İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

flowing through   (içinden akıyor)

At , the Severn is the longest river flowing through England.

Kadanad River is a major water source flowing through this town.

The River Thames flowing through London is a classic river estuary.

flowing water   (akan su)

All the water in the municipality is flowing water.

water flowing   (akan su)

Nabran area is rich with clean drinking water flowing from Mount Shahdagh.

The name was derived from an old Czech word for "water flowing through meadows".

… like water flowing he can range far; like the dragon ascending he can rise high.

municipality is flowing   (belediye akıyor)

All the water in the municipality is flowing water.

before flowing

It is bridged by Alberta Highway 2 at Red Deer before flowing into the Red Deer River.

The Lesina torrent crosses the town from north to south before flowing into the Brembo River.

It flows within culverts beneath the town before flowing in a southeasterly direction through Waterside.

river flowing

The biggest river flowing into the Sea is the Indus River.

It is an ephemeral river flowing in Zimbabwe and Botswana.

At , the Severn is the longest river flowing through England.

rivers flowing

The major rivers flowing to the sea at the coast are the Lodma and the Zolotitsa.

Major rivers flowing from the Rocky Mountains offer hydroelectric power resources.

The other Bulgarian rivers flowing directly to the Aegean are the Struma and the Mesta.

flowing down   (Aşağıya doğru süzülüyor)

It gets its name from the Arroscia, a large creek flowing down from Ligurian Alps.

The water flowing down through the length of the valley is famous for fishing sport.

It was the location where many streams, flowing down from Karaburma, were reaching the Danube.

fast flowing

Due to the fast flowing waters in the Firth of Lorne minke whales may also be viewed occasionally.

The terrain is mostly mountainous and flat, with fast flowing rivers and few forests but with many trees.

The creek is often encased in a concrete spillway to contain the fast flowing water that occurs during rainstorms.

current flowing

Electrically, RO is a resistance controlled by the current flowing through the light source.

In various ways, they all serve to prevent current flowing from the live equipment through the worker.

The current flowing over the top of the sponge draws in water through small pores near the base called ostia.

flowing north

After flowing north, it turns east and then south, draining the town of Pellston and its airport.

The "Ruisseau de Barive" forms the eastern border of the commune flowing north to join the Arroux.

Fisher and Launchy Gills provide the eastern boundaries of High Tove, flowing north and south around Armboth Fell respectively.

flowing south

Several intermittent streams flow through the property, flowing south towards Route 9 and the Ware River.

The Columbia enters eastern Washington flowing south and turning to the west at the Spokane River confluence.

The Russian River was prevented from flowing south into San Pablo Bay, due to a 113-foot high ridge at Cotati.

streams flowing

It is found in streams flowing to Lakes Eber and Akşehir in central Anatolia.

They form losing streams flowing to the sea, while springs of lower yield dry up during summer.

Numerous brooks and streams flowing out of the Ramapo Mountains to the west feed the river as it runs south.

glacier flowing   (akan buzul)

Quensel Glacier Quensel Glacier () is a small glacier flowing southeast into Cooper Bay at the east tip of South Georgia.

Dinsmoor Glacier Dinsmoor Glacier () is a glacier flowing from the south edge of Detroit Plateau on Nordenskjöld Coast, Graham Land in Antarctica.