fishing village   (漁村)

Portes is a fishing village on the east coast.

Its history as a fishing village goes back many years.

Prior to the late 1990s Yenga was a small fishing village.

fishing industry   (漁業)

The fishing industry survived largely intact.

The fishing industry is highly important.

It is also vital to its fishing industry.

fishing boats   (釣り船)

On 18 May, seven fishing boats came into view.

Kayaks and fishing boats share the river with party boats.

At first, there were fourteen fishing boats of various sizes.

hunting and fishing   (狩猟と釣り)

The Seneca tribe used it as hunting and fishing grounds.

Traces of hunting and fishing camps dated as old as 2500 B.C.

The WMAs are supported by sale of hunting and fishing licenses.

fishing boat   (漁船)

Mandalika island can be reached by fishing boat.

A fishing boat carrying illegal migrants hit rocks and sank.

A fishing boat from Odo is also destroyed, with one survivor.

commercial fishing   (商業釣り)

Due to small size "Chromis chromis" has minor role in commercial fishing.

It is subject to some commercial fishing activity in the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, this boat is too small, too slow, and inadequate for commercial fishing.

small fishing

Only a small fishing port called Porto exists.

Prior to the late 1990s Yenga was a small fishing village.

It is now a small fishing port with an emerging tourism industry.

fishing vessels

The port has enough space for 100 fishing vessels".

The rest were on "Boston" and a couple of fishing vessels.

By November 15, 47 fishing vessels were still unaccounted for.

fishing vessel   (漁船)

The yacht at one time was used as a fishing vessel.

"Kalamalka" was sold in 1946 for conversion to a fishing vessel.

During the operation the two vessels collided and the fishing vessel sank.

fly fishing   (フライフィッシング)

He was a teacher in Missouri when he became interested in fly fishing.

The lake is a popular fly fishing site for both brown and rainbow trout.

The park offers fly fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, and other activities.

fishing port   (漁港)

Paspébiac was Quebec's first cod fishing port.

Only a small fishing port called Porto exists.

It is the first tuna fishing port in Africa.

fishing rights

The fishing rights are managed by Airdrie & District Angling Club since 1949.

Adams continued to work on the fishing rights issue, also lobbying representatives in Washington.

In 1823, the United Provinces of the River Plate granted fishing rights to Jorge Pacheco and Luis Vernet.

fishing grounds

The Seneca tribe used it as hunting and fishing grounds.

Silverpit crater is named after the Silver Pit fishing grounds in which it is located.

When the Japanese moved to other fishing grounds, Ainu kotan were also forced to accompany them.

fishing fleet   (漁船)

The fishing fleet was formerly based chiefly in Libreville.

Currently, the FIF represents over 90% of the Irish fishing fleet.

It sent the first Chinese fishing fleet to West African waters in 1985.

recreational fishing

Fishing including recreational fishing is done by visitors.

It has a beach for children, along with recreational fishing and crabbing areas.

Cycling and jogging are only common along the sea front, where recreational fishing is also popular.

sport fishing   (スポーツ釣り)

Cheney Reservoir is open for sport fishing year-round.

Loreto has a reputation as an excellent sport fishing location.

Other frequent activities are the observation of birds and sport fishing.

fishing community   (釣りコミュニティ)

Pakefield later developed as a fishing community.

Most of the people killed were members of the fishing community.

In the earlier part of the 20th century, Hubbards was a successful fishing community.

trout fishing

It is also recognized as one of the best trout fishing areas in the country.

Recreation includes trout fishing in the spring, and bass fishing in the summer.

The 5,100-hectare park holds two man-made trout fishing lakes, Tunkwa Lake and Leighton Lake.

small fishing village

Prior to the late 1990s Yenga was a small fishing village.

Engenes Engenes is a small fishing village in Ibestad Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway.

Las Bocas, Sonora Las Bocas is a small fishing village located in the south of the Mexican state of Sonora.

fishing nets   (漁網)

When manatees become tangled in fishing nets, they can damage them.

In Kiralakele, Sri Lanka, the people requested fishing nets and boats.

Anchors of ships and fishing nets can serve as carriers for "Caulerpa".

fishing trip

During a relaxing fishing trip, Elmer falls asleep.

He was disappointed as it was a fishing trip to Canada.

Jerry is adamant about his pledge to find the killer, and does not go on the fishing trip.

fishing and hunting

It is an attractive area for fishing and hunting.

The inhabitants lived on fishing and hunting.

Sentry Island is a popular place for fishing and hunting.

ice fishing

Handlining is also practiced by ice fishing anglers.

In winter visitors can go ice fishing for crappies, walleye, and bluegill.

During the winter and when ice conditions permit, ice fishing is a popular activity.

fishing villages

Samish fishing villages were present on Cypress until 1900.

Escuminac and surrounding fishing villages, especially Baie Ste.

Other major women fishing villages in Fujian include Hui'an and Meizhou Island.

salmon fishing

The Duff River is also popular for salmon fishing.

Patapédia river is known for its Atlantic salmon fishing.

The river is world-renowned for its Atlantic salmon fishing.

used for fishing

The canals are now often used for fishing competitions.

Traditionally the caïque was used for fishing and trawling.

It is currently used for fishing.

fishing trawler   (トロール漁船)

They hijacked the Indian fishing trawler "Kuber" and set sail for Mumbai.

While out on Porter's fishing trawler, they meet Porter's enemy, Dirk Moran (Jonathan Banks).

On 9 March 1995, the Coast Guard sent several vessels to detain the Spanish fishing trawler "Estai".

local fishing

Canada's largest inshore fishing vessel harbour is home to the local fishing fleet.

When these algal blooms occur, this compound poses a threat to the local fishing industry.

The local fishing industry along the affected coastline can suffer during long-lasting El Niño events.

fishing gear   (釣り道具)

The government also bought replacement fishing gear.

Other losses can occur through entanglement in fishing gear.

It is also a nuisance to fisheries as it tends to clog nets and fishing gear.

illegal fishing

They find a vessel carrying out an illegal fishing operation late at night.

The missions objective was to stop illegal fishing on the coast of Liberia.

The sea snail perlemoen abalone is targeted by illegal fishing and remain overfished.

such as fishing

Many traditional businesses, such as fishing and quarrying would not return.

He doesn't hunt himself, but does enjoy rural pursuits such as fishing and shooting.

Aside from the main game, players can also access minigames such as fishing and target shooting.

fishing line

Both stitches are done using either fishing line or nylon thread.

Usually attached to a fishing line, it can serve several purposes.

Bubble floats are small hollow balls which are used to control the fishing line.

popular fishing

It was named after a popular fishing spot on Oahu.

Pemberton Point Pier is a popular fishing location.

Now, it is a popular fishing ground.

fishing town   (漁業の町)

The fishing town of Hafun is located on the promontory, east of the sand spit.

"Sailor Song" is set in the near future in Kuinak, a small fishing town in Alaska.

Koyilandy, a small fishing town on the west coast of India, once made and exported hookahs extensively.

fishing pier   (釣り桟橋)

Part of the previous bridge was left in place, serving as a fishing pier.

This beautiful little community is home to Live Oak Park and a lovely fishing pier.

Now known as the James River Pier, it is the longest fishing pier on the East Coast.

farming and fishing

"Maeotae were engaged in farming and fishing.

Maeotae were engaged in farming and fishing.

go fishing

If I get to go fishing, I have to leave our county.

He should go fishing if he has nothing better to do.

As mentioned, they often go fishing as well.

fishing communities

Mann's early paintings from the 1880s are mainly of fishing communities in Yorkshire.

It exists to serve the coastal fishing communities of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Alutiiq people today live in coastal fishing communities, where they work in all aspects of the modern economy.

fishing season

The fishing season is from February 1 to September 30.

The heyday of the fishing season is between the last week of June and the second week of August.

During the fishing season, skippers use Sandeq to trap eggs from a series of coconut leaves and seaweed.

bass fishing

Kosuke Kanamaru He is a bass fishing enthusiast.

He is indeed, the father of bass fishing in this country.

Recreation includes trout fishing in the spring, and bass fishing in the summer.

boating and fishing

Recreation includes boating and fishing.

Subsequent dispersal is expected to be due to migrating waterfowl, watersheds, boating and fishing activities.

Recreation includes boating and fishing, and the site is surrounded by the southern tip of the Wenatchee National Forest.