İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

video was filmed   (video çekildi)

Its music video was filmed in Little Havana, Miami.

The video was filmed in the cavern at Science North.

The video was filmed by director Bernard Nadeau.

scenes were filmed   (sahneler çekildi)

The school scenes were filmed at Eastern High School.

For "The Power of Darkness", seven scenes were filmed.

The Riga scenes were filmed in Porvoo, also in Finland.

filmed on location   (yerinde çekildi)

It was filmed on location in Mumbai's Jogger's Park.

"Exodus" was filmed on location in Israel and Cyprus.

This documentary was filmed on location in Afghanistan.

series was filmed

The series was filmed over the Summer of 2012.

In March 2007, a new series was filmed in UK.

The second series was filmed in late 1993.

filmed during

The movie was filmed during a fifteen-day period.

The pilot was filmed during the first quarter of 2018.

It was filmed during night time in Los Angeles, California.

movie was filmed

The movie was filmed during a fifteen-day period.

The movie was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The movie was filmed at Englewood High School.

scene was filmed   (sahne çekildi)

The final scene was filmed at Breitnau.

The film's crash scene was filmed several miles downstream in Pope County, Illinois.

The lay-by is still there but the M25 now bridges the road where the scene was filmed.

show was filmed   (gösteri filme alındı)

The London show was filmed for Scuzz TV in the UK.

The show was filmed at RMITV Studio A in Melbourne.

The show was filmed by Meridian Broadcasting.

episode was filmed

The pilot episode was filmed in November 2011.

The pilot episode was filmed in April 2012.

The episode was filmed between March 31 and April 7, 1993.

scenes filmed

Most of the scenes filmed inside the office of Mars Investigations are, of course, on a set at the Stu Segall lot.

The scenes filmed at Roundtop include, several of the Williams character, his young chauffeur, Silas, and his love interest.

The vivid aerial scenes filmed in Technicolor were another aspect of the expensive production that garnered critical attention.

filmed entirely

The film was not filmed entirely in England.

"The Adventures of Huck Finn" was filmed entirely in Natchez, Mississippi.

"Stetson, Street Dog of Park City" is set and filmed entirely in Park City.

actually filmed

Most of the movie was actually filmed in Toronto, Ontario.

It was actually filmed at The Ritz Theater in Elizabeth NJ .

This is because the scenes were actually filmed at Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

song was filmed

One particular song was filmed throughout the night.

A music video for the song was filmed on October 2010.

A song was filmed by an assistant cameraman with a high-tech camera, costing about Rs.

filmed and released

The show was filmed and released on DVD.

The Red Piano was filmed and released to many major retailers.

It was filmed and released in 1984 in France by the Gaumont Film Company.

episodes were filmed

These episodes were filmed at the London Palladium.

The last six episodes were filmed from May 29 till July 7, 2012.

Like the web series, much of the episodes were filmed on green screen.

filmed using

The series notably is filmed using a largely outdoor set.

Some scenes were filmed using five cameras.

Character movements were filmed using motion capture technology.

filmed between

The episode was filmed between March 31 and April 7, 1993.

In all, 57 episodes were produced, filmed between 1977 and 1981.

Dressed to Kill was filmed between 19 October, 1979 until 18 January, 1980.

film was filmed   (film çekildi)

The film was filmed in both California and Mexico.

The film was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The film was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee.

filmed here   (burada çekildi)

Parts of "Sister Act 2" were also filmed here.

The 1986 family movie "Koneko Monogatari" was filmed here.

The TV show "The Forest Rangers" was filmed here from 1963 to 1965.

filmed scenes

"The Feed" filmed scenes in Shrewsbury, England, in December 2018.

Prior to Hoflin's departure, he and Balir filmed scenes showing their reunion.

Soler filmed scenes with Flo Rida in Miami while TINI filmed her scenes in Madrid.