feud between   (間の確執)

It is also the first film to feature a feud between Bugs and Daffy.

This tragic event caused a bitter feud between the Gunters and the Gregorys.

The feud between T.H.C.

began a feud   (確執を始めた)

New draftee Lars Sullivan began a feud with R-Truth.

It was this impostor who began a feud among the gods.

After moving to SmackDown, Andrade began a feud with Sin Cara.

feud against   (反抗)

Her feud against Paige concluded with a victory at Hell in a Cell in October.

This triggered a second feud against Nassau-Dillenburg, which lasted until 1382.

In 1324, Archbishop Matthias of Mainz escalated his feud against Otto I of Hesse.

started a feud   (確執を始めた)

In 1369, Rupert started a feud against John I of Nassau-Dillenburg, about some fief John I held from Hesse.

In 1980, Massaro started a feud with the Bonanno crime family, when he began taking over their topless bars.

In March, The IIconics started a feud with The Boss 'n' Hug Connection, whom they defeated in a non–title match on the March 19 episode of "SmackDown".

storyline feud   (ストーリーラインの確執)

The Big Show lost, thus ending their storyline feud, and he announced his retirement from wrestling, although he made his return in 2008 at No Way Out.

After the storyline feud with Big Show ended, Lashley entered a short program with Rob Van Dam, which led to Van Dam earning a title match on the January 2, 2007 episode of "ECW".

The third match was featured yet another chapter in the storyline feud between Rey Cometa and Puma King that had seen Puma King win a "Lucha de Apuesta" to unmask Rey Cometa at CMLL's 79th Anniversary Show two weeks prior.