Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

flood control   (control de inundaciones)

The trail is part of the local flood control system.

It's one of sixteen flood control projects in the area.

It impounds the West River of Vermont for flood control.

flood plain   (llanura de inundación)

The entrance to the Garden is an open space, like the Sepik flood plain.

It is set on slightly higher ground in the flood plain of the upper Bristol Avon.

The Howse River is a corded river, with several streams crossing in its flood plain.

flood waters   (aguas de inundación)

Rather, they may have been built to divert flood waters.

Thousands of hectares of croplands were inundated by flood waters.

A quarter of Grand Cayman remained submerged by flood waters two days later.

flash flood   (inundación repentina)

A flash flood in 1946 also destroyed 19th century documents.

Ten people were killed by a flash flood and landslide in Laibin and Hengxian.

For example, if there is a flash flood it would not matter how prepared you are.

flood damage   (daños por inundación)

In Volusia County, 1,236 buildings reported flood damage.

After 2002 the routes became impassable due to flood damage.

It closed in 2017, due to flood damage from Hurricane Harvey.

flood plains   (llanuras de inundación)

The plant grows on open sandy flood plains, most commonly in mildly saline areas.

On the flood plains of the Yellow River, agriculture is the primary form of industry.

Seasonal floods regularly overwhelm riverbanks and deposit nutrients on adjacent flood plains.

flood protection   (protección contra inundaciones)

It allowed the use of shorter sheet piles, and reduced overall flood protection reliability.

A modern dam, Alakır Barajı, was constructed upstream for irrigation purposes and flood protection.

The Corps of Engineers was responsible for building flood control reservoirs and flood protection levees.

major flood   (gran inundación)

In September 2015, Farini suffered a major flood due to heavy rain.

The storm then caused major flood in Luoding, People's Republic of China.

The last major flood was in 1981, where the river flooded 2700 homes and of land.

flood water   (agua de inundación)

With flood water, sand comes in force and gets deposited on the land.

Crossings over any dry channel which might carry flood water is included.

This may result in substantial erosion as flood water cuts a gully on the side of road.

flood stage   (etapa de inundación)

This is nearly above the flood stage.

The area forms a water divide, more dramatically at regional flood stage.

Several rivers from Florida to New York approached or exceeded flood stage.

flood relief   (alivio de inundaciones)

Rewi Alley carried out flood relief in Honghu 1932.

Prajamandalam formed a "flood relief committee" during that time.

Wheldon went on to win, and Chip Ganassi Racing donated their race winnings from both cars to Iowa flood relief.

great flood   (gran inundación)

The original village was destroyed by the great flood of 1364.

The great flood of 1964 damaged the spa and bridge to the spa.

What was left of the nunnery was washed away by a great flood in about 1769.

flood victims   (víctimas de la inundación)

Dr. Sarma, at personal risk, helped save a lot of flood victims during the floods in Warangal.

Come Again Another Day" with money raised from the sale of the book being donated to local flood victims.

After the floodwaters had receded, a charity event was held at the Leichhardt Hotel in Taroom to raise money for flood victims.

fire or flood   (fuego o inundación)

Act 1 included 10 exceptions, including: increasing pension costs, increases in special education costs, a catastrophe like a fire or flood, increase in health insurance costs for contracts in effect in 2006 or dwindling tax bases.

flood risk   (riesgo de inundación)

It has been cited as a main contributor to the high flood risk in central and low-lying areas of Belfast.

The reservoir is used for hydropower, recreation, flood risk management, water quality, irrigation, and as a fish and wildlife habitat.

This should also help the local population as the flood risk will decrease as a result of allowing flooding further upstream and in fields adjacent to the river.