ferry service   (フェリーサービス)

A regular ferry service ran to Bonawe from 1690.

A ferry service is running between Murg and Quinten.

This was the only ferry service operated by Fylkesbilene.

ferry services   (フェリーサービス)

CityCat ferry services link South Brisbane to other riverside suburbs.

There are numerous daily bus and ferry services between the two cities.

The city has regular ferry services to the Balearic Islands and Algeria.

ferry terminal   (フェリーターミナル)

The ferry terminal is the access point to Enggano Island.

It now functions as a ferry terminal.

The car ferry terminal is connected to the town's main railway station.

passenger ferry   (旅客フェリー)

A passenger ferry started in 1949 and a car ferry in 1960.

There is a passenger ferry to Gosport.

A passenger ferry commenced service in 1949 and a ferry for vehicles started in 1960.

ferry across   (渡るフェリー)

There is a boat ferry across the Una Bay.

The alignment utilized a ferry across the Monongahela River.

A man named Savona started a ferry across the Thompson River at this location.

car ferry

A passenger ferry started in 1949 and a car ferry in 1960.

A car ferry links it to Kohukohu and the northern Hokianga.

A car ferry to Fowey departs from there.

ferry crossing

The name likely comes from an ancient ferry crossing called Yangzi or Yangzijin ().

Both ends of the ferry crossing are linked to Quebec's Route Verte bicycle trail network.

lists over twenty ferry crossing on the lower stretch of the Solo River, downstream from Bojonegoro.

ferry route

In 2011, Fjord 1 won a tender and took over the ferry route.

Deliveries over the Alaska-Siberia ALSIB ferry route began in October 1942.

A car ferry route has operated from Gedser to Rostock in Germany since 1995, served by Scandlines.

train ferry

There is also a former train ferry pier and other assorted ruins.

Travelers had to cross the Rhine with their luggage on a train ferry.

The increased traffic from Portland and Point Levi to Montreal placed significant demands on the small train ferry (car float?)

ferry boat

"Masks" Tina and Raymond perform Cinderella on a ferry boat.

The ferry boat is about 45 metres long.

The main idea was to give the ferry boat a private yacht look.

ferry service between

It was planned to provide a ferry service between Central Piers and Disneyland Resort Pier.

Fionnphort is the base of the ferry service between Mull and Iona, and also boat trips to the isle of Staffa.

In the 1960s and 1970s there was regular ferry service between the Bicaz port and the villages on the lake shore.

ferry port   (フェリーポート)

It is the Port of Caen's English Channel ferry port.

Kitakyushu is the largest ferry port in Kyushu, Chūgoku, and Shikoku.

At the entrance of the canal is the Port of Caen's cross-channel ferry port.

ferry wharf   (フェリーワーフ)

It can be reached by the Pacific Motorway, South East Busway or a ferry to Thornton Street ferry wharf.

Many pilgrims make their way the from the ferry wharf to the church on their hands and knees as sign of devotion.

During his term as mayor, he was active in convincing the state government to allow the rebuilding of harbour ferry wharf which stands to this day.

ferry between

After that there will not be need of a ferry between the two islands.

There was a Rhine ferry between Trübbach and Balzers in the medieval period.

They had granted a license to Ogden to run a ferry between New York and New Jersey.

regular ferry

A regular ferry service ran to Bonawe from 1690.

There is a regular ferry connection to Marken, a peninsula close by.

The city has regular ferry services to the Balearic Islands and Algeria.

ferry company   (フェリー会社)

Göztepe Pier was built in 1884 by the first public ferry company in İzmir, "Hamidiyye".

A stylized version of the fresco is the official logo of the Greek ferry company Minoan Lines.

Coastal Link Ferries Coastal Link Ferries was a ferry company in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

ferry operated

A ferry operated between Algeciras and Gibraltar until 1969.

MV Queen of New Westminster The MV "Queen of New Westminster" is a Canadian roll-on, roll-off passenger ferry operated by BC Ferries.

HSC Hai Xia Hao Hai Xia Hao is a passenger / vehicle ferry operated by Fujian Cross Strait Ferry between Taichung and Pingtan Island.

new ferry

In June 1952 a new ferry terminal was opened, located on the site of the previous one established in 1875.

In the 1970s, the NPS started restoring the island by repairing seawalls, eliminating weeds, and building a new ferry dock.

Two new ferry connections towards Zakynthos, Cephalonia, and Ithaca are to be launched by the next summer season (2019 - 2020).