fighting against   (对抗)

Ships were lost fighting against unequal odds.

For Sefo he had the daunting task of fighting against "Mr.

Bai Qi was therefore able to avoid fighting against Han forces.

heavy fighting   (激烈的战斗)

On May 30, heavy fighting broke out around Syedabad.

After heavy fighting the Emirate's forces were defeated.

After heavy fighting, the Romanians took the mountain passes.

fighting game   (格斗游戏)

"Ultraman" is a fighting game based on the TV series "".

Additionally, Vampire's friend, Maxim, wins in a fighting game.

GameDaily named Oro the 22nd-most bizarre fighting game character.

fighting between   (之间的斗争)

This led to fighting between Dostum and Hekmatyar.

349 Palestinians were killed in fighting between factions in 2007.

Nonetheless, fighting between the army and Hutu militias continued.

during the fighting   (在战斗中)

Cota flees on foot through the jungle during the fighting.

More than 150 bullets hit the McClellan house during the fighting.

Many of the sailors served as infantry during the fighting along the way.

fighting games

The series of fighting games are among the most popular in their genre.

Headbutts often feature in professional wrestling and video fighting games.

Cheat Code Central included Algol in the 2012 list of top ten hidden characters in fighting games.

fierce fighting   (激战)

Likhachevo repeatedly became the site of fierce fighting.

After fierce fighting, Huger's division was forced to retreat.

After a night of fierce fighting, all objectives were secured.

fighting style

He employs Western Ninjutsu as his fighting style.

His fighting style relies on his strength and power.

He has a fighting style primarily based on lucha libre.

fire fighting

It has category 3 fire fighting and a rescue vessel.

7000 l folding containers, forest fire fighting equipment).

A water tender typically carries some fire fighting equipment.

fighting continued

Sporadic fighting continued in Saigon until March 8.

Heavy fighting continued for another two months.

The fighting continued throughout the night.

fighting vehicles

The Bersaglieri regiment fields Dardo infantry fighting vehicles.

Vehicle armour is used on warships and armoured fighting vehicles.

Notable armoured fighting vehicles extending from post-World War I to today.

fighting off

He lost his left arm and right hand whilst fighting off the sharks.

The game involves fighting off this alien invasion over 14 different levels.

Billboard mentioned that "the song tells the tale of fighting off the urge to cheat."

fighting force

This fighting force included Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

Military ambitions also grow in that period which is reflected by a large fighting force.

Two developments in the mid-1980s greatly diminished KPNLAF capabilities as a fighting force.

fighting around

In mid-October, the division was engaged in heavy fighting around Đakovica.

Gen Robert Rodes went down wounded in the desperate fighting around Seven Pines.

In the fighting around Pozières the 48th Division suffered from and from 13 August.

died fighting

He died fighting one such invasion.

He went on to organize festivals for martyrs that died fighting royalists.

Fahad died fighting alongside the Kuwait Emiri Guard in defending Dasman Palace.

days of fighting

After several days of fighting Israeli forces withdrew.

Over six days of fighting, the battalion suffered 71% casualties.

After two days of fighting the town was recaptured by the Iraqi army.

fighting during

This quickly escalated into major fighting during 2004.

Male quarrels and fighting during such events was quite common.

It was twice the scene of heavy fighting during the Tuareg Rebellion.

street fighting

There was street fighting in Solesmes, but the troops waded across the Selle.

The rules for terrain were especially detailed as were the rules for street fighting.

Due to his experience in street fighting, Takaya is known as the "Streetfight Bancho".

fighting alongside

Fahad died fighting alongside the Kuwait Emiri Guard in defending Dasman Palace.

The women taken prisoner were seen to bear wounds suffered in the fighting alongside the men.

They were Allies in World War II, fighting alongside each other in Italy against Nazi Germany.

fighting spirit   (战斗精神)

In addition to low fighting spirit, there was a threat of direct betrayal.

Oginohana seemed to lose a good deal of his fighting spirit after this incident.

Even though, she was considered an elderly woman at that time, but never lost her fighting spirit.

continue fighting

If the "Earth" has her Shadow Star hit, she will be unable to continue fighting.

These troops were expected to reinforce the Russians and continue fighting the French.

The Golden queen will have none of it however, and commands her troops to continue fighting.

fighting skills

He has also been shown to be on par with Oliver in fighting skills.

So-hwi's fighting skills diminish, leading her father to urge her to practice.

She is not known for her looks, rather her fighting skills, but Mary is quite pretty.

fighting each

RVR introduces entire Factions fighting each other.

They should be fighting the same battle when in fact they are fighting each other.

Rosita is the only source of income to her poor family, who are always fighting each other.

forces fighting

Sam Houston leads the forces fighting for Texas independence and needs time to build an army.

As a student he joined volunteer forces fighting protesting socialists on the streets of Berlin.

Grand Duke Nicholas was responsible for all Russian forces fighting against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.

fighting broke

However, after a few days, new fighting broke out.

On May 30, heavy fighting broke out around Syedabad.

In May 2007, new fighting broke out between the factions.

fighting each other

RVR introduces entire Factions fighting each other.

They should be fighting the same battle when in fact they are fighting each other.

Rosita is the only source of income to her poor family, who are always fighting each other.

fighting vehicle

The armoured car was the first modern fully armoured fighting vehicle.

The idea of a protected fighting vehicle has been known since antiquity.

January 6 – Seven national guards killed when IED strikes Bradley fighting vehicle.

fighting took

Bitter fighting took place, especially around Magnolia Cemetery.

Extensive, back-and-forth fighting took place in the Netherlands.

Heavy fighting took place in July.

intense fighting

Throughout Spring 1942 many partisans from her unit were wounded during intense fighting.

During the intense fighting, the planes fired more than 1,300 40 mm and 1,200 105 mm rounds.

On 6 August 1941 Myronivka was occupied by the German troops after weeks of intense fighting.

continued fighting

She continued fighting for feminist causes until her death in 1963.

After the death of Sugarev, Sarvanov continued fighting "Greek propaganda".

After this defeat, the rebels continued fighting a guerrilla war for five years.

fighting men

In all, around 6,000 of their fighting men lay dead on the ground.

"During the war, when I was in the Royal Navy, I met many Australian fighting men.

He noted that their main village had 80 fighting men, with a total population of about 300.

fighting took place

Bitter fighting took place, especially around Magnolia Cemetery.

Extensive, back-and-forth fighting took place in the Netherlands.

Heavy fighting took place in July.

armoured fighting   (装甲战斗)

Vehicle armour is used on warships and armoured fighting vehicles.

The armoured car was the first modern fully armoured fighting vehicle.

Notable armoured fighting vehicles extending from post-World War I to today.

infantry fighting

The Bersaglieri regiment fields Dardo infantry fighting vehicles.

In 2000, the Swiss Army purchased 186 CV 90 infantry fighting vehicles from Hägglunds of Sweden.

The Soviets made use of them first on BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, and later on the T-64 and other MBTs.

fighting back

U-boat Commander Johannsen had no intentions of fighting back.

At this point, the man swung at Manziel who then began fighting back.

With a strong performance from Hudson, this point in Split Costs actually had me fighting back tears.

up fighting

Burnett ended up fighting Thomas with a broken neck.

Kongo would end up fighting Nelson almost 3 years later at UFC 159.

Alex tries to stop Pierce from killing himself and the two end up fighting.

began fighting

Jacques had earlier lost his purse and they began fighting.

He began fighting in the 40 kg division.

Bernstein began fighting professionally at only sixteen in 1894.

when fighting

Stella pilots the ZGMF-X88S Gaia when fighting.

Although both siblings collide against each other, they willingly cooperate when fighting against opponents.

The Second World War saw her practice intensify particularly when fighting reached the Indian/Burmese border.

still fighting

George downstairs is still fighting the creature.

George is still fighting for the gun in the living room.

Only the "Warriors of Melos" are still fighting against the "Monsters".

killed fighting

The father is killed fighting on the anti-treaty side.

He was killed fighting the Muslims at the Battle of Consuegra.

Later that year, Allen's brother Geoffrey was killed fighting in France.

hard fighting

After a few days of hard fighting, the Ottomans broke into the monastery.

This was followed by hard fighting at the crossing of the Marecchia (22–25 September).

After a week of hard fighting, however, the 2nd Division was reaching the limit of its endurance.

troops fighting

The capture of the town cut one of the main land supply routes for government troops fighting in Aleppo.

Beckham visited Afghanistan in May 2010 for a morale-boosting visit to British troops fighting the Taliban insurgency.

The order also instituted a per capita tax on the membership to raise $1 million to provide for the welfare of the troops fighting in Europe.

years of fighting

After two and a half years of fighting, a truce was agreed on 11 July 1921.

Its capture was the first victory of importance for the French in the war after five years of fighting.

An important factor in the actions of the Western Army was their own fatigue after so many years of fighting.

bitter fighting   (苦战)

Despite the sorely depleted state of Assyria, bitter fighting ensued.

After bitter fighting the French prevailed, forcing O'Donnell's men to retreat.

After bitter fighting in the Gazala Line and the 'Cauldron', Eighth Army was forced to retreat.

during fighting

In Aleppo, some residents claimed that the Syrian Army organized a Christian militia during fighting there in August 2012.

However, this army was severely depleted during fighting with the Swedish army of Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar and Gustaf Horn.

The Federals pursued, and, during fighting at Corrick's Ford on July 13, Garnett was killed; he was the first general officer to be killed in the war.

hours of fighting

Branch's brigade fared no better, losing 401 men in two hours of fighting.

After three and a half hours of fighting, William finally called off the assault.

After another three hours of fighting, Major Madison issued a formal declaration of surrender.

stop fighting

He threatens her father's safety, telling her to stop fighting him.

Emperor Dezong sent eunuchs to order them to stop fighting, and thereafter Wang withdrew.

However, Ciela is diagnosed with bone marrow failure, Ciela does not stop fighting for her happiness.

dog fighting

When told that dog fighting was a felony, Portis replied, "It can't be too bad of a crime."

Among these are [[blood sport]]s such as [[bear-baiting]], [[dog fighting]] and [[cockfighting]].

That same day, he later released a statement through the Redskins' official website that claimed he did not take part in, nor condone, dog fighting.

soldiers fighting

This was the beginning of her selfless effort to help the soldiers fighting in the war.

Russians soldiers fighting Poles received food supplies, equipment, and intelligence from Prussia.

Of roughly 45,000 Pakistani, Taliban and Al Qaeda soldiers fighting against the forces of Massoud only 14,000 were Afghan (Taliban).

armoured fighting vehicles

Vehicle armour is used on warships and armoured fighting vehicles.

Notable armoured fighting vehicles extending from post-World War I to today.

After the First World War, he was a proponent of adopting armoured fighting vehicles.

fighting styles

Novices ("novicii") trained under teachers of particular fighting styles, probably retired gladiators.

Players can choose one of three fighting styles to use in different situations and against different foes.

Since then, the group and the subject of traditional fighting styles in general have become increasingly popular.

fighting near

The fighting near LZ West continued all that day and into the fifth.

The fighting near Mozhaysk was not considered a failure by the Russian command.

Timmermann, as a junior officer, was in the thick of the fighting near St. Vith with his platoon.

fighting techniques

The text describes Bruce Lee's Kung Fu fighting techniques, philosophy and training methods.

Around 1560, Yu Dayou travelled to Shaolin Monastery to observe the Shaolin monks' fighting techniques.

Several follow-up episodes were released which focus on more specific fighting techniques and associated myths.

fighting crime

That night, Bruce Wayne swears an oath to spend his life fighting crime.

Her motivation for fighting crime as the Cobweb is boredom and a yearning for thrills.

The Justice League retires from fighting crime to "spend more time with their families."

fighting began

The fighting began after he hit the waiter.

After the fighting began in April, four additional slave states seceded and were admitted.

Intensive fighting began in 1683 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699.

keep fighting

Negan receives the news, but Rick vows to keep fighting and kill Negan.

Dumont stopped as many men as he could from leaving and convinced them to keep fighting.

The captured Italian soldiers were given the choice of imprisonment or to keep fighting for Germany.

sword fighting   (剑斗)

When in Japan he also studied Iaidō, the art of sword fighting.

In his origin story Brian's talent for sword fighting enables him to out-fight some of the king's soldiers.

Developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the prototype was based on "chanbara" action, a type of Japanese sword fighting.

fighting ability

For example, the walls of Jericho fall because Yahweh fights for Israel, not because the Israelites show superior fighting ability.

It was believed that the people of Sabbajee could muster 3,000 fighting men, whose fighting ability was well known in the surrounding regions.

In the aftermath of the battle for Đà Nẵng, U.S. military commanders in I Corps held different views on the fighting ability of the PAVN 2nd Division.

fighting occurred

The climax of the fighting occurred on March 10.

Heavy fighting occurred at the rebel-held positions around the Grand Canal as these troops advanced towards Dublin.

The fighting occurred with heavy casualties on both sides, but after three days the assault was halted and the Red Army retreated.

not fighting

When not fighting fires she is equipped for supporting divers, for body recovery.

Chaplin was attacked in the British media for not fighting in the First World War.

Paskoff shows the loss of farm infrastructure was about the same whether or not fighting took place nearby.

fighting through

After fighting through two overzealous bodyguards, the player meets the owner of the castle.

After fighting through demons, Johnny manages to claim the throne and becomes the new King of Hell.

Sakuraba was a heavy favorite to win, but he was fighting through a significant weight disadvantage.