Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

because he felt   (porque sintió)

He dropped out of high school because he felt the teachings were elitist.

Tom Baker disliked Leela's character concept because he felt that she was too violent.

On one occasion he turned down a show because he felt it tended too much towards sexual arousal.

always felt   (siempre se sintió)

Broaddrick added, "I always felt she was a victim.

"I've always felt like something of an outsider.

I always felt that I was a great girlfriend."

never felt   (nunca se sintió)

"I never felt the script lived up to the book."

"I never felt so weighed down," she wrote to Berkman.

It’s a town he’s never felt obligated to join — or to beat.

felt compelled   (me sentí obligado)

However, Urie felt compelled to continue writing music during his time off.

However, as the German expansion grew, Waters' father felt compelled to join the armed forces.

Leavitt held no political offices, and expressed gratitude that he felt compelled towards none.

felt more   (me sentí más)

It was much better and I felt more powerful.

I felt more betrayed and robbed and desecrated than ever before in my life."

Club" said that "Atlanta" has "never felt more dangerous" than in "Teddy Perkins".

still felt   (todavía se siente)

However, he still felt that there were some good results.

I sang my heart out to them... and still felt them give more in return.

And she still felt horny.

because they felt   (porque sintieron)

Mirabelle was given a long skirt because they felt a short skirt would appear too shameless.

They had recently increased their budgets because they felt the movies were more profitable that way.

Coca-Cola wanted the business in their asset list because they felt it would save both consumers and Coca-Cola money.

because she felt   (porque ella sintió)

She turned to working in glass because she felt it was more "exciting" to work with.

The track, titled "When I Dream", was not included on the album because she felt it was too dark.

She and Dan did not hit it off right away, because she felt he was not doing enough to find her father's killer.

felt very

He found the travelling tiring and felt very homesick.

Wright felt very strongly about the connection to the desert.

I felt very proud that it was my garden that was inspiring it."

felt so

I suddenly felt so far aloof from this song ...

"I never felt so weighed down," she wrote to Berkman.

I felt so betrayed," Michaels claimed.

what he felt

It was directed by Vern Moen, who Nilsson gave creative freedom to do "what he felt right in the moment".

The concept of the concert was that it was mostly improvised, and that Simon would play what he felt "in the very moment".

It appears that Arius reproached Alexander for what he felt were misguided or heretical teachings being taught by the bishop.

felt the film   (sentí la película)

Both Wayne and Heston felt the film was unpatriotic.

Overall they felt the film was pleasant, but slow-moving.

This was because the distributors felt the film was too short.

just felt   (solo sentí)

"I just felt that Christopher was the right person.

Things just felt out of control.

I just felt it was kinda cool to bring that energy through the dance."

felt betrayed

Ashwood felt betrayed by her friend and her husband.

William Eaton felt betrayed by the decision.

Hoxha felt betrayed and the government was in a state of shock.

felt threatened

Long Islanders felt threatened that their autonomy would soon be at an end.

Both the Turks and the various Balkan states felt threatened by Italian ambitions.

Although this did not affect slaveholding in Kentucky at the time, owners felt threatened.

critics felt

Nonetheless, several critics felt the film was worth accolades.

Several critics felt that insufficient time had been spent on the film.

Other critics felt that Coppola was too talented to be making this type of film.

felt the album

Ben Vernel of theDwarf.com.au felt the album was "not a bad debut.

The reviewers at CDJournal felt the album had a lot more personality than "Original Ai".

"Rogue" magazine felt the album's "bewitching slow-lope rhythms" were a particularly Mozambican characteristic.

felt the song

"Uncut" felt the song "glimmered with authentic strangeness."

"Ultimate Classic Rock" felt the song was "ripped from the Cheap Trick playbook".

Some subtractive edits were made to "The Naked Highwayman" as Dudgeon felt the song was too long.

many felt

It also probably is not as far away as many felt at the time.

At the time, many felt Allen's Catholicism would serve as a roadblock in the election.

As the house stood vacant in the mid-1980s, many felt that the property was beyond saving.

felt the game

La Crioz felt the game made a "strong impression".

Applelinks felt the game had a satisfying ending.

Technopolis felt the game came across as amateurish.

felt no

He felt no longer able to serve the military in any aspect.

Kurus fled away, deserting Karna, but Karna felt no agitation.

I felt no need to go into it.

band felt

The band felt that this mutual interest would help shape their musical direction.

The album showcased an intentionally abrasive, angry sound which the band felt would attract a fanbase.

The band felt somewhat undermined by their label's lack of support and failure to market the album adequately.

felt obliged   (me sentí obligado)

Jessopp felt obliged to apologise, which he did on 20 September 1887.

So I felt obliged to address the whole slew of 21st Century song-based albums.

The republicans no longer felt obliged to criticise the Stuart monarchy after it had fallen.

felt strongly

It sat for a while, but everybody felt strongly about it.

She felt strongly that voting and freedom were tied together.

I felt strongly that we should publish the piece and we did, as did others.

others felt

Although some critics chastised Balzac for reveling in negativity, others felt it simply reflected the condition of French society.

However, others felt that a video game was a depressing way for players to view such content, when alternatives like Playboy were available.

Prior to the season, some journalists argued that Manziel could suffer a sophomore slump, while others felt that he would continue to have success.

people felt

Many people felt that Hierax was attempting to incite the crowd into sedition.

However, this effort failed as the Egyptian people felt a strong cultural tie to the Arabic alphabet.

Zendaya drew criticism because people felt that she was too light skinned and did not greatly resemble Aaliyah.

felt when   (sentido cuando)

That’s how I felt when I finished the song.

I think you can look back to it and remember how we felt when we were relegated.

Leo Tolstoy, 1906: "I remember the astonishment I felt when I first read Shakespeare.

felt as though

We, on our part, felt as though one of our own family were leaving.

I felt as though the whole landscape of what passes for my imagination had been changed ...

In November 1997, students on campus still felt as though their voices were not being heard.

felt comfortable

Burton wanted to make sure that the penguins felt comfortable.

At Pennsylvania, Sapir was urged to work at a quicker pace than he felt comfortable.

They had little interaction with their neighbors, and felt comfortable only in their mountains.

how he felt

When taunted about how he felt, Brandtner said "sexy".

Kim later revealed in an interview how he felt during the 2001 World Series.

When he was 5 he wanted to use his gift to make other people feel how he felt.

presence felt

The spirit makes its presence felt to the trio.

By 1880, this hostility had begun to make its presence felt in the state legislature.

"Yeh Hum Naheen" not only topped MTV Asia and Pakistani charts but also made its presence felt on the British charts.

felt guilty

Though she felt guilty, as she loved her husband.

She felt guilty as her father had disapproved of Edward's trip to Torquay.

Both felt guilty, as they were practically siblings, and were awkward around each other.

felt uncomfortable   (me sentí incómodo)

It felt uncomfortable otherwise.

He notifies her that Helen felt uncomfortable contacting Diane while Diane was in the ward.

As Cao Shuang felt uncomfortable with Wang Guan for this reason, he demoted Wang Guan to Minister Coachman (太僕).

deeply felt

After a deeply felt and moving debate it was adopted by the synod on 15 November 1968.

The Grand Duke's reputation at the imperial court was low and his death was not deeply felt.

These poems were described by the Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman as "deeply felt and... very beautiful".

felt confident   (me sentí confiado)

Now at full strength, Caesar felt confident to take the fight to Pompey.

By March, Greene's army had increased in size enough that he felt confident in facing Cornwallis.

Some Fijian chiefs soon felt confident enough with their new weapons to forcibly obtain more destructive weaponry from the Europeans.

when he felt   (cuando sintió)

It was this place he missed when he was abroad and when he felt depressed and exhausted.

Beanes began to practice medicine when he felt he was educated enough and qualified to do so.

Despite this early success, Kwan chose not to design again until 2011, when he felt more confident about his skills.

felt throughout

It’s rooted in her own experiences, from both the struggles and the inspiration she felt throughout her education.

Likewise, Finnish leadership wanted to preserve the spirit of unanimity that was felt throughout the country during the Winter War.

1977 Vrancea earthquake The 1977 Vrancea earthquake occurred on 4 March 1977, at 21:22 local time, and was felt throughout the Balkans.

team felt   (equipo sintió)

"Scribblenauts" was originally titled "Wordplay", but the team felt that this was "generic".

Members of the team felt that he improved the atmosphere within the side and made the game enjoyable.

But Jewison and his team felt Mostel would eclipse the character with his larger-than-life personality.

members felt

Many focus group members felt the show was a "carbon copy" of "The Office".

The band did a few short tours but the band members felt they weren't moving forward creatively.

The album was named after the final song, "Crime of the Century", which the band members felt was the strongest song on the album.