filed a lawsuit   (訴訟を起こした)

In April 2016, Wimdu filed a lawsuit against the law.

The band had filed a lawsuit with the Coca-Cola company.

The government had filed a lawsuit against Do for his social activism.

filed for bankruptcy   (破産申請)

The school closed and Beatrice filed for bankruptcy.

The ILLF filed for bankruptcy in September 2011.

In December 2017, the "Herald" filed for bankruptcy.

filed against   (に対して提出)

n 2018, a recall petition was filed against Young.

A $191,000 tax lien was filed against him in 2006.

However, no charges were ever filed against him there.

filed suit   (訴訟)

Conner filed suit against Patton in September 2002.

The ICM also filed suit in the same US District Court.

In 2002, it filed suit against IBM for IBM's involvement with Nazi war crimes.

filed for divorce   (離婚申請)

Presley and his wife filed for divorce on August 18.

The couple filed for divorce in February 2019.

She again filed for divorce on March 20, 1995.

filed a complaint   (苦情を申し立てた)

The neighbor filed a complaint with the police.

She filed a complaint against, in particular, the mayor.

Doekhi filed a complaint against Somohardjo en Brunswijk.

lawsuit filed   (訴訟提起)

If there was a lawsuit filed as "Kerrang!"

The trailer is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed by DiMucci.

After a lawsuit filed by the opponents of the measure, the language was changed.

filed suit against   (に対して提訴)

Conner filed suit against Patton in September 2002.

In 2002, it filed suit against IBM for IBM's involvement with Nazi war crimes.

In 1921, Love filed suit against Texas laws barring African Americans from voting.

lawsuit was filed   (訴訟が提起された)

A lawsuit was filed, but nothing became of it.

The New Yorker stood by its story and no lawsuit was filed.

A lawsuit was filed demanding the restitution of the church.

filed a petition   (請願書を提出した)

Abraham Dorb filed a petition for bankruptcy in November 1932.

Copeland filed a petition for personal bankruptcy in October 1970.

However Crickitt filed a petition against Cator's election, accusing him of bribery.

filed a motion

Small's lawyers also filed a motion for a new trial.

On November 23, 2008, Drew filed a motion for acquittal.

N2H2 filed a motion to dismiss, which the court granted.

company filed   (提出された会社)

The company filed to decommission the stop in 1940.

In 1988, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The company filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s.

filed an appeal   (控訴した)

She has now filed an appeal against the decision.

After losing a decision in 2002, they filed an appeal.

Prosecutors reportedly filed an appeal to the release order.

filed an application

Heenan filed an application for a patent on October 23, 1964.

In 1944, Davis filed an application to run a passenger flight service in the southeast.

That winter, Max filed an application with the FCC to change the station's callsign to KYTX.

charges were filed

No evidence was found and no charges were filed.

Separate charges were filed for Evangelista being tortured to death.

Security and police were called, but no criminal charges were filed.

filed to run

Five other Republican candidates also filed to run.

No Democrats or Libertarians filed to run for the seat.

then filed

VG Media then filed a civil suit claiming that Google owed them remuneration, which is ongoing.

The new parent company then filed to raise as much as $500 million in a U.S. initial public offering.

The company then filed for reorganization in the following year and stopped making video games altogether.

filed a patent

He filed a patent for an "ionocraft" in 1959.

On February 14, Gray's lawyer filed a patent caveat with a .

A year later, Harwick Johnson filed a patent for a prototype IC.

filed a suit

Armstrong filed a suit in U.S. District Court against Tygart and USADA.

The organization filed a suit in Calcutta High Court, under which andamanas jurisdiction comes.

They also filed a suit against the JSA for dismissing them, and the trial began on February 6, 2009.

filed a civil

VG Media then filed a civil suit claiming that Google owed them remuneration, which is ongoing.

On January 10, 2006, Norman Lowell filed a civil libel suit against "Malta Today" editor Saviour Balzan.

On September 7 AVSIM filed a civil suit in Britain against the person who hacked the organization in May.

later filed

Burke later filed a report on the incident.

The union at Republic Windows later filed charges against this action.

Kago later filed for divorce, planning to continue activities once the divorce was finalized.

filed a case   (ケースを提出した)

He has since filed a case against the team.

Later as "RSS" filed a case against him, he had to apologise for it.

In 2009, Mohan filed a case against his son Karthik for neglecting his health.

filed lawsuits   (訴訟を起こした)

Fat feminists also filed lawsuits against diet programs for fraudulent claims.

Those once accused filed lawsuits against the authorities who once prosecuted them.

The estates or families of 21 of the 47 passengers filed lawsuits against Polehinke.

filed a federal   (連邦に提出しました)

In late 2005, drummer Hummel filed a federal lawsuit against Breaking Benjamin.

He filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging "consumer racism", and was awarded $1 million in damages.

In 2018, Flanagan filed a federal trademark infringement action suing prior band members John Joseph and Mackie Jayson.

complaint filed

Ammons' children had a history of "irregular school attendance" with a complaint filed against Ammons in 2009.

The requirement stems from a human rights complaint filed by deaf lawyer Henry Vlug, which was settled in 2002.

Fraser was the subject of a complaint filed at the British Columbia Ombudsman by one of his councillors, Ken Gibson.

case was filed   (ケースが提出された)

The case was filed in 1917AD and decided in 1921AD.

Since the case was filed, almost half the ten years was spent on post-trial matters.

The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

filed charges

In 1998, four city employees filed charges of racial discrimination.

Hadházy filed charges against his party colleague due to the attack.

The union at Republic Windows later filed charges against this action.

subsequently filed

His wages were then garnished by the Kawaauhaus, and Geiger subsequently filed for bankruptcy.

Visionary Vehicles subsequently filed suits to recoup losses and collect damages from the failed deal.

CUPE 3903 subsequently filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

suit was filed

The suit was filed on behalf of the victims' families.

A civil suit was filed in Pune Court asking for a ban on the documentary film.

Before the divorce suit was filed, Chaplin had begun work on a new film, "The Circus".

filed a claim   (申し立てを行った)

Semtek International had also filed a claim in Maryland's state court.

Schapira filed a claim against the university over the injuries he suffered during the halftime ceremony.

The class action lawsuit was against L.A. Tan Enterprises, Inc. and settled for $1.5 million, which included between $125 and $150 for each class member who filed a claim.

complaint was filed

The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

On June 25, residents took note of additional dust coming from the Port, and a complaint was filed.

In 2013, a complaint was filed, in federal courts, against the District regarding its wrestling program.

case filed   (提出された事件)

On 18 November 2008, the court decided on preliminary objections to the case filed by Serbia.

He was arrested on 5 extortion case filed against him in Moheshkhali Police Station on 15 April 2007.

The judgment was rendered in case filed by Sri Thomas Chandy, an erstwhile minister in the State of Kerala.

lawsuits were filed   (訴訟が提起された)

Several lawsuits were filed in but later withdrawn.

Both paintings were restituted after lawsuits were filed.

Several other lawsuits were filed by fans and ticket holders.

lawsuits filed

This and other lawsuits filed against Mattel in Canada and Mexico are still ongoing as of January 2019.

In 2007, New York City paid out $50,000 to settle two excessive force lawsuits filed against Richard Kern.

As a result, the substance, which was used extensively for over three decades, became the subject of multiple lawsuits filed around the world.

suit filed

Grassby had already lost a civil suit filed by Barbara Mackay, forcing him to unconditionally apologise.

In light of the report's results, a request was made in court for the class-action suit filed in 2013 to be enlarged.

The film was initially set for a September 2019 release, but was moved up several months - to 28 June, largely as a result of a copyright suit filed by Paul McCartney.

petition filed

30 June 1931 – Bankruptcy petition filed.

The petition filed by TimeGate listed total liabilities that ranged from $10 - $50 million, owed to creditors.

The High Court gave the order in response to a petition filed by Shafee Ahmed Chowdhury, a shareholder of the bank.