Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

team folded   (equipo doblado)

At the end of the season, the team folded.

In 1986, the team folded along with the rest of the league.

The team folded in May 2016, which made Flaake a free agent.

league folded   (liga doblada)

Two games were played there before the league folded.

The league folded after the 1902 season.

However, the league folded after it was discovered the founder was a con-artist.

club folded   (club doblado)

However, the Dynamo Moscow club folded in 2016.

Despite early success, the club folded in 2014.

As before, the club folded after a single year.

folded before

The AAF folded before the end of its first season.

The club folded before the 1884 season ended.

The Yanks folded before the 1952 season, and the Dallas Texans assumed the rights to Richter.

folded due

After a 6-8 season and a defeat in the playoffs, the franchise folded due to financial reasons.

Despite enthusiasm among students, the team folded due to lack of support from the administration.

Another relegation into the Combination League followed in 2009–10 and the club folded due to the withdrawal of their sponsors.

folded up

Usually folded up and not used, except for eating.

When folded up, it locks and so cannot be fired.

The Switchblade is folded up inside a tube with wings unfolding once it gets airborne.

company folded   (empresa doblada)

Some 50 men were employed, but in 1912 the company folded.

Réard's company folded in 1988, four years after his death.

The Alcor company folded in 1939.