financial support   (財政支援)

Tchaikovsky was grateful for von Meck's financial support.

He also gave financial support to the London Film Company.

“CAF does not need any financial support.

financial crisis   (経済危機)

Recently the hall has fallen into financial crisis.

In 2008 they were disbanded due to financial crisis.

Russia was in a continuous state of financial crisis.

financial difficulties   (財政難)

By then, MacLaren was in financial difficulties.

The firm soon ran into financial difficulties.

Because of this, his family had financial difficulties.

financial problems   (経済的問題)

It closed in 1974 because of financial problems.

However, the success was marred with financial problems.

However the club's serious financial problems caused unrest.

financial services   (金融業務)

ISO 20022 is widely used in financial services.

CMBKL is a private financial services provider in Kenya.

This is known as the "passporting" of financial services.

financial institutions   (金融機関)

Cryan was head of UBS's financial institutions group.

16 out of 50 financial institutions faced bankruptcy.

Nine financial institutions received funds on October 28, 2008.

due to financial   (財政的)

In 2008 they were disbanded due to financial crisis.

In 1873 the factory closed due to financial reasons.

The club was disbanded in 1998 due to financial strain.

financial assistance   (金融支援)

She asked her father for financial assistance.

The government gave the EPDP vast financial assistance.

Half of them received financial assistance.

financial aid   (財政援助)

Approximately 40% of students receive financial aid.

He also received financial aid from Žiburėlis society.

About 30 percent of Walden's students received financial aid.

financial situation   (経済状況)

His financial situation was very likely desperate.

De Vere's financial situation was steadily deteriorating.

Her financial situation was burdened, and she saw no way out.

financial success   (経済的成功)

The film was declared as a huge financial success.

The critical and financial success of "Moulin Rouge!"

The film was an unexpected financial success.

financial resources   (財源)

The human and financial resources are compromised during crisis.

Meyer had to use his own financial resources as bank guarantees.

Renovation work stopped rather soon due to the lack financial resources.

financial year   (会計年度)

The firm posted its best-ever financial year in 2016.

For the 2020-2021 financial year the MPC is $15,000/MWh.

For the 2019-2020 financial year the MPC was $14,700/MWh.

financial reasons   (経済的理由)

He discontinued his studies for financial reasons.

In 1873 the factory closed due to financial reasons.

Benin withdrew from the tournament for financial reasons.

financial markets   (金融市場)

He uses big data analytics to study aspects the financial markets.

and financial markets activities.

Monnette was growing concerned about the stock and financial markets.

financial backing   (財政的支援)

The line did not gain financial backing and was never constructed.

Prior to June 2015, Young had sought financial backing from Donald Trump.

He had financial backing from his mother and other friends and relatives.

financial institution   (金融機関)

The bank is a small financial institution in Tanzania.

AFD is a public financial institution.

There was one financial institution.

financial system   (金融システム)

The financial system was put back on a stable basis."

Cameroon’s financial system is the largest in the CEMAC region.

Banking is the dominant sector in the financial system of Eritrea.

global financial   (グローバル金融)

Economic growth has been hurt by the global financial crisis.

the Marshall Islands), to major global financial centres (e.g.

The global financial crisis of 2008 incited further immigration to Iceland.

financial issues   (家計的な問題)

It addresses financial issues and the budget.

Its sister newspaper on financial issues is the "Daily FT".

Due to financial issues the prize was not awarded after 2015.

financial troubles   (経済的トラブル)

10/- per month, but the financial troubles continued.

Beset by financial troubles, H. Berthold AG ceased operations in 1993.

Production, however, was once again ceased due to ADV's financial troubles.

financial trouble   (経済的トラブル)

By the late 1980s, the program was in financial trouble.

In 1932, Godowsky committed suicide over financial trouble.

Kalaya is in serious financial trouble.

financial statements   (財務諸表)

For financial statements audit, AI makes continuous audit possible.

The financial statements are being audited by a firm of Chartered Accountants.

The audit of financial statements were conducted under the Companies Act 1850.

financial sector   (金融部門)

In the 1990s, Europe went through a power shift in its financial sector.

He published an article regarding restructuring the financial sector in Qatar.

Benin’s financial sector is dominated by banks, and in general remains shallow.

financial management   (財務管理)

The Interreg agreements significantly simplify the financial management.

The MSM or M.Com finance (or financial management ) closely correspond to the MSF.

Talbi Alami holds a PhD in financial management from the University of Mohammed V.

other financial   (他の金融)

There were other financial pressures on Frazee, despite his team's success.

Some credit unions offer home loans in addition to other financial services.

Besides effecting the BBSW rate, many other financial rates are based on it.

financial losses   (経済的損失)

George Tupper bore the brunt of the financial losses.

Amid financial losses, this scheme was discontinued in 2004.

CHaP incurred significant financial losses of more than £13 million.

financial officer   (会計担当)

The chief financial officer is the clerk-treasurer.

Since then, Bernd Kästner has been the chief financial officer.

Vipula Gunatilleka holds the chief financial officer position, .

chief financial   (チーフファイナンシャル)

The chief financial officer is the clerk-treasurer.

Since then, Bernd Kästner has been the chief financial officer.

Vipula Gunatilleka holds the chief financial officer position, .

chief financial officer   (最高財務責任者)

The chief financial officer is the clerk-treasurer.

Since then, Bernd Kästner has been the chief financial officer.

Vipula Gunatilleka holds the chief financial officer position, .

provide financial   (財政を提供する)

Husbands will provide financial support to wives to buy food.

The following year, the government began to provide financial aid.

ASIC banned NAB staff who were previously licensed to provide financial advice.

financial stability   (金融の安定)

In return, he will give her financial stability and security.

The BOE can be used to ensure financial stability of a company.

He brought financial stability and a resurgence in fortunes on the pitch.

financial difficulty   (財政難)

Then Williams ran into financial difficulty because the price was too low.

Henry Wade had lost his job, his brother was in financial difficulty and needed help.

When the company ran into severe financial difficulty, Klein stepped in to save his investment.

financial position   (財務状態)

"Scallywag's" financial position never recovered.

The financial position gradually improved.

Alice was in a tough financial position.

international financial   (国際金融)

The Cayman Islands is a major international financial centre.

In 2010 the budget is to be only 1.3% due to the international financial crisis.

The RCC participants comprise 46 countries, organizations and international financial institutions.

major financial   (主要な財政)

By this time, the team was experiencing major financial problems.

Souter was a major financial supporter of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

The film was a major financial success, and she received a lot of fan mail as a result.

global financial crisis   (世界的な金融危機)

Economic growth has been hurt by the global financial crisis.

The global financial crisis of 2008 incited further immigration to Iceland.

House prices immediately declined, ushering in the global financial crisis.

financial constraints   (財政的制約)

This service is currently inactive due to financial constraints.

Due to financial constraints Hemphill was forced to sell Tulira in 1982.

It took them about five years to film, mostly due to financial constraints.

financial help   (財政援助)

Some financial help came from the Irish Free State.

His father offers financial help, but Hoke refuses.

The S&BR gave technical assistance and some financial help.

severe financial   (厳しい財政)

Short engaged in land speculation and incurred severe financial losses.

Under his presidency at Maynooth, the institution suffered severe financial problems.

Deteriorating economic performance in 1997–98 culminated in a severe financial crisis in 1999.

serious financial   (深刻な財政)

The production was a serious financial strain on Wallenda.

However the club's serious financial problems caused unrest.

Kalaya is in serious financial trouble.

financial burden   (経済的負担)

However, many of the projected climate scenarios suggest a huge financial burden.

Many hope to send at least one of their children through a university, regardless of the financial burden.

Instead of reading in rooms and private educational institutes, students choose school because of the high financial burden.

provided financial   (提供された財政)

PWF provided financial services to its farming and rural clients.

The Bears have also provided financial support throughout the years.

Germany provided financial aid and weapons shipments to the Ottoman Empire.

financial transactions   (金融取引)

Today, the majority of the financial transactions (like shopping, etc.)

The government is giving training to the village people for using online financial transactions.

Wolf was an active agent in his father's financial transactions, and shared his dignity as court factor.

financial information   (財務情報)

The Legislative Fiscal Office provided updated financial information.

Spanx is a private company and has not released financial information.

The advisers who resigned said the league was unwilling to provide financial information.

significant financial   (重要な財政)

Rublee was Sanger's most significant financial backer.

CHaP incurred significant financial losses of more than £13 million.

This could lead to significant financial losses in advertising revenue based on page impressions.

because of financial   (財政的)

It closed in 1974 because of financial problems.

Note: Congaz and Haiduc-Unisport withdrew because of financial problems.

By 1930 she had to leave New York because of financial and health problems.

financial security   (財政的安全)

- P. 68-84 Modern problems of financial security of Ukraine.

The navy offered a stable profession and financial security for its sailors.

financial district   (金融街)

His sisters own and operate NEBO Cucina & Enoteca in Boston's financial district.

A secondary financial district exists outside the City, at Canary Wharf, to the east.

Milk Street, Boston Milk Street is a street in the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts.

financial affairs   (財務)

There he gradually developed into his party's main speaker on financial affairs.

The OPG investigates concerns where the property or financial affairs of an adult seem to be at risk.

Deshong turned his attention to financial affairs, using his capital as a dealer in commercial paper.

financial compensation   (経済的補償)

Upon his release in 1974 he received a financial compensation, and with these funds he set up CNTA.

They sought either expulsion of the settlers or financial compensation for the loss of their lands.

The South Korean force went so far as to seek financial compensation for the late delivery of rations.

financial market   (金融市場)

FIBO Group was a prominent player on the Russian financial market.

A market "trend" is a tendency of a financial market price to move in a particular direction over time.

The early years of the Republic of Ecuador were spent under debt moratorium on the international financial market.

financial gain   (金銭的利益)

Fuka created the title without any expectation of financial gain.

Georges believes that this was done by the committee deliberately for their financial gain.

This involvement was motivated not only by financial gain, but in some cases by ideology as well.

financial loss   (財務上の損失)

Around 2008 the theatre was suffering huge financial loss.

Sixth, the tour showed a financial loss.

After 2000 the hall started to suffer a heavy financial loss.

financial matters   (金融問題)

He was also used as a personal advisor on financial matters by Frederick VII.

He often met Emperor Dezong alone, under the guise of discussing financial matters.

Of financial matters I need say little; you have no debts, and your treasury is full."

ran into financial   (金融に出くわしました)

The firm soon ran into financial difficulties.

The firm had ran into financial debt of over £200,000.

In the 1970s the institute ran into financial difficulties.

provides financial   (財政を提供する)

The RAS provides financial sponsorship, advertising, media relations etc.

The Bornholm Regional Municipality provides financial support for the theatre.

Enterprise Ireland provides financial support and advice to Irish technology companies.

financial assets   (金融資産)

In 2009 Alberta had $31.7 billion in financial assets.

The club also lags behind Big Twelve clubs in financial assets.

As a result, investors are unwilling to make investment in foreign financial assets.

poor financial   (貧しい財政)

The judgment was never collected because of the league's poor financial condition.

Monteverdi also resented his increasingly poor financial treatment by the Gonzagas.

However, the plan was foiled by the poor financial state of the companies involved.

economic and financial   (経済的および財政的)

Copenhagen is the major economic and financial centre of Denmark.

In the current economic and financial climate, this is unaffordable."

282 to 302 TITLE XIII Crimes against the economic and financial order Art.

financial hardship   (財政難)

Lack of work caused financial hardship for his family.

The 40 current employees are also in financial hardship.

Unfortunately, financial hardship halted construction entirely.

received financial   (金融を受けた)

He also received financial aid from Žiburėlis society.

Half of them received financial assistance.

About 30 percent of Walden's students received financial aid.

financial performance   (財務実績)

The industry has been observed to be cyclical in its financial performance.

Other press highlighted VCE as a source of innovation and financial performance for investors.

Issues and subfields include: The success of any business depends on its financial performance.

providing financial   (財政を提供する)

In 1976 California began providing financial assistance to Amtrak.

Dyulgerov was providing financial assistance to Russian non-systemic opposition.

The APBPA stopped providing financial assistance to him because he was using the funds to purchase alcohol.

financial products   (金融商品)

The product is addressing the needs for more transparency on financial products.

In the case of many financial products, it may be unclear "where" the transaction occurs.

Goldenwest exists to provide financial products and services that members require to succeed.

no financial   (財政的ではない)

Prodrive had no financial involvement in the deal.

They enjoyed no financial assistance from church or public funds.

The firm claims to make mutual fund investment simple and jargon-free for investors with no financial background.

financial instruments   (金融商品)

Hedging contracts are financial instruments.

The benefits in question depend on the type of financial instruments involved.

Options are part of a larger class of financial instruments known as derivative products or simply derivatives.

lack of financial   (財政的不足)

The researches were therefore influenced due to the lack of financial support.

Nevertheless, it is compromised by a lack of financial services and investment.

Its short-term activities could not be continued due to the lack of financial support.

financial industry   (金融業)

In 2000, the burst of the dot-com bubble hit the financial industry.

(Despite its name, SAFR is not confined to financial industry roles.)

Katsuma found a niche in the analytical side of the financial industry.

financial incentives   (経済的インセンティブ)

The episode cites financial incentives as a possible motive for Brantley's murder.

General Motors promoted the housing to its employees, offering financial incentives and reduced down payments.

Almost all New Zealanders are enrolled in a PHO, as there are financial incentives for the patients to become enrolled.

financial contributions   (財政的貢献)

In some denominations, such financial contributions often total more than 30 percent of family income.

These financial contributions came to light in the 1990s, when the Sovereignty Commission records were made public.

Indeed, in Cardiganshire, levels of support for the Liberation Society (at least in terms of financial contributions) were low.

financial planning   (財務計画)

The body of knowledge underlying personal financial planning is becoming increasingly well codified.

He served for over two decades in financial planning and management in the fields of commerce and industry, public sector.

In mid-April 2018, the second round of hearings, focused on the financial planning and wealth management industry commenced.

financial advisor   (財務顧問)

Wright joined Pygott & Crone as a financial advisor.

After his musical career, he became a financial advisor.

Raiffeisen Investment was appointed as the financial advisor to the government.

financial ruin   (金融破滅)

These actions inevitably led to the financial ruin of the state.

Both crisis led to financial ruin and collapse of most teams and leagues.

Păstorel was experiencing financial ruin, living on commissions, handouts and borrowings.

financial means   (財政的手段)

Above all, he did not have the financial means to open large projects.

This was done by financial means in some cases, and by military force in others.

The Russians could not rely upon their financial means as a tool for foreign policy.

financial records   (財務記録)

She released her financial records in December 2016.

BDO Seidman was the independent auditor of the DC government's financial records.

Her financial records indicate that she received $10,400 a year for her editorial work.

financial irregularities   (財政的不整)

Estrela da Amadora's financial irregularities.

"The University was being shut down due to financial irregularities.

Estrela da Amadora during one full season – the club was also relegated due to financial irregularities.

financial services industry   (金融サービス業)

Yohannes began his career in the financial services industry.

He was employed in the financial services industry for over 30 years.

Sir Vassel Johnson was a pioneer of Cayman’s financial services industry.

financial failure   (経済的失敗)

The film was a financial failure, losing $658,824.

The play was a critical and financial failure.

Unlike the 2005 original, the sequel was a critical and financial failure.

financial interests   (経済的利益)

Personal financial interests were also allegedly involved.

O'Malley was chosen to protect the company's financial interests in the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1933.

After the American war with Spain in 1898, New York financial interests increasingly played a role.

financial reporting   (財務報告)

The terms "accounting" and "financial reporting" are often used as synonyms.

Tax depreciation is commonly calculated differently than depreciation for financial reporting.

The most widely adopted accounting information systems are auditing and financial reporting modules.

large financial   (大金)

Marie and George received a large financial settlement ($200,000) from Marie's father.

The street is also located in close proximity to numerous large financial institutions.

The large financial services provider Allianz purchased the naming rights to the stadium for 30 years.

financial crises   (金融危機)

Now Amna faces financial crises due to Saleem’s illness.

Despite its successes, Las Vegas Sands hit hard times in 2008 during the financial crises.

Due to financial crises, it took more than one and a half years for Gopalakrishnan to finish the film.

financial services company   (金融サービス会社)

She is the co-founder and CEO of Sygnia Ltd, a financial services company.

Bankrate Bankrate, LLC is a consumer financial services company based in New York City.

Wachovia Wachovia was a diversified financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

financial condition   (財政状態)

The financial condition of the school was not improving.

Trelawny's financial condition became much better around then.

Thus, the squad faced clearance in order to improve the financial condition.

financial collapse   (金融崩壊)

Nevertheless, the college was brought to the point of financial collapse.

In 1990, Romney was asked to return to Bain & Company, which was facing financial collapse.

The financial collapse of Rangers resulted in a great deal of discussion within Scottish football.

financial centre   (金融センター)

The City is a major business and financial centre.

The Cayman Islands is a major international financial centre.

Frankfurt is the largest financial centre in continental Europe.

financial status   (財務状況)

It's not linked to one's financial status.

However, given his financial status his decision seems questionable.

Choice of clothing and accessories proclaims social and financial status.

financial risk   (財務リスク)

The still-outstanding financial risk cover was sorted out in July 2007.

A higher operating margin means that the company has less financial risk.

SPEs are typically used by companies to isolate the firm from financial risk.

financial obligations   (財政的義務)

On the Canadian side, Diodati and the NPC said Wallenda had fulfilled all financial obligations.

It would also allow the college to honor financial obligations and provide severance to faculty and staff.

Cessation of any sort of credit and demand for early repayment of credit and other financial obligations."

financial independence   (経済的自立)

It provides its mainly female producers with a degree of financial independence.

In 1830, she began offering drawing classes to female students which gave her some financial independence.

Portraiture was an important component of Rodin's oeuvre, helping him to win acceptance and financial independence.

financial backers   (財政支援者)

By 1985 Mike Smith was reported as seeking financial backers but only the one prototype Prop-Jet was built.

John Sperling, Peter Lewis, and George Soros were the principal financial backers of the referendum signature drive.

Located in a mental institution for women, financial backers considered the subject had no potential and the project was abandoned.

financial interest   (経済的利益)

Those in a position to benefit have a financial interest in seeing the status quo continue.

He maintained a considerable financial interest and a friendly connection with his successors.

Donald A. Smith and Norman Kittson were unofficial silent partners with a significant financial interest.

financial backer   (財政支援者)

Rublee was Sanger's most significant financial backer.

's good friend and financial backer; the Atkinsons helped J.W.

DFJ was an early financial backer of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

faced financial   (財政的に直面した)

But the club faced financial problem and relegated in 2003.

As FC Margveti Zestafoni faced financial problem and relegated in 1998.

Like many composers of the time, Vivaldi faced financial difficulties in his later years.

largest financial   (最大の金融)

Frankfurt is the largest financial centre in continental Europe.

In time its headquarters moved to São Paulo, Brazil's largest financial center.

Casablanca is Morocco's chief port and one of the largest financial centers in Africa.

financial adviser   (財務顧問)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. was the financial adviser to the Housing Authority.

He became a friend and financial adviser to Hosea Ballou Morse, whom he introduced to Theodore Roosevelt.

Alvin Hall Alvin D. Hall (born June 27, 1952) is an American financial adviser, author, and media personality.

financial capital   (金融資本)

Athens is twinned with: Athens is the financial capital of Greece.

This is about , by road, north-west of Blantyre, the financial capital and largest city of Malawi.

The collective financial capital strengthens the group's social capital, and the two grow together.

financial literacy   (金融リテラシー)

He helps run skill and 7-on-7 camps, professional etiquette classes and financial literacy sessions for Los Angeles youth.

Proceeds from the investments of the fund support grant requests in the areas of cooperative development and financial literacy.

Rogers and his company were part of a network of community partners that supported the Ariel Community Academy, which emphasizes financial literacy in its curriculum.

own financial   (自身の財政)

Meyer had to use his own financial resources as bank guarantees.

In 1990 Massow moved to London and started his own financial services business.

The Titans fared a little better on the field but had their own financial troubles.