Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more focused   (más concentrado)

Whereas skeptics are more focused on the scientific method.

Unlike PIM 1, PIM 2 more focused on upper class aficionados.

Lorena, the more focused of the group, is a cute girl with a good heart.

focused more   (enfocado más)

After his loss Gottlieb focused more on his law practice.

Subsequently, he focused more on concerts and music performance.

Since its 1998 opening, the mall has focused more on entertainment.

focused primarily   (enfocado principalmente)

The's ECB bond buying focused primarily on Spanish and Italian debt.

Paget and J.K. Walley, who focused primarily on the biological side.

She focused primarily on hospitalised chronically psychotic children.

primarily focused   (principalmente enfocado)

She primarily focused on her still life art.

The road network in Ireland is primarily focused on Dublin.

Fée was primarily focused on tropical and medicinal plants.

mainly focused

She has mainly focused on live performances and concerts.

His literary work has mainly focused on Spanish literature.

DIEGO mainly focused on carpets, PVCs, and laminated floors.

research focused

Early research focused on the causes of cancer.

Fossil energy research focused on ways to burn coal cleaner.

Her research focused on learning and memory in pre-verbal infants.

work focused   (trabajo enfocado)

Her parliamentary work focused on education policy.

Ratcliff's early artistic work focused on sculpture.

His early work focused on the peopling of New Zealand.

company focused   (empresa enfocada)

The company focused on aircraft maintenance and repair.

During the first two years, the company focused on creating game ports for other studios.

At that time, the company focused more on soap manufacturing, but continued to sell Resinol.

focused mainly

"), Edwards focused mainly on off-camera work.

Previously, protection efforts focused mainly in the Florida area.

His work focused mainly on performing missionary work and preaching.

focused around   (enfocado alrededor)

It is focused around the central Torvet Square which hosts the main stage.

The locality consists of small acreages focused around the equestrian community.

The insurance industry is focused around the eastern side of the City, around Lloyd's building.

research has focused

His research has focused on molecular photonics.

His research has focused on dynamic corporate finance.

His research has focused on the immunotherapy of cancer.

focused on developing

The in-house journal focused on developing strong research culture.

Flexiant focused on developing software for other service providers in Europe.

Lunt's research lab is focused on developing organic and quantum dot electronics.

initially focused

He initially focused on "World of Warcraft" videos.

NSC initially focused on the bond market.

focused upon

Economic Anthropology remains, for the most part, focused upon exchange.

Whenever the spotlight of truth is focused upon them the cry, "red baiting."

Patches released for the game mainly focused upon improving the game's multiplayer mode.

work has focused   (el trabajo se ha centrado)

His work has focused on the still life, the landscape and the interior.

Much of Dr. Landau's work has focused on determining the underlying cause of this spatial deficit.

In recent years his work has focused on issues surrounding diversity, social inclusion and ethics.

focused on improving   (enfocado en mejorar)

He also focused on improving church institutions.

ADB focused on improving roads and providing electricity.

Following the war, Britain focused on improving its facilities on the islands.

organization focused

It is a completely volunteer-based organization focused on raising funds through athletic endeavours.

Amnesty International is a London-based non-governmental organization focused on human rights founded in 1961.

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) is a not-for-profit organization focused on Canada's relations with Asia.

focused on providing

Ledbetter also focused on providing multilingual materials to the immigrants who used her library.

Foreca is a customer-driven company focused on providing weather services for international business use.

Intermap originally focused on providing 3D digital elevation maps for customers under specific contract arrangements.

instead focused

from Disney so instead focused on original projects.

Eradication was abandoned in 1969 and attention instead focused on controlling and treating the disease.

It was widely admired, but most historians did not try to replicate it and instead focused on their specialized monographs.

largely focused

It largely focused on commercial stitching machines.

Missionary work largely focused on populations of German immigrants.

Though making films in this time, he had been largely focused on theatre.

focused on how

Lastly, Mir Mu’min Husayni Tunikabuni focused on how yogic breath control can control the humours.

He has focused on how multinational corporations operate in foreign countries, documenting human rights and environmental abuses.

Women in the movement criticized the Kemalist model of modernity in Turkey and focused on how women are forced to play roles within this modern world.

series focused

The series focused on Rosemary, Jane, and Emily, loosely inspired by real-life everyday moms.

The series focused on presenter Jeremy Clarkson, testing out a series of cars, jet planes and powerboats.

The "Spotlight Wonder Book" series focused on famous people or institutions as opposed to science topics.

focused on creating

Hanson’s career has focused on creating humanlike robots.

These arrangements also focused on creating colour contrast.

The pair are focused on creating sociopolitical genre films.

focused on specific

Each piece is focused on specific intervals.

UC Berkeley hosts a number of research units that are focused on specific areas of the world.

The members of each "Fraktion" are distributed among working groups focused on specific policy-related topics such as social policy, economics, and foreign policy.

mostly focused

The latter, managed by Adolf Pomezni, mostly focused on marionette-based productions.

Legal concerns over ratification have mostly focused on issues of sovereignty and federalism.

Her latest work has mostly focused on the United States Trade War under the Trump Administration.

focused solely

Ski Team focused solely on the elite national team.

It is the only non-profit in the United States focused solely on hepatitis B..

Currently, Novation is focused solely on developing the business of CorvisaCloud.

research is focused

His research is focused on the treatment of lymphoma.

Today her research is focused on quantum information science.

His research is focused on studying molecular motors particularly myosin.

then focused

The war then focused on the Latin town of Medullia.

He then focused on psychiatry during his later career.

Lancaster then focused on personal basketball training.

often focused   (a menudo enfocado)

Studies in this field have often focused on the philosophy of psychology.

Tomori Nagamoto Nagamoto's early work was often focused on urban figurative painting.

The group advocated left-wing politics and often focused its efforts on the rights of women.

focused on issues

Her legislative work focused on issues that were vital to her district.

They focused on issues such as education, roads, city planning and council housing.

AWARE publicly focused on issues they called "women's rights" and "gender inequality".

focused exclusively   (enfocado exclusivamente)

The fourth fund does not include an energy component and is focused exclusively on healthcare.

In 1989, he created the first law partnership that focused exclusively on the mediation of civil trial matters.

Around 1905, his production ground almost to a halt and from then on he focused exclusively on commissioned portraits.

campaign focused   (campaña enfocada)

His campaign focused on economic issues.

The campaign focused on "middle-class youth smoking marijuana".

The presidential campaign focused on an alleged insecurity problem.

focused on building

Over the next year, the LM focused on building the party machinery.

Jischke also focused on building alumni support and creating educational partnerships within the state.

Britain focused on building up its Royal Navy, which was already stronger than the next two navies combined.

program focused

The program focused on highly motivated students who wished to work independently.

At first the program focused on rodent management and predator control activities.

The program focused on the misadventures of a group of African Americans in the Harlem section of New York City.

increasingly focused

Since 2012, Bunting has increasingly focused on politics.

US policy increasingly focused on supporting Kurdish-led forces against ISIL.

The band became increasingly focused on the release of a new album during 2007.

originally focused

Intermap originally focused on providing 3D digital elevation maps for customers under specific contract arrangements.

Deluxe expansions originally focused on two factions (one Corporation and one Runner) and contain three copies of 55 cards.

JUN began as the research facility of Tanaka Industrial Co., Ltd. and originally focused on disassembling and improving engines.

focused heavily

Ma Zhu's philosophy focused heavily on social relations and interactions between the sexes.

Given the grim mood in post-WWI, it was not surprising that these films focused heavily on crime and horror.

The book focused heavily on Truman Simons’ involvement in producing the evidence which led to the convictions.

focused attention   (atención enfocada)

Nine journalists in the last 18 months have focused attention on the investigations in Veracruz.

Newspaper articles focused attention on the series and the Daleks, further enhancing their popularity.

This level of loss focused attention on the safety aspects of bulk carriers, and a great deal was learned.

show focused   (mostrar centrado)

The show focused on the science and engineering that go into Wallenda's acts.

Cámbiame Cámbiame was a Spanish reality television show focused on makeovers.

The show focused on urbanization, innovation, and the growth of the middle class.

firm focused   (enfocado en la empresa)

It was a consulting firm focused on accessibility and universal design.

The firm focused on designs for relatively inexpensive houses on small lots, such as this.

Calera Capital Calera Capital is a private equity firm focused on investments in middle-market companies.

focused mostly

Seklucjan focused mostly on translations into Polish.

Vargas focused mostly on the body attack for the fight.

These documents focused mostly the depictions of humans.

focused on making

Ignition Banbury focused on making it easier and less linear.

They were a small team primarily focused on making handheld games for the Game Boy Advance.

Between 2016 and 2018, the group focused on making it safer for young people in the village to attend school.

focused his attention   (centró su atención)

In 38, Caligula focused his attention on political and public reform.

As a kid, he was very thin and was often bullied; as a way of escape, he focused his attention on basketball.

In 2010, Welch focused his attention on the rural population decline in the Ashland, Kansas, Public School District.

tests focused

The tests focused on the state's Academic Standards for reading, writing, mathematics and science.

group focused

The group focused on pedagogy in elementary schools through the twenties.

To revamp its lines, the group focused on accessories, women's pret-à-porter and men's collections.

Between 2016 and 2018, the group focused on making it safer for young people in the village to attend school.

not focused

J is generally not focused on law.

The gameplay is battle orientated and not focused on resource farming.

This movie is based on a unique theme which Malayalam cinema has not focused on till now.

now focused

Her career is now focused on social service and politics.

Eduardo's successes provoke Norberto's envy, which is now focused on bringing his rival down.

Activism now focused abroad, with Dieppa and Marcial leading similar publications at New York.

attention focused   (atención enfocada)

With Roosevelt's attention focused on Europe, Hull took the lead in setting Asian policy and negotiating with Japan.

Following the end of the Hunger Strike, attention focused on attempts by the new Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Jim Prior, to restore devolution.

Local attention focused on the Army, which initially denied that VX had caused the deaths, instead blaming the local use of organophosphate pesticides on crops.

dollars are focused

The Accountability Block Grant program requires that its taxpayer dollars are focused on specific interventions that are most likely to increase student academic achievement.

focused on social   (centrado en lo social)

Her career is now focused on social service and politics.

From 1970, MDU focused on social plays.

But unlike the EFM, the SFM focused on social, not ecological, sustainability performance.