Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

fight against   (chiến đấu chống lại)

This was part of the U.S. fight against communism.

We will fight against the wrongdoers instead of you”.

Foundation, Inc. to fight against the spread of AIDS.

fight via   (chiến đấu thông qua)

He won the fight via knockout in the second round.

won the fight   (chiến thắng)

He won the fight via knockout in the second round.

fight between   (chiến đấu giữa)

Fierce fight between Bhima and Aswatthaman occurs.

This leads to a huge fight between Savitri and Raju.

The result is a fight between Hippety and Sylvester.

lost the fight   (thua cuộc)

He lost the fight via knockout in the first round.

fight via unanimous   (chiến đấu thông qua)

Koscheck lost the fight via unanimous decision.

Benavidez would win the fight via unanimous decision.

Benavidez won the fight via unanimous decision.

fight back   (đánh lại)

He, along with Georgia and Cynthia, fight back.

Everyone encouraged me to fight back, so I did.

So-hwi defends herself but won't fight back.

fight off   (đánh lui)

Snake finds her and helps her fight off the Soviet army.

Kendra comes to Buffy's rescue, and they fight off the attacker.

Walker had trouble getting back up and the referee waved the fight off.

first fight   (chiến đấu đầu tiên)

He won his first fight and was rewarded with 500 baht.

Scott lost his first fight in 2005 by unanimous decision.

Like Huck, it was Glowacki's first fight outside of Europe.

continued to fight   (tiếp tục chiến đấu)

When he recovered his sight, he continued to fight.

His queen continued to fight but she too.

Afterward, Carter continued to fight at smaller promotions.

next fight   (cuộc chiến tiếp theo)

's next fight as a Welterweight Championship fight.

Despite that setback, her next fight was a major event.

In his next fight Herman defeated Jim York at Sengoku 11.

not fight   (Đừng đánh nhau)

The unit usually did not fight outside of Africa.

But if we do not fight, we will only pass through.""

But let's not fight for inclusion by the tool of exclusion.

without a fight   (không cần phải đấu tranh)

The Japanese garrison surrendered without a fight.

The Tokar garrison surrendered without a fight.

Oja was sacked and Lamu was subjugated without a fight.

fight song   (bài hát chiến đấu)

The fight song was written by Captain Ralph Ostrom.

The school's fight song is the Iowa Fight Song.

The school fight song is "Across the Field."

during the fight   (trong cuộc chiến)

Miller was deducted 2 points for pushing during the fight.

One of Sullivan's punches during the fight tore McLaughlin's ear.

Neville and Sam eliminate them, but Sam is bitten during the fight.

title fight   (cuộc chiến danh hiệu)

Frankie is finally willing to arrange a title fight.

The Florian-Penn title fight was scheduled for "UFC 99", but B.J.

Miller believed he should be next in line for a world title fight.

fight by unanimous   (chiến đấu bằng sự nhất trí)

He won the one-sided fight by unanimous decision.

Ismail lost the fight by unanimous decision.

Taleb won the fight by unanimous decision.

forced to fight   (buộc phải chiến đấu)

Miles - He was forced to fight an alien caused by his curse.

Unfortunately, Azura returns in alien form; Tom is forced to fight her.

Aided by the Olympian, Cassandra goes into battle, being forced to fight her own brother.

fight alongside   (chiến đấu bên cạnh)

Players fight alongside AI-controlled teammates.

Heroes may also fight alongside military units.

While Spock says he will fight alongside Kirk, he urges Kirk to let Surak try.

fight each   (chiến đấu từng)

With this resolution, they were slated to fight each other.

Freeze begin to fight each other, with Batman defeating Mr.

Isabel tries to kill Linda and the two women fight each other.

fight their way   (chiến đấu theo cách của họ)

Rudi and his followers fight their way onto Nantucket.

The two fight their way out of the prison.

Some simply fight their way into the nest.

fight each other   (đánh nhau)

With this resolution, they were slated to fight each other.

Freeze begin to fight each other, with Batman defeating Mr.

Isabel tries to kill Linda and the two women fight each other.

fight scene   (cảnh chiến đấu)

Vickery also likened a fight scene to one from a Quentin Tarantino film.

Sammo Hung appears in a brief fight scene against Lee at the start of the film.

When Asterix meets a wild boar or a Roman legionary, a separate fight scene ensues.

fight scenes   (Cảnh chiến đấu)

There were eight fight scenes in the first film and nine in the second.

The fight scenes between Ajay and Paul were broadcast three months later.

Strahovski herself is highly active and performs all her own fight scenes.

last fight   (Cuộc chiến cuối cùng)

The pair fought their last fight on September 26, 1951.

Gomi's first loss was also his last fight in Shooto for six years.

McCarthy's last fight was a loss against Michael Bisping by TKO at UFC 83.

order to fight   (để chiến đấu)

Bart revealed himself as the Flash in order to fight the Rogues.

Renda vacated the title in January 2008 in order to fight for the English title.

The player must use the right weapon in order to fight a boss or go through a stage.

final fight   (cuộc chiến cuối cùng)

Her final fight in Spain was on October 18, 1950.

In final fight he won famous Swedish wrestler Gustav Freij.

In the final fight, Xavier is accidentally shot in the head by Bishop.

able to fight   (có thể chiến đấu)

By dawn on D+1, Rudder had only 90 men able to fight.

He is able to fight them off and retrieve the doorknob.

Gus then anonymously warns Hank, who is able to fight back.

fight via submission   (chiến đấu thông qua trình)

He won the fight via submission in the first round.

She won the fight via submission in the first round.

fight took   (đánh nhau)

The fight took place on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

The fight took place at the Wembley Arena in London.

The fight took place at SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany.

fight took place   (chiến đấu đã diễn ra)

The fight took place on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

The fight took place at the Wembley Arena in London.

The fight took place at SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany.

before the fight   (trước khi đánh nhau)

It is done before the fight and as a victory dance after the fight.

Galento was forced to get the cut stitched up, hours before the fight.

Right before the fight Roop broke his hand, during his team's practice.

second fight   (cuộc chiến thứ hai)

The second fight was between Alexey Ignashov and Kaoklai Kaennorsing.

Lawlor had his second fight for the UFC, when he took on CB Dollaway at UFC 100.

This was Tyson's second fight since being released from prison earlier in the year.

fight via knockout   (chiến đấu qua đấu loại trực tiếp)

He won the fight via knockout in the second round.

stopped the fight   (dừng cuộc chiến)

The referee stopped the fight in round 3 by TKO.

Referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight after 4:37 of the first round.

The referee stopped the fight with Jones reeling about the ring helplessly.

help fight   (giúp chiến đấu)

All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

Fire crews came from across the nation to help fight the fires.

He then decides to join Tarrou and Dr. Rieux to help fight the epidemic.

fight ensues   (chiến đấu xảy ra)

A fight ensues and Milhouse accidentally kills Fred.

Meliadus returns, a fight ensues and Mygan is injured.

Melander finds Parker and a fight ensues.

during a fight   (trong một cuộc chiến)

Martin tracks her down in the city, but Martin is shot by Linda during a fight.

At age 12, Johnson either fell or was pushed off the school roof during a fight.

The Chicago Board of Censors directed that two shooting scenes at the cabin during a fight be cut.

fight via split   (chiến đấu thông qua chia)

He won the back-and-forth fight via split decision.

He lost the back and forth fight via split decision.

Moloney lost the fight via split decision.

continue to fight   (tiếp tục chiến đấu)

More than 20 are killed, and both forces continue to fight in Baghlan.

It secretly ordered the officers Marcellus had sent to continue to fight.

The main characters continue to fight the Daleks until they call the Doctor to save them.

continue the fight   (tiếp tục cuộc chiến)

When Heaml is about to leave, G.J.I provokes him to continue the fight until death.

Time had to be stopped to check on the visibly shaken Bonjasky, but he wanted to continue the fight.

Their objective was to both continue the fight against the Japanese and prepare for the return of the Americans.

scheduled to fight   (dự kiến chiến đấu)

Daley was next scheduled to fight twice in just over five weeks.

T.J. Dillashaw was scheduled to fight Mike Easton in the preliminary card.

Koscheck was then scheduled to fight Diego Sanchez on April 7, 2007 at "UFC 69".

street fight   (cuộc chiến đường phố)

He observes a painting above the bar of a violent street fight.

Jun-mo gets into a street fight.

In the next match, Hangman Page faced Joey Janela in a Chicago street fight.

fight again   (đấu lại)

They would later fight again at Rebellion only for Kane to defeat him.

Do not, O son of Pandu, fight again with those possessed of greater might.

Do not, O son of Kunti, fight again, and do not again approach brave warriors.

up the fight   (lên chiến đấu)

Khan won the poll, thus setting up the fight.

He then won his next five fights to set up the fight in 1994 with Lewis.

Carter becomes enraged and tries to retaliate, but Damien breaks up the fight.

sent to fight   (gửi đi chiến đấu)

28,000 men were sent to fight in World War I.

The trial resulted in Hughes' being sent to fight in Sicily in 1943.

They ordered that anyone strong enough to hold a rifle be sent to fight.

fight due   (chiến đấu do)

However, Lima pulled out of the fight due to injury.

However, Maskaev pulled out of the fight due to a back injury.

On September 26, Connor-Hamby withdrew from the fight due to injury.

stop the fight   (dừng cuộc chiến)

's command, Penn's brother requested that the referee stop the fight.

Gran'ma Ben rushes to stop the fight; but the Bones are arrested and imprisoned.

Bernardo went down hard and was not moving for a few seconds which caused the referee to stop the fight.

professional fight   (chiến đấu chuyên nghiệp)

Wilson's last professional fight was on 2 December 2006.

In October 2011, Hall returned to the professional fight game.

His fight in 2002, against Davies, was his last professional fight.

up a fight   (đánh nhau)

This win set up a fight with Robbie Davies Jr. on 19 October.

On 16 October 2012, police had to break up a fight between Larry and Freya outside Number 10.

In March 1991, the Queen was bitten after trying to break up a fight between ten or so of her corgis.

fight crime   (chống tội phạm)

It houses the vehicles and equipment Batman uses in his campaign to fight crime.

Parchester Village residents lauded this as a boon to fight crime and create jobs.

Jim scolds Conan for touching it, saying it is needed to fight crime in the future.

fight broke   (đánh nhau)

Quickly the fight broke up.

In May 1993, a fight broke out among members of two gangs in Columbia Park.

On July 6, a fight broke out between 300 Pinkerton guards and a crowd of armed union workers.

not to fight   (không đánh nhau)

Denard however ordered his mercenaries not to fight.

Captives agreed not to fight until they were officially exchanged.

Noah breaks his promise to Elle not to fight and body slams Warren.

did not fight   (đã không chiến đấu)

The unit usually did not fight outside of Africa.

Massoud declined for he did not fight for the sake of power.

During his time in the militia, Ferry did not fight in any battle or war.

ready to fight   (sẵn sàng chiến đấu)

I'm willing and ready to fight anyone."

As the cavalry attained a foothold on the Eastern bank, the Gauls approached, ready to fight.

By evening the division was the only French unit in the area which had arrived and was ready to fight.

ensuing fight   (đánh nhau)

Gorgiano died in the ensuing fight, however.

Both are killed in the ensuing fight, unaware of their identities.

In the ensuing fight, Veer leaves many cops dead and Shukla cornered.

fight ended   (trận chiến kết thúc)

Sage agreed, however their fight ended indecisively.

The fight ended in a draw after five rounds.

The fight ended with a 10 round points victory for O'Donnell.

fight when   (chiến đấu khi)

Santos won the fight when referee Joe Cortez intervened in the eleventh round.

Tyler kills the sniper after a fight when he enters the apartment to finish the job.

It's one thing to fight when you have stamina; it's another to fight when you're tired.

scored the fight   (ghi bàn chiến đấu)

The judges scored the fight (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

All three judges scored the fight 50–45 for Edgar.

All three judges scored the fight 30–27 for Bader.

fight through   (chiến đấu thông qua)

The trio fight through the marsh's hordes of lizardfolk, kill Sess'sth, and cripple the lizard army.

"Untitled" (c. 1960s) shows a boxing match, with an attempt to express the drama of the fight through few brushstrokes.

Mega Man is able to fight through Wily's army of robots with relative ease, reaching the commander of the robot army ("Vengeance").

fight was stopped   (cuộc chiến đã dừng lại)

The fight was stopped and Sims was disqualified.

He lost when the fight was stopped in the first round.

The fight was stopped at 2:22 of the round.

refused to fight   (từ chối chiến đấu)

Even some of the Cape Mounted Riflemen refused to fight.

His Cornish soldiers refused to fight under any other leader and returned home.

However, the fight was removed from the card after Smith refused to fight at catchweight.

fight breaks   (phá vỡ chiến đấu)

A fight breaks out, in which Howard is victorious.

A fight breaks out, during which Molinar finally spots the map.

A Westie recognizes Ricky's weapon as a starter pistol and a fight breaks out.

decided to fight   (quyết định chiến đấu)

A by-election was called and Benn decided to fight it anyway.

While the other cities again hesitated, Thebes decided to fight.

Instead, they decided to fight and prepared to defend Copenhagen.

sword fight   (đấu kiếm)

Marv and Moe get into a sword fight, with signs.

The two warriors engage in a gravity-defying sword fight around a rocky coastline.

Buddy shields the Kid, getting shot in the back, but rises up and battles Death in a sword fight.

fight went   (chiến đấu đã đi)

Pettway built an early lead but faded as the fight went on.

The fight went a full extra round, but Ignashov received the lost.

The fight went 12 rounds and ended up being scored a controversial draw.

began to fight   (bắt đầu chiến đấu)

They sat down and the dog began to fight with something invisible.

By late 1943 the resistance groups began to fight amongst themselves.

Satyaki made Dussasana carless and riding on another car, he once more began to fight.

fight for independence   (đấu tranh giành độc lập)

He actively participated in the fight for independence.

Lari features prominently in the history of Kenya's fight for independence.

Mboya turned to using the trade unions as a platform to fight for independence.

used to fight   (dùng để chiến đấu)

Molybdenum was also used to fight weather erosion, friction, and chemical exposure of industrial equipment.

It is a boxer been used to fight abroad and his weight of shape is between 64 kg and 67 kg, a category rich in champion in Europe.

Aside from protecting Sarawak's borders, they were used to fight any rebels and were engaged in a number of campaigns during their history.

join the fight   (tham gia cuộc chiến)

They agree to attempt to retrieve the crystal so the Chee can join the fight.

Platt then fired his rifle at Mireles who was running across the street to join the fight.

In another scene, Lou Engle preaches a message urging children to join the fight to end abortion in America.

good fight   (trận đấu tốt)

It was a very good fight that had me thinking.

He gave a good fight, but he was not good enough that night.

I thought it was a very good fight for the fans and very exciting.

fist fight   (đánh đấm)

Tony soon gets involved in their new relationship leading him and Henry to have a fist fight over Sally.

The argument developed into a fist fight, with Bailey being knocked outside the saloon and into the street.

The two managers were involved in a fist fight during the 1956 season while playing for the two teams they were now managing.

how to fight   (làm thế nào để chiến đấu)

Youngster Olga is astonished that she does not know how to fight, cook, mend or clean.

It opened its first exhibition, "Muff Busters: vagina myths and how to fight them" n November 2019.

The mercenaries decide to raise the baby as one of their own, teaching him how to fight and drink beer.

third fight   (cuộc chiến thứ ba)

He returned to Chicago to face Zale in a third fight on May 28, 1941.

He lost in his third fight to France's Loïc Pietri by waza-ari and ippon.

The event also featured the third fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Tara LaRosa.

brief fight   (chiến đấu ngắn)

Sammo Hung appears in a brief fight scene against Lee at the start of the film.

After a brief fight, Molecule Man and Volcana were allowed to return to their apartment in Denver.

Meanwhile, Casilag confronts the sniper and after a brief fight, he successfully shoots the sniper.

fight during   (chiến đấu trong)

The Reds, now on the defensive, showed increased motivation to fight during the battle.

Thomas returned to duty in time to fight during the Battle of Stone's River in late 1862.

The squadron continued to fight during filming in Britain, and several pilots were killed.

want to fight   (muốn chiến đấu)

He added, "We want to fight the American people."

The new Grand Vizier, Nasuh Pasha, did not want to fight with the Safavids.

Most of them want to fight, even at the cost of defeat, but some of them do not.

willing to fight   (sẵn sàng chiến đấu)

To win her, both are willing to fight to the death.

He is saddened to find out she loves Carlos and is willing to fight for her love.

The Boxer-puncher may also be more willing to fight in an aggressive swarmer-style than an out-boxer.

fight against corruption   (đấu tranh chống tham nhũng)

His film Pratighatana (1985) was the story of a woman's (Vijayshanti) fight against corruption and criminalization of politics in India.

It is acting also as a center of excellence for research on the fight against corruption and for the preparation of anti-corruption proposals.

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, the president of the party, presented the platform as a new generation of politicians that will fight against corruption and organised crime.

wanted to fight   (muốn chiến đấu)

He wanted to fight the battle and not beat around the bush."

He said, "Bradley was the guy I wanted to fight but he chickened out.

After the fight, Miller stated he wanted to fight a British boxer in 2019.

straight fight   (chiến đấu thẳng)

The Liberal candidate, Arthur Cecil Murray won the seat in a straight fight with his Conservative opponent S J Gammell.

In front of 4,125, Linares won his 12th straight fight, retaining his WBA world title after 12 rounds against Campbell.

So no Liberal candidate of any stripe contested the 1935 general election in Perth which was won by the Unionists in a straight fight with Labour.

another fight   (một cuộc chiến khác)

After another fight, Krish moves out.

They guaranteed me another fight after that and I needed that security.

Steve and MJ get into another fight about Steve not being present during Frankie's childhood.

boss fight   (đánh nhau)

Each final level of a world consists of a boss fight.

The game is broken up into six levels, each of which culminates in a boss fight.

Each consists of a platforming sequence, a boss fight, and a story-related sequence.

fight back against   (chống lại)

Athena plays a large role in the story, and helps Chris in his fight back against WEAPCO.

The Arawaks attempted to fight back against Columbus's men but lacked their armor, guns, swords, and horses.

Jake then decides to break free from his role and convinces the others to fight back against the designated terrorists.

fight his way   (chiến đấu theo cách của mình)

Through well-coordinated guerilla tactics, Tatsumi managed to fight his way to Kashiwazaki.

Barrington lost his form in these seasons and could not fight his way back into the England team.

Dezolt originally looked to join the Queensland Cup in 2004, hoping to fight his way back into the Cowboys.

troops to fight   (quân đội chiến đấu)

They ended abruptly when Cuba sent combat troops to fight in Angola.

When the United States declared war on Mexico, Wayne joined the troops to fight.

It paid taxes and sent troops to fight for the Mongol imperial effort and work as civil servants.

bar fight   (cuộc chiến thanh)

Philip visits Paige's apartment to discuss the bar fight.

The day after the original theft, he stabbed a man in a bar fight.

Bellator officials had learned that the charges in the bar fight had not been dropped after all.

army to fight   (quân đội chiến đấu)

In reprisal, Li commanded the army to fight back and won the war.

Bridges went to England to enlist in the army to fight in World War I.

In 1849 he joined the Schleswig-Holstein army to fight in the First Schleswig War.

unable to fight   (không thể chiến đấu)

In the final battle, when Bumblebee is unable to fight, Jazz provides cover.

Vancha is wounded during the battle by Gannen and unable to fight any longer.

Howson sustained a broken foot and nose in his previous fight with Nobuchika Terado, however, and was unable to fight.

long fight   (chiến đấu lâu dài)

The main plot is that Porky got in a long, long fight and soon the hare thinks he has won the battle.

After a long fight, Ben manages to free Kaine from his possession and convinces him to help defeat Mephisto.

After a long fight to keep her party card, she was expelled from the party, officially excluded on February 8, 1937.

volunteered to fight   (tình nguyện chiến đấu)

He was fifteen years old when he volunteered to fight in the Wars of Liberation.

Among the most admired and skilled "auctorati" were those who, having been granted manumission, volunteered to fight in the arena.

Numerous men from Detroit volunteered to fight for the Union during the American Civil War, including the 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment.

fight via technical   (chiến đấu thông qua kỹ thuật)

He won the fight via technical knockout in round two.

He lost the fight via technical knockout in round two.

She won the fight via technical knock-out in round one.

tried to fight   (cố gắng chiến đấu)

After relegation Celuloza tried to fight for promotion, but failed, ending only on the 4th place.

In the third quarter, Miami tried to fight back with Mare's 42-yard field goal, yet the Colts matched them with Vinatieri's 34-yard field goal.

The B&L tried to fight the B&M in court but failed because the monopoly granted in its charter was only good for traffic between Boston and Lowell.