İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ground floor   (zemin kat)

The ground floor porch has been enclosed in glass.

Cafeteria is at ground floor and TSC at 1st floor.

The ground floor was designed for military housing.

first floor   (birinci kat)

It is housed on the first floor of the building.

stairs on the first floor, which head upwards).

The first floor formed an arched entrance to the city.

second floor   (ikinci kat)

Railroad offices were located on the second floor.

The second floor is occupied by the school Library.

The assembly hall is located on the second floor.

third floor   (üçüncü kat)

On the third floor were the storeroom and laundry.

On the third floor are booths television services.

In 1980 the middle school moved to the third floor.

upper floor   (Üst kat)

The king's residence was located in the upper floor.

The upper floor was reached by means of a rope ladder.

Two rooms on the upper floor are decorated with flower motifs.

top floor   (üst kat)

The top floor was unfinished with a Triple Shrine.

The façade has a round arches gallery on the top floor.

The top floor of the Arcade is exclusively a food court.

floor space   (kat boşluğu)

They rented floor space in a building on Michigan Avenue.

The floor space is about 5,000 square feet on each floor.

(=1,100 mu) with a floor space of 460,000㎡.

dance floor   (dans pisti)

The floor is a maple sprung dance floor.

He's pulled to the dance floor by three lovely young ladies.

Several of the tracks found dance floor success, including "Last Kiss".

floor area

The stores in the tower range from in floor area.

The floor area is open for general admission.

It has a floor area of and can hold up to 150,000 books.

floor plan   (kat planı)

The building uses a triangular floor plan.

The floor plan was for commodity housing.

The convent church has a Latin cross floor plan, with a dome.

sea floor

On striking the sea floor, the rotor would lock.

They are laid on the bottom of the sea floor.

The peak rises close to from the sea floor.

floor exercise   (kat egzersizi)

She had the fourth highest score on floor exercise.

Ross competed on uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise.

During the team final McCallum competed on only vault and floor exercise.

main floor   (ana kat)

The main floor was used as a nightclub from 1999 to 2011.

On the main floor is a branch of the Oxford County Library.

White women worked on the main floor.

ocean floor   (okyanus tabanı)

When hunting it remains close to the ocean floor.

The two men spent twenty minutes on the ocean floor.

In oceanology, bottom water is near the ocean floor.

fourth floor   (Dördüncü kat)

The fourth floor had a clock and a state coat of arms.

During the 1980s a fourth floor was added to the house.

The fourth floor presents biblical history and archaeology.

valley floor   (Vadi tabanı)

In the ancient past, the valley floor was blocked.

A path along a wooded valley floor would be a typical example.

Boulder Valley was so named on account of the boulders the valley floor contains.

floor level

The tip of the pyramid is suspended above floor level.

A continuous ventilation flap was also provided on the wall at floor level.

The tower has squared shingles and cornice line brackets at the top floor level.

each floor

The mansion had 20 rooms, ten of them on each floor.

There are variation in depth of each floor.

The floor space is about 5,000 square feet on each floor.

forest floor

They fly just a few meters above the forest floor.

It is a long drop to the forest floor below...

It is commonly found in forest floor, rocky hillslopes.

lower floor

a large commons area is also present on the lower floor.

Only the lower floor of cave 6 was finished.

The lower floor served as a storeroom.

interior floor

The interior floor has a low ridge in the northern half.

The interior floor contains no features or impacts of note.

Parts of the interior floor of Darwin have been resurfaced.

fifth floor

They lived together on the fifth floor of the Chabad House.

On the fifth floor visitors can enjoy long-distance views as far as the Cologne area.

Both also have green roofs and fifth floor doubles and suites that open to the outside.

concrete floor   (beton zemin)

The verandah has a concrete floor and a raked ceiling lined in flat sheets.

A hole was dug for the camera, which required drilling into the concrete floor.

He dug out the basement, placed a concrete floor, and prepared it for construction of the final layout.

floor contains

This floor contains models of historical events.

The first floor contains a memorial to Dove and Grogan.

The second floor contains two more bedrooms.

floor windows

Fanlike terra cotta motifs were inserted above second floor windows.

Sharpshooters used the mill's upper floor windows to defend the pass.

Some first floor windows at the western end of the southern wall are modern replacements.

floor above

This indicated serious fire in the attic floor above.

The hospital was situated on the floor above the dining room.

The ceremonial balcony on the floor above gives the entrance horizontal emphasis.

crossed the floor

In 1975, Calder crossed the floor to join the Social Credit Party of British Columbia and was re-elected.

Finally in late 1933 the Liberals crossed the floor of the House of Commons and went into complete opposition.

Labor leader John Curtin became prime minister in October 1941 when two independents crossed the floor of Parliament.

total floor   (toplam kat)

The building's total floor area is .

It have a total floor area of in which are used for commercial purposes.

Renaissance Centre has a total floor space of spread across its 14 floors.

floor plans

Students are able to choose from multiple floor plans.

People wrote the magazine asking for the floor plans, but none existed.

Inside, the floor plans reflect the two sections' separate construction.

low floor

The low floor makes the train easier to access for the disabled.

They are low floor, fully air conditioned, and can operate at high speeds.

Production stopped in 1997 when it was replaced by the low floor Marshall Capital.

floor leader

In 1950 he was the majority floor leader.

He was a legislative floor leader for Governor Edwin Edwards.

As majority floor leader, Lamb was ex officio in all committees.

onto the floor

The blast was reported to be caused by a hand grenade exploding after it fell onto the floor of the bus.

Meanwhile, Grace finds a photograph that has fallen out of the book of the dead onto the floor under some furniture.

The freshman was asleep in his bed when he was pushed onto the floor, where he smashed his head, resulting in his death.

sixth floor

For the first to third floor is for male and the forth to sixth floor is for female.

55 boxes of material were removed to the classified storage area on the sixth floor.

Offices were located on the sixth floor of the Volunteer Building on Peachtree Street.

floor houses

The first floor houses the "Director's Office" and "Cashier".

The first floor houses 14 halls which are quite huge in size.

The top-most floor houses the museum's administration offices.

floor tiles   (yer karoları)

In-situ floor tiles were found, along with other pottery, and small finds.

The abbey is the only Scottish abbey to still retain some of its original floor tiles.

There are Minton floor tiles and stained glass probably by Forrest and Bromley who made the glass for Leighton church.

first floor level

At the first floor level there is another doorway which was installed at a later date.

The first floor level is clad in brick, which changes to shingles on the upper portions of the side facades.

A more impressive door was created at the existing first floor level, a pediment above being inscribed with W.H.

above the floor

It has a flat roof 11 cubits and 5 digits or above the floor.

The upper segment is above the floor of the surrounding valley.

Usually the prolonged notes are the fourth or fifth above the floor note.

total floor area   (toplam kat alanı)

The building's total floor area is .

It have a total floor area of in which are used for commercial purposes.

The building has four floors, with 16,000 square meters of total floor area.

mosaic floor   (mozaik zemin)

An Arab family built a house over the mosaic floor and charged admission to visit it.

The mosaic floor of the tower bay was designed by John Howson (Dean, 1867–1885) and executed by Burke and Co.

The mosaic floor incorporates Jewish symbols such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Menorah, the Shofar and the Lulav.

floor was used

The third floor was used for storage of baled cotton.

The main floor was used as a nightclub from 1999 to 2011.

The upper story was used as the Priest's Home and the ground floor was used as the sacristy.

floor was added

A second floor was added to the building in 1931.

In addition, a new floor was added for two penthouses.

During the 1980s a fourth floor was added to the house.

floor below   (alt kat)

It is a long drop to the forest floor below...

A blockade of pipes appear and she sees DJ on the floor below.

The final height of the tower is and is 10 stories tall above ground, plus a basement floor below ground.

floor contained

The second floor contained guardrooms.

The ground floor contained the cells.

Each floor contained a wide balcony that could be used to block the sunlight and the rain.

wooden floor

The central rotunda was in diameter, with a wooden floor inlaid with a large mariner's compass.

The Jerusalem YMCA housed the city's first heated swimming pool and first gymnasium with a wooden floor.

Around the boilers and under the staircase is a brick floor, and an elevated wooden floor around the stills.

floor mats   (paspaslar)

Also optional were a retractable fabric sunroof, air conditioning, floor mats, and audio entertainment center.

TRD PRO logo is stamped into the sides of the pickups bed, while TRD logos are on the shift knob, center console and floor mats.

The rest had been damaged or destroyed by the soldiers, who often used them as floor mats outside in the mud to keep their boots clean.

off the floor

He required assistance off the floor and went directly to the locker room.

This was a time when tailcoat was still the rule, and Wall was immediately ordered off the floor.

Greg remembers playing a game where the players must step off the floor as long as possible with Rodrick.

pelvic floor   (pelvik taban)

The puborectalis muscle is one of the pelvic floor muscles.

For anismus/ pelvic floor dessynergia: biofeedback exercise.

Patients with obstructed defecation appear to have impaired pelvic floor function.

across the floor   (zemini geçmek)

This allows the sand to spread out across the floor.

For a long time there was a white line across the floor.

There are also numerous small craterlets across the floor.

trading floor   (ticari kat)

The trading floor is now open six hours a week.

The video is set on a trading floor in what is to be the Swiss Re building (Gherkin Building).

Peterffy created a major stir among traders by introducing handheld computers onto the trading floor in the early 1980s.

timber floor

All ceilings are lined with flat sheeting with rounded cover strips, and the timber floor boards are almost completely covered in modern linings.

The waiting area to this building has a ripple iron ceiling with moulded timber cornice and one metal ceiling rose, a chimney breast, and timber floor.

The building was galvanized, with timber supports and a timber floor, while the showers were "cold" and were supplied by a large rainwater tank on the roof.

new floor

In addition, a new floor was added for two penthouses.

The building was gutted, and given a new floor and insulated roof.

A new floor with modern seating was installed in 1967, along with improvements to the orchestra pit.

crater floor

The crater floor of Puu Ōō slowly subsided.

Only some blocks of ice, previously floating on the lake, remained behind on the crater floor.

As a result, the crater floor is now surrounded by a ring of irregular peaks and worn crater valleys.

floor to ceiling

The interior space is from floor to ceiling.

The dining room boasts a mahogany sideboard that runs from floor to ceiling.

The room features Cropsey paintings from its floor to ceiling; the light is kept low, allowing the paintings to glow.

seventh floor

The police found a scattered trail of blood that led to the seventh floor of Block 12.

As of June 27, 2010, construction was 37% completed, with the final pour of the concrete roof above the seventh floor.

Located on the seventh floor of a house on Nagymezo Street, it was meant to be the Hungarian equivalent to the Bauhaus.

floor rooms

Two of the ground floor rooms have been converted into chapels.

The ceiling on the ground floor rooms consisted of three long, adjacent barrel vaults.

The Cromwell family lived on the first floor with the servants in second floor rooms and garrets.

bottom floor

Target opened on the bottom floor of the old store in March 2013.

The Louisiana History Museum is located downtown on the bottom floor of the former library.

The bottom floor is faced with the unique, extremely fine latticework that is known as 'Kaga lattice'.

ground floor level

A new section was added at ground floor level with another two dormitories above.

At ground floor level two unfluted ionic columns at each corner support a decorative cornice.

A substantial arch gives access to the south facing ground floor level, typical of many engine houses.

floor housed

The top floor housed the servants' quarters.

The third floor housed the Moscow School of Mathematics and Navigation.

The upper floor housed storage as well as hay and fodder for the stabled horses.

through the floor

In 1983 a garbage truck broke through the floor.

Most of the flow appears to enter through the floor of the last cavern.

As she screams frantically, a drill bursts through the floor and the credits roll.

floor consists

The third floor consists of a full-height, floored attic.

The building houses numerous offices, while the ground floor consists of showrooms.

The first floor consists of the library, drawing room, dining room and kitchen area.