firmly established   (しっかりと確立)

At that point, determinants were firmly established.

Everyone must have an ideal firmly established in his life.

Eliseu started 2010–11 firmly established in the starting XI.

firmly rooted   (しっかりと根付いた)

Arius' theological views appear to have been firmly rooted in Alexandrian Christianity.

But Impressionism, and through it almost all of 20th-century art, is also firmly rooted in the Romantic tradition.

Nevertheless, by the 16th century, Islam was firmly rooted in Brunei, and the country had built one of its biggest mosques.

firmly believed   (しっかりと信じた)

According to Fadal, Presley "firmly believed" his career was finished.

He firmly believed that the Messiah would appear on the Jewish New Year of 5435 (1675 CE).

He firmly believed that "cozonac" cake required 50 eggs for each kilogram of flour (that is, some 21 per pound).

more firmly   (よりしっかり)

The surrealism and characterizations become more firmly entrenched.

This holds loose material more firmly to the sheet and prevents it from smearing.

became a project led more firmly by Becker, with significant compositional help from Stühlen.