next five years   (次の5年間)

The league took on 12 teams for the next five years.

He taught at the high school for the next five years.

Over the next five years, Chapman built a new Arsenal.

every five years   (5年ごと)

The census of lions takes place every five years.

After that, Parliament was elected every five years.

General elections are held at least every five years.

spent five years   (5年間過ごした)

She spent five years as a news producer for NBC-TV.

"I've spent five years trying to win this race.

After that he spent five years playing for Sliema Wanderers F.C.

scored five goals   (5つのゴールを獲得)

She played all five matches and scored five goals.

He played all seven matches and scored five goals.

first five years   (最初の5年間)

It also educated girls as well as boys its first five years.

Kaplan guarantees Purdue $10 million every year for the first five years.

In the first five years, the occupancy rate after purchase had been very low.

last five years   (過去5年間)

Her term was originally meant to last five years.

The 3R-LPG variant was made for the last five years.

Philip lived the last five years of his life in the Wijnendale Castle.

within five years

He further said that he believed this could be done within five years.

For instance, NAAFA found that 95-98% of diets fail within five years.

This was intended to be followed by negotiation of a complete settlement within five years.

scoring five goals

after scoring five goals in 21 matches.

Mitrović began the season in fine form, scoring five goals in six matches.

He appeared twelve times for the England under-21 team, scoring five goals.

past five years

Sehwag had captained the team for four of the past five years.

In the past five years Bihar has received only Rs.123.66 Crores in 2000–01, Rs.

Praveen (Buji) runs a musical orchestra (Saibaba orchestra) for the past five years.

first five games

The Saints started out winning three of their first five games.

He completed 10 or more passes in each of the first five games.

UConn started the season strong, winning their first five games.

made five appearances

O'Donnell made five appearances for the schools team.

He made five appearances for the under-17 side.

He made five appearances during his time with the club.

played five seasons

He played five seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles (1947–1951).

Reaves played five seasons for the Blue Bombers from 1983 to 1987.

He has played five seasons in the CFL and was named CFL All-Star in 2008.

least five years

For band NCOs with at least five years of service.

A shortage of funds, state and private, delayed reconstruction of Moscow by at least five years.

By at least five years later, a Y intersection had been constructed at the intersection with Randol Mill.

only five years   (わずか5年)

The Beta chapter existed for only five years, 1904- 1909.

Unlike the original, work on the building took only five years.

His son John was only five years old when his father was brutally murdered.

first five seasons

Throughout the first five seasons, the audience is told his name only once.

Once at Illinois he won three Big Ten titles in his first five seasons (1949, 1951, and 1952).

For the first five seasons, he was the lead blocker for another former Cornhusker, Roger Craig.

took five wickets

In three Tests, he scored 94 runs and took five wickets.

On his debut, he took five wickets in the second innings.

He took five wickets in an innings 8 times and ten wickets in a match once.

played five games

He played five games for the Chicago Orphans in .

In the second season, Union played five games.

He played five games that season, coming off the bench.

another five years   (さらに5年)

Lissner remained in Dahomey for another five years.

After that, she vanished for another five years.

Censors could, however, confirm a "princeps senatus" for a period of another five years.

all five matches

She played all five matches and scored five goals.

He played all five matches and scored three goals.

nearly five years   (ほぼ5年)

She survived him by nearly five years.

He retained his post as Minister of Energy for nearly five years.

He served nearly five years of active duty with the US Army 1st Armored Division.

almost five years

The musical ran successfully for almost five years, before closing in June 1999.

4) and their first upbeat single in almost five years, "Lady (You Bring Me Up)" (No.

There is no need to say how happy it was for us to meet again after almost five years of being apart.

previous five years

During the previous five years, Cran's estates had a mortality rate of 9.2%.

St Mary's reported £1.93 million in debts in 2008, as well as losses in four of the previous five years.

The plan, which had been prepared over the previous five years, suggested three changes for the subway system.

spent five weeks

He spent five weeks in Istanbul in 1850.

It also spent five weeks atop the U.S. adult contemporary chart.

The song spent five weeks at the top of Billboard's Alternative Songs chart.

spent five seasons

McKellar spent five seasons playing with Richmond.

Until 2006, they spent five seasons in Yugoslav First League.

He moved to Portugal in July 2004, where he spent five seasons with C.D.

played five matches

He played five matches and scored two goals.

He played five matches and scored one goal.

released five studio

To date, they have released five studio albums.

They have released five studio records and three 7" vinyl.

Between 1967 and 1975, Fältskog released five studio albums.

released five albums

Unikkatil has released five albums so far.

They have released five albums and a number of self-released EPs.

They debuted at Nattjazz in Bergen 1999 and have released five albums.

twenty five years

Perna and Michael Taccetta were sentenced to twenty five years each.

She had known how to bring peace and serenity to the "great man" for twenty five years.

Falcon's records were pressed by Tanner and Texas from inception for twenty five years.

following five years

Norway was invaded by Germany in 1940, and occupied for the following five years.

1 spot for the following five years, but when Vijay Singh won the PGA Championship in 2004 and with it took the No.

Disztl made his debut for the Hungarian national team in 1984, and won a further 36 caps in the following five years.

only five games   (たった5ゲーム)

The Lions released him after appearing in only five games in 2003.

He played only five games in 1991 and didn't feature at all in the 1992 AFL season.

The team failed to improve on their previous output of 9–7, winning only five games.

all five games

The team won all five games to earn the gold medal for the event.

The team won all five games, earning the Gold Medal for the event.

Dunderdale played in all five games of the series, scoring two points.

just five days   (たった5日間)

Van Horn was just five days short of his 16th birthday.

He had turned 21 just five days earlier.

Despite this he was released from the club just five days later.

next five seasons

However, in the next five seasons, he featured just eighteen times.

He remained a first team regular for them over the next five seasons.

In the next five seasons, he only won a total of five games in SEC play.

won five medals

He has won five medals in his career in the event.

Czechoslovakia won five medals at the Championships.

She won five medals at the 1958 and 1962 European Aquatics Championships.

just five years   (わずか5年)

The station thus got its fourth corporate owner in just five years.

and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in just five years.

This time the website attracted 325,000 valid users across eight countries in just five years.

within five minutes

However, the van returned within five minutes.

The alarm was raised at around 10:30, with the first crews arriving within five minutes.

Markopolos later said that he knew within five minutes that Madoff's numbers didn't add up.

top five riders

Below are the standings for the top five riders and constructors after round two has concluded.

Below are the standings for the top five riders and constructors after round ten has concluded.

only five months   (たった5ヶ月)

A job in which he lasted only five months before the faced the sack.

Their only child, a son named George, born 1841, lived only five months.

He was released after only five months, in which he played in just two games.

took five years

The construction took five years, and lasted from 2000 to 2005.

Construction took five years.

The novel, which took five years to write, was serialized in the "Revue de Paris" in 1856.

top five goaltenders

Only the top five goaltenders, based on save percentage with a minimum 40% of the team's ice time.

Only the top five goaltenders, based on save percentage, who have played 40% of their team's minutes are included in this list.

first five days

Over 90,000 people applied in the first five days for the 150 tickets.

It earned an estimated P11,738,087 on its first five days well ahead of "I Do Bidoo Bidoo".

"Toy Story"s first five days of domestic release (on Thanksgiving weekend), earned the film $39.1 million.

approximately five miles

Rockett is located on FM 813, approximately five miles northeast of Waxahachie.

Ceresco is situated on the Kalamazoo River approximately five miles west of downtown Marshall.

The geographic center of Michigan is approximately five miles (8.05 km) north-northwest of Cadillac.

only five days   (たった5日間)

on July 15, 1983, lasted only five days, closing on July 19.

He got his debut for FC Nordsjælland only five days later at the age of 18.

The absence of such construction stems from the fact this action in federal court was commenced only five days after the statute became law.

next five months

The next five months were spent sealing on the pack ice of the Barents Sea.

He deployed with the division to England in January 1944 and spent next five months with intensive ground training.

Sparrow were so well received that over the next five months, they commuted back and forth between Toronto and New York.

last five games   (最後の5ゲーム)

He started the last five games of the season for the Bengals.

Over the last five games, all of which were losses for the Braves, the team managed to score only seven runs.

The side remained in 14th place for the last five games of the season, where they finished with 15 wins, eight draws and 19 losses.

first five months

In the first five months of the year, more than 1,800 people had been hospitalized.

The first five months he spent in preaching and ministering to the sick in the hospitals.

However, he would spend the first five months out of action, due to a recurrent leg injury.

next five games

Bouncing back, Buffalo won their next five games.

His injury sidelined him for the next five games (Weeks 5–9).

Kitsap rebounded with victories in its next five games to take a commanding lead in the Northwest Division.

within five days

HQ ACE Mobile Force (Land) was deployed within five days.

Reybold agreed to report back to the congressman within five days.

The video went viral and received over 400,000 hits within five days.

top five teams

The top five teams received byes to the quarterfinals.

Like in 2011, parity reigned, with the top five teams being separated by three games.

The top five teams after the round-robin tournament join the hosts in the final round.

won five consecutive

During that time he won five consecutive Connacht medals and two National League medals.

With University College Cork O'Connor won five consecutive Fitzgibbon Cup winners' medals.

At club level Sheehy won five consecutive county club championship winners' medals with John Mitchels.

spent five months

Prince Carol II spent five months touring India in 1920.

Bruno spent five months there and baptized some thirty adults.

Chaplin spent five months on his next film, the two-reeler "The Idle Class".