Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not find   (Không tìm thấy)

Lauren does not find Sean but she does find a ring.

Feller did not find any contrast effect for gibbons.

We do not find any merit in the writ petition".

find themselves   (tìm lại chính mình)

Mel and Jay find themselves in a shopping centre.

They soon find themselves out on the balcony.

Its characters that are lost trying to find themselves.

only to find   (chỉ để tìm)

They return to their office, only to find that Dr.

The narrator answers only to find a group of men.

War Machine goes to Dolores' mansion, only to find him dead.

find a way   (tìm một cách)

We've got to find a way to play better next week."

He promises he’ll find a way to make it up to Bob.

But those who love each other will find a way to reunite.

unable to find   (không thể tìm thấy)

Township youths were unable to find jobs easily.

Sally disappears and the group is unable to find her.

Despite their efforts, they are unable to find the house.

trying to find   (Cố gắng tìm kiếm)

Its characters that are lost trying to find themselves.

While trying to find an exit, he is chased by a female ghost.

Graeme, an alien disguised as a human, is trying to find Cameron.

did not find   (không tìm thấy)

Feller did not find any contrast effect for gibbons.

Subsequent research did not find more samples of the genus.

Deputies did not find a gun on Weber.

able to find   (Có thể tìm thấy)

Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag.

Meanwhile, Carol is able to find Henry fending off walkers.

A student will be able to find itself an internship provider.

find work   (tìm việc)

Thousands made their way to Mobile to find work.

Initially there she found it hard to find work.

She first dressed as a man to find work, and move west.

find a new   (tìm một cái mới)

Building a starship, they left Earth to find a new home.

Often, it fails to find a new mate in its short lifespan.

Lakes formed, until the waters could find a new way to drain.

order to find   (để tìm)

He rejected Sydney's contract in order to find another team.

In order to find out, he decides to join the operation in the field.

Unicellular organisms can move in order to find food or escape predators.

failed to find   (không tìm thấy)

However, they failed to find the Murrumbidgee River.

Experiments failed to find any observer effect.

A later expedition failed to find the treasure.

difficult to find   (khó khăn để tìm thấy)

This makes them particularly difficult to find and study.

Kimberlite pipes can be difficult to find.

The drive became very popular, and became difficult to find.

try to find   (cố gắng tìm)

She decides to try to find women for him to date.

Corvax and Thimbo try to find Amanda, but fail.

The police try to find the man and catch him with evidences.

find out what   (tìm hiểu những gì)

Kazul decides to go home and find out what's happening.

The others never find out what Andy did.

Mercy agrees to take her in and to find out what is happening.

find new   (tìm mới)

He is also known for his ability to find new singers.

You get on these tangents, and you find new directions.

Finn and Jake then attempt to find new homes.

hard to find   (khó để tìm)

Initially there she found it hard to find work.

"I Gotta Be Me" is now out of print and hard to find.

The expansion, however, is hard to find.

find another   (tìm cái khác)

Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag.

They would never find another Alexander.

He rejected Sydney's contract in order to find another team.

tries to find   (cố gắng tìm)

Cross returns home and tries to find a connection.

Hence, he tries to find a rich husband for Aarti.

Doctor Mukherjee tries to find out Nilkantha's confusion.

attempt to find   (cố gắng tìm)

The two make contact and attempt to find an escape.

Finn and Jake then attempt to find new homes.

Some hypotheses and tests which attempt to find the process are listed below.

find no   (tìm không)

Nick and George arrive and find no one.

The men again row out to the wreck to investigate, but find no explanation.

When the ship arrives at Cheron, Spock can find no sign of intelligent life.

surprised to find   (ngạc nhiên khi thấy)

They were surprised to find the stream salty.

He is surprised to find Weiss slumped in his chair, dead.

They are surprised to find her living in modest circumstances.

struggled to find   (chật vật tìm)

As a young man, Cargas struggled to find a career.

DioGuardi struggled to find her place among the judges.

DeMille was poor and struggled to find work.

find ways   (Tìm cách)

Many tried to find ways to escape the obligation.

They wanted to find ways and means to 'incinerate' us."

Young people, however, find ways around the restrictions.

find their way   (Tìm đường của họ)

Cowboys used to have to find their way using landmarks.

find their way into numerous film songs.

", which would eventually find their way back to Puerto Rico.

tried to find   (cố gắng tìm)

Many tried to find ways to escape the obligation.

Portuguese navigators tried to find a sea way to Asia.

According to Clinton, he tried to find the guitarist without success.

find a suitable   (tìm một cái phù hợp)

They ask Santosh to upload his profile to find a suitable match.

It took medical staff more than fifty minutes to find a suitable vein.

Females emerge in the spring and forage until they find a suitable host colony to invade.

used to find   (dùng để tìm)

The Euclidean algorithm may be used to find this GCD efficiently.

AIS is a network used to find shipping vessels and identify them.

The noncentral "F"-distribution is used to find the power function of such a test.

home to find   (nhà để tìm)

Raj returns home to find Priya waiting for him.

He returns home to find Arthur bleeding and terrified.

The doctor arrived at the home to find Church in terrible pain.

find more   (tìm thêm)

Subsequent research did not find more samples of the genus.

Inside you will find more than of fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

Thus, strong evolutionary pressure was put on the ability to find more water.

attempts to find   (cố gắng tìm)

Despite attempts to find him, he was never seen again.

Nico attempts to find out more about her father's involvement with Carchon.

Cosby further elaborated on his attempts to find Spanish fly, in his book "Childhood".

find employment   (Tìm việc làm)

Younger people are leaving the town at a fast pace to find employment.

Graduates of MATC usually find employment with local and regional airlines.

On the reservations, they struggle to find employment and alcoholism is rampant.

find a job   (tìm một công việc)

Hence, Chandru decides to find a job with full fledge.

Frank's efforts to find a job by six o'clock prove impossible.

In Chennai, Kathir finds the life difficult and could not find a job.

find evidence   (tìm chứng cứ)

Abha and Karan find evidence to prove Ranchod's innocence.

Lau denies this, and the ICAC fail to find evidence against him.

345–391, 1971) that he was unable to find evidence of Jewish ancestry.

people find   (mọi người tìm)

Many people find this time particularly stressful.

Also, some people find an influence of the Federation Warehouse style.

Many people find their increased skills bring more enjoyment to driving.

quest to find   (nhiệm vụ tìm kiếm)

Both teams continued the quest to find the winner in the second half.

Telly, Zoe and Grover are on a quest to find King Oscar's missing Royal Pig.

Honey also submerges himself into the Pacific Ocean in a quest to find sea life.

did find   (đã tìm thấy)

He did find it less over-crowded than "The R.E.D.

Ellin did find several things to admire.

Varela did find certain scenes involving Marta's scenes difficult.

possible to find   (có thể tìm thấy)

In four cases it has been possible to find out.

It is possible to find wild olive trees, or "Olea lapperrini".

In the various stores, it is possible to find about 1 million Android apps.

shocked to find   (sốc khi thấy)

Nurse Kim gets shocked to find blood and dead bodies.

Mishti is called out to the incident and is shocked to find Leo.

find a place   (tìm một nơi)

Welles is sure SRPA can find a place, even for Capelli.

"Some people who get kicked around want to find a place to hide.

'Well, back up,' he said, 'try to find a place to start, and do it again.'"

find a solution   (tìm một giải pháp)

In 1892, a contest was held to find a solution.

The pair find a solution and turn the drill "slowly... to punish him".

After one and a half months of deliberation, he managed to find a solution.

managed to find   (quản lý để tìm thấy)

While a soldier, he managed to find time for study.

After one and a half months of deliberation, he managed to find a solution.

There, he managed to find some blacks who were interested in going to Haiti.

find other   (tìm cái khác)

Let us find other options,"" he proposed.

The death of her brothers meant that Augustus had to find other heirs.

The ability to find other aircraft flying at such a low height was very limited.

hoping to find   (hy vọng tìm thấy)

Erica and Will go to the hotel together, hoping to find him.

The Counselor goes to Mexico, hoping to find and rescue Laura there.

He returned to Singapore in 1967 hoping to find greater support for his work.

find it difficult   (thấy nó khó)

Students can find it difficult to make friends with random people.

Even journalists find it difficult to access celebrities for interviews.

The aliens find it difficult to understand what is happening on the planet.

help find   (giúp tìm)

Leaving Kitty, Ari promises to help find Karen's father.

They help find a Chinese man's treasure.

Tong and his friends help find the banana heart in the forest.

find all   (tìm tất cả)

There was a task to find all possible revenue from the taxes.

Where else will listeners find all of these great players on a single record?"

They find all but one of the crew dead, and the survivor, Welles, badly injured.

find out more   (tìm hiểu thêm)

This edition aims to find out more about that play.

They pledge to find out more about the lost family.

This brings him to contact the professor and find out more about Ifrit.

find someone   (tìm một ai đó)

She helped him find someone to take care of his child.

Jake manages to find someone who took the earrings and go to her house.

Lyrically, it states that Shakira is waiting to find someone who loves her.

find the right   (tìm đúng)

He has gone to great lengths to find the right kind of studio production.

They can also have difficulty trying to find the right words to make a sentence.

Sarah is doubtful, but when she tries to find the right dress, Ellie's prediction is justified.

often find   (thường tìm)

Advanced students often find themselves excluded from masterclasses because of lack of funds.

During a typical summer one can often find near-established trails leading to the best outcrops.

Upon returning to their passport culture, MKs often find themselves in the hidden immigrant category.

find the best   (tìm thứ tốt nhất)

At Christmas they find the best tree they can find and decorate it.

Then find the best probability result to explain the experimental data.

In 2013, "GQ" magazine held an online competition to find the best TV comedy.

find something   (tìm một cái gì đó)

Some people who get kicked want to find something to kick."

In the Internet age must surely be to find something about Kaiser.

He asks Strike to find something he can use to mitigate the threat.

soon find   (sớm tìm thấy)

They soon find themselves out on the balcony.

They soon find him, but realise he is in a serious condition.

They soon find the women, who tell them the professor is dead.

find a cure   (tìm một chữa bệnh)

She wanted the money to find a cure for her husband's tuberculosis.

Oz leaves Sunnydale following Veruca's death to find a cure for his condition.

An early Autobot leader reveals that they had encountered the spores, but could not find a cure.

eventually find   (cuối cùng tìm thấy)

", which would eventually find their way back to Puerto Rico.

Their fun times eventually comes to an end when they eventually find trouble.

Kromah would eventually find the opening goal of the match in the 27th minute.

off to find   (tắt để tìm)

Prabhu hides his love and sets off to find Karuppu.

He races off to find his old companion.

Back on the streets, the now 60-year-old Hartigan sets off to find Nancy.

find out how   (tìm hiểu làm thế nào)

The thing to do is identify the specific factor involved and find out how high the titer is.

That year, a survey was mailed to Ski-Doo owners to find out how the product was being used.

When Yang Zhu insisted that he did not, Sun Quan ordered him to find out how Lu Xun knew about it.

up to find   (lên để tìm)

Alec wakes up to find Abby leaving and stops her.

When they get to the castle, they split up to find Mila.

Grouchy wakes up to find a present in front of his door.

wanted to find   (muốn tìm)

They wanted to find ways and means to 'incinerate' us."

At times, one part of the survey may not have yielded the evidence one wanted to find.

They were adamant they wanted to find actors who looked alike to accurately portray twins.

struggling to find   (đấu tranh để tìm)

With the cancellation of his second radio series, Pearl found himself struggling to find work.

After struggling to find his old form, Butler signed with Aldershot Town on loan on 31 October.

Following this, AZ spent much of the next decade in the second tier, struggling to find a return to the top flight.

attempted to find   (đã cố gắng để tìm)

He attempted to find cooking jobs there, but again had little success.

He began making urgent inquiries and attempted to find news about them.

Mark helped the good hats resist as he attempted to find a way back home.

find food   (tìm đồ ăn)

Boyle goes out to find food and goes missing.

Unicellular organisms can move in order to find food or escape predators.

In one test of where to find food, cats' short-term memory lasted about 16 hours.

needed to find   (cần tìm)

As a parallel, I needed to find my own anchor points for belief and purpose.

Work was needed to find whether screening was cost-effective, and acceptable to families.

Seeing the poverty there, Mettey knew he needed to find a way to help the people of Nicaragua.

time to find   (thời gian để tìm)

It’s taken me a long time to find my own way.

Following his release, Ndalla faced difficulties and it took him some time to find work.

Take the time to find out what dancing really means to you, how it shapes you as a human being.

find success   (tìm thành công)

The title track would find success for a third time after its release.

Since resuming operations in 1999, the Browns have struggled to find success.

"Ooh Ooh" was released as a promotional single, but also failed to find success.

effort to find   (nỗ lực tìm kiếm)

He made an effort to find classical forms that were more authentic.

After Homer leaves the orphanage, so does she in an effort to find him.

Orders were made to Volvo and Hino in an effort to find a better vehicle.

find anything   (tìm bất cứ thứ gì)

"We didn't find anything like an Egyptian pyramid.

I defy you to find anything about worms on there.

It was January and her cousin did not expect to find anything due to the snowy weather.

still find   (vẫn tìm)

), but they'll still find lots to enjoy and think about.

It was then built on the place a museum where you can still find it.

The nurses learn firsthand the cruelty of war, but still find time for romance.

find what   (tìm cái gì)

But you have to go within the system to find what you want."

Meanwhile, Amy tries to find what Rosa is hiding while Holt tries to cheer the precinct.

The objective is to find what angle the bank must have so the ball does not slide off the road.

determined to find   (quyết tâm tìm)

The Connors follow, determined to find out why this man is following Ryan.

Some families descended on the area determined to find their relatives themselves.

Knowing the implications, Weaver is determined to find the dagger, no matter the cost.

easy to find   (dễ tìm kiếm)

This is an isolated formation, making it relatively easy to find.

It is easy to find an "n"-equidissection of a triangle for all "n".

Both types of kegs are fairly easy to find, though ball-lock seem to be more common.

find a replacement   (tìm người thay thế)

Kimberly then goes to work for Peter and Michael as their receptionist till they find a replacement.

However, since Chelsea couldn't find a replacement for him, he was forced to stay at Stamford Bridge.

In mid 2013 a boot trial was undertaken by the ADF to find a replacement for the issued Redback Combat Boot.

failing to find   (không tìm thấy)

After failing to find a chef to work there, he returned to the kitchen himself and became head chef.

However he left the club in January 2016 due to the side folding after failing to find local ownership.

A few Khmer Rouge loyalists were even killed for failing to find enough 'counter-revolutionaries' to execute.

find a buyer   (tìm người mua)

Failing to find a buyer, Key put it into storage.

Hutton responded that he could find a buyer.

He could not find a buyer for the design.

find out why   (tìm hiểu tại sao)

Later, Fumihito calls Takeshi to find out why he left.

Koslow seeks to find out why.

find jobs   (tìm việc)

Township youths were unable to find jobs easily.

Many inhabitants also find jobs in nearby Frankfurt am Main. ""

Unemployment was high; many university graduates could not find jobs.

find solutions   (Tìm các giải pháp)

In 1874, S. Gunther proposed a method using determinants to find solutions.

This staggering fact ignited Linkin Park's interest in helping to find solutions.

DSACF works with community stakeholders to find solutions to issues that help maintain a vibrant community.

when they find   (khi họ tìm thấy)

The team begins to revolt when they find out that Tracy has been fired.

Natives of Oregon, the two girls are playing by a stream near their home one day, when they find an unusual frog.

Along with actor Dillon, the four begin shooting but are startled when they find a body that had fallen from the sky.

attempting to find   (cố gắng tìm)

Hudson was attempting to find the Northwest Passage.

While attempting to find a boat to take him to Tokyo, he was apprehended on March 28.

Nurse Humphreys made a quick search of the ward, desperately attempting to find June Anne.

then find   (sau đó tìm)

They then find a supposedly dead man who is the owner of the stolen diamond.

How could he register on a casual ward, and then find work at the same time.

He warns her that he will teach her only the basics and then find her a manager.

later find   (sau này tìm)

They later find out that their fathers are arch rivals.

Both would later find many aspects of the New Deal unconstitutional.

Boone and Doggle later find and bring the entire group back to Santa's Village.

does not find   (không tìm thấy)

Lauren does not find Sean but she does find a ring.

Though he does not find her there.

Katherine heads to the suspected culprit's house, but does not find him.

find many   (tìm nhiều)

They find many men, turned to stone, and food laid out.

They find many adventures along the way.

Both would later find many aspects of the New Deal unconstitutional.

efforts to find   (nỗ lực tìm kiếm)

Frank's efforts to find a job by six o'clock prove impossible.

Police will undertake all efforts to find and arrest the perpetrators."

Having failed in her efforts to find a rich husband, Becky travels to take up her post.

how to find   (làm thế nào để tìm)

To solve this problem, Peter and Lois decide to teach the children how to find dates.

Peer asked Ernest Stoneman, who had recorded for Okeh, how to find more rural talent.

Frank contacts Lepidopt and tells him how to find the "maschinchen" in Grammar's Kaleidoscope Shed.

find yourself   (tìm lại chính mình)

Online" said that the track "is infectious and you'll find yourself leaving it on repeat."

But the director presents all this with such a straight face, that you find yourself lapping it all up".

If you find yourself unwilling to answer the question, or if you lie, the genie is allowed to take a small revenge on you.

manages to find   (quản lý để tìm)

Zhihua agrees, and manages to find Jianhao.

Fernie manages to find works as a counter girl in a department store.

Jake manages to find someone who took the earrings and go to her house.

ability to find   (khả năng tìm kiếm)

He is also known for his ability to find new singers.

Changing Bear used this ability to find her brothers.

as well as the ability to find a service with a particular name.

impossible to find   (không thể tìm thấy)

It is impossible to find a general integral for all space and for all time.

It is also impossible to find any signs that an animal has been in an area.

It is difficult or impossible to find compounds with more than one IUPAC name.

find his way   (tìm đường)

Faber successfully managed to find his way to London by way of Paris and Spain.

He says he must find his way back to the car, but Anna runs the other way and leaves him.

While trying to find his way out of a thicket, he saw an icon concealed among fir branches.

find information   (tìm thông tin)

Indexes are also designed to help the reader find information quickly and easily.

The witchers head off in different directions to find information on the Salamandra.

Though it is never stated, it is possible he hired Himeko try to find information in episode 5.

help him find   (giúp anh ta tìm)

Helen offers to be Anthony's teacher, and help him find new uses for his power.

During intermission, Daley talks to Leander, outside, offering to help him find a job.

Eddies loses his newborn half-brother and enlists his gang with no name to help him find him.

way to find   (cách tìm)

Odysseas was caught on his way to find a boat.

Glenn managed to see through Jackson's disguise and begin work his way to find proof.

His animal pilgrims are on their way to find the common ancestor, each telling a tale about evolution.

forced to find   (buộc phải tìm)

His wife Xinbei (Ann Kok) is forced to find a job to support the family.

With their homes destroyed, many were forced to find a new place to live.

Therefore, the British were forced to find a way to overcome the main Boer positions.

find their own   (tìm riêng của họ)

Seniors are expected to find their own mentor for their last project.

In their expanded world, children in the 3-5 age group attempt to find their own way.

In the process the girls hope to find their own prince charming, which proves to be no easy task.

began to find   (bắt đầu tìm)

Baker started to support Bastille on air, and the band began to find an audience.

In junior high school Horikiri began to find sumo more appealing, placing well in tournaments.

The new middle-class suburban generation began to find the Liberals' policies attractive again.

wants to find   (muốn tìm)

She wants to find some way to connect and not feel abandoned by anybody."

Kim Yeon-hwa is equally filled with vengeance and also wants to find her sister.

Corey tells her he wants to find his queen and spend the rest of his life with a beautiful woman.

common to find   (tìm chung)

However, it is common to find some phonetics spellings used.

In pediatric hospitals, it is common to find an entire child life department.

It is more common to find these beetles in larger groups rather than individually.

find suitable   (tìm thấy phù hợp)

The oldest daughter Lucy, 48, is a spinster and can't find suitable work.

It also conducted psychological testing to help people find suitable jobs.

The BBC attempted but failed to find suitable working arrangements with them.