archaeological finds   (考古学的発見)

Other archaeological finds with tombs buried document the period.

Other Roman archaeological finds depict the goddess Venus in a similar garment.

There are also changing exhibitions of archaeological finds from the wider area.

soon finds   (すぐに見つかります)

Sartor soon finds Arabian allies on a far continent.

He ignores it, and soon finds the lost city of B'hala.

He soon finds that all roads now have police blockades.

when he finds   (彼が見つけたとき)

He is delighted when he finds Joan waiting for him in the taxi.

Rodney is surprised when he finds Raquel and Damien in his flat.

Mishti is unaware of Amy's scheme and Leo is furious when he finds out.

later finds

Terry later finds romance with the "new" Jenny.

Jyothi later finds her husband, who was indeed in love with her.

"Voyager" later finds two of the Reloran Kazons floating in space.

then finds

He then finds a note in the book that leads him to a cemetery.

The navy then finds Vasanth Periyasamy and compels him to join them.

She then finds out that Hannah Darin died in a car crash months ago.

eventually finds

He eventually finds the group when they battle against Ōba.

The water from the Ebor eventually finds an outlet in the Clarence River.

The robber eventually finds out where Damian lives and ransacks his house.

when she finds   (彼女が見つけたとき)

Sienna is left shaken when she finds someone in her flat.

Sienna is left unsettled when she finds a countdown on her laptop.

She is devastated when she finds out that Kirito is Asuna's crush.

finally finds   (ついに見つける)

He finally finds Nandakumar in a depressed state.

He searches for her in many colleges and finally finds her.

In the end, the couple finally finds the privacy they were seeking.

finds itself

As a neighborhood of Helsinki, Pikku Huopalahti finds itself as a Sui generis.

The band once again finds itself without a drummer (Turjo is busy with studies).

At the same time, the "Enterprise" finds itself 990.7 light years from the planet.

finds no

The song asks questions but finds no answers.

When Kate reaches the meeting point, she finds no one there.

She finds no fault in using her sexuality as a means of profit.

finds it difficult

Leo finds it difficult to work with him.

Bruce tells her that he outranks her, but finds it difficult.

Because of this, she finds it difficult to let her guard down and to trust people.

finds a way

This is a dark satire that finds a way to make a case for understanding.

Following the doll's defeat, she eventually finds a way back to the attic.

After Gizmo finds a way out of the vent, he is captured and tortured by Mohawk.

finds a new

He finds a new home at the court of Philip, the king of Macedon.

Marge finds a new friend in a second patient who is suffering from aphasia.

The theme is made tragic when Sergei betrays her and finds a new lover upon blaming Katerina for his incarceration.

finds evidence   (証拠を見つける)

She finds evidence that they link to a village called Atthipatti.

Jack finds evidence to support the accusation, though he does not want to believe the evidence.

Chrissie decides to end her relationship when she finds evidence of Stuart's vendetta against Sam.

finds it hard

Now retired, Triton finds it hard to settle back into normal life.

Kajal finds it hard to tolerate his behaviour, because of which their relationship has quite a turbulent start.

Crick wrote "so many people pray that one finds it hard to believe that they do not get some satisfaction from it".