İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

financially successful   (finansal olarak başarılı)

The movie was artistically and financially successful.

As he became more financially successful, he cut back on his teaching commitments.

Ultimately the game was relatively popular, though it was not financially successful.

financially supported   (finansal olarak desteklenir)

(22 March 1949), financially supported by Juan Peron.

The newspaper was financially supported by the government.

It was produced by Mediaspot videos and financially supported by SAZAS.

struggled financially   (finansal olarak mücadele etti)

His parents struggled financially and were separated.

The AAFC struggled financially during Ford's time with the Dons.

In the following years, MacLaren and his family struggled financially.

financially support   (finansal destek)

Modern critics often fault Alcott for not being able to financially support his family.

He had to work the double shift as a warehouse assistant in order to financially support his family.

Tom Burke (the embodiment of Ambition) can no longer financially support his ill mother since he is striking.

financially viable   (finansal olarak uygun)

Loan recipients must also be "financially viable" for the length of the loan.

He further proved that the sport could be financially viable through regular live events at the same venue.

The trading centre was never financially viable, because of its remoteness and the difficulty in procuring pepper.

financially independent   (finansal olarak bağımsız)

In 1988, NCLG became financially independent.

Sonali Bendre advised women to be financially independent.

His parents died when he was quite young, leaving him, however, financially independent.

not financially   (finansal değil)

Ultimately the game was relatively popular, though it was not financially successful.

One goal of alchemy, synthesizing gold, is now technologically possible, though not financially practical.

Watts was involved with a number of provincial Conservative newspapers which were not financially successful.

struggling financially   (finansal olarak mücadele etmek)

However, by the late 1990s, the company was struggling financially.

The season after Veendam were struggling financially again, and went bankrupt on March 25, 2013.

Raj feels the pressure to meet the expectations of Priya's family and is struggling financially.

financially troubled   (maddi sıkıntılı)

Aston Martin was often financially troubled.

Later, Shafer served a brief stint as CEO of financially troubled TelePrompter company.

Title 39 also provides for the rehabilitation or liquidation of financially troubled insurers.

supported financially   (finansal olarak desteklendi)

In 1949, they settled there as farmers and were supported financially by a Jewish organization.

The school is supported financially by the Municipality of Kolding and multiple local businesses.

On 25 October 1925, Germany supported financially the organization of a European Minorities Congress.