Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

followed up   (seguimiento)

This was followed up by "Beauty" in January 2005.

It was followed up by "Copenhagen Nocturne" in 2011.

They followed up with the EP "Count the Days".

soon followed   (pronto seguido)

The 747-200 soon followed, with its launch in 1968.

Massacres of local Aboriginal people soon followed.

Massacres of Jews at London and York soon followed.

followed suit   (siguió el ejemplo)

Patil followed suit and resigned from their posts.

The JTWC followed suit, designating Morakot as 09W.

All National Guard LRS units followed suit in 2018.

then followed   (luego seguido)

Walsh then followed Stanwyck and Fay to Hollywood.

then followed by a promotion sometimes announced.

He then followed Fuente to Virginia Tech in 2016.

followed by another   (seguido por otro)

This tragedy was closely followed by another.

This was followed by another round of improvements in 2005.

This was followed by another EP in 2010, "Groove official".

years that followed   (años que siguieron)

It had only European officers in the years that followed.

In the years that followed the temples suffered from looting.

In the years that followed he was in and out of prison repeatedly.

quickly followed   (seguido rápidamente)

Other branch locations quickly followed.

Competing firms such as Armour and Company quickly followed.

They quickly followed with "Speedball".

closely followed

Woody enters the saloon, closely followed by Dooley.

This tragedy was closely followed by another.

It closely followed the lead of LTE.

followed this up   (seguido esto)

Grant followed this up with "Simple Things" in 2003.

They followed this up with another in 1933.

They followed this up with a national tour beginning in July.

later followed

This segment was later followed by a commercial break.

These were later followed by female NCOs and Officers.

This was later followed by sulfonamides (sulfa drugs) and penicillin.

immediately followed

Massive public protests immediately followed.

This series was almost immediately followed by the 13-issue "Captain America" vol.

The glides , , and appear in syllable onsets immediately followed by a full vowel.

followed his father

He followed his father, crew coach James A.

Bagguley followed his father's occupation from a young age.

Van Goudoever followed his father in the wine import business.

followed shortly

Another stock sale followed shortly after the crash.

A third haemorrhage followed shortly afterwards.

Her husband and remaining family followed shortly after.

followed by other   (seguido por otro)

Ham is soon followed by other rockets with various animals.

Greeks, followed by other Europeans and others, began moving to the city.

The Fort Lauderdale rally was followed by other protests across the country.

followed the same

David's international debut followed the same year.

Other union republics followed the same pattern.

The championship followed the same format.

followed it up

They followed it up by working on 1984's "Splash".

He followed it up with another goal in the home fixture.

Said Peterson, "Somebody told me about it and I followed it up.

not followed

On this flight, however, this rule was not followed.

IUPAC rules are often not followed for simple ethers.

Though a charge was registered, it was not followed up.

followed by several

It was followed by several further published works.

This was followed by several additional works.

This was followed by several commissions by Scottish Ballet.

followed that up

He followed that up with a soundtrack for Crystal Voyager.

He followed that up with additional wins in the 29 in 2007.

He followed that up with another seven versions of Boerneef poems.

followed later

The second single, "Turn" followed later in the year.

Germany followed later with their ""Flakpanzer"" series.

A home media release followed later in 2013.

followed closely

The guard let him go and followed closely behind him.

This was followed closely by pensions, constabulary, and health.

The deal was followed closely by industry magazines like "The Bookseller".

followed soon   (seguido pronto)

Figures for White Wolf, Inc.'s "" followed soon after.

Walter's father dies, followed soon after by his mother.

Navarre followed soon after in 1512, and Portugal in 1580.

followed through

This alteration was generally followed through the 19th Century.

An emotional Ruth promised reform, and, to the surprise of many, followed through.

He requested access to a lawyer but the police never followed through with the request.

followed a series

Then followed a series of miracles on the concerned hill in Nagasaki.

There followed a series of skilful manoeuvres in the Severn and Avon valleys.

This incident followed a series of arson and graffiti attacks by Jewish extremists against Christian sites.

followed a similar

It followed a similar presentation at the 1995 Melbourne Festival of Arts.

This recall involved 110,000 vehicles and followed a similar action for the Tacoma.

The western regional dialects of Aramaic followed a similar course to those of the east.

series followed

"MM2" and the rest of the series followed the same format.

The series followed the elite unit, known as The Flying Squad.

The series followed six start up companies in the Silicon Valley.

followed the next

A concert by Johnny Hallyday followed the next day.

In the retaliatory air strike that followed the next day, No.

The rest of the family, including him, followed the next year.

followed by many

This operetta was followed by many other stage works.

In this he has been followed by many more recent works.

This was followed by many more awards, including the Reichel Prize, in 1919.

shortly followed

Thus the Coughee Brothaz shortly followed.

This was shortly followed by another from the Queen in 1986.

The Eastern Air Lines breakthrough was shortly followed by an order from Pan Am.

often followed   (seguido a menudo)

Screenings are often followed by informal discussions often involving the filmmakers themselves.

A statistically significant effect in ANOVA is often followed up with one or more different follow-up tests.

This is often followed by secondary pathogenic infections in the spear that can lead to spear rot and palm death.

followed by more

These were followed by more De Dion-style vehicles until 1904.

This message may be followed by more extensive edits to this article.

Each relocation is followed by more fluctuations within the new closed volume.

followed before

Four appearances followed before he left Quilmes.

Three seasons with a third place in 1985 followed before having to return to the "Bezirksliga".

Two years and 30 appearances followed before Gyimah left the club by mutual consent on 16 February 2017.

school followed   (escuela seguida)

The school followed the district dress code requiring polo shirts and dress trousers, skirts, and/or shorts.

The primary school was established alongside the mission and a transition to a secondary school followed gradually.

Between 1989 and 1986 Mira Hemo ran the school followed by Dr. David Singer (1995–1990), Adam Kenigsberger (1996–2010).

generally followed

His policies generally followed those of Batlle.

This alteration was generally followed through the 19th Century.

These facilities generally followed the design set by Tilton and Boring.

route followed

The route followed the channel of a creek that had cut a ravine steeply down the escarpment.

Its route followed Armagh Street, Brittan Street, and Patten Street to terminate on Retreat Road.

A concurrency with Highway 24 was established east of Ospringe to Trafalgar Road, which the route followed north to Highway 9.

tour followed

Her first concert tour followed, as an opening act for NSYNC.

The tour followed England's tour of New Zealand two months earlier.

A world tour followed in 2014.

followed immediately

This program commonly followed immediately after an episode of "Uranium".

Electronarcosis may be followed immediately by electrocution or by bleeding.

They followed immediately after the twelve voting members of the Signature "in capella".

usually followed

It is usually followed by anion-exchange chromatography using 6 molar HCl as eluant.

This is usually followed by an extemporaneous personal blessing as directed by the Spirit.

It is usually followed by a cut back to the first shot, when the cutaway avoids a jump cut.

followed by further

Stage I is followed by further growth of IT in the "contagion" stage.

He next had three year's diesel engineering instruction, followed by further tours of duty in submarines.

The character's third appearance was as a Captain in the SAS in "", followed by further appearances in "" and "".

followed during

Three goals in thirty matches followed during 2015.

Four further appearances followed during 2016–17.

Thirty-nine appearances followed during the 2006–07 season.

appearances followed

National touring and festival appearances followed.

Four further appearances followed during 2016–17.

Four appearances followed before he left Quilmes.

preceded and followed   (precedido y seguido)

It was preceded and followed by duet albums with his wife, Rita Coolidge.

The show was both preceded and followed by short seasons of "The Illusionists".

This is also the case for the operas which preceded and followed it: "Amadis" (1684) and "Armide" (1686).

followed a year

This was followed a year later by "Urōboe Uroboros!"

program in English based on the European model followed a year later.

It is followed a year later by Sequel to the Five Younger Gallants (續小五義).

film was followed   (la película fue seguida)

The film was followed by "" starring Mike Norris.

This film was followed by a third sequel, titled "".

The film was followed by the sequel "Captain Tsubasa: Danger!

decades that followed

It was only rarely seen in public in the decades that followed.

In the decades that followed, the company expanded steadily east.

In the decades that followed, the farm lapsed in and out of active use.

album followed

A second solo album followed: "November 1989".

An album followed featuring both singles.

The album followed on 13 February 1989.

months that followed

Rutherfurd continued to meet with Roosevelt in the months that followed more frequently.

The Atlantic Fleet exercise schedule took her from Greenland to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in the ten months that followed.

In the months that followed, the Communists carried out a campaign of arrests, tortures and assassinations against the CNT.

always followed

In his actions, Engleder always followed the same pattern.

Aspirated consonants are not always followed by vowels or other voiced sounds.

However, the Palace Law was not always followed and did not ensure smooth successions.

others followed

Two others followed in 2001 and 2002.

Many others followed including the ever popular Meyers Manx design.

After him, many others followed.

band followed

The band followed this with their third studio album, "Evolve", in June 2017.

There is a broad white band followed by a narrow yellow band at the edge of the mantle.

The band followed that performance up by including "Halloween" in the next two concerts.

release followed

A Region 2 release followed on September 27, 2010.

A European release followed on February 20, 2009.

The European release followed three weeks later.

followed two years

It ran for 63 performances and was followed two years later by "The Day Before Spring".

At the end of WW1 he received the O.B.E followed two years later in 1920 with the C.B.E.

The adjacent area in Salzburg followed two years later, and Tyrol finally joined in 1992.

album was followed

The release of the album was followed by a concert tour inside Turkey.

The album was followed in 2004 by the sequel release "Super Discount 2".

The album was followed by the "Discoveries" tour around Australia, and tours supporting August Burns Red and House Vs Hurricane shortly afterwards.

followed a few

It was followed a few years later by a dye house.

By the evening the Greeks withdrew, followed a few hours later by the British artillery.

followed a few days later by a recall of ranitidine hydrochloride capsules in the United States.

followed throughout

Many new discoveries followed throughout the late 19th century.

Thirty-seven appearances followed throughout the 2016–17 campaign.

Eleven further appearances followed throughout his first three seasons with Colón.

followed when   (seguido cuando)

Proper protocol was not followed when interviewing the children.

Standard codes are followed when designing (or manufacturing) a piping system.

One of his most notable successes followed when he moved to Dunaújváros in 1999.

then followed up

Kongo then followed up that win with a TKO over Dave van der Veen.

B Company then followed up.

Gomi threw a right hand and then followed up with a left-right combination.

days that followed

Death notices appeared in the Geelong Advertiser in the days that followed.

Australia and the US joined in the aerial search in the days that followed.

Over the days that followed, the disease and its symptoms returned full force.

followed the example

Other global sports unions followed the example, but they were sluggish in doing so.

Many other BBS networks followed the example of FidoNet, using the same standards and the same software.

In his outward behaviour, Yogaswami followed the example of his guru, for he would drive away those who tried to approach him.

followed by others

Additional studies were conducted in 1975 and 1978, followed by others thereafter.

These were later (7th and 5th centuries BC) followed by others that can be identified as Celts.

This tribe was followed by others, ethnically and linguistically diverse, who added the name Chalca to their own.

show followed   (show seguido)

On January 19, 2005, the first regular show followed.

The show followed a slightly looser format than its counterpart, the Mónika show.

Starting on 7 April 2007 the show followed a similar format to that of the American one.

followed several

In 2006 the Queers followed several other former Lookout!

This followed several months of in-studio pictures shared on the platform.

The names given to comets have followed several different conventions over the past two centuries.

followed the death   (siguió a la muerte)

They followed the death in office of President Jomo Kenyatta in August 1978.

He came to the throne after the ten years of confusion which followed the death of Archelaus I.

It continued to prosper until a civil war over succession followed the death of Askia Daoud in 1582.

followed by fruit

In 2007, India sent a shipment of mangoes to the U.S., followed by fruit from Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico.

followed what

The only other route to Karori followed what is now Glenmore Street from Thorndon.

Below the escarpment, the highway followed what is now the Old Guelph Road, meandering into Hamilton.

It looked like it left the star and followed what seems like a diagonal route according to the witness.

followed the route

It followed the route of old state Trunk Highway 8 in its entirety.

Until the 1960s, the A4 followed the route of the current A44 passing Leiden west.

The torch relay then followed the route that Norheim is believed to have taken to Oslo.

eventually followed

Pattie eventually followed Stenhouse to JTG Daugherty Racing.

A branding change from "Cable Radio Network" to "CRN Networks" eventually followed.

It was eventually followed by "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012), which served as a conclusion to Nolan's film series.