film follows   (映画が続きます)

The film follows the day-to-day life of the Chicks.

The film follows an Enid Blyton-like story plot.

The main body of the film follows a predictable pattern.

series follows   (シリーズは続く)

The series follows each of the brothers in turn.

The series follows the Angels on a mission to find U.S.

This 13 part series follows the Vivid girls for 6 months.

story follows   (物語は続く)

The story follows after a yearlong breakup between Lois and Clark.

The story follows their many schemes to make the other one confess.

The story follows the events of the 2009 film "Terminator Salvation".

then follows

US 2 then follows Belknap Street in Superior.

The keynote holiday address then follows.

A toast to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns then follows.

follows the adventures

The book follows the adventures of Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather.

The franchise follows the adventures of a high school student, Marty McFly (Michael J.

which follows the adventures of several generations of Royal Marine officers over 150 years.

follows the story   (物語に従います)

The film follows the story of a football champion, Macarthy.

It is an American B-movie which follows the story of an insane ex–U.S.

The series follows the story behind the murder of singer Selena Quintanilla.

follows the same

Khengkha follows the same typology as Dzongkha.

The uniform follows the same model to the present day.

This scene follows the same scene from the Disney film.

plot follows   (プロットが続きます)

The plot follows the career of upper-class cad Vivian Kenway (Rex Harrison).

The plot follows the young poet Xin Baihe, who flees Shanghai with his friend, Liang.

The plot follows the four young men as they struggle to cope with the realities of war.

defined as follows

However, such an object can be defined as follows.

The angle of two lines is defined as follows.

In nonstandard analysis, continuity can be defined as follows.

listed as follows

Avinangudi nearest schools are listed as follows.

The teams are listed as follows: "Final Round Robin Standings"

Three runways were listed as follows:

reads as follows

Dall's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

Pilsbry's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

The Act reads as follows: The Act was fully repealed in 2015 by the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015

described as follows

The position is described as follows: Common uses:

The inventory was described as follows.

Tweel's appearance is described as follows: The Martian wasn't a bird, really.

follows the lives

first scripted series follows the lives of a fictional British Monarchy.

The show follows the lives of the band as they try to become better musicians.

It follows the lives of five trans women in the New York ballroom scene in 1987.

route follows

The route follows a north-south jurassic escarpment.

Heading east the route follows minor roads to Ponteland.

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

follows the life   (人生に従う)

The story follows the life as the staff while telling how a bookstore works.

"Amelia" follows the life of Amelia and Captain William Booth after they are married.

The plot follows the life of the protagonist, Vipin, from his birth until after his marriage.

show follows   (以下を表示)

The show follows a fairly linear formula.

The show follows Pernilla Wahlgren and her family in their daily lives.

The show follows the lives of the band as they try to become better musicians.

novel follows   (小説が続く)

The novel follows his journey as he seeks to be free of the creature.

The novel follows her experiences from early childhood to adult life.

The novel follows the activities of Ingram York, a disc-jockey in Los Angeles.

closely follows

U.S. Route 20 closely follows the original route of the wagon road.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, the usage of the root closely follows the biblical usage.

U.S. 52 enters Virginia from West Virginia, and in Virginia closely follows Interstate 77.

follows a group

The film follows a group of young, college-going men and women.

It follows a group of tattoo artists as they open up a new shop in Miami, Florida.

"Thick as Thieves" follows a group of high-end criminals and their reluctant leader Carr.

game follows

The game follows a linear succession of battles.

The sequel game follows the film's plot line.

The game follows the storyline of the story.

book follows

The book follows a man and a boy who immigrate to a new land.

The Riley Bloom Series consists of: This book follows Riley Bloom.

The book follows the adventures of Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather.

follows the course

The line follows the course of the River Tyne through Northumberland.

The Tottori Expressway follows the course of the river from its source to Tottori City.

The Water of Leith Walkway is a mixed-use trail that follows the course of the river for from Balerno to Leith.

follows the route

The route follows the route taken by the first ascensionist.

The A68 roughly follows the route of the old Roman 'Dere Street'.

From Springfield the rail corridor follows the route of the "Vermonter" northerly to St. Albans.

follows a young

The story follows a young boy who finds a strange weapon and his newly paroled brother.

It follows a young boy who forgets his roots after spending much of his childhood at sea.

The novel follows a young boy called Duny, nicknamed "Sparrowhawk", born on the island of Gont.

generally follows

The highway generally follows the former route of US 290.

Each episode of the series generally follows this pattern:

From there, Highway 11 generally follows the original water route west to Rainy River.

read as follows   (次のように読む)

The marriage notice in the London Evening Post read as follows.

The proposal was to alter the text of the Constitution to read as follows: 87.

The proposal was to add section 51a to the Constitution to read as follows: 51a.

school follows   (学校が続きます)

The school follows the national curriculum.

The school follows the National Curriculum.

The school follows the CBSE syllabus and NCERT textbooks.

follows a similar

"The Wayward Cloud" (2006) follows a similar methodology.

The presentation for each project usually follows a similar TV format.

DoggoLingo follows a similar rudimentary style to create its verbs (e.g.

classified as follows

Cryogenic liquid tank cars in the USA are classified as follows:

They may be classified as follows: In the ancient religion of the Vedas, Indra the sky-god reigned supreme.

It is classified as follows: Physical properties of Paramontroseite include The X-ray powder diffraction pattern for a Bitter Creek mine sample is 3.39 (100), 2.645 (50), 4.35 (35), 2.213 (35), 1.426 (35), 2.479 (25), 2.179 (25).

summarized as follows

The main characteristics of Abdolkarimi's thought may be summarized as follows:

Changes can be summarized as follows: Reform met immediate, unfavorable reactions.

The May 24, 1897, Supreme Court ruling in for "United States v. Sandoval" was summarized as follows.

highway follows

The highway follows in part the route of the ancient Via Maris.

The highway follows a zig zag alignment and thus avoids any tunnels.

For the highway follows adjacent to the Deep River, before the river turns due south.

roughly follows

The road roughly follows the river Nidelva the whole way.

The A68 roughly follows the route of the old Roman 'Dere Street'.

The story then roughly follows the biblical account of the Ministry of Jesus.

divided as follows

For reasons of length, the list has been divided as follows:

The general statistics of the schools can be divided as follows.

The population is estimated at 315,556 people, divided as follows:

follows the river

The road roughly follows the river Nidelva the whole way.

The Forestry Trunk Road follows the river for much of its course.

The A70 road follows the river through Douglasdale, and on to the Clyde.

distributed as follows

Interest and dividend income generated by the Alabama Trust Fund is distributed as follows:

The remaining amount were distributed as follows: - Inter-se Distribution of General Purpose Grant.

The investment was supposed to be distributed as follows: As of March 2016, only the parking lot and the apron expansion works have been completed.

what follows

In what follows, "dollar" will be used as a unit of mass.

In what follows, "N"() and "N"() are the NFA of the subexpressions and , respectively.

In what follows the dates are as given in the "Chronicle", although, as noted above, these are earlier than now thought accurate.

structured as follows

The NIGP Code is structured as follows: 3-Digit Class Code The 3-Digit class Code has a brief general description.

The Ghana Army is structured as follows: In 1996, the Support Services Brigade was reorganized and transferred from the Army to be responsible to the Armed Forces GHQ.

The church is structured as follows (from the lowest level upwards): All rectors and vicars are appointed by patrons, who may be private individuals, corporate bodies such as cathedrals, colleges or trusts, or by the bishop or directly by the Crown.

formed as follows

The set was formed as follows:

Coast station identities are formed as follows: where the first two figures are zeros, and X is any figure from 0 to 9.

In Ukrainian, the passive voice is formed as follows: In Ukrainian, there exist traces of all five Common Slavic participles.

trail follows

A hiking trail follows the East Favel River.

Tjilbruke's trail follows the coastline through Carrickalinga.

A loop trail follows Cottonwood Creek, which has beaver ponds.

song follows

The song follows a chord progression of DEFmDFmE.

The song follows "El Baño", released in January 2018.

The song follows the 24-bar blues format.

episode follows

Each episode follows the same script, and it's divided in three challenges.

Each episode follows a two-act structure split up by the opening title sequence and theme song.

The episode follows the Griffin family becoming a Nielsen family and Peter attempting to take over the TV airwaves.

road follows   (道路が続きます)

The modern B6255 road follows its line.

The road follows the original shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

The A70 road follows the river through Douglasdale, and on to the Clyde.

line follows

(The N&W main line follows the south bank through this area).

The line follows the course of the River Tyne through Northumberland.

From Ennerdale the natural line follows the unnamed spur to the west of Deep Gill, footpaths having been created through the forestry.

follows the original

The road follows the original shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

The most common arrangement follows the original Tuxford design.

NC 87 Business follows the original alignment along Broad Street.

determined as follows

The position of White's pieces is determined as follows: This leaves three empty squares.

The rankings of players in match are determined as follows: Card can be played as: One shuffles the main deck.

In the quarter-finals, the matchups were determined as follows: The winners of round of 16 matchups 1, 3, 5, 7 hosted the second leg.

follows up

It follows up their self-titled album, "Two Gallants", which was released on September 25, 2007.

He then punches Purkey again, and follows up by swinging from curtain rods and bouncing on the bed.

1.46pm: Francesco Molinari drives into the trees on the 15th, and follows up with a misplaced lay-up.

summarised as follows

Some of the organisation's policy areas are summarised as follows (2006):

His main evidence can be summarised as follows: The work received a mixed reception.

These differences can be summarised as follows: Evaluating the different choices is a hard task.

calculated as follows

The PPI is calculated as follows: A high PPI suggests a high project priority.

The following example record: is decoded to show how the checksum value is calculated as follows:

The physical group size equivalent to "m" minutes of arc can be calculated as follows: group size = tan() × distance.

immediately follows

The poet immediately follows the "taill" with a moralitas.

It is no accident that the Coleridge sketch immediately follows that of Godwin.

There is no year zero in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC.

follows the path

Pennsylvania Route 272 follows the path from Wakefield to Oak Hill.

Amshuman follows the path which his uncles took to the nether world.

Part of this route follows the path used by the workers to reach the quarry.