fleet consists   (艦隊で構成)

The current fleet consists of 31 articulated cars.

The Skymax fleet consists of the following aircraft:

The current active fleet consists of:

fleet consisted   (艦隊から成っていた)

In December 2014, the fleet consisted of 65 buses.

As at May 2015, the fleet consisted of 797 buses.

As at June 2013 the fleet consisted of 87 buses.

entire fleet   (艦隊全体)

In 2011 Upper Lakes Shipping sold its entire fleet to Algoma Central.

Their entire fleet, under both consuls, attacked Panormus early in the year.

From 2005 to 2006 the airline replaced its entire fleet, introducing the current 767s.

small fleet   (小艦隊)

They operate a small fleet of Roewe all-electric taxis.

They bring a small fleet, and a few hundred skilled soldiers.

It consists of a small fleet, including its flagship HMBS "Trident".

large fleet   (大艦隊)

The Cossacks developed a large fleet of fast, light vessels.

A large fleet name and a greyhound logo was applied in white.

It is a large fleet, 1, 2, 5, no 100 boats I think", the king retorted.

fishing fleet   (漁船)

The fishing fleet was formerly based chiefly in Libreville.

Currently, the FIF represents over 90% of the Irish fishing fleet.

It sent the first Chinese fishing fleet to West African waters in 1985.

invasion fleet   (侵略艦隊)

Four days later, on May 29 the invasion fleet departed.

April and May were used for training with the invasion fleet.

Their goal was to head north through Surigao Strait and attack the invasion fleet off Leyte.

fleet sailed   (船団)

On March 15, 1606 this fleet sailed from Pintados.

The fleet sailed back towards Genoa, with Clement unable to pay it.

Eventually, the Persian fleet sailed to Halicarnassus, in order to establish a new defense.

new fleet   (新艦隊)

A new fleet of vessels was acquired.

A new fleet of buses tailored for this system has been purchased from a Brazilian firm.

A £570 insurance claim was made, a new shed opened only months later and a new fleet ordered.

merchant fleet   (商船隊)

The merchant fleet and factories were destroyed.

The Japanese merchant fleet lost 80% of their ships.

Denmark has a large merchant fleet relative to its size.

fleet included   (含まれる艦隊)

The JES Air fleet included the following aircraft:

Unusually, the Porto fleet included double-deck trolleybuses.

The eventual fleet included three coast-guard rated boats and 5 vessels total.

fleet maneuvers   (艦隊の操縦)

Division during the annual fleet maneuvers that year.

In September 1902, "Zieten" participated in the final exercises during the annual fleet maneuvers.

For the next 14 months "Hollister" engaged in training exercises and fleet maneuvers along the West Coast.

naval fleet   (海軍艦隊)

They are the largest surface warships in Israel's naval fleet.

The Mongol naval fleet was totally destroyed and Omar was captured.

The naval fleet rapidly attained victory in Vân Đồn near Hạ Long Bay.

operates a fleet   (艦隊を運営)

Alpha Fire Company operates a fleet of 19 vehicles.

It operates a fleet of twelve Boeing 767 cargo aircraft.

The H. Vogemann Group in Hamburg, Germany operates a fleet of 19 bulk carriers.

fleet arrived   (艦隊が到着した)

The Portuguese fleet arrived, and the Castilians were attacked.

The fleet arrived off Fedhala early in the morning of 8 November.

The British fleet arrived at Baltimore between September 11 and 13.

main fleet   (主艦隊)

A "fleet carrier" is intended to operate with the main fleet and usually provides an offensive capability.

Originally, there were to have been eight APT-P sets running, with minimal differences between them and the main fleet.

"Musashi", which was also stationed at Chempulo, was not to join the patrol but instead accompany the main fleet at Gunsan.

fleet exercises   (フリート演習)

Further fleet exercises were held off Cuba from 12 January to 10 February.

"Stosch" arrived in Wilhelmshaven on 13 August, in time for the fleet exercises that year.

After amphibious and fleet exercises on the west coast, she departed San Diego on 6 January 1947 bound for Japan.

bus fleet   (バスフリート)

In January 1992, PRBL started its bus fleet rehabilitation.

The bus fleet includes: Some bus artifacts are present in the station.

Besides subway cars, the museum has a sizable vintage bus fleet of retired buses.

battle fleet   (戦闘艦隊)

This was the first news that Beatty and Jellicoe had that Scheer and his battle fleet were even at sea.

A navy now had the potential to destroy a superior enemy battle fleet using steam launches to fire torpedoes.

By 18:30, the main battle fleet action was joined for the first time, with Jellicoe effectively "crossing Scheer's T".

joined the fleet   (艦隊に参加しました)

and joined the fleet in 1965, followed by in 1967.

The DC-3 and the Beechcraft Model 18 joined the fleet in 1946.

In the 1960s, a number of Baku-built BTL-62 vehicles joined the fleet.

fleet includes   (艦隊が含まれています)

As of December 2012 the Republic Express Airlines fleet includes:

The bus fleet includes: Some bus artifacts are present in the station.

Their fleet includes Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain, and Airbus 320 aircraft.

fleet during   (中の艦隊)

Russia employed part of the fleet during the 2008 Georgian conflict.

suffered only relatively light losses to its fleet during World War II.

The Volvo Ailsa double deck bus became standard in the Tayside fleet during the 1970s and 1980s.

fleet off   (フリートオフ)

"Idaho" joined the fleet off Hampton Roads on 3 January for war games.

In 1807, "Confiance" was part of Admiral Sidney Smith's fleet off Portugal.

Their goal was to head north through Surigao Strait and attack the invasion fleet off Leyte.

fleet review   (フリートレビュー)

Celebrations included a fleet review by president Mary Robinson.

She took part in the fleet review held at Spithead on 16 August 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII.

reserve fleet   (予備艦隊)

Destroyer Squadron Fifteen was founded in 1920 as a reserve fleet unit.

Following the war, "Llewellyn" became the guard ship for the Royal Canadian Navy reserve fleet at Halifax.

"Orca" then was decommissioned on 31 October 1947 and joined the reserve fleet in San Francisco, California.

fleet of ships   (艦隊)

A fleet of ships and planes are sent to rescue F.P.1.

He grew his business into a fleet of ships by the 1960s.

On 9 April Teach's enlarged fleet of ships looted and burnt "Protestant Caesar".

operated a fleet   (艦隊を運営)

The airline operated a fleet of three Boeing 720s.

Donald Bethune operated a fleet of eight steamships out of Toronto harbour.

The PCG operated a fleet of 12 former Republic of Singapore Navy Coastal Patrol Craft (CPC).

own fleet   (自艦隊)

Later that year, the Group acquired its own fleet of Аn-24 aircraft.

It mainly traded on the Danish colonies with its own fleet of merchant ships.

Cleopatra took her own fleet to Greece to personally assist Octavian and Antony.

fleet commander   (艦隊司令官)

Nearchus, the fleet commander, proposed Heracles, the illegitimate son of Alexander by his Persian mistress Barsine, be made king.

In 1499 Vespucci joined an expedition licensed by Spain and led by Alonso de Ojeda as fleet commander and Juan de la Cosa as chief navigator.

In 1499, Vespucci joined an expedition in the service of Spain with Alonso de Ojeda as fleet commander and Juan de la Cosa as chief navigator.

combined fleet   (複合艦隊)

Homer said that the combined fleet with Pellene and Hyperesia totaled 100 ships.

The combined fleet now consisted of 12 ships of the line, 11 frigates and many smaller vessels.

This was not necessary as the combined fleet sailed to defeat at the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805.

fleet carriers   (フリートキャリア)

Italy operates two light fleet carriers and Spain operates one.

During World War II, these ships would become known as fleet carriers.

While no major Allied warships were lost, several fleet carriers were severely damaged.

treasure fleet   (宝艦隊)

In 1628 a Dutch fleet led by Admiral Piet Hein had captured a Spanish treasure fleet.

Instead, while Columbus's ships sheltered at the mouth of the Rio Jaina, the first Spanish treasure fleet sailed into the hurricane.

For generations, Englishmen had contemplated capturing the Spanish treasure fleet, a feat that had only been accomplished once, in 1628, by the Dutch.

largest fleet   (最大の艦隊)

This was the largest fleet of Bedford SB buses in the world.

The CPR went on to acquire the second largest fleet of RDCs totalling 52 cars.

By April 2018, it was operating the largest fleet of Tempos in the United Kingdom with 27.

enemy fleet   (敵艦隊)

Defenses are built to defend a planet against an attacking enemy fleet.

France switches sides just before the battle, and the enemy fleet is turned away.

The Dutch and English forces in the Battle of Vigo destroyed the enemy fleet in the harbor of Vigo.

vehicle fleet   (車両隊)

A multi-purpose vehicle (MZF) completes the vehicle fleet.

In 2005 the city's vehicle fleet had 6,000 alternative fuel and 70 electric vehicles.

Farmer was also criticized for his management of the agriculture department's vehicle fleet.