blood flow   (血流)

It can also show the blood flow within the blood vessels.

CTA can also show the blood flow within the blood vessels.

Rate of blood flow varies greatly between different organs.

flow through   (流れる)

Whisky Run and Lick Run flow through Farrandsville.

Two rivers flow through Heinsberg, the Wurm and the Rur.

The Shinano River and Agano River flow through the city.

water flow   (水の流れ)

The water flow is best in mid-fall and spring.

The box is placed in the stream to channel water flow.

This unusual water flow is of interest to oceanographers.

flow rate   (流量)

A Fixture Unit is not a flow rate unit but a design factor.

The flow rate of the Arno is irregular.

The flow rate in such a mechanism is linear in the electric field.

cash flow   (現金流量)

In this example, only one future cash flow was considered.

EBITDA is typically closer to actual cash flow than is NOPAT.

The company entered administration due to cash flow difficulties.

traffic flow

All this has increased the traffic flow on this road manifold.

This can lead to greater traffic flow to a website as it reaches a wider audience.

However the increase of traffic flow from the motorways brought traffic congestion.

flow of water

The flow of water into the Tonle Sap is seasonal.

The causeway blocked the flow of water in LeRoy's Bay.

The flow of water to the pond like a stream is also eye pleasant view.

lava flow   (溶岩流)

Teopanzolco was built upon a hill formed from a lava flow.

These volcanoes are associated with black lava flow fields.

The lava flow at Kalapana ceased when the lava tube system shut down.

air flow

Skydivers use the air flow to stabilize their position.

He used these for air flow experiments and for displays.

forces due to air flow over a solid body.

gene flow   (遺伝子の流れ)

There was some gene flow from Morocco into Iberia.

It is not known when gene flow between the subspecies ceased.

Residual gene flow between them (and between the two (or more?)

fluid flow   (流体の流れ)

A point in a fluid flow where the flow has come to rest (i.e.

A tee, the most common pipe fitting, is used to combine or divide fluid flow.

The GLM concept can also be incorporated into variational principles of fluid flow.

flow rates

Smaller particles are able to leave the chamber at lower flow rates.

Delivery of fluids in precise adjustable flow rates is sometimes called metering.

Such units are particularly suitable to processing high flow rates with low head difference.

flow between

It is not known when gene flow between the subspecies ceased.

Residual gene flow between them (and between the two (or more?)

Gene flow between the two species might have occurred after the split, though.

rivers flow

Several major rivers flow directly to the Aegean Sea.

All of these rivers flow into the Amazon River.

free flow   (フリー・フロー)

Second, the free flow of capital kept foreign investment uninhibited.

Argala means obstruction or impediment for the free flow of planetary influences.

Under various arrangements since the 1920s, there has been a free flow of people between Australia and New Zealand.

flow control   (フロー制御)

TAG bits are used to carry the flow control information.

Such flow control structures have only recently been added to GPUs.

This is accomplished through "hardware flow control" using extra lines on the modem–computer connection.

heat flow

The average heat flow to the surroundings is .

In cold conditions, the main aim is to reduce heat flow out of the building.

Since the actual contact area is reduced, another resistance for heat flow exists.

laminar flow

Flow that is not turbulent is called laminar flow.

The wings of the Flamingo had a laminar flow airfoil and were made entirely of wood.

The Favorit has a high wing with a 6-series NACA laminar flow airfoil, straight tapered in plan.

river flow

When sediment laden river flow reaches a dam's reservoir, the water slows down as it pools.

Deforestation in the catchment area has led to increase in the silt content of the river flow.

Along with raising the salmon, scientists work to manipulate river flow to encourage more salmon to return.

flow of information   (情報の流れ)

In other words, the final step in the flow of information from nucleic acids to proteins is irreversible.

The SPJ states the purpose of the award is to promote "the free flow of information vital to a well-informed citizenry".

New technology has also been supportive in the flow of information between departments helping to reduce the feeling of department isolation.

flow velocity

All these discussions treated flame stretch as an effect of flow velocity gradients.

Laser Doppler Flowmetry utilizes light instead of ultrasound to detect flow velocity.

Density, flow velocity, and an additional property, viscosity, are used to classify flow fields.

gas flow

In some binaries similar to Algol, a gas flow can be seen.

In 2009, gas flow was declined from per day at standard conditions.

This increases exhaust gas flow.

mass flow

those in which heat, work, and mass flow across the system boundary.

The changes observed represent the mass flow rate and density of the fluid.

This equation may be solved for the mass flow rate to yield Poiseuille's law.

steady flow

A flow that is not a function of time is called steady flow.

A continued presence in a hypoxic environment of more than 24 hours leads to a steady flow of ventilation.

Chou Anime was officially closed on Saturday, September 22, 2012 due to not seeing a steady flow of customers.

control flow   (制御フロー)

A data-flow diagram has no control flow, there are no decision rules and no loops.

Declarative programs omit the control flow and are considered "sets" of instructions.

Most programming environments with recursive subroutines use a stack for control flow.

current flow

in the direction of conventional current flow.

In these cases, the leakage inductance limits the current flow to the desired magnitude.

These devices usually allow substantial current flow in one direction but negligible current in the other direction.

continuous flow

The water is depicted by a continuous flow in the woodwinds.

Open center circuits use pumps which supply a continuous flow.

The intersection with Bangerter Highway (SR-154) was the first continuous flow intersection built in Utah.

average flow   (平均流量)

Its average flow is 37 billion cubic meters per year.

The average flow at this station is .

The largest river is the Peace River with an average flow of 2161 m/s.

control the flow   (流れを制御する)

Three valves control the flow of air in the "single horn", which is tuned to F or less commonly B.

He is able to control the flow of time due to a gate that can halt the timeline so long as it is open.

During his rule he was instrumental in engineering projects that helped control the flow of the Hiikawa river.

flow cytometry

Sperm sorting is an advanced technique that sorts sperm "in vitro" by flow cytometry.

Sperm sorting utilizes the technique of flow cytometry to analyze and 'sort' spermatozoa.

The increasingly refined use of flow cytometry has also facilitated more accurate diagnosis of these lesions.

flow of traffic

The new Marquette Interchange was designed to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic.

The New Southport Gate "(pictured above)" was opened in the Charles V Wall to improve the flow of traffic.

Trains running counter to this flow of traffic would still require train orders, but other trains would not.

data flow

A SLIMbus Port (P) provides the connection path for data flow between Devices.

Each data flow has a defined initial node, a destination node, and a desired data rate.

Control of data flow is managed by a distributed file system such as StorNext by Quantum.

not flow

Silica-rich magma has a high viscosity, and therefore does not flow easily like basalt.

Its lower delta becomes flooded and cannot flow into the sea quickly enough to eliminate all the excess water.

At present the canal does not flow in district Gurgaon, but only in Faridabad, which was earlier a part of Gurgaon.

flow down   (流下)

The spring continues to flow down to the present day.

This pore allows Na ions to flow down their electrochemical gradient into the cell.

It may seem for example, that if there are three paths of approximately equal resistance, the majority of the current will flow down one of the three paths.

constant flow

The spring has a constant flow of 22 to a day so no chlorination is required.

What can we say, in general, about the trajectories on a surface animated by a constant flow?

Surface supplied diving equipment may provide a constant flow or demand regulated gas supply.

flow of air

The forced flow of air or water through this environment ensures exposure.

When this occurs the airway is enlarged, allowing a less-restricted flow of air.

Dunes occur in different shapes and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water.

turbulent flow   (乱流)

The ridges in the plates ensure turbulent flow.

A turbulent flow can, however, be statistically stationary.

Thus the thermal boundary layer thickness for turbulent flow does not depend on the Prandtl number but instead on the Reynolds number.

natural flow

Ray tracing aims to simulate the natural flow of light, interpreted as particles.

Capped in the 1980s, work is under way on a plan to restore the spring's natural flow.

The natural flow of the Segre River is diverted through the course by a diversion dam upstream.

water to flow

The increased osmotic pressure forces water to flow into the cell and tissue swelling occurs.

In the simplest case, the Steffturbine can also be laid on the surface, for the water to flow through it.

He performed and exorcism of the water source, and installed a lead pipe, which allowed the water to flow again.

ebb and flow   (干満)

She describes the album as one of a pleasing ebb and flow.

Their histories and migrations are a text book example of the ebb and flow of power and influence.

Gildas's description of the state of Britain in his time is useful for understanding the ebb and flow of the Anglo-Saxon incursions.

information flow   (情報の流れ)

The curved line represents information flow towards Earth.

Cockcroft and Fowler met with the Uranium Committee, but the information flow was largely one-way.

In some cases, EDI will be used to create a new business information flow (that was not a paper flow before).

high flow

Such units are particularly suitable to processing high flow rates with low head difference.

In the past, high flow oxygen was recommended for everyone with a possible myocardial infarction.

In high flow intranidal fistulas balloons can also be used to reduce the flow so that embolization can be done safely.

flow around   (流れる)

"External" aerodynamics is the study of flow around solid objects of various shapes.

External aerodynamics is the study of flow around solid objects of various shapes (e.g.

concluded that most of L haplogroups were much older and introduced by an ancient African gene flow around 20,000 years ago.

rivers that flow

Both valleys derive their names from the rivers that flow through them.

Andalusia has rivers that flow into both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

It is located between two rivers that flow into the Black Drin river, at the foot of Mount Korab.

flow during

(1) There are no atrial inlet valves to interrupt blood flow during atrial systole.

The $5 trillion of borrowings represented 14% of the GDP flow during the year (4.938/36.3) (see world economy).

This increased flow during the dry season would allow the Office du Niger to divert additional water from the river.

streams flow

It takes care about Galga and all of the streams flow into the river.

Twinning throughout the mountains, streams flow into lakes of pure water.

Few perennial streams flow out of the Arkansas Hills, as the area is arid.

pyroclastic flow   (火砕流)

Lava domes, fallout and pyroclastic flow deposits are also common.

It features fallout and pyroclastic flow deposits in addition to cones and lava flows.

Today these volcanic products are seen as pyroclastic flow uplands and low relief hills.

low flow

During low flow periods, the outflow of the plant comprises up to 20% of the Spokane River's water.

It was built for flood control and the low flow augmentation to improve water quality during the dry summer months.

The much shorter optical wavelength means this technology is able to detect low flow velocities out of the range of Doppler ultrasound.