İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

research focuses   (araştırma odakları)

Taylor's research focuses on the magnetic monopole.

Her research focuses on the Łódź and Kraków ghettos.

Clancy's later research focuses on primate development.

work focuses   (iş odakları)

His research work focuses on comets and cosmology.

Her work focuses on racial and gender stereotypes.

Zhou's theoretical work focuses on particle physics.

film focuses   (film odaklanır)

The film focuses on the issue of illegal migration..

The film focuses on boredom and shop assistants.

The film focuses on the period of the Terror.

series focuses

This series focuses on shape-shifting leopards.

The series focuses on mostly World War II-era military subjects.

The series focuses on Bocca, a teenager who chooses the path of the Warrior.

focuses primarily

It focuses primarily on education and nursing courses.

Evolutionary psychology focuses primarily on the "why?"

"Deuce" focuses primarily on showcasing other artists on D.O.C.

story focuses   (hikaye odaklanır)

The story focuses on the effects of alcohol.

The story focuses on a veteran suffering from early-stage PTSD.

The story focuses on Ajayan and his struggle to prove his innocence.

focuses more

In other words, it focuses more on the development.

Zhejiang cuisine focuses more on serving fresh food and is more like Japanese food.

The economy of the region focuses more on agriculture, than in other Slovak regions.

primarily focuses

The Academic Affairs Committee primarily focuses on issues that relate students academics.

The CCWE is primarily focuses on in-depth research on China's economic development and reform.

The poem primarily focuses on the afterlife, ideal love, and ideal beauty in relation to passion.

book focuses

Chapter ten in this book focuses on "Abuse of Words."

This book focuses on Thomas's branch line.

The first book focuses on linear geometry.

mainly focuses

The organisation mainly focuses on three (3) areas.

This article mainly focuses on the beginning of these wars.

The author mainly focuses on each of the men's personal experiences.

focuses mainly

Poggese sports focuses mainly on soccer and tennis.

It focuses mainly for creating a democratic country.

It focuses mainly on the art of swordsmanship.

focuses on how   (nasıl olduğuna odaklanır)

Boghosian's work often focuses on how technology affects our daily lives.

India focuses on how a space will be lived and not what visual impression it will make."

Eisenbach's research focuses on how to produce concurrent programs that behave properly.

program focuses

The program focuses on advanced estate planning and estate tax issues.

The program focuses on the current issues in the Australian Football League.

The USAID Takamol program focuses on gender equality and women's empowerment.

show focuses   (odakları göster)

The show focuses on the experiences of the Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Office.

The show focuses on hip hop, British rap, grime, and Afrobeats, including interviews with musicians.

The show focuses on the everyday life of the residents of the "Marienhof", a fictional suburb in Cologne.

plot focuses   (arsa odaklanır)

The plot focuses on the Ghosts being sent to uncover and stop a plot to draw the U.S. into a larger war.

The game's plot focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter working for an underground resistance called the Errorists.

The film's plot focuses on a boy and his grandfather, who execute Arab civilians in order to steal their land.

episode focuses

Whilst some plots continue throughout all four series, each episode focuses on one particular character.

The pilot episode focuses on Earn Marks trying to convince his rapper cousin Alfred to let him be his manager.

The episode focuses on Goodnight's lead steer, Old Blue, who is stolen and thereafter adopted as a family pet.

company focuses   (şirket odaklanır)

The company focuses on big enterprise clients.

The company focuses primarily on independent Chinese filmmakers.

The company focuses on two principal deposits, Hamama and Abu Marawat.

focuses on developing

The venture focuses on developing and mentoring young athletes.

The Leadership Academy focuses on developing leadership skills.

His research focuses on developing novel therapeutic strategies for rheumatoid arthritis.

now focuses

Her lab now focuses on obtaining a mechanistic understanding of biological processes involving RNA.

Asheim now focuses on compositions built up of several “rooms” which he enters and exits throughout the work.

His work now focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of severe mental and neuropsychiatric disorders.

focuses upon

Proper meditation focuses upon how the Godhead acts through specific sefirot.

"Death of a Ladies' Man" largely focuses upon hedonism, ageing, lust, compromise and feminism.

In recent years, the gallery focuses upon discovering potential artists of the younger generation.