İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

finite number   (sonlu sayı)

Each oligomer has a finite number of subunits (stoichiometry).

There are a finite number of register windows in the design, e.g.

Only sequences with a finite number of non-zero elements are in "Y".

finite set   (Sınırlı set)

For example, is a finite set with five elements.

A finite set with "n" elements has 2 distinct subsets.

Let "X" be a finite set with "n" elements.

finite element   (sonlu elemanlar)

For this, the finite element method is the most popular.

He was known for his work on stabilized finite element methods.

The success of NASTRAN led to development of many other finite element software.

finite field   (sonlu alan)

Every finite field has elements, where is prime and .

A finite field is not algebraically closed.

Most AES calculations are done in a particular finite field.

finite group   (sonlu grup)

For a finite group, the derived series terminates in a perfect group, which may or may not be trivial.

Inverse Galois theory studies the (unsolved) problem whether any finite group is the Galois group for some number field .

If ("G", ∗) is a locally finite group that is isomorphic to ("H", formula_1), then ("H", formula_1) is also locally finite.

finite groups

in the character theory of finite groups.

The class "G" of finite groups is a variety of finite semigroups.

finite fields

See also general linear group over finite fields.

To use a jargon, finite fields are perfect.

For example, coding theory makes use of matrices over finite fields.

finite state   (sonlu durum)

The work on GDSs considers finite graphs and finite state spaces.

These languages are exactly all languages that can be decided by a finite state automaton.

A virtual finite state machine is a finite state machine (FSM) defined in a virtual environment.

all finite

This in turn implies that all finite extensions are algebraic.

Note that not all finite exchangeable sequences are mixtures of i.i.d.

Let be an infinite set and let denote the set of all finite subsets of .

finite difference

It can also be shown that the approach is equivalent to the explicit finite difference method for option pricing.

The specific method used within SIMION to solve this equation is a finite difference method called over-relaxation.

The methods to find the formula are quite different, being related to the combinatorics of the Muir algebra, and to finite difference theory respectively.

finite sets

Cardinality can be used to compare an aspect of finite sets; e.g.

All finite sets are countable, but not all countable sets are finite.

In the case of finite sets, this agrees with the intuitive notion of size.

finite simple

They have had a deep impact on the classification of finite simple groups.

This section lists some results that have been proved using the classification of finite simple groups.

This should be compared to the classification of finite simple groups, which is significantly more complicated.

finite element method

For this, the finite element method is the most popular.

Deal.II deal.II is a free, open-source library to solve partial differential equations using the finite element method.

This strategy forms the rudiment of the Galerkin method (a finite element method) for numerical solution of partial differential equations.