fierce fighting   (激闘)

Likhachevo repeatedly became the site of fierce fighting.

After fierce fighting, Huger's division was forced to retreat.

After a night of fierce fighting, all objectives were secured.

fierce battle   (激戦)

At the front of the 12th Army began a fierce battle.

Maverick refused to join, and a fierce battle ensued.

After half a day of fierce battle Afonso was forced to retreat.

fierce resistance   (激しい抵抗)

Local tribes put up fierce resistance to the Spanish forces.

This time, however, he met with fierce resistance and ill-fortune.

Despite this, the charter provoked fierce resistance from the palace.

fierce competition   (激烈な競争)

'Ike' Hatch, and in the face of fierce competition from the other European bikes.

Both Airbnb and Wimdu have been in a fierce competition, especially in German-speaking Europe.

On 24 May 2006, there was a fierce competition between the two rivals to clinch the league title.

fierce opposition   (激しい反対)

It received fierce opposition from conservative groups.

The entire merger was met with fierce opposition by the supporters of Kissamikos.

The Calderónist government of Picado faced fierce opposition during that tense decade.

fierce rivalry   (激しい競争)

The Minotaurs have a fierce rivalry with Paradise Honors High School.

Essendon also has a fierce rivalry with Hawthorn stemming from the 1980s.

The Hong Kong press frequently reported a fierce rivalry between Tam and fellow singer Leslie Cheung.

fierce rivals

Cup meeting between the two fierce rivals.

KDWB and WDGY were fierce rivals throughout the 1960s and 1970s.