İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

species of fish   (balık türleri)

There are 35 species of fish, of which four are endemic.

Several species of fish are associated with this sponge.

This species of fish is often found in the aquarium hobby.

fish species   (balık türleri)

The following fish species are native to Loch Ness.

A variety of wildlife and fish species inhabit the Mt.

The common snook is an estuarine-dependent fish species.

freshwater fish   (Tatlısu balığı)

The common name of this freshwater fish is the Spotted steed.

White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in the United States.

This promoted freshwater fish.

small fish   (küçük balık)

They are small fish, no more than in total length.

The peppered moray eats small fish and crustaceans.

Boiled with other small fish is used for fish soup.

other fish   (diğer balıklar)

in hatcheries or other fish culture facilities).

They feed on ectoparasites found on other fish.

It feeds on micro-crustaceans and cleans parasites off other fish.

marine fish   (deniz balığı)

It is a species of marine fish in the family Tetraodontidae.

It is a brightly colored marine fish with shades of blue, green, and orange.

Hawaii has the highest rate of endemism of its nearshore marine fish species at 24.3%.

bony fish   (kemikli balık)

They are contained within the throat, or pharynx, of most bony fish.

To maintain depth, bony fish increase buoyancy by means of a gas bladder.

The similarity of these to the scales of bony fish is largely superficial.

cyprinid fish

The cyprinid fish hosts are also different.

Bangana wui Bangana wui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

Bangana zhui Bangana zhui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

fish such

Freshwater fish such as bream, shad, bass, and sucker are common.

This has caused problems for fish such as the Rio Grande silvery minnow.

This has caused a problem for fish such as the Rio Grande silvery minnow.

fish market   (balık Pazarı)

They sell their seafood at port of Dives' fish market.

It functioned as a fish market until 1941.

The largest fish market in the city is located near this area.

fish found

Stoplight loosejaws are small fish found worldwide in the deep sea.

One can also enjoy the fresh water fish found in the Mahakali River.

Pungtungia shiraii Pungtungia shiraii is a species of cyprinid fish found in Japan.

fish and other   (balık ve diğer)

The Eocene oceans were warm and teeming with fish and other sea life.

Fish oils, fish and other marine sources provide a very rich source of DHA and EPA.

Brine shrimp are used as food for fish and other organisms in aquaria and aquaculture.

game fish

Some sport fishers regard it as a game fish.

Fish other than game fish were disdained as "coarse fish".

It is a commercial game fish valued for its size and taste.

fish and chip   (balık ve cips)

George and Ella run a popular fish and chip shop.

His first business venture was a fish and chip shop in London's East End.

There is a shop and post office and a fish and chip shop located on the village High Street.

large fish

It is also a large fish breeding area of Suphanburi.

They would have consumed marine turtles, large fish, and smaller dinosaurs.

Adult groupers mainly feed on variety of large fish, but also on crustaceans.

fish caught

The types of fish caught by this method are tuna, skipjack tuna, frigate and mackerel.

The main fish caught are carp and tilapia, which are filleted in small local maquiladoras.

The largest fish caught there was twenty-nine and one-half inches and 10 pound and 4 ounces.

native fish

A total of 26 native fish species of the Yangtze basin are farmed.

There are 24 native fish species and subspecies in Fuxian Lake, including 11 endemics.

The lionfish has an appetite for native fish and crustaceans is able to spawn year-round.

fish populations

Evidence for cultural transmission has also been shown in wild fish populations.

The tensions from the declining fish populations in the 1940s had begun to boil over.

Forage fish populations are very vulnerable when faced with modern fishing equipment.

fish farming

The main industries are fishery, fish farming and asparagus farming.

Other minor trades are "damar" collecting, fish farming, and rattan.

In 1971, The fish farming project started alongside the reforestation project.

fish stocks   (balık stokları)

The decline in wild fish stocks has increased the demand for farmed fish.

This is an area known to have considerable fish stocks, sustaining an active fisheries industry.

Cutting-off the lakes will also prevent the regeneration of fish stocks, particularly migratory fish.

aquarium fish   (akvaryum balıkları)

Several of these species are popular aquarium fish.

Some of these species are popular aquarium fish.

Many of these species are popular aquarium fish.

fish processing

He subsequently worked in a fish processing company.

It was then given over to serve as a fish processing plant.

Astoria's economy centered on fishing, fish processing, and lumber.

food fish

It is consequently highly prized as a food fish.

It is of commercial importance as a food fish in its native range.

It is a very popular and sought-after food fish in the Indian Subcontinent.

fish and wildlife

He served in the Game Enforcement Division, enforcing fish and wildlife laws.

Benefits include irrigation, flood control, fish and wildlife enhancement, and recreation.

The State of New Mexico stated that delivering water to sustain fish and wildlife was not a beneficial use.

such as fish

Many shapes such as fish, guanmao, birds and dragons are used.

Too much copper in water may damage marine and freshwater organisms such as fish and molluscs.

These conical teeth are used to catch swift prey such as fish, squid or large mammals, such as seal.

fish endemic

Bangana wui Bangana wui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

Bangana zhui Bangana zhui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

Rhinogobio typus Rhinogobio typus is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

many fish   (birçok balık)

Such events are widespread in many fish species and populations.

It prefers areas with shallow and calm water, sandy banks and many fish (especially cyprinids).

The reservoir is also known to hold many fish including carp, smallmouth bass, perch, and tiger musky.

fish sauce   (balık sosu)

Some describe Balichão as a fish sauce.

It is seasoned with sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, and black pepper.

"Garum" is a fish sauce which was consumed in great amounts in the Roman Empire.

fish that lived

Orthogonikleithrus Orthogonikleithrus is a genus of extinct ray-finned fish that lived during the Late Jurassic period.

Carolowilhelmina Carolowilhelmina geognostica is an extinct arthrodire placoderm fish that lived in the Late Eifelian epoch (of Middle Devonian) of Spain.

fresh fish

The fresh fish are salted with a lot of salt until they become whitish.

It is caught commercially and sold as fresh fish or turned into fishmeal.

, a dish made with sushi rice, contains fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea.

catch fish

They sometimes also hunt insects on land and catch fish from rivers on Kerguelen.

Bornean orangutans have been sighted using spears to attempt (unsuccessfully) to catch fish.

He does go straight, gets a job, and when he is laid off he takes to helping Dhondu catch fish.

tropical fish

Kokotuku's reefs are home to a wide variety of tropical fish.

When he was 14 he started a small business breeding tropical fish.

This bottom-dwelling tropical fish is found in mainland Southeast Asia.

variety of fish

The atoll attracts a wide variety of fish in large numbers.

Their first self-owned label was "Croaker", named for the common variety of fish.

However, the variety of fish will inevitably diminish with time as more fish species become overfished.

genus of fish

Ecsenius Ecsenius is a large genus of fish in the family Blenniidae.

Alosa Alosa is a genus of fish, the river herrings, in the family Clupeidae.

Nemanthias Nemanthias is a genus of fish in the subfamily Anthiadinae of the family Serranidae.

fish belonging

Macrognathus siamensis Macrognathus siamensis is a tropical fish belonging to the family Mastacembelidae.

Parabembras curta Parabembras curta, is a species of sprat-like flathead fish belonging to the family Parabembridae.

Acanthurus leucosternon Acanthurus leucosternon is a marine tropical fish belonging to the surgeonfish family, Acanthuridae.

fish ponds   (balık havuzları)

Just east of the moated site are the remains of fish ponds.

Hawaiians constructed oceanic fish ponds.

One of the supposed fish ponds is among the farm buildings and is overgrown.

larger fish

They are also known to attack larger fish than themselves.

The adults primarily consume larger fish.

Predators include other larger fish, seabirds and marine mammals.

fish and chips   (balık ve cips)

One very common fast food dish is fish and chips.

The Start Bay Inn at Torcross is well-known for fish and chips.

His father was an immigrant from Cyprus who ran a fish and chips shop.

predatory fish   (yırtıcı balık)

If the small fish is eaten by a predatory fish, its muscles too can become infected.

The extinct predatory fish "Dunkleosteus" had sharp edges of hard exposed bone along its jaws.

The polyps look like small sea anemones and contain toxins which deter predatory fish from eating the sponge.

dried fish   (kurutulmuş balık)

Prowse exported dried fish, canned lobsters and farm produce.

Ugali is served with a side dish (mboga) or dried fish, meat, or greens.

The Nisga′a also trade dried fish, seal oil, fish oil, blubber and cedar.

fish oil

Ninety percent is processed into fishmeal and fish oil.

In 1861, he became a partner in a fish oil and guano company.

The Nisga′a also trade dried fish, seal oil, fish oil, blubber and cedar.

smaller fish

The dominant male snaps at smaller fish of other species.

It feeds on zooplankton, mainly crustacean and smaller fish.

For example: bacon, chicken, cuts of steak, and smaller fish.

fish traps   (balık tuzakları)

It can be caught in fish traps and nets.

In Shrimp, teams had to collect of shrimp from fish traps in Tonlé Sap.

It is also often taken by small artisanal fisheries by various inshore fish traps.

fish native

The West African bichir is a freshwater fish native to tropical West Africa.

Pronothobranchius Pronothobranchius is a genus of aplocheilid fish native to western Africa.

Tomeurus Tomeurus gracilis is a species of poeciliid fish native to South America, in Brazil, Surinam and Venezuela.

reef fish   (resif balığı)

Potter's angelfish has a wide range and is a common reef fish.

These predators threaten native reef fish such as parrotfish and goatfish.

It is a reef fish, inhabiting reefs with both stony corals and soft corals.

fish population

Illegal fishing and poaching are major problems which threaten the fish population.

To support the fish population there is a rich diversity of invertebrates, including the mayfly.

The Letsibogo dam was expected to support a permanent fish population similar to that of the Shashe Dam.

fish hatchery   (balık kuluçkahane)

The Blue Hole is an artesian well that was once used as a fish hatchery.

The former fish hatchery at Bowman Bay became a part of the park in the early 1970s.

Reports from 1866 show that there was a fish hatchery where the Greenhorn end of Rollins Lake is today.

fish and shellfish   (balık ve kabuklu deniz ürünleri)

They lived largely by taking fish and shellfish from the waters.

Living beside the sea meant that fish and shellfish could be used for food.

Other agricultural products include dairy products and eggs, tobacco, fish and shellfish, and fruit.

fish pond   (Akvaryum)

The district became famous as a fish pond farming area.

Part of it has been turned into a fish pond.

After hiding her in the resort's fish pond, hijinks ensue.

cyprinid fish endemic

Bangana wui Bangana wui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

Bangana zhui Bangana zhui is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

Rhinogobio typus Rhinogobio typus is a species of cyprinid fish endemic to China.

types of fish

There are 13 types of fish in the lake's ecosystem.

Other types of fish form an insignificant part of the Falkland Islands' catch.

The types of fish caught by this method are tuna, skipjack tuna, frigate and mackerel.

fish farms

Bryozoans have spread diseases to fish farms and fishermen.

There are some poultry farms, pig farms and fish farms also.

Presently the village is surrounded on all sides with fish farms.

fish ladder   (balık merdiveni)

This was despite a 1916 suggestion of the California Fish and Game Commission that a fish ladder be constructed with the dam; no such structure was ever built.

It is planned to convert the channel of this older lock into a fish ladder, as the revitalized area will include two much larger discharge channels on either side of the new lock.

In 1991, Kentucky Utilities constructed a fish ladder in the Dix River near the dam as part of the Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Project, with the aim of protecting and increasing the trout population in the Dix River.

dead fish

Its main diet is composed of zoo plankton and dead fish or insects.

Will and a few others set out to discover the source of the smell and find a huge dead fish on the beach.

Between December 28, 2010 and January 3, 2011, 100 tons of dead fish washed ashore on the Brazilian coast.

including fish

They refrain from hunting land animals for fur by simply eating aquatic animals including fish.

This is one of the main water pollution problems, which may affect the surface water biota, including fish.

The decrease in fish stocks has led to the rise of aquaculture, including fish farming both on the coasts and in the interior.