Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

finished the season   (terminó la temporada)

The Trojans finished the season with a 7–3 record.

Rice finished the season 3–9 and 3–5 in CUSA play.

He eventually finished the season ranked world no.

finished second   (terminó segundo)

He first participated in 2005 and finished second.

Minting won the race and St. Mirin finished second.

In the Eredivisie, PSV finished second behind Ajax.

finished third   (terminó tercero)

He finished third on points driving a Peugeot 406.

After reaching the final, he finished third place.

The team finished third in the eight-team league.

team finished   (equipo terminado)

The team finished third in the eight-team league.

The team finished in fifth place at the tournament.

The team finished in fourth place with a record.

finished fourth   (terminó cuarto)

In the 220 yards competition she finished fourth.

He finished fourth in the 1971 Open Championship.

Dansili then finished fourth in the Prix Jean Prat.

finished fifth   (terminó quinto)

She also finished fifth at the 1979 IAAF World Cup.

In 1932 he finished fifth in the lightweight class.

In 1932 he finished fifth in the heavyweight class.

finished sixth   (terminó sexto)

In 2009 they did not win a game and finished sixth.

In 1932 he finished sixth in the lightweight class.

In 1932 he finished sixth in the heavyweight class.

finished first

She finished first runner-up to winner Kevin Borg.

In 1924 Baker finished first in the Tailteann Games.

With a time of 21:04, he finished first in the H4 event.

club finished

The club finished the 2001–02 season in 13th place.

The club finished in 3rd place in Championship 1.

The club finished at 3rd place in the championship.

finished his career

He finished his career at amateur side Halsteren.

He finished his career with a 3–1 edge over Tressel.

He finished his career with Horden Colliery Welfare.

finished seventh   (terminó séptimo)

In May, she finished seventh on vault in Tianjin.

He also finished seventh in the Men's Road Race H5.

In 1928 she finished seventh in the high jump event.

finished last   (terminado último)

Later the same year, he finished last at Semmering.

In the 2008 season, Lofoten finished last in their 2.

His team finished last and were disqualified.

finished the regular

Stony Brook finished the regular season ranked No.

He finished the regular season with 32 home runs.

He finished the regular season with 51 saves.

finished the year

He finished the year with 189 hits in 589 at-bats.

He finished the year with 30 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

She again finished the year without a world ranking.

finished in third

She finished in third place in both competitions.

In the 2005–06 season they finished in third place.

Rioter finished in third place and El Diablo fourth.

finished eighth   (terminó octavo)

For that race, he finished eighth on Napoli du Ry.

Earnhardt finished eighth in the final standings.

The team finished eighth out of the eight teams.

finished in second

They finished in second place with 29.25 points.

The team finished in second in the 2007 race.

Sussex finished in second place, their best placing yet.

finished bottom   (fondo terminado)

Leicester finished bottom and were relegated.

North Yemen finished bottom of the group.

They finished bottom of the Group B.

finished ninth   (terminado noveno)

Eventually the Belgian team finished ninth in Beijing.

Its athletes finished ninth in the overall medal count.

The team finished ninth in the Constructors' Championship.

finished in fourth

He finished in fourth place with 2.6% of the vote.

The team finished in fourth place with a record.

In the Eredivisie, the team finished in fourth place.

then finished

Ossory then finished unplaced in the Sussex Stakes.

He then finished second again in the Sussex Stakes.

Dansili then finished fourth in the Prix Jean Prat.

eventually finished

He eventually finished the season ranked world no.

He eventually finished 4th in the first semi final.

She eventually finished well beaten behind Fridoline.

team that finished   (equipo que terminó)

3) lost to a Washington team that finished the season ranked No.

In the 1962 Davis Cup, Llamas was a member of the team that finished as the runner-up.

As two-way end, he was a captain on the 1943 USC team that finished with an 8–2 record.

finished the race   (terminó la carrera)

He finished the race in a sharp time of 1:22.42.

He finished the race in 1:18:46, a new Olympic record.

Out of the 19 cars competing, only six finished the race.

finished off

The wreck was finished off with gunfire from .

The team finished off a sweep of the Cubs with a 1-0 victory.

Shaffer damaged the Fw 200, which was finished off by a P-38F.

never finished

The cathedral's western façade was never finished.

"F" was never finished, and so no music was ever added.

51, and Atkinson never finished his PhD.

finished product

Fantom was never sold as a finished product.

When he saw the finished product, he "couldn't believe it."

The finished product weighs between .

finished the game

He finished the game with four catches for 57 yards.

Boycott and Gooch finished the game within 13.5 overs.

He finished the game with 5 punts averaging 48.2 yards.

not finished

The novel was not finished within the month.

The majority of residents have not finished their matric.

Sacré did not finished in the other race.

when he finished   (cuando terminó)

The world took notice of South, when he finished 3rd in the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 3 race.

He earned his first European Tour card in 1999 when he finished 4th at the qualifying school.

In 2006 he improved his personal best to 2:07:34, when he finished 6th at the London Marathon.

again finished

She again finished the year without a world ranking.

In 1961 he again finished in 10th place in the 350 class.

Dallas once again finished the season 8–8.

finished in fifth

The team finished in fifth place at the tournament.

The highest placed TX750 finished in fifth place.

Smith polled 401 votes and finished in fifth place.

finished tenth

The song finished tenth and last, with 22 points.

In 1928 he finished tenth in the heavyweight class.

He finished tenth overall with a Citroën DS3 WRC.

having finished

After having finished his Ph.

graduate; from 2004 onwards, he acknowledged only having finished high school.

He was beaten the 100 m bronze medal by Blake, having finished in fourth place.

finished tied

He finished tied for sixth with Ossip Bernstein (France).

He finished tied for 32nd at 3-under-par.

Moran had four steady rounds and finished tied for 15th place.

just finished   (acabo de terminar)

Woody replies that he has one he has just finished.

The school has just finished work on an auxilary gym.

Sinan is an aspiring young writer who has just finished college.

match finished

The first match finished at 1–1 and the second at 2–2.

The match finished with a goalless draw.

The match finished 0 – 0, with him issuing three yellow cards.

finished in sixth

Unterhaching finished in sixth place that season.

The team finished in sixth place with a record.

They finished in sixth with a 2-4 record.

finished his first

In 2005, he finished his first documentary Step (The Steppe).

Despite the setbacks, Matmour finished his first season at 1.

He finished his first season with a respectable .281 batting average.

finished in last   (terminado en el último)

The Rangers finished in last place in the NHL.

New York finished in last place in the NHL.

He finished in last place with 700 votes.

season and finished

They rebounded toward the end of the season and finished 5–7.

However, the team won only one more game that season and finished 7–9.

Schalke had a disappointing season and finished in sixth place in the Bundesliga.

finished the tournament   (terminado el torneo)

He finished the tournament with one goal and one assist.

He finished the tournament tied for seventh.

Bosnia finished the tournament in 5th place.

finished third behind   (terminó tercero detrás)

In Group H, they finished third behind Chelsea F.C.

He finished third behind Petrus and Craven.

She finished third behind the French colts Djel and Yours.

finished top

Greece finished top gaining promotion to Division 4.

Sussex Sharks won Division One, while Warwickshire Bears finished top of Division Two.

Belgium finished top of the group on maximum points, beating Panama, Tunisia and England.

when they finished   (cuando terminaron)

Kenya's best season came in 2012–13 when they finished fifth in the Series.

The team's best season record occurred in 1940 when they finished 101–47 (.682).

Beckett played finals football again with Penrith when they finished 5th in 2000.

finished high

He finished high school at Hollywood High School.

He finished high school as Most Outstanding Graduate.

He attended finished high school at Baltimore City College.

started and finished

The race started and finished in Chengqiao, China.

The race started and finished in Sint-Amandsberg.

team which finished   (equipo que terminó)

He was also part of the 4 x 100 medley relay team which finished in 7th place.

In 1984 he was part of the Danish team which finished fourth in the Olympic tournament.

In 1983, he was a part of the U.S. team which finished 0-2-1 at the Pan American Games.

finished high school   (terminó la escuela secundaria)

He finished high school at Hollywood High School.

He finished high school as Most Outstanding Graduate.

He attended finished high school at Baltimore City College.

finished in seventh

On the balance beam, Douglas finished in seventh.

The team finished in seventh place that season.

He finished in seventh place at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

finished his college

Shurnas finished his college degree that July.

Dockett finished his college career as a four-year starter.

He finished his college playing career at University of Virginia.

finished unplaced

He finished unplaced when favourite for The Derby.

Ossory then finished unplaced in the Sussex Stakes.

She finished unplaced in her only other race that year.

finished second behind   (terminó segundo detrás)

In the Eredivisie, PSV finished second behind Ajax.

In 1989, in Heerenveen, he finished second behind Igor Zhelezovski.

Harvick almost won the All-Star race but finished second behind Kyle Larson.

finished recording

The band finished recording the album in March 2001.

On April 8, the band announced they had finished recording.

A day later, they confirmed they had finished recording the album.

game finished

A replay was required after the game finished 1–1.

The first game finished level so a replay occurred.

However the game finished 3–1 to the team in red and black.

finished his rookie   (terminó su novato)

He finished his rookie year with two tackles.

He finished his rookie season with 39 points in 71 games.

Clark finished his rookie year with a .287 batting average.

only finished   (solo terminado)

He started three races in the 1952 but only finished one, coming in 14th.

In 2012 he again reached the final, but only finished in 6th place on this occasion.

He qualified for the final, but here, only finished in 6th place with a time of 21.79.

finished his studies

He finished his studies in 1883 with a doctorate in law.

In 1958, Matusevitch finished his studies.

In 1935 he finished his studies at Leningrad Conservatory.

finished in first

He finished in first place; winning gold, along with his team.

In their second year the Dunlops finished in first place in the EOSHL.

Yaniv Green finished in first place in average rebounds per game, with 9.3.

finished eleventh   (terminado undécimo)

He finished eleventh at the 2007 European U23 Championships.

It finished eleventh in its first and only appearance at Le Mans.

He finished eleventh in the points.

finished only   (solo terminado)

In five GPs, Miles finished only once, in 10th place.

Human beings become fully finished only by means of culture acquisition.

The film was finished only near the end of the year 1945 due to the events of the war.

finished ahead   (terminado por delante)

However, a recount showed that Harrison finished ahead of Greenwood.

Degenkolb finished ahead of 's Nacer Bouhanni and rider Daniele Bennati.

He finished ahead of Kovalainen in four of the last five races of the season.

finished his secondary

He finished his secondary studies in Debrecen in 1970.

He finished his secondary studies at Leövey Klára Gimnázium in Pécs.

He finished his secondary education in 1903 and took his cand.philol.

finished film   (película terminada)

Coppola did not appear in the finished film.

The finished film briefly teases at the idea before abandoning it.

In October 1923 Fitzmaurice sent Mussolini a copy of the finished film.

finished just   (terminado solo)

At the 2008 Games, he reached the final, but finished just outside the medals.

At the 'Politiken' event of 2008, he finished just a half point behind the leaders.

With a throw of 60.51m., the Cypriot finished just 13 centimetres away from the bronze.

ultimately finished

Delpopolo ultimately finished 7th in his division.

However, with a time of 20' 18", the squad ultimately finished the stage in last place.

With a MAC title already in hand, the team ultimately finished 23rd in the NCAA tournament.

team finished second   (el equipo terminó segundo)

The team finished second, and qualified for the Europa League.

The team was :- The team finished second, losing out to Israel.

The French team finished second, finishing ten seconds behind Britain.

finished in eighth

At the HSBC event, she finished in eighth place.

Reading finished in eighth place with a record.

Hall finished in eighth place.

teams finished

His teams finished seventh at the 2012 and ninth at the 2016 Olympics.

Of Patrick's 30 seasons, 23 teams finished the year ranked in the top 25.

PSSI nullified the relegation and those three teams finished 2006 season in last place.

finished work   (trabajo terminado)

The school has just finished work on an auxilary gym.

Lastly, Horii approves the finished work.

The film was colorized (an alteration of a finished work of art) twice.

still finished   (todavía terminado)

He still finished a disappointing 19th in the final standings.

However, the team still finished dead last with a 3-8 standing.

However, Ajax still finished as runner-up to PSV by eight points.

side finished

In 2014, the DI side finished as runner-up to Life University at the 2014 USA Rugby DI Championship.

Niall Currie's side finished 2nd in the Championship in the 2018/2019 season behind runaway leaders Larne.

His new side finished eighth, and the season included a 1–0 win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

finished the first

The team finished the first two seasons on fifth, respectively sixth spot.

Ogunsoto finished the first half of the season with 5 goals in 11 appearances.

Gala finished the first heat with a time of 13:21.21, finishing 10th in his heat.

games and finished

He threw four complete games and finished four others.

The Eagles lost eight of their last ten games and finished 6–10.

However, he appeared in the final 11 games and finished the season with 13 tackles.

finished in ninth

That crew finished in ninth place.

Pérez finished in ninth and eleventh place with the national squad.

He finished in ninth place, in a race won by British runner Mo Farah.

season finished

The first season finished in 65th place.

The 2010–11 season finished with Shepshed in the relegation places.

Their second part of the season finished badly, finishing last in the play-offs.

finished products

Doulton's first flambe finished products were exhibited at the St. Louis Exhibition in 1904.

Additional finished products produced at the facility are petroleum coke (carbon) and sulfur.

This ratio can be expressed for finished products at the end of the line and is referred to as Takt-Time.

finished fourth behind   (terminó cuarto detrás)

She finished fourth behind her stable companion Busted.

She started odds on favourite but finished fourth behind First Flight.

They finished fourth behind the Liberal, Progressive Conservative and Green parties.

team finished third   (el equipo terminó tercero)

The team finished third in the eight-team league.

The team finished third in the 2003 World Championship.

The Israeli team finished third in average assists per game, with 17.0.

finished twelfth

He finished twelfth in a thirteen deep field.

Reigning silver medalist Ellie Black of Canada finished twelfth.

She finished twelfth at the 2000 World Half Marathon Championships.

finally finished   (finalmente terminado)

Changchun Yatai FC finally finished season successfully.

"Eraserhead" was finally finished in 1976, after five years of production.

In 1895, those actors finally finished “Marrying – not slaking the thirst” play by H.Vazirov.

finished writing

And Moses finished writing the law in a book.

Thomas finished writing it shortly before succumbing to pneumonia.

Once he was finished writing the book, Beard found it difficult to publish.

finished behind   (terminado detrás)

They finished behind another German team.

Lewis finished behind nominee Ron Paul (51.3%) and Russell Means (31.4%).

He continued the race, but was injured, and finished behind the time limit.

finished up

The boat finished up in Hammerfest in the far north of Norway.

Gray finished up his prep school career at West Oaks Academy in Florida.

He finished up his career with the Huntsville Stars, hitting .167 in 48 at-bats.

finished his playing

He later finished his playing career with Llanelli.

He finished his playing career with Merthyr Town.

He finished his playing career with Russian club Rubin Kazan in 2006.

finished outside   (terminado afuera)

However, it finished outside the top 10 in every other race.

He then finished outside the top 10 in the next three races.

From 1960–61 to 1968–69 Ethnikos never finished outside the top 10.

finished the campaign   (terminó la campaña)

He finished the campaign with 32 appearances and 4 goals to his credit.

He finished the campaign with 30 total appearances scoring only one goal.

He finished the campaign with a 5–16 record due to a pair of nagging injuries.

finished a distant

On his seasonal debut, Viking Flagship finished a distant 4th in the Tingle Creek Chase.

She finished a distant third with 8.4% of the vote as the NDP recovered to win the riding.

That same year he made 800m final at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, but finished a distant last.

finished school   (termino la escuela)

Once she finished school she decided to move to India.

He finished school and enrolled in the Faculty of Economics.

Then he enrolled in high school he finished school in 1929/1930.

teams that finished

The teams that finished third in their groups are drawn against each other.

The teams that finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the other group in a Best-Of-3 series.

Of the seven teams that finished the final ABA season, the NBA would only accept 4 in the merger.

finished unplaced behind   (terminado sin colocar detrás)

She was never in contention and finished unplaced behind Cardmania.

She started a 20/1 outsider and finished unplaced behind Epsom Lad.

He finished unplaced behind Mahan and was subsequently retired to stud.

team finished fourth   (el equipo terminó cuarto)

His team finished fourth at the 1968 Games.

The team finished fourth in the most recent Rugby World Cup 2017 in Ireland.

record and finished   (grabar y terminar)

The Bisons achieved a 13–1 record and finished in the NCAA Division II Quarterfinals.

During the regular season, the Rangers posted an 11–31–8 record and finished with 30 points.

During the regular season, the Rangers posted an 11–29–10 record and finished with 32 points.

finished filming

Sonakshi Sinha has finished filming her part in Kalank.

At 6.25am, the team finished filming the kidnap scenes at Kushaldoss House.

The television series began production in 2000 and finished filming in 2001.

recently finished

Dio had just recently finished serving his five-year sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

They recently finished 3rd in the 2009/10 RFUW Premiership after promotion earlier that year.

Brochu has recently finished portraying Aurora Luft in CBC Television's spy thriller "X Company".

band finished

The band finished recording the album in March 2001.

The band finished their debut album by November 2005.

The band finished 4th in 2007 and 2011, as well as 5th in 2013.

race finished   (carrera terminada)

The race finished in Milan on 29 May.

The race finished in Milan on 28 May.

building was finished

The completed chapel building was finished in 1894.

The original one-storied building was finished in 1703.

The building was finished, but fire struck again in 1875.

finished goods

The district had many such grocers, but also wholesalers who sold dry and finished goods.

No longer did shoppers have to rely on retailers who sold finished goods shipped from Louisville or Cincinnati.

games finished

He pitched in 22 games that year, starting 18, and led the league with four games finished.

In 299 career games, Ayers posted a 65–79 win–loss record with a 2.84 earned run average and 109 games finished.

In addition, it included an incentive in which he would earn an additional $225,000 in bonuses based on games finished.