passionately in love.

when he fell   (düştüğünde)

He says that's when he fell in love with old economy cars.

Most was in Cincinnati, Ohio to give a speech when he fell ill.

It was the last room on which he was working when he fell ill in 1881.

fell asleep   (uyuyakalmak)

Freyja stirred, turning about, and then fell asleep again.

Borman eventually fell asleep, and then awoke feeling ill.

Riggins then fell asleep under the table.

fell upon   (üzerine düştü)

By definition, each block fell upon an octet boundary.

… The curtain fell upon a happy home."

The entire charge of the literary and children's departments fell upon her.

deal fell

The deal fell through when Onita canceled.

However, the proposed deal fell through at the last minute.

However, he remained at Oakwell after the deal fell through.

fell below   (aşağı düştü)

Adventures Unlimited thought the game fell below expectations.

Turnout in the 2004 Majlis election fell below 51%, for example.

It was delisted in 2013 when the shares' free float fell below the required 25%.

city fell

The Confederate government evacuated and the city fell.

He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.

The Chongzhen Emperor committed suicide when the city fell.

quickly fell

Icarus quickly fell in the sea and drowned.

The single debuted at #20 and quickly fell off the charts.

The couple quickly fell in love.

fell to number   (numaraya düştü)

It then fell to number five in its fourth week.

31 in June 1978 but fell to number 36 the following week.

It fell to number two in its second week.

deal fell through

The deal fell through when Onita canceled.

However, the proposed deal fell through at the last minute.

However, he remained at Oakwell after the deal fell through.

fell during

Support for ČSSD fell during its time in government.

In Kunigami, of rain fell during the storm.

John fell during this battle.

government fell   (hükümet düştü)

However, the government fell already the same month.

Wellington's government fell in 1830.

The Wang Jingwei government fell when the Empire of Japan was defeated.

later fell

Apparently, they later fell in love and got married.

He was knighted in 1565 but later fell out of favour.

However, she later fell too sick to work and earn money.

fell away

His batting, however, fell away.

Gradually his patrons fell away.

Slowly, however, most of the college's stricter traditions fell away.

again fell   (yine düştü)

Once Namseonbi again fell in poverty, Noiljadae chased her away.

In 2000, Maryland again fell short of a winning season and bowl game.

In the mid-19th century, however, the tin trade again fell into decline.

team fell   (takım düştü)

However, the team fell short in terms of Goal Difference.

However, his team fell short and San Mig Coffee Mixers eventually won in Game 7.

He took the last four wickets as the home team fell from 6/81 to be all out for 85.

fell onto

As she vanished, her heart stone fell onto the ground.

An estimated 50,000 trees fell onto roadways.

A tree fell onto a car, injuring one person.

snow fell   (kar yağışı)

12-18 inches of snow fell across the region.

Overall, snow fell on up to 19 days in parts of Scotland.

A total of of snow fell in Hornell, while of snow fell in Richmondville.

gradually fell

Thereafter, the Castle gradually fell into ruins.

In the sixties the sidings gradually fell into disuse.

Embassy Court gradually fell into disrepair.

fell just   (sadece düştü)

Meggett fell just 43 yards shy of the 500-yard mark.

He fell just .057 percentage points behind Lionel Ruhr.

finally fell   (sonunda düştü)

Berlin finally fell in 1945, ending World War II in Europe.

On 9 April 1945 Königsberg in "East Prussia" finally fell to the Red Army.

It finally fell to the Ottomans during the massive siege of Shkodra in 1478.

fell seriously   (ciddiye düştü)

After eating excess of white mullet, Aimery fell seriously ill.

Soon after the Feast of Easter 337, Constantine fell seriously ill.

In October 37, Caligula fell seriously ill, or perhaps was poisoned.

population fell

29% of the population fell into the "low income" category.

From 388,887 in 1841, the population fell to 199,166 in 1901.

For example, in 1989, the population fell by two thirds within 12 weeks.

fell into decline   (düşüşe geçti)

The salt industries fell into decline.

Over the centuries, the abbey fell into decline and disrepair.

After the fall of the Tang dynasty, Jingye Temple fell into decline.

fell into ruin   (harabeye düştü)

The Abbey fell into ruin after the Reformation.

As a result, her nation fell into ruin and she was killed.

It fell into ruin in the 17th century following fire in 1645.

met and fell

On the ship he met and fell in love with Xiang Jingyu.

During this time, Jacob met and fell in love with Betty.

She moved to South Africa where she met and fell in love with her ex husband.

ultimately fell

The Reds made a run at the playoffs but ultimately fell short.

That year Ethnikos tried to make a run at a UEFA Cup berth, but ultimately fell short and finished 7th.

After considerable argument, the decision to proceed ultimately fell to an unlikely political expediency.

fell sick   (hasta hissetmek)

On 23 August 634, Abu Bakr fell sick and did not recover.

On one occasion, when he fell sick at work, his wife came to visit him.

In the end of 1621, 70 year old Job fell sick and died on 29 December 1621.

fell seriously ill   (ağır hastalandı)

After eating excess of white mullet, Aimery fell seriously ill.

Soon after the Feast of Easter 337, Constantine fell seriously ill.

In October 37, Caligula fell seriously ill, or perhaps was poisoned.

night fell

They took shelter and re-emerged as night fell and the bombardment ceased.

The Swedes were victorious but cancelled their offensive when the night fell.

As a result, he slowed and prepared to meet the British frigate as night fell.

prices fell   (fiyatlar düştü)

As rare earth prices fell, the project become largely inactive.

First, gasoline prices fell sharply as a result of the 1980s oil glut.

Her first company began to lose profits when gas prices fell several years later.

fell on hard

Balon fell on hard times during the 1980s and 1990s.

In the 1960s, due to a series of setbacks Hoffmann fell on hard times.

The family fell on hard times in the 15th century and died out in the early 16th century.

when it fell   (düştüğünde)

The business had a £50 million pension deficit when it fell into administration.

On 9 December "Topaze" rescued 100 men from the garrison at Marbella when it fell to the French.

The club’s ultimate low point came when it fell from Gamma Ethniki and spent the 2003–04 season in Delta Ethniki.

subsequently fell   (sonradan düştü)

They subsequently fell in love.

The instrument subsequently fell into complete neglect for nearly two centuries.

Trading on WellCare's stock was halted on the news but subsequently fell as low as 80% below the 52-week high.

plans fell

However, plans fell through and the track was never built.

In 1965 attempts were made to resume its construction to complete it by 1967, though plans fell through.

Payne was to be the club's head coach, however plans fell through and the relocation did not take place; the team instead folded.

fell again

The very lowest slopes of the fell again revert to andesitic lava flows.

Turnout fell again by just over two percent on last year's figure to 34.5%.

The figure recovered to 474 in 1933 but fell again to 102 in 1936 and only 13 in 1937.

fell outside   (dışarıya düştü)

The cotton seeds would not fit through the mesh and fell outside.

Alexander's next pitch fell outside of the strike zone for ball one.

His reliance on symbolism and the fact that his work fell outside the narrow definitions of modernism contributed to his fall from favour.

fell sharply   (sertçe düştü)

After 1950, the number of death sentences fell sharply.

In 1994, his share of the vote fell sharply.

Trade in other kinds of fur fell sharply.

castle fell

In the 14th and 15th centuries the castle fell into ruins.

After they all escaped, the witch died and her castle fell.

Before Nobunaga had time to respond, however, the castle fell.

wickets fell

Two of these wickets fell with the first two balls on the second day.

First five wickets fell off in quick succession within the score of 50 runs.

Moreover, the cost of the wickets fell significantly, to 20.66 runs per wicket.

fell far

Clinton fell far behind former Massachusetts senator Paul Tsongas in the New Hampshire polls.

We tried to find a solution, but the remedies offered fell far short of resolving the concerns."

The film's box office results fell far behind that of the 2009 comedy "The Hangover", which opened during the same weekend.

bombs fell

The bombers unloaded at on "Akagi"; the bombs fell close to the target with no hits.

One of the bombs fell on the South Bank football ground making a large crater in the pitch.

A few bombs fell on Manchester and Crewe on 27/28 August, and across East Lancashire the following night.

when she fell   (düştüğünde)

One person drowned in Alexandria when she fell into a draining ditch.

In 1893 Jordan's daughter Eda was sliding down the banister when she fell off and broke her neck.

Ward had a neck concussion because she hit the canvas with her neck when she fell, and she was hospitalized after this bout.

fell silent   (sustu)

"In the 3rd century, Apollo fell silent.

He attempted to sing worship songs to them, and spoke to them in Xhosa, after which they often fell silent.

Fellow pupils at Kelly's school [see above] felt Kelly fell silent because he felt intellectually outclassed.

fell just short   (sadece kısa düştü)

An 83rd-place finish meant he fell just short of making money.

Tyler fell just short of the Men's Open RAW Bench Press Record.

However he fell just short of a majority of wins with a 7–8 record.

fell through when   (ne zaman düştü)

The deal fell through when Onita canceled.

But that deal fell through when Crowne fell into bankruptcy.

However, the deal fell through when Wachovia balked at MBNA's purchase price.

both fell

Jubes and Morimoto both fell at the Swing Surfer.

Soon afterward, his mother and brother both fell ill and died.

As both fell short of a majority, a second ballot was mandated.

fell from power   (güçten düştü)

The junta in Athens, and then the Sampson regime in Cyprus fell from power.

A series of financial reforms started by the Directory finally took effect after it fell from power.

The communist regime dissolved the party in 1947, but it reformed in 1989 after they fell from power.

building fell

After it closed, the building fell into disrepair and it was demolished in April 1991.

When the building fell on top of him he admitted he would have survived but would have suffocated from the rubble.

The building fell into default in May 1933, shortly after the complex was complete, due in part to the Great Depression.