İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

filled with water   (su dolu)

The bucket is filled with water and left out overnight.

A half-a-million gallon tank filled with water was used.

An important example is of a telescope filled with water.

trustees are filled   (mütevelli heyeti doldurulur)

Vacancies in the fiscal officership or on the board of trustees are filled by the remaining trustees.

filled up   (doldurulmuş)

At high water these were filled up and flooded.

After this the remainder of the space in the hub was filled up.

Chevrolet vehicles filled up the majority of the 30-car racing grid.

then filled   (sonra dolduruldu)

The masa is then filled with meat, cheese or vegetables.

It is then filled with Boston butt and served with a sauce.

It is then filled with waste and burnt up in the atmosphere.

partially filled

The turntable pit has been partially filled in.

The recorder consists of a float in a sealed chamber partially filled with water.

On the other hand, metals have an electronic band structure containing partially filled electronic bands.

filled to capacity   (kapasiteye dolu)

The school was immediately filled to capacity.

As of the 2000s, the cemetery is nearly filled to capacity.

The reservoir filled to capacity for the first time in 1958.

completely filled

These tanks are never completely filled to allow for expansion.

The dam was completed in 2003 and completely filled with water in 2005.

(The gap was never completely filled, and part of SR 615 was State Route 43.)

often filled   (sık sık dolu)

The rationale had to come from somewhere else: the academy often filled that role.

The ranks of secular saints, like those of religious ones, are often filled by martyrs.

The magic of computer graphics often filled in the missing 1485 – but it was always a challenge."

now filled   (şimdi dolu)

Its 2 km-wide caldera is now filled by a lake.

The moat around the mansion is now filled in.

Nor does this matter; the gap is now filled.

not filled   (doldurulmadı)

The valleys not filled by the sea are covered by glaciers, which also occupy small high plateaus.

The subsequent pit was not filled in until about 1968 approx when it was still 30 ft deep and 30 ft across.

Over the course of the election, Davis died, creating a vacancy that was not filled until the general election.