İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first flew   (ilk uçtu)

The RQ-21A Integrator first flew on 28 July 2012.

The Atlas SLV-3 meanwhile first flew in August 1964.

The single prototype first flew on 10 September 1944.

squadron flew   (filo uçtu)

On some days the squadron flew up to 150 sorties.

The squadron flew the British Boston III light bomber.

A week later, the squadron flew its first combat missions.

aircraft flew   (uçak uçtu)

An hour later a patrol of five aircraft flew across the front.

This aircraft flew 83 test flights, and is preserved at Le Bourget.

The aircraft flew for the first time on September 9, 2006 in a test flight.

flew back   (geri uçtu)

Babbitt flew back to Phoenix believing that he had averted violence.

Urdiales returned his rental car the same day and flew back to Illinois.

On 3 August 1929, Ferencváros flew back to Montevideo where they lost to Peñarol 2–0.

then flew   (sonra uçtu)

Eielson and Wilkins then flew it to Barrow.

Cheonjiwang then flew away on his golden, dragon-led chariot.

Abedin then flew from Dhaka to London.

race flew   (yarış uçtu)

Back to green on lap 379 and the fifth caution of the race flew when avid Ragan spun in turn three, and Kyle Larson won the free pass under the caution.

The race went back under green on lap 398 and the sixth caution of the race flew for debris in turn 3 after Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spun in the wall, sending the race into overtime.

The race restarted on lap 7, The second caution of the race flew on lap 82 when Martin Truex, Jr. spun out, Truex was running second to Harvick when his right front tire blew entering Turn 4.

flew its first

Kest 3 flew its first combat missions on 30 April 1917.

Jasta 58 flew its first war patrols on 17 February 1918.

A week later, the squadron flew its first combat missions.

flew missions

With VF-24, Bull flew missions during Operation Southern Watch.

Sherrill flew missions throughout Europe and in the Middle East.

These aircraft flew missions until January 1970 manned by Portuguese ex-military pilots.

flew combat   (savaş uçtu)

He then flew combat missions over North Africa, where he was shot down.

The 88th flew combat missions in the China Burma India Theater from, 1 October 1943 – 28 April 1945.

The 90th flew combat missions in the China Burma India Theater from 16 September 1943 – 29 April 1945.

flew off

He escaped with the power of invisibility and flew off.

The piece flew off, and he searched throughout the dojo for it.

When turned it on, the leaf blower flew off the contraption but left Witz sitting in the chair.

flew on lap

Johnson continued to lead on the restart, but the sixth caution flew on lap 205 as Jamie McMurray and Kurt Busch got together.

The first caution flew on lap 5 for a multi-car wreck involving Chase Elliott, William Byron, Martin Truex, Jr., Daniel Suárez, A.J.

Kurt Busch led the field to green at 2:10 p.m., and the first caution flew on lap 4 when Austin Dillon, Daniel Suárez, Paul Menard and Alex Bowman were involved in an accident in turn four.

flew more

The aircraft often flew three to four flights weekly and several times flew more than once a day.

Major General O’Mara accumulated 3,673 flying hours and flew more than 170 combat missions in Southeast Asia.

He flew more than 100 missions as a jet fighter pilot and received the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery.

group flew

The group flew with Fighter Command in operations against the .

The group flew routine tactical airlift missions in the western states.

The group flew antisubmarine patrols along the Pacific coast after the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

flew its last   (son uçtu)

The Group flew its last combat mission on 20 April 1945.

It flew its last mission on 13 April 1945.

The 355th Fighter Group flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945.

prototype flew

The second prototype flew first in April or May 1936.

The first prototype flew on December 8, 1962.

The first prototype flew on 26 June 2009.