Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

species of fly   (especies de moscas)

Sarcofahrtiopsis spathor Sarcofahrtiopsis spathor is a species of fly.

Stonemyia fera Stonemyia fera is a species of fly in the family Tabanidae.

Clusiodes ater Clusiodes ater is a species of fly in the family Clusiidae.

sacrifice fly   (sacrificio de mosca)

Gehrig's sacrifice fly to Paul Waner scored Koenig.

Stephen Drew scored Ortiz on a sacrifice fly.

Ruth's high sacrifice fly to Lloyd Waner scored Koenig.

fly fishing   (pesca con mosca)

He was a teacher in Missouri when he became interested in fly fishing.

The lake is a popular fly fishing site for both brown and rainbow trout.

The park offers fly fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, and other activities.

fruit fly   (mosca de la fruta)

The primary threat on this route is Queensland fruit fly.

Eurosta comma Eurosta comma is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae.

Tephritis pura Tephritis pura is a species of fruit fly in the family Tephritidae.

not fly   (no volar)

The pilots would not fly either plane to its limits.

Brümmer and Walpot did not fly on any missions.

However, the chariot could not fly over it.

able to fly   (capaz de volar)

She is also able to fly and run at subsonic speeds.

For example, if she becomes an owl, she would be able to fly.

The war ended before he was able to fly one of these aircraft.

ability to fly

Some beetles have lost the ability to fly.

A purple tapir and Kuromi's sidekick with the ability to fly.

She displayed the ability to fly and to create and control blizzard-like weather patterns.

fly ball

Swing and a fly ball, right center field.

Swing and a fly ball to right field.

Swing and a fly ball, left field.

continued to fly

Holmes continued to fly until he retired in May, 1957.

The LKL V continued to fly until autumn 1936.

He continued to fly with OA until February 1984 when he retired.

fly away

Finally they fly away from hale and land in the Earth.

Slaughtered by Bhima, those elephants, began to fly away.

Kurus fly away, calling upon the Suta's son to rescue them.

fly family   (familia voladora)

Tipula Tipula is a very large insect genus in the fly family Tipulidae.

Syrphinae The Syrphinae constitute one of the three subfamilies of the fly family Syrphidae.

Members of the fly family Phoridae have been documented parasitizing "Augochloropsis iris" as well.

fly ash   (Ceniza voladora)

In India, fly ash bricks are used for construction.

In consequence, fly ash is a heterogeneous material.

Pozzolan – finely ground pumice of fly ash.

fly off   (salir disparado)

Boyer's sacrifice fly off Don Larsen extended their lead to 5–2.

Warren Spahn's sacrifice fly off Paige capped the game's scoring at 11–5.

Outside the hospital, seagulls fly off into the snowy skies over the city.

learned to fly

She learned to fly ultralight aircraft at the age of sixty.

Eielson learned to fly in the U.S. Army Air Service in 1917.

Witt was 19-years-old when he first learned to fly and earned his Private Pilot License.

fly back   (volar de vuelta)

Despite the injury, he managed to fly back to Desvres.

He was forced to fly back to the UK for surgery and spent a week in hospital.

Dr Necter and Dr Torres fly back to the US to settle their scores with the group.

fly through

The accident crippled her and caused Brian to fly through the windshield, killing him.

Tails is able to fly through the air for a short time, and Knuckles the Echidna can glide through the air upon jumping.

Spaces for planes to fly through were integrated into the game world to allow players to use the environment to their advantage.

fly around   (Vuela alrededor)

Upon emergence, females fly around for about eight weeks.

The Fieseler Storch would fly around the position to locate it, not over it.

The half-lap fly around which began around 7:30 UTC was completed about 25 minutes later.

aircraft to fly

The B-25 was a safe and forgiving aircraft to fly.

Kites were the first kind of aircraft to fly, and were invented in China around 500 BC.

This allowed the aircraft to fly overseas routes at up to two hours' distance from land.

crane fly   (mosca grulla)

Chionea scita Chionea scita is a species of crane fly in the family Limoniidae.

Tipula sayi Tipula sayi is a species of large crane fly in the family Tipulidae.

Tipula lanei Tipula lanei is a species of large crane fly in the family Tipulidae.

did not fly

Brümmer and Walpot did not fly on any missions.

However, the new squadron did not fly its first combat missions until 10 March 1918.

The members of the crew were reprimanded for poor judgment, and did not fly in space again.

how to fly

She learned how to fly a plane at age 20.

I have no idea how to fly a plane.

He next equipped his son in the same manner, and taught him how to fly.