İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

forced to flee   (kaçmaya zorlandı)

He was forced to flee to British-controlled New York.

Because of this, Dostum was forced to flee to Turkey.

flee the country   (ülkeden kaçmak)

This rampant antisemitism caused Jews to flee the country.

Boswell's response to these allegations was to flee the country.

To avoid prosecution he was prompted to flee the country to Monaco.

attempted to flee   (kaçmaya teşebbüs)

Dogs were used to hunt down natives who attempted to flee.

Dioguardi attempted to flee so that his photograph would not be taken.

The crews then gathered on a tugboat and attempted to flee to the Black Sea.

tried to flee   (kaçmaya çalıştı)

Ventura tried to flee but was shot down.

Etxebarrieta was chased down and killed as he tried to flee.

The villagers tried to flee or hide.

managed to flee   (kaçmayı başardı)

With her help, he managed to flee to Paris in 1966, where he remained.

Others managed to flee abroad.

The assailant then managed to flee the scene and no arrests have been made.

attempting to flee   (kaçmaya çalışmak)

He said that they discharged the ministerial policemen for negligence and attempting to flee.

With that in hand, he, Ivan, and Hank head outside to confront Michael, who is attempting to flee.

Osamu and Nobuyo attract the attention of the police and are caught after attempting to flee with Yuri and Aki.

attempts to flee

Horne attempts to flee but is restrained and handcuffed.

She screams in terror and attempts to flee.

The family attempts to flee the house, but cannot find Jessica.

attempt to flee   (kaçmaya teşebbüs)

He did not attempt to flee, and was quickly captured by a local militia.

Platt then entered the Grogan/Dove car in an apparent attempt to flee the scene.

Desha complied, showed no emotion when viewing Baker's body, and did not attempt to flee although left unguarded in the house.

trying to flee   (kaçmaya çalışmak)

This was one of the areas where the Iraqis were trying to flee Kuwait.

Hera sent a gadfly to madden the heifer, and Io roamed the world trying to flee it.

Men were hanged, whilst many others are said to have drowned trying to flee across the sea to Scotland.

flee the city   (şehirden kaçmak)

Candide and the two women flee the city, heading to the Americas.

The children become separated in the confusion as inhabitants flee the city.

There was an uprising by the population which forced Gregory VIII to flee the city.

flee back   (geri kaçmak)

Chen himself was able to flee back to Liang.

Maeve finds she cannot control the hosts, and they flee back underground.

Jeff is impaled by the killer, and Courtney and Amy flee back to the house.