Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

fifth season   (quinta temporada)

The winner of the fifth season was Rasmus Rändvee.

The fifth season was a continuation of the fourth.

The fifth season was released on October 2, 2018.

fifth place   (quinto lugar)

He came in fifth place, and voted for Lisa to win.

The team finished in fifth place at the tournament.

The highest placed TX750 finished in fifth place.

fifth studio   (quinto estudio)

It was his fifth studio album and his seventh album overall.

's fifth studio album, "Back from Hell".

fifth studio album   (quinto álbum de estudio)

It was his fifth studio album and his seventh album overall.

's fifth studio album, "Back from Hell".

finished fifth   (terminó quinto)

She also finished fifth at the 1979 IAAF World Cup.

In 1932 he finished fifth in the lightweight class.

In 1932 he finished fifth in the heavyweight class.

fifth round   (quinta ronda)

The fifth round draw was made on 13 December 2012.

The draw for the fifth round was on 6 December 2012.

In the fifth round, the team defeated Ukraine, 14–9.

fifth album

is Angelic Upstarts's fifth album, released in 1983.

Her fifth album, "Busting Loose", was released in 2003.

It was his fourth studio album and his fifth album overall.

fourth and fifth

They appeared on the show in the fourth and fifth season.

The fourth and fifth pillars must be placed simultaneously.

She portrayed Marley Rose on the fourth and fifth seasons of "Glee".

fifth and final

It was Crowley's fifth and final All-Ireland medal.

It was Coleman's fifth and final Munster medal.

6 for the fifth and final assault carried out on the 3d.

placed fifth

was placed fifth in the :Scottish First Division.

The women placed fifth and the men placed sixth.

He placed fifth at the end of year Asian Games.

fifth century   (quinto siglo)

The Greek mathematicians of the fifth century B.C.

The wreck dates to the end of the fifth century.

Paleographically it has been assigned to the fifth century.

fifth time

On April 26, 2006, Rove testified for a fifth time.

Duels are to cease after the bell rings for the fifth time.

In 2016, Andy Murray won the singles title for a record fifth time.

fifth consecutive

The song also became Pink's fifth consecutive No.

", the song's fifth consecutive week at number one.

It was her fifth consecutive chart-topper since 1977.

finishing fifth

It then made $6 million in its second weekend, finishing fifth.

Cavendish was part of the sprint this time around, finishing fifth.

It dropped 52% in its second weekend to $10.1 million, finishing fifth.

fifth year

The head coach is Cedric Hardy, who served his fifth year.

Head coach Craig Robinson was in his fifth year with the team.

Bidatsu's first empress, Hirohime, died in the fifth year of his reign.

fifth and sixth

Same for the fourth, fifth and sixth placed teams.

fifth single

This is the fifth single from the album, Xposed.

The fifth single, "Animal", was released on 9 August.

"Se Vuelve Loca" was the fifth single from the album.

fifth edition

The fifth edition was published by Elsevier in 2015.

Its fifth edition was printed beginning in 1997.

The fifth edition took place from 3 to 6 November 2016.

fifth overall   (quinto general)

They ranked fifth in both segments and fifth overall.

She received 14% of the vote win placing fifth overall.

He finished fifth overall at the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships.

fifth largest

We're now the fifth largest economy in the world.

The Port of Amsterdam is the fifth largest in Europe.

They were the fifth largest European ethnic group in the city.

fifth grade

The fifth grade takes ballroom dancing classes.

No fifth grade writing scores were reported.

He assembled his first radio receiver in the fifth grade.

finished in fifth

The team finished in fifth place at the tournament.

The highest placed TX750 finished in fifth place.

Smith polled 401 votes and finished in fifth place.

fifth episode

Reviews for the fifth episode were somewhat mixed.

The fifth episode was aired on October 23, 2012.

The fifth episode aired on Saturday, 28 March at 8:20 PM.

fifth series

In the fifth series Cole partnered Kelly Brook.

He also appeared in the fifth series of "Hacker Time."

The fifth series of single carded figures will debut in mid-2013.

fifth generation

723,772 fifth generation Minicabs were built.

Batt is a fifth generation, lifelong resident of New Orleans.

The fifth generation of the Rautela clan now resides in Naghar.

ranked fifth

As of 2018, the team is ranked fifth in the world.

In late 1928, Joan Ingram was world ranked fifth.

They ranked fifth in both segments and fifth overall.

became the fifth

Cardi B became the fifth female rapper to top the chart.

He was eliminated at 20 April and became the fifth place.

On 8 March 2019 it became the fifth single from the album.

fifth son

Michael Augustine Healy (1838–1904) was the fifth son.

All but the fifth son graduated from college.

He was the fifth son of Radu cel Mare.

fifth game

Verdasco saved break points in the fifth game for 3–2.

However, a fifth game has yet to be made.

He started in the fifth game and had 2 receptions for 19 yards.

fifth most   (quinto más)

It was the fifth most watched show that week.

Exhibitors voted her the fifth most popular star of 1945 in Britain.

It is ranked as the fifth most important sand dune system in Ayrshire.

fifth tier

compete in the National League (the fifth tier).

The men's team currently plays in the Fourth Division (fifth tier).

Liga Interregional Group 6, the fifth tier of football in Switzerland.

fifth best

It was named the fifth best album of 2006 by "Spin" magazine.

This made him the fifth best performing European in the event.

They also named the song "Ramada Inn" the fifth best song of 2012.

fifth child

The fifth child, Alphonzo, Sr., was born in 1875.

He was the youngest, the fifth child in the family.

Michael Healy, the fifth child, entered maritime service.

fifth position

Along with his team, he finished in fifth position.

A fifth position, called "Ispettore Superiore S.U.P.S.

His rank fell in 2005 to fifth position with 1,123 votes.

fifth inning

Al Kaline added a home run in the fifth inning.

The Giants' four-run fifth inning broke the game wide open.

Eddie Moore's fifth inning home run put the Pirates up 3–2.

fifth floor

They lived together on the fifth floor of the Chabad House.

On the fifth floor visitors can enjoy long-distance views as far as the Cologne area.

Both also have green roofs and fifth floor doubles and suites that open to the outside.

fifth book

He returned for the fifth book in the series, "".

It is the fifth book in the Honor Harrington series.

The fifth book returns to the subject of faith.

fifth term   (quinto término)

He served a fifth term for Chippenham in 1604–1611.

In the 2014 local election, Gökçek stood for a fifth term.

In 2009, won re-election to a fifth term with 87% of the vote.

fifth straight   (quinto consecutivo)

It was the fifth straight win by the home team in this Series.

It was the fifth straight silver medal for Britain in this event.

3 overall seed, marking their fifth straight trip to the FCS playoffs.

fifth day

On the fifth day, they were able to reach the trapped miners.

It collected on the fifth day, on the sixth, and seventh day.

on the fifth day, made national headlines in the United States.

fifth seed

Dementieva was the fifth seed at the French Open.

They were 2-1 as fifth seed in the Southland Women's Tournament.

Dementieva was then the fifth seed at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

fifth anniversary

On the fifth anniversary of the attacks, "Democracy Now!"

"Promise") on December 25, 2008, celebrating the series' fifth anniversary.

coinciding with the fifth anniversary celebration, entitled NET 5.0: Upgraded.

fifth week

In its fifth week, the song peaked at number five.

It rose to number fifteen in its fifth week in Australia.

In its fifth week, the song jumped to number four on the chart.

fifth highest

At high, it is the fifth highest mountain in Egypt.

Drake is Arsenal's joint fifth highest goalscorer of all time.

This was the fifth highest support for remain for a constituency.

finish fifth

She also helped the Ukrainian team finish fifth in the team final.

The preseason Horizon League Coaches' Poll picked the Vikings to finish fifth.

In 1920 he was a member of the Danish relay team which finish fifth in the 4 × 100 metre relay event.

released their fifth

On July 7, 2017, they released their fifth studio album "Dopp Hopp".

U-KISS released their fifth Japanese single, "Distance", on December 12.

The Jaggerz released their fifth album "And the Band Played On" in 1998.

fifth and last   (quinto y último)

It is the fifth and last of Dickens's Christmas novellas.

She received only 117 votes, or 4.0 percent, finishing in fifth and last place.

The team finished fifth and last of the race but set a new area record in the process.

came fifth

She again came fifth, throwing a distance of 35.01.

Surrey came fifth in the Championship that year.

100m: Breen came fifth in the 100m final with a time of 14.42.

fifth member

Fans voted online on a fifth member onto the team.

There is a fifth member, component D.

She was the fifth member of the jury, and voted for Drew to win.

finish in fifth

They finished the season 4–5, 3–4 in OVC play to finish in fifth place.

They finished the season 18–15, 9–9 in MVC play to finish in fifth place.

They finished the season 22–14, 11–7 in AAC play to finish in fifth place.

tie for fifth

The category filled with six nominations due to a tie for fifth place.

Guthrie's best finish was a tie for fifth place at the John Deere Classic.

Weaver had four points during the tournament to tie for fifth in team scoring.

fifth title   (quinto título)

Its fifth title in the regional tournament.

Colo-Colo was the tournament’s champion, winning its fifth title.

The Netherlands won their fifth title by defeating Greece 6-4 in the final.

only the fifth   (solo el quinto)

Beckham became only the fifth Englishman to win 100 caps.

It was only the fifth time in White Sox history that they finished with 98 or more losses.

The scheme was the fourth hydro electric power station in NSW and only the fifth on mainland Australia.

fifth track   (quinta pista)

The song is the fifth track on the CD and was performed and written by Faze.

The song first appeared on the band's LP, "Face the Music" as the fifth track.

A combination of the two songs made the fifth track of the album, Rabbits in Boxes.

during the fifth

He returned to the show during the fifth season as a guest star.

The game was suspended during the fifth inning due to the unruly crowd.

Despite his allegiance to them, he later played a part in Jase's eviction during the fifth week.

placing fifth

She received 14% of the vote win placing fifth overall.

Union played only fifteen games, placing fifth with ten losses.

She finished sixth overall after placing fifth in both segments.

fifth set

The fifth set of teeth falls out at the early 40s.

He led 3–2 in the fifth set of the 1980 final, before losing.

Djokovic defeated Nadal in five sets with the fifth set being 10–8.

fifth behind   (quinto detrás)

In his final start of the season, he finished fifth behind old foe First Gold in the Punchestown Gold Cup.

Hardy Eustace had one more run that season, where he finished fifth behind Iris's Gift in the Sefton Novices' Hurdle.

On the final start of his Florida campaign, Roman Brother again finished fifth behind Northern Dancer, this time in the Florida Derby.

fifth film   (quinta película)

It is the fifth film in the "Amityville Horror" film series.

The fifth film in the WitchCraft Horror Series series, followed by .

It was Jayam Ravi’s fifth film but was labelled his worst of the five.

fifth novel   (quinta novela)

Plus (novel) Plus is Joseph McElroy's fifth novel.

The book is author David Bergen's fifth novel.

It was Rushdie's fifth novel, following "The Satanic Verses".

fifth match

The fifth match was between Edge and Kurt Angle.

The fifth match pitted Kurt Angle against Chris Benoit.

The fifth match ended in a draw, so Australia won the series 2–1.

fifth volume

According to Lew Rockwell, "indeed, Murray wrote the fifth volume, the most revisionist of all.

Sheridan's health declined after the fifth volume was released and ceased working on the annual.

The fifth volume, the New Testament, consists of parallel columns of Greek and the Latin Vulgate.

through fifth

The anime series adapts the series' first through fifth volumes.

Escalators were installed on the first through fifth floors in 1953.

State Street Elementary School serves third grade through fifth grade students.

tied for fifth

Moran was tied for fifth after a second round 88.

In 2010, Gillis finished tied for fifth at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The Rams finished the 2017–18 season 18–15, 9–9 in A-10 play to finish tied for fifth place.

perfect fifth

They can be considered as equal divisions of the perfect fifth.

Taking each semitone results in a different choice of perfect fifth.

For instance, the Pythagorean tuning is constructed in this way from multiples of a perfect fifth.

finishing in fifth

He was the first person to be eliminated on Day 23, finishing in fifth place.

She received only 117 votes, or 4.0 percent, finishing in fifth and last place.

The team competed as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, finishing in fifth.

fifth goal

Seconds after coming on, he set up the fifth goal for Robert Pires.

He also scored the fifth goal for the All-Stars in a 6-5 win for West Ham.

Despite Irvine's fifth goal in four league starts, Burnley were beaten 1–2.

fifth solo

Moore released her fifth solo album "Love the Woman" on June 17, 2008.

Recorded for RCA Records, it was the fifth solo album after leaving The Monkees.

Cured (album) Cured is the fifth solo album from Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

won their fifth

Red Star won their fifth double in this season.

When he was coach, Sal Rei won their fifth regional cup title in 2016.

The Netherlands won their fifth title by defeating Greece 6-4 in the final.

fifth installment

The fifth installment was released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

"Crash Bash" is the fifth installment in the "Crash Bandicoot" series.

Fehr returned to the fifth installment of the "Resident Evil" series, "".

third and fifth

The team was expected to finish between third and fifth in the conference by most expert pollings.

In the second, third and fifth declensions words may end with an "s" already in the caseless form.

Parsons finished between third and fifth in the final points standings from 1974 to 1980 and won the 1975 Daytona 500.

fifth player   (quinto jugador)

On October 12, Alexander Zverev became the fifth player to qualify.

Woods became the fifth player to have a gap of over a decade between major wins.

Maas was the Chiefs first-round draft pick in 1984, the fifth player taken overall.

won his fifth

He was signed by the Colorado Mammoth, where he won his fifth championship in 2006.

Balázs Taróczy won his fifth consecutive title at the event and his sixth in total.

Barna playing with his new doubles partner Glancz, won his fifth consecutive doubles title.

fifth appearance

This is his fifth appearance with an 8–7 record.

It was the fifth appearance of the event.

fifth annual

She was honored by PAX at their fifth annual benefit gala in 2005.

It was the fifth annual Unforgiven event and featured wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown!

It was the fifth annual Judgment Day event and featured wrestlers from the Raw and SmackDown!

fifth president

He was the fifth president of the order.

He was duly elected the fifth president of the MIC in May 1955.

Dr. Dong-Gweon Chung was inaugurated as the fifth president on 31 March 2009.

fifth stage

The fifth stage is "Identity vs. Role Confusion".

Powder River Crossing was the fifth stage stop after Fort Fetterman.

Croatia is in the fourth or fifth stage of the demographic transition.

fifth column

Margaret Mooney suggested a variation to the KWL chart by adding a fifth column to the traditional chart.

Davao in Mindanao had a large population of Japanese immigrants who acted as a fifth column, welcoming the Japanese invaders during World War II.

In the headers to the table, the ", indicates the weight of each bit shown; in the fifth column, "BCD 8 4 −2 −1", two of the weights are negative.

fifth level

The fifth level is where the soul leaves human consciousness behind.

The fifth level contains a performing arts theater with a 500-person amphitheater.

The fifth level of the dungeon was published as a stand-alone module in Dungeon #124 in 2005.

fifth among

Dental fear has been ranked fifth among the most common fears.

Hawkins went on to record 23 receptions for 263 yards, both fifth among the team's receivers.

Wesleyan also ranks fifth among all NCAA II schools in the number of Academic Achievement Award winners.

fifth consecutive season

This was their fifth consecutive season in the 2018–19 Premier League.

The team failed to reach the playoffs for the fifth consecutive season.

Mullen's 40 goals in 1987–88 was the fifth consecutive season he reached that total.

fourth or fifth

Croatia is in the fourth or fifth stage of the demographic transition.

Usually the prolonged notes are the fourth or fifth above the floor note.

Croatia is currently in the demographic transition's fourth or fifth stage.

s fifth

"U-558"s fifth patrol began on 24 November 1941.

"U-436"s fifth patrol was north of the Azores.

On "U-201"s fifth sortie; she failed to find any targets.

released his fifth

On December 15, 2014, he released his fifth mixtape, "Ransom".

On August 9, 2011, Royce released his fifth album, "Success Is Certain".

In April 2016, Hubbert released his fifth album for Chemikal Underground, "Telling the Trees".

fifth division

It plays in the Eccellenza league (fifth division).

A fifth division, the Faculty of Medicine, was not realized.

They currently play in Fédérale 3, the fifth division of the French rugby pyramid.

becoming the fifth

Connecticut ratified the U.S. Constitution on January 9, 1788, becoming the fifth state.

Euwe would win that 1935 World Championship match, becoming the fifth world chess champion.

Simon was named the league's Most Outstanding Player, becoming the fifth BC Lions player to win the award.

took fifth

Edwards was fourth quickest, and Hamlin took fifth.

His best performance at the World Junior Chess Championship occurred in 2005, when he took fifth place.

She then finished seventh in downhill, won another silver medal in giant slalom, and took fifth in slalom.

fifth successive

Prescot finished at the bottom for a fifth successive season.

In 2003 Birr defeated Ballyskenach by 1–18 to 1–11 to secure their fifth successive county championship.

In 2003 Birr defeated Ballyskenach by 1-18 to 1-11 to secure their fifth successive county championship.

fifth spot

Initially Udo Klug and then Friedel Rausch led the club to a finish on the fifth spot.

Film critic Gene Siskel included "Blue Velvet" on his list of the best films of 1986, at the fifth spot.

A fifth spot is given to the winner of the Turkish Cup, who qualify for the play-off round of the Europa League.