first flown   (首飞)

The design was first flown on 11 April 2018 in Hungary.

It was first flown in this configuration in August 2009.

The VC1 was first flown on 21 October 2011.

flown back   (飞回)

He was flown back to Germany after his injury.

He made his way to Gibraltar and was flown back to London.

They stayed overnight, and then were flown back to Houston.

aircraft flown   (飞机飞)

It offers coverage for rotor wing aircraft flown both for private and commercial purposes.

The aircraft flown included a number of Avro Tutors, de Havilland Gipsy Moths and a few other light aircraft.

In 1941, a Capelis XC-12 transport aircraft flown by pilot James "Mac" McCarthy (Dick Purcell) flying between Cuba and Puerto Rico runs low on fuel and is blown off course by a storm.

having flown

Erwin arrives, having flown over to be with her.

Harvey Suderman was a veteran aviator of the Second World War, having flown the B-17 Flying Fortress.

By the end of the last mission, both Super Jollys were out of commission, having flown the group's last mission in Vietnam.