severe flooding   (激しい洪水)

In Queensland, Beni was responsible severe flooding.

This resulted in severe flooding and mudslides in the canyons.

Damage was heaviest in Virginia, where heavy rains left severe flooding.

flash flooding   (フラッシュフラッディング)

These rains triggered flash flooding across several islands.

In Cuba, homes and cattle were swept away by flash flooding.

In late 2016, most of the suburb was affected by flash flooding.

due to flooding

Numerous farmers lost their harvest due to flooding.

Five other fatalities were reported due to flooding.

It was unable to go ahead due to flooding.

prone to flooding   (洪水になりやすい)

The river is prone to flooding during rain events.

The river meanders a lot here and is prone to flooding.

A fair description of this low lying area prone to flooding.

caused flooding

1 hold and damaged and caused flooding in No.2 hold.

The storm caused flooding along some streets in Annapolis.

Rainfall caused flooding on the island.

flooding occurred

Some minor flooding occurred in parking lots.

Similar flooding occurred in Union County.

Street flooding occurred in Ocean City from the nor'easter.

widespread flooding   (広範囲にわたる洪水)

While crossing northern Madagascar, Nadia produced widespread flooding.

Soon all of the ice on Earth's surface begins to melt, causing widespread flooding.

Moving further inland, the storm affected two states and caused widespread flooding.

flooding caused

In localized areas, the flooding caused severe damage to roads and houses.

Inland, flooding caused by heavy rains killed two people and injured twenty.

The bridge was closed during the flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes in late June 1972.

coastal flooding   (沿岸洪水)

In Naguabo, minor coastal flooding had resulted in at least one road closure.

The winds increased waves that caused coastal flooding and some damage to boats.

High seas caused coastal flooding, while strong winds downed large areas of trees.

major flooding   (大洪水)

The effects of major flooding can be long-lasting.

In January 1996, there was major flooding throughout Pennsylvania.

Des Moines suffered major flooding again in June 2008 with a major levee breach.

prevent flooding   (洪水を防ぐ)

Pumping Stations were installed to prevent flooding.

The lower reaches of the river have embankments to prevent flooding.

The structure is located above the mean waterline to prevent flooding.

extensive flooding

The brook was subjected to extensive flooding in 2000, 2007 and 2010.

On October 29, 2012, the new South Ferry station suffered extensive flooding damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The marshes undergo substantial changes in size during the year, with melting snows in springtime and autumn rainfall causing extensive flooding as the river overflows.

flooding during

The river is prone to flooding during rain events.

Channelization is intended to prevent flooding during normal precipitation events.

In the Squires Gate section of Suffern there have been significant episodes of flooding during heavy rainfall.

flooding along

The storm caused flooding along some streets in Annapolis.

The nor'easter caused flooding along River Road in Oak Orchard.

In Benxi, severe flooding along the Sandaohe and Xihe Rivers trapped about 300 construction workers in a tunnel on August 6.

risk of flooding

The brook's flow is now much reduced and the risk of flooding has declined.

The Chu River posed a risk of flooding for settlements located in the Chu Valley.

Its aim was to reduce the risk of flooding and to re-route the international border which ran along the old course of the Rhine.

significant flooding   (大洪水)

The passage of typhoons can bring significant flooding.

Some rain damage also occurred, with significant flooding reported in some parts of Aruba.

In Sonora, up to of rain fell, leading to significant flooding that left 600 people homeless.

heavy flooding

Like normal tropical cyclones, Catarina brought heavy flooding with it.

In 2011 Acoma Pueblo and the Pueblo of Santa Clara were victims of heavy flooding.

Collapsed bulkheads caused heavy flooding which led her to sink quickly, killing 37 of her crew.