fill the vacancy   (空席を埋める)

Sargent of Co. G was promoted to fill the vacancy.

Paul Swan was selected to fill the vacancy of his father.

A special election was held on April 12, 2011, to fill the vacancy.

fill up   (いっぱいにする)

In Spring the fields fill up with coloured flowers.

77," and was used by the railway to fill up on water.

"I never try to fill up my records with famous people," Gill says.

fill a vacancy   (空席を埋める)

In 1759 he was elected to fill a vacancy at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

On June 1, 2009, Dillard was nominated to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Georgia.

In December 2008, Governor Kaine appointed him to fill a vacancy on the Norfolk Circuit Court.

fill the gap   (ギャップを埋める)

The second and third grade grama panchayats would get entire amount to fill the gap.

To fill the gap in Ferguson's sales in the US, thousands of TEs were shipped over from England.

In light of the setback, coach Scolari called upon Gilberto to fill the gap which Emerson left.

fill the void   (隙間を埋める)

She took up writing to fill the void.

She was cast immediately, due to the urgent need to fill the void left by Goodrem.

Israeli Point Guard Haggai Hundert was drafted in from Slovenia to fill the void left by Love.

fill the seat

Senator Jon Kyl being appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to temporarily fill the seat.

Senator John H. Overton died in office, a special election was called to fill the seat for a two-year term extending through January 1951.

In October 1851, he ran against Whig Party candidate, Tod Robinson, to fill the seat of Serranus Clinton Hastings, and won a six year term.

election to fill   (満たす選挙)

This was the first election to fill the newly created office of lieutenant governor.

It was a special election to fill Delaware's Class II Senate seat, then held by Ted Kaufman, an appointee.

In 1947, he ran in the special election to fill the 9th congressional district seat following the death of Charles L. Gifford.

used to fill

Cobble Hill was brought down and used to fill in the marshes.

Rubble was used to fill the walls, making the structures extremely solid.

Celebrity gossip and weird news stories are also used to fill up the hour.

appointed to fill

Liberal Condor Laucke was appointed to fill the casual vacancy.

In 2010, he was appointed to fill a vacant judgeship on the Georgia Court of Appeals.

As a result, Kevin Poorman, vice chairman of the company, was appointed to fill her role.

fill the vacant

To fill the vacant seat, the Election Commission planned a by-election for 7 September.

However, another candidate was selected to fill the vacant city council seat instead of MacLean.

Assistant coach Tyler Perron was subsequently promoted to interim head coach to fill the vacant position.

order to fill   (注文する)

Faculty from non-partner universities may become affiliated in order to fill "expertise gaps".

Ex Nihilo and Squid have each started to seek out a specific man in order to fill out the emptiness.

Howard was in the process of considering applicants in order to fill open and/or interim positions during that time.

elected to fill

However, Jon Lundberg was elected to fill that seat.

She was elected to fill an unexpired term on February 28, 2006.

In 1759 he was elected to fill a vacancy at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

fill the position

The following year, Fanning departed for Kentucky and Parrott was asked to fill the position.

Beasley remained at the lead position through 1999, when he stepped aside and hired Josh Garner to fill the position.

Since Daniel Waters selection, there have been two other poets selected to fill the position – Fan Ogilvie, and Justen Ahren.

fill the role   (役割を果たします)

He was appointed by Governor Phil Murphy to fill the role.

The Quickstrike was to fill the role of the A-6 Intruder after it was retired.

When informed that he was expected to fill the role, Dunn told college officials, "I have blown enough bugles.

began to fill

The factory shook and smoke began to fill the air.

Upon completion the gates were closed at 10AM and the reservoir behind the dam began to fill.

Misinformation and hate speech began to fill the radio waves from the independent station, RTLM.

held to fill

On December 13, 2005, a by-election was held to fill Loewen's seat.

A by-election is held to fill a political office that has become vacant between the scheduled elections.

A by-election is an election held to fill a parliamentary seat that falls vacant between general elections.

fill vacancies   (空席を埋める)

Promotion to fill vacancies was made internally regardless of merit, even if better officers were immediately available.

In the season 2010–11 the club was relegated to Lega Pro Seconda Divisione after losing the play-out, but it was later readmitted to Lega Pro Prima Divisione in 4 August 2011 to fill vacancies.

After being licensed as a regular teacher, he taught for 3 years as a substitute teacher during a period when the Board of Education, in violation of state law, refused to fill vacancies with regular teachers entitled to full benefits.

not fill

The data payload may or may not fill the entire allotted DATA field.

A bumblebees often does not fill its nectar crop to full capacity when foraging.

This means the spider does not fill out the new exoskeleton completely, so it commonly appears somewhat wrinkled.