top flight   (トップフライト)

He totalled 427 appearances in Spain's top flight.

Their golden age in top flight Hurling ended in 1932.

Lig may be promoted to the top flight KTFF Süper Lig.

first flight   (初飛行)

The Lie-Fang made its first flight on 10 May 1958.

Tentatively, its first flight is planned for 2020.

The first flight of the A400M took place in 2009.

flight training   (飛行訓練)

Punch also managed six flight training schools.

World War I ended while Eielson was in flight training.

It operates T-38 Talon aircraft conducting flight training.

flight deck   (フライトデッキ)

A new flight deck based on the 777's would be used.

NS "Elephant" has a large flight deck but no hangar.

This reduced the length of the flight deck by .

maiden flight   (処女便)

The J-20 took its maiden flight in January 2011.

The aircraft crashed on takeoff on its maiden flight.

The 747-8F made its maiden flight on February 8, 2010.

flight crew   (航空機搭乗員)

The flight crew consisted of two pilots and a cabin attendant.

These are all used to provide imagery and information to the flight crew.

Memorials to the flight crew of CCCP-09303 were built in Moscow and Lima.

test flight   (試験飛行)

The type's first test flight occurred on March 20, 2011.

The last test flight occurred in 2011.

During a 1938 test flight, the Alcor prototype went out of control.

flight hours   (飛行時間)

Notably, it has exceeded the milestone of 400,000 flight hours.

He had 4,710 flight hours, including 3,082 hours on the CRJ-100.

It had accrued a total of 188 flight hours and 136 flight cycles.

flight attendant   (客室乗務員)

Gray worked for 23 years as a flight attendant, living in Los Angeles.

He has also worked as a flight attendant before becoming a full-time author.

AFA represents the flight attendant bargaining unit at the following airlines:

flight test   (飛行試験)

The flight test XF7-10's testing started in 2002.

The seven-hour flight test was considered a success.

The latest flight test occurred on 26 December 2018.

flight control   (飛行制御)

In this configuration, the flight control systems must simulate "feel".

Side-sticks or conventional flight control yokes can be used to fly FBW aircraft.

The lighting of the runway can be remotely controlled from the flight control tower.

flight operations   (フライトオペレーション)

Subsequently flight operations are moved back to Williams Field.

A resumption of flight operations has not yet been finalized by SpiceJet.

The ship was not badly damaged, but flight operations had to be suspended.

flight testing   (飛行試験)

They were extended to full size after flight testing.

The AH-1Z completed sea-trial flight testing in May 2005.

The vehicle is undergoing flight testing.

space flight   (宇宙飛行)

STS-93 was Coleman's second space flight in 1999.

Ercoli has considerable experience in space flight dynamics.

The company did not announce the carrier for the supposed space flight.

flight of stairs   (ひと続きの階段)

He was found after having fallen down a flight of stairs.

The flight of stairs led up to the castle.

"Smash Into You" was performed on top of a flight of stairs.

flight time   (飛行時間)

FAR Part 61.51(e) Logging pilot-in-command flight time.

The program was curtailed when the air-frame ran out of flight time.

The flight time by helicopter or sea plane is approximately 40 minutes.

flight instructor   (フライトインストラクター)

During World War II, he served as a flight instructor.

Her second husband, Pat, was once her flight instructor.

He was the youngest flight instructor in German service.

flight path   (飛行経路)

A map of the flight path and waypoints were also shown in the simulation.

Misplacement of fletchings can change the arrow's flight path dramatically.

Motion of the vehicle along the flight path gives the horizontal increments.

flight engineer   (フライトエンジニア)

The flight engineer shut down the engine.

The flight engineer could also stand next to the pilot, and often did.

He served as flight engineer.

flight attendants   (客室乗務員)

AFA's membership rose to 55,000 flight attendants.

The flight also had four flight attendants on board.

AFA was founded in 1945 by flight attendants at United Airlines.

flight tests   (飛行試験)

The prototype was used for subsequent flight tests.

The accident put a halt to flight tests, and a lengthy investigation began.

By February 2019, its PW812D variants had accumulated 120h of flight tests.

during flight   (飛行中)

The pilot used a hydration drink during flight.

From now on, the undercarriage would be retracted during flight.

Of equal importance was the failure of three engines during flight.

flight lieutenant   (飛行中li)

McGhee later became a flight lieutenant in the RAF.

He was promoted to flight lieutenant on 20 January 1943.

He was promoted to flight lieutenant on 3 September 1940.

flight school   (航空学校)

MFC is the largest private flight school in Canada.

It is the official flight school of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Her flight school was located in Selma.

flight commander   (飛行司令官)

The general has served as a T-37 instructor pilot and F-15 flight commander.

He would later become a flight commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron.

He was appointed a flight commander with the temporary rank of captain on 24 August 1918.

flight simulator   (フライトシミュレータ)

The base is home to the only flight simulator in the Lebanese military.

Landing (series) Landing is a series of arcade flight simulator video games by Taito.

Movement is akin to that of a combat flight simulator, though restricted to the ground.

passenger flight   (旅客便)

During his first passenger flight, the wings ice over, and Colin crashes and dies.

In 1944, Davis filed an application to run a passenger flight service in the southeast.

Flight 171 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Bombay (Mumbai) to Madras (Chennai).

flight feathers   (飛行羽)

Specimens of "Archaeopteryx" were most notable for their well-developed flight feathers.

In passerines, flight feathers are replaced one at a time with the innermost being the first.

The flight feathers on perched European buzzards are always brown in the nominate subspecies ("B. b. buteo").

flight of steps   (ステップの飛行)

It is excavated at a higher level and has to be reached by a flight of steps.

Sri Aladi Viniayagar is installed mid-way to the flight of steps leading to uphill.

Access to the platform from the station building is by means of a short flight of steps.

flight took   (飛行にかかった)

The first flight took place on October 31, 1917.

This daring flight took place on the Sabbath.

The first flight took place on 24 July 2002.

during the flight   (飛行中)

Passengers were given personal AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) systems to use during the flight.

The constellations Leo and Orion are shown in the positions they were in relative to the Sun during the flight.

Donna, aroused by at last being up in an airplane, eagerly begins to ravish the nervous Birkhead during the flight.

flight data   (飛行データ)

Both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered.

On the other hand, all the data from the flight data recorder, which used a solid-state drive, was recovered.

The cockpit voice recorder was to retrieve any information, though the flight data recorder yielded useful information.

white flight   (白い飛行)

Over a 60-year period, white flight occurred in the city.

During the 1950s–70s, suburbanization and white flight from urban areas led to a significant demographic shift.

Kerrigan joined the white flight to the suburbs caused by school busing, moving to Quincy, Massachusetts in 1978.

flight between   (間の飛行)

There are direct flight between Madrid and San Pedro Sula with Air Europa.

In 2017 there it is a civilian weekly flight between Assab and Massawa international Airport.

He died of heart attack aged 73 on February 17, 1979 on a flight between New York City and San Diego.

powered flight   (パワードフライト)

It conducts powered flight training for Air Force Academy cadets.

SpaceshipTwo reached supersonic speeds in this first powered flight.

On 5 September 2013, the second powered flight was made by SpaceShipTwo.

last flight   (最終便)

This was the last flight flown by a Bristol Freighter.

Its last flight was launched late at night on 1 October 1916.

This was the highest and last flight of the original airframe design.

level flight   (水平飛行)

In mutual displays, a pair may follow each other at in level flight.

The Skystreak reached Mach 0.99 in level flight, but only flew supersonic in a dive.

In 1947, he became the first pilot in history confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.

commercial flight   (商業飛行)

This was not a commercial flight: all the passengers were BA employees.

The first commercial flight managed by the new entity was Spacenet F1 launched on 23 May 1984.

After being sent home from the road trip, Koenecke caught a commercial flight for New York City.

second flight   (第二便)

It was the second flight of the PSLV in the QL configuration.

Effenberg stayed on in the second flight, winning promotion back at the first attempt.

For the second flight the landing gear was retracted, and no vibration was observed at the same speed.

hours of flight   (飛行時間)

The crankshaft had 20 hours of flight time on it at the time of failure.

He had logged 16,000 hours of flight time when he left Air France in 1957.

The first Sport Jet built crashed on takeoff after logging 23.8 hours of flight time.

flight controls   (飛行制御)

It has quadruple-redundant fly-by-wire flight controls.

The J series restored the co-pilot's seat and dual flight controls.

The H had a modified cockpit with single flight controls operated by pilot.

flight plan   (フライトプラン)

This altered the flight plan.

19:45 – McClellan called for flight plan and altitude required from last position to Mather.

A valid flight plan must include a legal flight level at which the aircraft will travel the airway.

scheduled flight   (定期便)

The last scheduled flight departed on 30 September 1959.

BS-211 was a regularly scheduled flight that operated four times a week between the two cities.

The first scheduled flight operated by Czechoslovak Airlines departed from Kbely for Bratislava in October 1923.

return flight   (帰りのフライト)

Her return flight left Sydney eight days later.

On the return flight, the aircraft is falling to pieces.

His return flight from Bojnik to Bari marked the end of the Operation Ratweek.

transatlantic flight   (大西洋横断飛行)

They made plans to begin the transatlantic flight from the Dominion of Newfoundland.

On 10 January 2006, the A380 made its first transatlantic flight to Medellín in Colombia.

He captured the only photograph of the start of Douglas Corrigan's "accidental" transatlantic flight.

down a flight   (飛行中)

He was found after having fallen down a flight of stairs.

April confronts Pearl, and pushes her down a flight of stairs.

Two years before, my mother and I fell down a flight of stairs.

final flight   (最終便)

The final flight to land was PF596 from Málaga to Copenhagen.

"We're incredibly proud to represent the final flight," noted the commander, Chris Ferguson.

After 17,000 flight test hours, the final flight for the SDD phase was completed in April 2018.

flight simulators   (フライトシミュレーター)

It is the same reason pilots train with flight simulators.

Along with its sequels, IL-2 Sturmovik is considered one of the leading World War II flight simulators.

Various flight simulators can use these monitor setups to create an artificial cockpit with more realistic interfaces.

capable of flight   (飛行可能)

They are macropterous and capable of flight.

flight control system   (飛行制御システム)

A digital fly-by-wire flight control system can be extended from its analog counterpart.

This is the simplest and earliest configuration of an analog fly-by-wire flight control system.

The F-14 CADC was a ground-breaking integrated flight control system developed by Garrett AiResearch.

flight rules   (フライトルール)

There is no Instrument landing System - ILS, instead visual flight rules - VFR apply.

While flying in actual IMC the pilots must be properly rated and follow instrument flight rules.

Before reaching the inner marker the aircraft descended out of the clouds and the crew switched to visual flight rules (VFR).

flight crews   (乗務員)

The training of maintenance personnel and flight crews is simplified.

The primary purpose of the base was to train navigators for flight crews serving in the European Theatre.

With the airport terminals between the two aircraft as the takeoffs began, the flight crews could not initially see each other.

flight took place   (フライトが行われました)

The first flight took place on October 31, 1917.

This daring flight took place on the Sabbath.

The first flight took place on 24 July 2002.

solo flight   (単独飛行)

This was the first solo flight to Australia since the end of the war.

A gifted natural pilot, Voss flew his first solo flight on 28 September.

He began flying at 16 after selling his motorcycle, and did his first solo flight at 17.

flight back   (フライトバック)

The SAS men were able to return to Chile, and took a civilian flight back to the UK.

Owing to the heavy London traffic he is delayed and misses his flight back to the States.

On 29 May, Yorke had a "breakdown" and begged tour manager Tim Greaves to book him a flight back to England.

direct flight   (直行便)

The males fly in rapid zigzag patterns, but are capable of direct flight.

There are direct flight between Madrid and San Pedro Sula with Air Europa.

This direct flight allows travelers to visit the regency's capital Gunung Sitoli.

training flight   (訓練飛行)

The aircraft was on a training flight at the time.

The first training flight was made in December 2010.

Two F-16s from the wing collided during a training flight on 15 October 2009.

flight simulation   (飛行シミュレーション)

The website is popular within the video game genre of flight simulation.

It is the follow-up to the flight simulation "Red Baron", released in 1990.

The site began listing news items from the flight simulation industry in 1999, and has been doing so ever since.

flight characteristics   (飛行特性)

Usually a pro carries 1–7 putters depending on their flight characteristics.

Different boomerang designs have different flight characteristics and are suitable for different conditions.

When jumping from high mountains, BASE jumpers will often use special clothing to improve control and flight characteristics in the air.

free flight   (フリーフライト)

He said later this was a crutch because he lacked confidence; he did not yet trust "free flight".

On their free flight, De Rozier and d'Arlandes took buckets of water and sponges to douse these fires as they arose.

Paramotor wings have evolved specifically for use with power propulsion, as compared with free flight 'paraglider' wings.

supersonic flight   (超音速飛行)

Navy research program for transonic and supersonic flight.

Aft-swept wing settings are used in high subsonic and supersonic flight.

The B-58 Hustler was the first operational jet bomber capable of Mach 2 supersonic flight.

flight data recorder   (フライトデータレコーダー)

Both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered.

On the other hand, all the data from the flight data recorder, which used a solid-state drive, was recovered.

The cockpit voice recorder was to retrieve any information, though the flight data recorder yielded useful information.

primary flight   (一次飛行)

The outputs controlled the primary flight controls, wing sweep, the F-14's leading edge "glove", and the flaps.

The controls are a triple-redundant primary flight control unit, plus a dissimilar backup flight control unit and a joystick control.

RVNAF flight crews would undergo 1 month of preflight training followed by 3 months of primary flight training with a total of 80 flying hours.

combat flight   (戦闘飛行)

Movement is akin to that of a combat flight simulator, though restricted to the ground.

"Independence Day" is a combat flight simulator video game based on the 1996 film of the same name.

It is a combat flight simulator in which the player controls an aircraft to protect refugees from enemy forces.

take flight   (飛行機に乗る)

A tour of birds, dreams, and women who take flight.

Males typically take flight before the females.

In September and October the adults take flight and produce eggs.

flight across   (横切る)

Wilkin's flight across the Arctic was hailed as one of the greatest in aviation.

In 1927, Abercrombie & Fitch outfitted Charles Lindbergh for his historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

He is best known for accompanying Jean-Pierre Blanchard on his 1785 balloon flight across the English Channel.

charter flight   (チャーター便)

On Saturday 30 May 2009 the airline's first charter flight took place.

Førdefly never received a concession to operate scheduled services; instead it flew a daily charter flight to Bergen Airport.

Each operator of a scheduled or charter flight uses an airline call sign when communicating with airports or air traffic control centres.

reconnaissance flight   (偵察飛行)

Operations during the second day began with a reconnaissance flight by a Sukhoi Su-25.

ATS members took a reconnaissance flight over the township in an RNZAF UH-1H Iroquois helicopter.

The aircraft had been flying on a routine weather reconnaissance flight from its base at Oldenburg in Germany.

aircraft flight   (航空機の飛行)

This was the first aircraft flight ever to be completely powered by propfan engines.

A. D. McCurdy from the frozen ice of Bras d'Or made the first aircraft flight in Canada.

where formula_11 is the angle offset between the antenna position and the aircraft flight trajectory.

capital flight   (資本飛行)

About 60% of capital flight from Africa is from improper transfer pricing.

Such capital flight from the developing world is estimated at ten times the size of aid it receives and twice the debt service it pays.

An economic depression that began in 1972 was exacerbated by capital flight, plummeting private investment, and withdrawal of bank deposits in response to Allende's socialist program.

inaugural flight   (初飛行)

On 29 March 2009, Boliviana of Aviación (Boa) made its inaugural flight.

The inaugural flight to Tarija was made from El Alto International Airport.

"Columbia" was the first space-worthy orbiter, and made its inaugural flight in 1981.