İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

final season   (son sezon)

In his final season, he scored 624 runs at 36.70.

He spent a final season with the Rockets in 1948.

1927–28 was Meredith's final season with Blackpool.

final game   (son Oyun)

Earle Bruce's final game as Ohio State head coach.

Each team entered the final game with a 2-0 record.

Moore played his final game for Swansea in May 1997.

final round   (son tur)

The competition consisted of a single final round.

Fifteen finalists participated in the final round.

final match   (Final Maçı)

Meltzer rated the final match, a five-star match.

The final match of the season, a 0–0 draw away to A.F.C.

Vietnam women's team defeated Myanmar 2–1 in final match.

third and final   (üçüncü ve son)

He won his third and final PGA Tour event in 1977.

It is the third and final installment in the "".

The third and final game was played in Toronto.

final year

This was also Pacific's final year in the Big West.

In its final year, the College had 88 students.

In its final year, Anderson Cooper co-hosted the show.

final against   (karşı final)

He scored three goals in the final against Emelec (7–0).

Nigeria won the final against South Africa.

The lost the regional final against Rice.

final episode   (son bölüm)

with Shania Twain"s final episode, "Endless Love".

between 2007 and its final episode on 29 March 2008.

The series' final episode aired on May 23, 1999.

grand final   (büyük Final)

In the grand final Ionuț and Monica was married.

The 36ers went on to lose the grand final series 3–2.

The grand final was played under lights at Oakes Oval.

reached the final   (finale ulaştı)

Henderson reached the final of the 2007 British Open.

He reached the final, winning the silver medal.

Chad reached the final after beating hosts Gabon 3-2.

final day

Yardley’s men resumed at 3/106 on the final day.

His final day with the station was September 21, 2012.

FC Heidenheim on the final day in a 4–2 win.

final appearance   (son görünüm)

This was their first final appearance at senior level.

This was the first and only national final appearance.

The episode marks their final appearance on the series.

final single

was the group's final single in the United States.

's final single "We All Go Back to Where We Belong".

The fourth and final single "777 (We Can Sing a Song!)"

during the final   (final sırasında)

A continuity error occurs during the final scene.

She received multiple awards during the final.

Kahoko is unable to see Lili during the final selection.

final score   (son skor)

The final score was 16–10 in favor of New England.

The final score left Peru State the winner, 35–27.

The final score was an Iowa State victory, 42–38.

final years

She spent the final years of her life at Idylease.

He spent the final years of his life in Australia.

During his final years, he suffered heart problems.

fourth and final

This gave him his fourth and final stage victory.

He made a fourth and final Rudd, "Dad Rudd, M.P."

4 is the fourth and final album by Memento Mori.

final stage   (son aşama)

This gave him his fourth and final stage victory.

The final stage was played in Sri Lanka (all times ).

Construction work is in the final stage of Completion.

final time

It was the second and final time the rig was used.

They separated for the final time in February 2015.

In 2010, the Nemesis line morphed one final time.

second and final   (ikinci ve son)

It was the second and final time the rig was used.

The second and final one is "Son of Godzilla" (1967).

It was the second and final marriage for both parties.

final scene   (son sahne)

In the final scene, Helena is reunited with Beall.

A continuity error occurs during the final scene.

In the final scene, they enter their Connecticut home.

final album

Their final album was 1985's "Nach Uns Die Flut".

It was Bull's final album before his death in 2001.

4 is the fourth and final album by Memento Mori.

final version

It took Curtis 17 drafts to reach the final version.

The last and final version is Derive 6.1 for Windows.

The final version was 4.1.0 released in 2011.

final report   (son rapor)

The final report was released on 27 February 2014.

The final report is available on the IMIE Web site.

Its final report was submitted on June 4, 2004.

final tournament   (final turnuvası)

Yōksukaza's final tournament was in November 2005.

In the final tournament, Adamo started all 3 matches.

The following teams qualified for the final tournament.

final battle   (son savaş)

After the final battle, his son is finally born.

After the final battle, he becomes an apprentice to Wajima.

The final battle was successful, but not without some losses.

final was held

Only 15 competitors meant only a final was held.

The final was held on March 31, 1912 at the Mile End.

Semifinal 1 Semifinal 2 The final was held on 9 July.

final film   (son film)

It was the final film directed by George Roy Hill.

The song "Erased" was not used in the final film.

The last take is the one that is in the final film.

reach the final   (finale ulaşmak)

It took Curtis 17 drafts to reach the final version.

They failed to reach the final after losing to France.

Eventually, Clijsters beat Sharapova to reach the final.

final stages   (son aşamalar)

Top four teams qualified for the final stages.

Toward the end, the evacuation plan is in the final stages.

The top two teams in each group qualified for the final stages.

semi final   (yarı final)

He eventually finished 4th in the first semi final.

This followed a number of final and semi final defeats.

All singers performed their songs in the first semi final.

final race   (son yarış)

The final race day in 1926 was Monday, 6 September.

Godiva died within five months of her final race.

The final race took place on 16 September 2018.

before the final

In total there were 8 groups before the final group took place.

He is saved immediately before the final destruction of the city.

The group went through member changes before the final line-up was released.

fifth and final

It was Crowley's fifth and final All-Ireland medal.

It was Coleman's fifth and final Munster medal.

6 for the fifth and final assault carried out on the 3d.

national final   (ulusal final)

On 22 February she won the Spanish national final.

This was the first and only national final appearance.

In total, ten songs participated in the national final.

reaching the final   (finale ulaşmak)

After reaching the final, he finished third place.

1 singles ranking by reaching the final.

He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics without reaching the final.

until the final

He was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

She was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

make the final   (finali yap)

It did not however make the final cut of the album.

However the song did not make the final track list.

"All players listed did not make the final roster."

final decision   (son karar)

The final decision is by no means a foregone conclusion.

It is not clear what the final decision was.

final product   (son ürün)

The final product was cast, then again melted with calamine.

17, and featured some drastic changes from the final product.

Sharma calls the book the final product of his "Islam Trilogy".

final series

In his final series, he scored 301 runs at 33.44.

The 36ers went on to lose the grand final series 3–2.

He finished 24th in the final series points.

won the final

Mumbai won the final, beating Dehli by four wickets.

Dewees won the final round with a 10–9 decision.

Cheshire won the final with Devon the beaten finalists.

final show   (son gösteri)

The first final show took place on 28 October 2012.

The third final show took place on 11 November 2012.

The sixth final show took place on December 2, 2012.

final phase   (son aşama)

The Live shows are the final phase of the competition.

This put her in eighth place going into the final phase.

The final phase is scheduled for completion around 2020.

final studio

The album was Rogers' final studio album for RCA Records.

It was the band's final studio recording.

This record would later be his final studio release with Capitol.

final track   (son yol)

However the song did not make the final track list.

The song is the final track on The Monsterican Dream.

Rice also contributed a voiceover as Santa on the final track.

quarter final   (çeyrek final)

However, they lost in the quarter final to Sweden.

Brazil were beaten 1–0 by France in the quarter final.

They reached the quarter final of the Scottish League Cup.

final was played

The final was played on 17 May 2013 in Chomutov.

The grand final was played under lights at Oakes Oval.

The final was played on the 9 September 2018.

final days

Saying that it might be Tearjerker's final days.

In his final days, Carnegie suffered from pneumonia.

The story takes place in the final days of the Shōwa Era.

final studio album

The album was Rogers' final studio album for RCA Records.

His final studio album, "On Again!

This would be Lyngstad's final studio album release for twelve years.

cup final   (Kupa finali)

In the cup final Railway Union defeated UCD 3–2.

For Austria, he scored a goal in a domestic cup final.

This was Vannes's first ever appearance in the cup final.

final release

However it was eventually left off the final release.

's final release with the Universal Music Group label.

The album's final release date would be March 19, 2013.

final cut

It did not however make the final cut of the album.

The final cut of the film runs at just over two hours.

He would later narrowly miss the final cut for the team.

made the final

He made the final by beating Ivan Ljubičić, the seventh seed, 7–5, 6–2.

He came second in his group and thereby made the final of the tournament.

They then converted a two-point conversion that made the final score 10–8.

final group

The top six qualified to the final group stage.

Top two team of semifinal groups proceeded to the final group.

Sweden won the gold medal by virtue of winning the final group.

final result   (son sonuç)

The final result is formula_22 where formula_23.

It was a big challenge and I love the final result."

His final result was seventh, with the time 3:48.62.

final issue   (son sayı)

The magazine released its final issue on 5 July 2011.

The final issue was published on 3 April 1971.

500 (Dec. 2003) and lasting until the final issue, No.

final lap   (son tur)

However, he skated a strong final lap to win by one third of a second.

Holdsworth's final lap left him fifteenth, alongside early pace-setter Caruso.

Lagutin was the last to be caught, just as the peloton started their final lap.

final section

The final section contains three flood defence structures.

A two-page Epilogue appears at the end of the final section.

The final section of the east wing was brought down on 19 December 2013.

final victory

A final victory would come in 1973, when a Porsche 911 won outright.

And having begun, He could give the final victory to either side any day.

During this time he got news of the final victory of Simón Bolívar in the war.

final performance   (son performans)

Panaro's final performance as the Phantom was May 3.

His final performance was in Belfast, Ireland in 1896.

Blige joins Rick Ross for a final performance at the lounge.

final standings   (final puan durumu)

The final standings show 82 open players, 39 women.

The final matches determined the final standings.

final roster   (son liste)

However, he did not make the team's final roster.

However, Phaneuf was not named to the final roster.

"All players listed did not make the final roster."

final furlong

She ran on strongly in the final furlong and took the lead with 100 yards to run.

Miss Jummy tracked the leaders before taking the lead approaching the final furlong.

Carson retrained the filly before moving up to take the lead entering the final furlong.

final part

He was writing of the film but praised final part of the film.

The final part of the ceremony was marked with the drawing of lots.

In the third and final part of the adventure, the inn shifts to another dungeon.

sixth and final

The sixth and final heroine in "Flyable Heart" is .

It was Dooley's sixth and final provincial winners’ medal.

The sixth and final chapter deals with life after childbirth.

tournament final   (turnuva finali)

The match was the last appearance by Agassi in any tournament final.

Styles faced CM Punk in the Pure Wrestling Championship tournament final.

The 1990 US Open was their first meeting in a Grand Slam tournament final.

final to win

Suntory defeated Sanyo 47–28 in the final to win the title.

Germany defeated England in the final to win their second title.

Austria defeated Romania 5-4 in the final to win the gold medal.

preliminary final   (ön final)

They made it to the preliminary final against and led at half-time by 42 points.

Dillon played in South Sydney's preliminary final defeat against Wentworthville.

His three finals that year included the preliminary final loss to the West Coast Eagles.

played his final

Scala played his final big league season in 1950.

He played his final major league game on October 1.

He played his final big league game on October 2.

final design

The Saturn V's final design had several key features.

The final design report was expected at the end of 2015.

The final design has doors at the front, centre and rear.

final chapter   (son bölüm)

The sixth and final chapter deals with life after childbirth.

George references the sweater and Ned again in the final chapter.

The third and final chapter was released from March 7 to August 1, 2008.

final squad   (son kadro)

However he did not travel with the final squad.

However he was dropped from the final squad.

He figured in the final squad later on.

final book

The third and final book of the series is anticipated for 2019.

"The Dragon King" (1996) is the third and final book in the series.

The eighth and final book, "Redeemed", was released on September 8, 2015.

final event   (son olay)

The final event of 1996 was the K-1 Hercules event.

The rivals face off in the final event, a race on meteors in space.

It was the fourth and final event on the newly created World Seniors Tour.

made his final

He made his final major league appearance on July 5.

In 1887–88 Shrewsbury made his final tour to Australia.

He made his final appearance on October 2, .

final resting   (son dinlenme)

It is the final resting place of President Kubitschek.

His final resting place is in Venice Italy.

Her final resting place is in the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg.

final week

He was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

She was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

final goal

Cocu scored the final goal in the return leg.

PSV won the match 5–1, with Cocu scoring the final goal.

Runcorn player Liam Watson scored the club's final goal in this match.

final months

In his final months, Disraeli led the Conservatives in Opposition.

She spent her final months in .

In the final months, the campaign focused more on the film's action and special effects.

lost the final

Alongside Vergeer she lost the final at Boca Raton.

The Venom then lost the final four games of the season.

He controversially lost the final to Zou Shiming 10:13.

final defeat

For the Sharks, it was their fourth final defeat.

They ended with the final defeat of the Turks at Vienna in 1683.

She also played in Fulham's 1–0 FA Women's Cup final defeat to Arsenal.

final resting place   (son dinlenme yeri)

It is the final resting place of President Kubitschek.

His final resting place is in Venice Italy.

Her final resting place is in the Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg.

final between

The final between April 25 and Sŏnbong

The final between Natsui and Yoshimatsu ended with victory to Natsui.

This set up a grudge match in the final between Pembroke and the l'Action.

final form

There is never ever a final form of the text.

"The Gates of Hell" comprised 186 figures in its final form.

3352 "Camel" appeared with the final form of the parallel No.

final quarter   (son çeyrek)

The Brisbane Lions fought back in the final quarter.

However, two touchdowns in the final quarter gave WVU the victory.

The final quarter of the book returns to the setting of "Fleet of Worlds".

first final

3 and top seed Novak Djokovic, in his first final.

The first final show took place on 28 October 2012.

Valentine refereed his first final four in 1991.

final song

The final song on the tour's setlist was "Soul Mate".

Uematsu liked the result and included it in the final song.

The final song on the album, "Unstoppable," is about faith.

final act

Nina, moved by this final act, stays with him.

The final act begins with all the characters asleep on stage.

It was opened on 23 July 1979 as Anzalone's final act as president.

final destination   (nihai hedef)

The train then left for the final destination of Belzic.

"Empire Adur" had a final destination of Tripoli and Alexandria.

They deliver the mail to the final destination in two days mostly.

final results   (Nihai sonuçlar)

No ordinal rankings are used to determine the final results.

The final results score was Northumberland 28–0 Middlesbrough.

County officials published their final results on December 7, 2018.

final minute

Michigan did not complete a pass until the final minute of the game.

Lochaber defeated the University 3–2 with a goal in the final minute.

The Crimson Tide had a chance to win the game in the final minute of the game.

final scenes

Joab filmed his final scenes as Ajay on 2 May.

In the final scenes Harry and Spike get married to the two women.

In the final scenes, sad and alone, Marguerite waits for inevitable death.

final set

At 3–2 in the final set Davydenko broke to lead 5–2.

The final set lists were largely based on the results.

The final set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in 1972.

final table

Final table Source: Sky Sports Matches Group H final table Matches

He competes in an online tournament where the final table is played live on TV.

The final table of six was made up of four Irishmen, an Englishman and a Canadian.

final term   (son dönem)

In his final term he took a course in aeronautics.

In his final term, Faircloth was elected Majority Whip.

He was re-elected in 1993 for a second, but final term.

final international

His final international was a June 2008 friendly match against Canada.

His final international was a July 2005 friendly match against Canada.

Conejo's final international was a 1991 Gold Cup match against Mexico.

final win

This was a special moment for him as his first grand final win.

Greensburg's final win came on November 5 with a 22-0 over Altoona.

However a county Intermediate Football final win was celebrated in 2006.

final approval   (son onay)

As CEO, Romney had the final approval say on every deal made.

On February 5, 2020, the FCC gave final approval for a new station at 1500.

The SNAP is still in the proposal stages, and has yet to receive final approval.

championship final

Pisgah also returned to the state championship final in 2008.

The two semi-finals winner enter the Bavarian championship final.

In 1998 Lynch lined out in his first county senior championship final.