Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

before finally   (trước khi cuối cùng)

Bundy scuffled with Lee before finally being subdued.

He touches her arm before finally departing.

He was 25 before finally becoming a Surrey first team regular in 1982.

finally released   (cuối cùng đã phát hành)

By the end of 2008, "Dev.D" was finally released.

The album was finally released on September 22, 1998.

The film was finally released straight to DVD in 2004.

finally closed   (cuối cùng cũng đóng cửa)

Nuthampstead was finally closed on 1 March 1959.

Dominic O'Daly, finally closed its doors in August 2016.

Toolamba finally closed as a station on 20 December 1987.

finally made   (cuối cùng đã thực hiện)

1980: Anne finally made clear signs of recovery.

This move was finally made in September 2008.

George finally made his guitar gently weep."

finally got   (Cuối cùng đã có)

She finally got free but afterwards kept her distance.

However, Stromer finally got the permits.

Riva finally got her wish to be free.

finally settled   (cuối cùng cũng ổn định)

They finally settled in Jefferson County, New York.

Like Reginald she finally settled in Merionethshire.

They finally settled in the area of Ban Luang.

finally able   (cuối cùng cũng có thể)

Julie strokes his hair, finally able to tell him that she loved him.

Years later, Pinal was finally able to do it in Mexico with another director.

On 10 March, he was finally able to scupper the royalist forces at Zacatepec.

finally completed   (cuối cùng đã hoàn thành)

The design was finally completed after two months.

The Tower was finally completed in December 2003.

Work on this breakwater was finally completed in 1901.

then finally   (rồi cuối cùng)

He then finally learns of the gold's whereabouts.

The Dyers lived in Malacca and then finally in Singapore.

She and Chuck are then finally married.

finally came   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

The website finally came into being in February 2005.

The vote finally came down to two 'yes' and two 'no.'

The chance finally came their way in late 1968.

finally reached   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

Nugent finally reached the end of his rope in 1942.

The 2005 population has finally reached over 60,000.

On July 10, he finally reached Nikolayevsk-na-Amure.

finally decided   (cuối cùng đã quyết định)

Johnson finally decided that slavery had to end.

Pence finally decided to name him Marlon Bundo.

He finally decided to send a written challenge.

until finally   (cho đến cuối cùng)

A number of bloody battles took place until finally Huáscar was captured.

The dream would get worse for each person until finally Barnabas would be told.

The remnants of Hilda lingered for several days, until finally dissipating on the 31st.

finally won   (cuối cùng đã thắng)

Sri Lanka finally won the match by 5 wickets.

In 2017 she finally won the national title.

Franklin finally won the award in 2012, and again in 2014.

finally ended   (cuối cùng đã kết thúc)

It finally ended with an Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907.

May 19, the battle finally ended with Grant being thrown back.

Oliver Cromwell finally ended the exercise of Halifax Gibbet Law.

finally returned   (cuối cùng đã trở lại)

They finally returned home in the summer of 1945.

He finally returned to Hungary for good in 1965.

Borodin finally returned to Moscow on October 6.

finally became   (cuối cùng đã trở thành)

In 1998 he finally became Engineer General of Roads.

The storm finally became a hurricane late on August 28.

Mühlburg finally became a borough of Karlsruhe in 1886.

finally agreed   (cuối cùng đã đồng ý)

Columba finally agreed, and Aedan came to receive ordination.

Their father finally agreed.

Joseph Stalin initially refused this treaty, but finally agreed with this treaty.

finally found   (cuối cùng đã tìm thấy)

The prince finally found the princess and married her.

When she finally found out about her father, he was dying.

He also pursued other opportunities until he finally found his niche.

finally opened   (cuối cùng đã mở)

The tunnel was finally opened on 18 March 1988.

It was finally opened on January 14, 2017 officially.

The centre finally opened 30 July 2018.

finally arrived   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

He finally arrived at Algeciras on 1 June 914.

"Moffat" finally arrived at Whampoa on 3 February 1833.

The 79th Regiment finally arrived Madras on 25 May 1765.

finally took   (cuối cùng đã lấy)

In 1283, Mestwin II of Pomerelia finally took over.

The amalgamation finally took place as a result of finances.

The merger finally took place in 1948.

finally defeated   (cuối cùng đã đánh bại)

The rebels were finally defeated by brigadier-general Hafuz Pasha.

Frank is finally defeated when Julia appears and tears his heart out.

France was finally defeated by a coalition of European armies in 1815.

finally began   (cuối cùng đã bắt đầu)

Construction of the airport finally began in 1950.

They finally began entering Kentucky on July 2, 1863.

The shooting finally began in December 2008.

finally broke   (cuối cùng đã phá vỡ)

The zeal of the Umayyad tax-collectors finally broke Berber patience.

However this proved false and the Jaggerz finally broke up around 1977.

But with his death, "that terror machine finally broke into disparate parts.

finally left   (cuối cùng cũng rời đi)

He finally left Anfield in January 1996.

He finally left Pisa for Genoa, but his legacy was civil war.

She finally left him and married a younger colleague of Munch.

finally retired   (cuối cùng đã nghỉ hưu)

The last Sea Kings were finally retired in 2018.

Gerard finally retired the NBA after the 1980–81 season.

He finally retired to 8 Manor Place in Edinburgh's West End.

finally published   (cuối cùng đã xuất bản)

It was finally published in book form in 1806.

In Autumn 1831 his book was finally published.

It was finally published in 1993.

finally settling   (cuối cùng cũng ổn định)

Cans with straight steel sides appeared next, finally settling on a more modern shape.

There were several club names during that period, before finally settling on the Futurians.

The game was originally titled "Busty", then "Flippy", before finally settling on "Flicky".

finally received   (cuối cùng đã nhận được)

The Ryan syndicate finally received the franchise in 1886.

He finally received playing time in 2005.

There, Nasution finally received first aid for his broken ankle.

finally accepted   (cuối cùng đã chấp nhận)

The NCS finally accepted female members the following year.

The country was finally accepted as EU candidate in July 2004.

In 1878 Deutsch was finally accepted.

finally gave   (cuối cùng đã cho)

Commissioner Regal finally gave Taker his match.

Pratt finally gave Rogers an interest in the business.

finally managed   (cuối cùng cũng xoay xở được)

Cardiff rugby finally managed a revival of some sort in the 1930s.

Echeverría finally managed to finish his speech right at the 181st second.

He resumed his education at this point and finally managed to graduate in 1916.

finally moved   (cuối cùng đã di chuyển)

The "Binghamton" finally moved to Edgewater in 1971.

Flint orders them to leave immediately, but is finally moved by their plight.

He finally moved completely to it by the recording of 2000's "Philosopher's Propeller".

finally gets   (cuối cùng cũng nhận được)

Vicki finally gets her proof in "Batman" #703.

Max finally gets closer to finding the man who set him up.

He finally gets a job offer in 'Basilistan', a strict Islamic nation.

finally achieved   (cuối cùng đã đạt được)

In 2000 Adtranz finally achieved profitability.

Women in Britain finally achieved suffrage on the same terms as men in 1928.

He finally achieved promotion to the salaried ranks of "jūryō" in January 2011.

finally sold   (cuối cùng đã bán)

The church finally sold the resort in 1906.

She was finally sold for breaking up in 1826 at Mauritius.

It was finally sold in 1963 and largely returned to agriculture.

finally get   (cuối cùng cũng nhận được)

I quit drinking so I could finally get over you."

Training continues and the flyers finally get their wings.

I finally get on him, and I won the race."

finally abandoned   (cuối cùng bị bỏ rơi)

It was finally abandoned in the sixteenth century.

The proposed dam was finally abandoned in 1968.

The Board of Ordnance finally abandoned the castle in 1881.

finally brought   (cuối cùng đã mang)

Koteeswaram is finally brought to book.

In the early summer of 1864, leading members were finally brought to trial.

After close to a year of delays, Floyd was finally brought to trial on March 13, 1912.

finally approved   (cuối cùng đã được phê duyệt)

After scrutiny PTA finally approved the merger in July 2016.

This innovation was finally approved by her husband, Said Hanafi Shahab.

The project was finally approved by the Central Planning Department in 1992.

finally allowed   (cuối cùng đã cho phép)

This finally allowed him to have a try on playing the trumpet.

In 1737 both the French and German governments finally allowed the use of indigo.

Eventually the Polish government finally allowed them, in stages, to enter the country.

finally put   (cuối cùng đặt)

]Embrace have finally put their flag firmly at the summit.

In May 1910, the two routes were finally put into operation.

The Kara Koyunlu captured Mardin and finally put an end to Artuklu rule in 1409.

finally succeeded   (cuối cùng đã thành công)

Merry has finally succeeded in getting pregnant.

In the 9th game, Murray finally succeeded and served it out for 6–4.

The Whitney armory finally succeeded not long after his death in 1825.

when he finally   (khi cuối cùng anh ấy)

The scene shifts to three months later when he finally shows up at Chengalpattu.

He follows it, but when he finally sees the dragon he is afraid and wants to run away.

Lomax became Van Zandt’s manager when he finally arrived, though he had no prior management experience.

finally forced   (cuối cùng bị ép buộc)

Shea's superiors were finally forced to take a more direct approach.

Only numerical superiority and hunger had finally forced it to its knees.

"Hancock" was thus finally forced to strike her colors after a chase of some 39 hours.

finally finds   (cuối cùng cũng tìm thấy)

He finally finds Nandakumar in a depressed state.

He searches for her in many colleges and finally finds her.

In the end, the couple finally finds the privacy they were seeking.

finally established   (cuối cùng đã thành lập)

Italy and Vietnam finally established relations at 1973.

He finally established the Rambhāpuri maṭha.

He finally established himself in "makuuchi" in March 1979.

finally captured   (cuối cùng bị bắt)

Union forces finally captured the region in 1863.

The Holy Grail of the Gibson Cup was finally captured in 1974.

The Tangs finally captured it in 747 CE, after three failed attempts.

finally signed   (cuối cùng đã ký)

He was finally signed to Liberty Records in 1992.

Mark finally signed for Norwich at the end of June 2001.

On August 20, 2012 Koutsianikoulis finally signed a 3-year contract with OFI.

finally granted   (cuối cùng đã được cấp)

In 1922, Kitty Wright finally granted Wright a divorce.

They were finally granted an interview.

On 19 July 1541 he was finally granted license to receive Holy Orders.

finally passed   (cuối cùng đã qua)

The amended Bill was finally passed by the Lok Sabha on 3 September 2012.

On 23 June a law was finally passed that stopped massive chaptalization of wine.

Parliament finally passed the Stamp Act in March 1765, which imposed direct taxes on the colonies for the first time.

finally ending   (cuối cùng kết thúc)

The war lasted over six years, finally ending in 1842.

She finally ending up in British hands and was taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia as a prize.

Floyd moved up the chain finally ending as Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering at A.V.

finally went   (cuối cùng đã đi)

The case finally went to trial in February 2012.

It finally went into a second edition in 1762.

The railroad finally went bankrupt in 1971, and the yards were abandoned.

finally finished   (cuối cùng cũng xong)

Changchun Yatai FC finally finished season successfully.

"Eraserhead" was finally finished in 1976, after five years of production.

In 1895, those actors finally finished “Marrying – not slaking the thirst” play by H.Vazirov.

finally given   (cuối cùng đã cho)

He was finally given his full clearance to come back.

He has finally given up on the love he thought he had for her.

The permit was denied two times and was finally given after a third petition.

finally fell   (cuối cùng đã ngã)

Berlin finally fell in 1945, ending World War II in Europe.

On 9 April 1945 Königsberg in "East Prussia" finally fell to the Red Army.

It finally fell to the Ottomans during the massive siege of Shkodra in 1478.

finally reaching   (cuối cùng cũng đạt)

They began marching west along the trail in July, finally reaching Fort Bridger in November.

The ascent is steep for the next , finally reaching a lookout to the north on the mountain's east slope.

This was successful, and sinking recommenced finally reaching the coal measures in December 1911 at below the surface.

finally becoming   (cuối cùng trở thành)

He was 25 before finally becoming a Surrey first team regular in 1982.

At Purina, he moved through various management roles, finally becoming the President and CEO:

On March 5, 2009 Royal University of America was merged into Dongguk University, finally becoming Dongguk University Los Angeles(DULA).

finally lost   (cuối cùng đã mất)

Riza scored to make the game 3–1 before they finally lost 4–2.

Both Agnes and Władysław II knew that their battle was finally lost.

They finally lost patience with the unprofessionalism of Factory Records.

finally met   (cuối cùng đã gặp)

The teams finally met up during the 2013 season.

The two men finally met in person in 1842.

Keith Haring had been following the SAMO graffiti and finally met Basquiat in 1979.

finally demolished   (cuối cùng bị phá hủy)

The gate was finally demolished in 1746.

It was finally demolished in 1976.

After that for residential purposes and was finally demolished in 1962.

finally led   (cuối cùng đã dẫn)

Wide dissemination finally led to standardization of the language.

which finally led him to be demoted to a primary school in Tantou village.

Optimization of these compounds finally led to the discovery of sitagliptin.

finally did   (cuối cùng đã làm)

He finally did so at this meeting.

The students, unhappy with this, continued to demand Shao come out until he finally did.

When they finally did, Stade Français walked over Toulouse for a victory (32–18) in 2003.

finally revealed   (cuối cùng đã tiết lộ)

finally revealed (or have you guessed it - them - yet?).

It is finally revealed that Subbu had planned the whole thing.

The killer is finally revealed.

finally caught   (cuối cùng cũng bị bắt)

World War II and age finally caught up with the Reds.

"Eagle" finally caught "Corcyre" after a chase of 10 hours.

However, fate finally caught up with the church on 7 June 1992.

finally decides   (cuối cùng quyết định)

One day, he finally decides to make a move on Sol.

She finally decides to search for the real Liu Dong.

Harvey's father finally decides to go to the police station.

finally broken   (cuối cùng bị phá vỡ)

The 2012 record was finally broken in 2018

"Mercury" was finally broken up at Woolwich in January 1814.

After many years at this harbour service, she was finally broken up in March 1854.

finally abolished   (cuối cùng bị bãi bỏ)

New Zealand finally abolished the poll tax in 1944.

The half-train rule was finally abolished in May 2010.

Russia finally abolished serfdom in 1861.

finally resolved   (cuối cùng đã giải quyết)

The suit was finally resolved in the widow's favour in July 1925.

That dispute was finally resolved with his son, Adad-nirari I's victory over the Babylonians.

Herngren also explained that the long wait for DVD release was due to a music rights issue that was finally resolved.

before finally settling   (trước khi giải quyết)

There were several club names during that period, before finally settling on the Futurians.

The game was originally titled "Busty", then "Flippy", before finally settling on "Flicky".

They soon moved to Claremont, California, and then to El Cajon, before finally settling in San Diego.

finally realizes   (cuối cùng cũng nhận ra)

Charlotte finally realizes who he is and what he plans to do.

Taking Juboraj's help, Paro bears the entire expenses of Abhi's treatment; and Abhi finally realizes his mistake.

One year later, Abbi finally realizes her dream as a cabaret singer and is performing in an undisclosed nightclub.

finally disbanded   (cuối cùng đã tan rã)

The castle garrison was finally disbanded in 1890.

The regiment was finally disbanded on 30 January 1946.

Spirit finally disbanded following Randy California's death in 1997.

finally started   (cuối cùng đã bắt đầu)

Alexander finally started in the 2006–2007 season.

Glider operations finally started in October 1943 and continued until 1945.

Previously it had been an Internet-radio only, but finally started broadcasting on 95.7 MHz in Cincinnati, Ohio.

finally come   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

The soothsayer's words have finally come true.

Until her big break had finally come.

Initially, the families refuse to accept them but finally come around.

finally surrendered   (cuối cùng đã đầu hàng)

The city finally surrendered on 19 January 1829.

The city finally surrendered on 9 August.

Giri Kedaton finally surrendered in 1636.

finally agrees   (cuối cùng cũng đồng ý)

They grab Sweetiepie, who finally agrees to go with them.

Under coercion, the Bashaw finally agrees to accede to the Raisuli's demands.

Principal Wilson finally agrees to talk with the students and the walk out ends.

finally announced   (cuối cùng đã công bố)

He finally announced his retirement at the end of the 2007 season.

At 19:50 UTC it was finally announced at a press conference that the Test was over.

On the 28th of August it was finally announced Pacific Werribee's redevelopment was complete.

finally gained   (cuối cùng đã đạt được)

and in May 2018, he finally gained a seat at the parliament.

North Melbourne finally gained admission to the VFL in 1925.

Callan finally gained the upper hand.

finally comes   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

When he sees Charlotte in tears, Bandit finally comes to his senses and apologizes.

Because of that, when it all finally comes out, I think there could be some understanding."

When Apu finally comes to know about her poor health, he returns to the village to find that she has died.

finally arrives   (cuối cùng cũng đến)

Godzilla finally arrives to assist Jet Jaguar and the odds become even.

The big day finally arrives.

Billy's father, George, finally arrives home much to Billy's excitement.

finally joined   (cuối cùng đã tham gia)

Bolick finally joined the Red Lions' lineup in 2016.

On 1 March 1924, he finally joined the ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

He finally joined Maltese club Valletta until the end of the 2009–10 season.

not finally   (cuối cùng không)

This system was not finally abolished until after the Second World War.

He appointed a Portuguese engineer to complete the work in 1643 but it was not finally finished until 1657.

After the end of the war, efforts to find an alternative site commenced and were not finally successful until 1966.

finally saw   (cuối cùng đã thấy)

1923 finally saw a breakthrough in Van Hamel’s career.

The long-delayed project finally saw print in September 2015.

"Al Aaraaf" finally saw print for the first time in the collection "Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems".

finally removed   (cuối cùng đã gỡ bỏ)

The label "chiefless and landless" was finally removed.

His relics were finally removed in 849 and divided between Alba and Ireland.

AppleTalk support was finally removed from the MacOS in Mac OS X v10.6 in 2009.

finally convinced   (cuối cùng đã thuyết phục)

Agrippa finally convinced Caligula to reverse the order.

Lysimachus finally convinced the people to surrender, and Alexander peacefully entered the city.

finally returning   (cuối cùng cũng trở về)

She moved all around the country before finally returning to her native Gombe State.

After the Japanese surrender she was based at Batavia, before finally returning to the Netherlands in April 1946.

Two issues later, the book shrank to 36 pages, before finally returning to 52 pages after the war, with #17 (Winter 1945).

finally entered   (cuối cùng cũng bước vào)

On 15 April 1889, the Danish ship "Hvidbjørnen" finally entered the harbour.

The GM&G finally entered bankruptcy in 1895 and was sold to the Georgia Midland Railway in 1896.

In France, the single debuted at #47 on July 15, 1989, climbed quickly and finally entered the top ten in its fourth week.

finally reaches   (cuối cùng cũng đạt)

Kowalski finally reaches California by Saturday at 7:12 pm.

Rocky finally reaches Kashmir and meets Nandini, he instantly falls in love with her.

Swemmel finally reaches Worms and reports to Brünhild and the court, where the lamentations are very great.

finally destroyed   (cuối cùng bị phá hủy)

The ship was finally destroyed by a fire in 1918.

The Mamluk Empire of Egypt finally destroyed the city in 1374.

It was rebuilt around 1420 and finally destroyed during the Reformation.

finally tells   (cuối cùng cũng nói)

Logan finally tells Amy that he is an ex-CIA operative.

Peter finally tells the truth to the court.

Later that night, Bianca finally tells Heath she is pregnant.

finally ceased   (cuối cùng đã chấm dứt)

Gaseous diffusion finally ceased on 27 August 1985.

The BSE finally ceased operations in the early 1970s.

Quarrying finally ceased in 1971.

finally stopped   (cuối cùng đã dừng lại)

"The weeping suddenly weakened and finally stopped.

Oh God (Devanagari: "हे राम") I've finally stopped getting dumber.

Referee George Blake finally stopped the mayhem at 2:44 of the 14th round.

finally taken   (cuối cùng đã thực hiện)

It was finally taken into the town of Macduff itself in 1872.

It was lent to a sawmill near Rotorua in 1921 and finally taken out of operation in 1926.

Vrhbosna was first attacked by the Ottoman Empire in 1416, and it was finally taken in 1451.

until he finally   (cho đến khi anh ấy cuối cùng)

He also pursued other opportunities until he finally found his niche.

He moved around the Soviet Union until he finally settled in Lithuanian city of Kaunas.

The students, unhappy with this, continued to demand Shao come out until he finally did.

finally killed   (cuối cùng bị giết)

In 1945 it appeared that The Claw was finally killed.

He finally killed her by decapitating her.

A last shot, fired at close range, finally killed Jacques Berthieu.

finally admits   (cuối cùng thừa nhận)

Jenny finally admits she is in love with the judge.

Keroro finally admits defeat to Kiruru, who then absorbs his energy, transforming into a large tower.

He finally admits his identity after hearing Eugene play some blues (but notes that Eugene "plays with no soul").

finally winning   (cuối cùng đã chiến thắng)

The final was against Halifax and Griffins were always ahead in close game finally winning by 6 tries to 5.

He also holds the record for the most races completed in his career before finally winning a world championship.

This levelled him with Davy Richardson and Tony Payne for the record of most first-round losses at the World Championship before finally winning.

finally reach   (cuối cùng cũng đạt)

The couple finally reach Niagara Falls and take the boat tour together.

The crew is exhausted when they finally reach La Rochelle on Christmas Eve.

They finally reach the janitor in the rooftop, only to discover that is Amy herself.

finally realized   (cuối cùng cũng nhận ra)

However, in 1954, the plan was finally realized.

The enormity of the election and the assassination are finally realized.

After the Japanese finally realized what was taking place, they threw up quite a fusillade.