Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

fast food   (comida rápida)

One very common fast food dish is fish and chips.

Was is the world's largest McDonald's fast food restaurant.

All restaurants and fast food joints serve Nargila (Shisha).

food source   (fuente de comida)

The Europeans took up the bird as a food source.

The main food source of this fish is plankton.

The stream itself was an important food source for Māori.

food products   (productos alimenticios)

It includes petroleum, chemicals and food products.

Nchanga was discovered in food products in the United States.

The shops used to sell textiles, and today sell food products.

food court   (zona de comidas)

New banquet seating is featured in the food court.

Woolworth's eventually became the food court in 1998.

Also in 1999 a Lifestyle Cafe (food court) was added.

food production   (la producción de alimentos)

The company subsequently diversified into food production.

Local food production included grains, hogs, cattle, and gardens.

He worked in areas of food production, craft production and sale.

food supply   (suministro de alimentos)

These winds damaged the food supply on two islands.

Reproduction is also regulated by planktonic food supply.

An estimated 80% of the Bahamian food supply is imported.

food supplies   (suministros de comida)

Food production declined and urban food supplies fell drastically.

However, even when food supplies are sufficient, there can be food insecurity.

The food supplies come from a charity organisation called Jagannath foundation.

food security

India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index.

Global food security is being threatened by desertification and overpopulation.

Thus, when communities, NGOs and the public move beyond the view of food security, i.e.

food industry

This company was the basis of the baby food industry.

The food industry is a major employer.

Gryazovets hosts timber industry and food industry enterprises.

food and drink   (comida y bebida)

The online food and drink magazine "Seattle DINING!"

Ambergris has historically been used in food and drink.

Sangok Mart sells many kinds of food and drink products.

food processing   (procesamiento de alimentos)

The food processing company, Shimaya, has headquarters in Shunan.

Industries include tractor repair, carpet making and food processing.

Much of the economy has been based on food processing and bulb growing.

food items

Many of these also sell stationery and food items.

The non vegetarian food items can also be used.

Boiling liquid food items can kill any existing microbes.

food chain   (cadena de comida)

Dioxin easily accumulates in the food chain.

O'Tacos O'Tacos is a French fast food chain founded in 2007.

I solidified my position at the top of the food chain tonight."

food and water

Medicine, food and water were in short supply.

The final stage is renouncing consumption of food and water.

The food and water were running out in the camp and so was the ammunition.

food sources

The ATR may have interfered with traditional Jarawa food sources.

Abalone are normally found on rocks near food sources such as kelp.

Masked shrews chose Lepidoptera larva over other food sources (McCay 1997).

food safety

Similarly, dried foods also promote food safety.

of foods, as well as how to ensure food safety.

There he studied issues of food safety and disease risk.

food shortages   (la escasez de alimentos)

Winter freezes may be one reason for the food shortages.

But food shortages only worsened, especially in the towns.

Maseru Central Prison has been reported to have food shortages.

food service

At the time, it was the largest food service acquisition.

At one point limited menu food service was provided by Lick's hamburger chain.

Modern franchising came to prominence with the rise of franchise-based food service establishments.

such as food

Those captured would be sold for various reasons such as food, debts, or servitude.

UVGI is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air, and water purification.

The core CPI index excludes goods with high price volatility, such as food and energy.

provide food   (proveer alimentos)

Insects provide food for birds and bats.

These plants provide food for the corals, and give them their color.

The caterpillars provide food at a season when other foods are scarce.

food plants

Hardwick has authored several papers on native food plants.

are the favorite food plants of sangai.

The defenseless nymphs crawl up food plants to collect at the top.

source of food

The Kalapalo fish for their main source of food.

The Nile also served as a source of food and a pathway for trade.

It is a major source of food to the local villagers of that region.

food and beverage

Tamek TAMEK is a Turkish food and beverage company founded in 1955.

It is forbidden to rent any extra facilities for serving food and beverage.

The cafes serve food and beverage items, including numerous local draft beers.

local food

The chapter also regularly volunteers for the local food pantry.

Other local food include "Formaj dal CIt", a typical cottage cheese flavour with pepper.

Nowadays there are only few household of local food and traditional Chinese sweet shops.

other food   (otra comida)

The ecological effects of piscivores can extend to other food chains.

The effect of biofuel production on other food crop prices is indirect.

This reduces the supply of the other food crops and increases their prices.

street food

It is usually sold as street food.

Popular street food includes "Aloor Chop", Beguni, Kati roll, and phuchka.

It is usually sold as street food but can be found in various Latin restaurants.

staple food   (alimento básico)

Wheat is a staple food in the Mediterranean region.

Millet is the staple food of Chadian cuisine.

Rice is the major food crop and staple food of the state.

food crops

These plant materials come from agricultural non food crops.

In 1965, 42% of all herbicide spraying was dedicated to food crops.

The major food crops are red sorghum, pearl millet, yams, and maize.

food and other   (comida y otros)

food and other goods and services) provided by their employers.

They may also make token, symbolic redistributions of food and other goods.

People worshipped Enlil by offering food and other human necessities to him.

without food

There are claims that Devraha Baba lived without food.

Some males can stay ashore for more than three months without food.

The brother and sister often went without food, water or human touch.

food poisoning   (comida envenenada)

The attack infected 751 people with severe food poisoning.

Affected families often believe they are victims of food poisoning.

In 1931, Luis Mora's beloved wife, Sonia, died suddenly of food poisoning.

important food

The stream itself was an important food source for Māori.

Anostracans are an important food source for many birds and fish.

Pearl millet is an important food across the Sahel region of Africa.

own food

She also runs her own food blog, "E is for Eat."

Many inhabitants grow their own food there.

Her family was self-sufficient, and grew all of its own food.

food preparation   (preparación de comida)

In a home, most food preparation takes place in a kitchen.

Shea butter is edible and is used in food preparation in some African countries.

Chua is famous to advocate the use of pork dripping in food preparation and as a condiment.

food restaurant   (restaurante de comida)

Was is the world's largest McDonald's fast food restaurant.

It currently houses a Mexican food restaurant called Cafe Sabor.

is a fast food restaurant chain based in the United Kingdom, established in 2004.

food prices

The rise of food prices led to widespread pauperism.

Poverty became widespread as shortages drove up food prices.

The food section also had news stories pertaining to raising food prices.

used as food

Animal brains are used as food in numerous cuisines.

Salts of benzoic acid are used as food preservatives.

Species are used as food and flavourings (e.g.

food and shelter   (comida y refugio)

Keb provided food and shelter to victims of the storm.

He first arrived in Torrejón de Ardoz for food and shelter.

Natural and necessary desires include the desires for food and shelter.

food aid

Sometimes a cycle of food aid dependence can develop.

TAMEK sent food aid to Soma following the Soma mine disaster.

Hunger is addressed by a mix of public and private food aid provision.

no food

He drifts out of the shipping lane with no food or water.

Upon opening the pack, it is full of more bird seed and no food for Sylvester.

Finding no food, she opened the glass chest and went to eat an olive inside it.

food and clothing   (comida y ropa)

Arrangements for food and clothing altered over the years.

She raised money and went to Warsaw in 1920 to coordinate distribution of food and clothing.

The Czech people in the villages and towns, through which they passed, passed food and clothing to them.

food company   (compañía de alimentos)

There he started a food company with his brother, James.

Dalloyau Dalloyau is a Paris-based food company founded in 1682.

When not refereeing, Jakobsson works as the manager/owner of a food company.

food waste   (Desechos alimentarios)

The food waste is turned into slop for pigs and other farm animals.

Blanchet House is committed to creating as little food waste as possible.

Blanchet House is unique amongst public kitchens in that it has nearly zero food waste.

lack of food   (falta de comida)

Due to the lack of food many people starved to death.

Most of the victims died en route due to lack of food or water.

With lack of food and medicines, her children suffered malnutrition.

enough food

There’s not enough food for the brain or fuel for the feet here".

The shopkeeper was provided with enough food for registered customers.

food intake   (la ingesta de alimentos)

The stomach often dilates to accommodate food intake and secretions.

Fish can suffer reductions in food intake and food conversion efficiency.

This might improve its predator evasion, whilst improving its food intake.

food restaurants

In the 1920s, freezing methods, cafeterias, and fast food restaurants emerged.

He also had a job working for Taco Bell, along with other fast food restaurants.

Smaller businesses include grocery stores, barber shops, and soul food restaurants.

pet food   (alimentos para mascotas)

Examples of formulated IMF are confectioneries and pet food.

Several pet food companies use bison as a red meat alternative in dog foods.

as a regional manager for Kal Kan Foods, one of Mars Inc.'s pet food companies.

more food

On 6 February, the road is used to bring in more food.

New arable land makes more food, and can reduce starvation.

The more the population grows, the more food that has to be grown.

including food

The riots were triggered by economic problems, including food shortages and mass unemployment.

Relief supplies, including food, hygiene, and educational kits, were given to those affected by the tsunami.

It covers issues and interests of real concern to women, including food, health, style, home and current affairs.

fast food restaurant

Was is the world's largest McDonald's fast food restaurant.

is a fast food restaurant chain based in the United Kingdom, established in 2004.

In order to survive, Satan takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald, while Alciel serves as his houseman.

food resources

Growling in gurnards gives an advantage when there is limited food resources.

The bald eagle selects migration routes which take advantage of thermals, updrafts, and food resources.

Females show reproductive activity throughout the year, and correlate with availability of food resources.

food stores

In this case, the colony may be forced to rely on its extensive food stores.

There also hundreds of fast food stores scattered across east London, owned by Bangladeshis.

Although there was a good well inside the fort, the food stores had gotten low by September.

food insecurity   (inseguridad alimentaria)

In 2018 six million children experience food insecurity.

For Blacks 21.2% experience food insecurity.

Burkina Faso is faced with high levels of food insecurity.

organic food

EkoPlaza EkoPlaza is a Dutch chain of organic food supermarkets.

Claims that organic food tastes better are generally not supported by tests.

The global market for organic food is worth £1.2 billion a year and is increasing.

food plant

Larval food plant is "Axonopus compressus".

The species' larval food plant is "Dichapetalum gelonioides".

The pupa is also the overwintering stage, among leaves at the base of the food plant.

food writer

Helen Rosner Helen Rosner is an American food writer and editor.

Through that marriage, she has one daughter, food writer Natasha Corrett.

David has two children, a boy and a girl, with his wife Victoria, a food writer.

food and supplies

The "Daily Express" donated food and supplies.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazans crossed the border into Egypt seeking food and supplies.

Windows and doors were barricaded, food and supplies were secured, and first aid posts were set up.

traditional food

Kebebe Kebebe is a traditional food in Lenggong, Perak.

They wanted a sexy Mexican party with all the traditional food and drinks.

The traditional food of the United Arab Emirates uses a lot of meat, grain, and dairy.

fast food restaurants

In the 1920s, freezing methods, cafeterias, and fast food restaurants emerged.

He also had a job working for Taco Bell, along with other fast food restaurants.

Starting in the 1960s, more fast food restaurants have been using frozen french fries.

providing food

He took the direct responsibility of providing food.

Apart from providing food for their larval offspring, no maternal care is given.

Apart from providing food for their offspring, no further maternal care is given.

dog food   (comida de perro)

Her body was rendered to make dog food for his kennels.

Avoid fatty foods, and give a good quality balanced dog food.

The price of dog food has increased by more than 50% and exceeds $4 per kilogram.

food distribution

The Indian food distribution system is highly inefficient.

She set up recreational centers in 1945 as well as food distribution centers in 1953.

The brigade also took part in humanitarian activities such as food distribution to locals.

food item   (alimento)

This species is used as a food item.

"Prosopis" becomes a significant food item if grasses are scarce.

Since the mid-1960s, panzerotti have been a popular fast food item in Canada.

food web

A food web is the archetypal ecological network.

These sometimes immense gatherings fuel the ocean food web.

This increases food web stability.

find food   (Encontrar comida)

Boyle goes out to find food and goes missing.

Unicellular organisms can move in order to find food or escape predators.

In one test of where to find food, cats' short-term memory lasted about 16 hours.

main food   (comida principal)

The main food source of this fish is plankton.

Bony fishes are probably the main food of the Borneo shark.

These clams are the main food of the walrusses ("Odobenus rosmarus").

food outlets

There were several food outlets at the theatre.

Papaioea has many shops, food outlets and supermarkets.

Some food outlets occupy shops at the buildings' street level.

food and wine

The food and wine store added an ice cream shop in late 2017.

Since 1986, Eckhard Supp writes among other topics about food and wine.

Leading sectors included mechanical engineering, fashion, pharmaceutics, food and wine.

food and drinks

There, the men give the group some "traditional" food and drinks.

The singers stops at neighbors' houses to get some food and drinks.

They wanted a sexy Mexican party with all the traditional food and drinks.

good food

Quran [5:5] "Today, all good food is made lawful for you.

On this day they were fed extra generously with good food and meat.

Walters's nightclubs were known for their luxurious atmosphere and good food.

food additive   (aditivo alimentario)

Each food additive has to be named or numbered.

It can be used as a food additive.

In the EU it can take 10 years or more to obtain approval for a new food additive.

food chains

Plankton are among the lower trophic levels in food chains.

At the top of the food chains were huge birds, such as Paracrax.

The ecological effects of piscivores can extend to other food chains.

food stalls

The street passes through various shops and food stalls.

Teochew people enjoy eating out close to midnight in restaurants or at roadside food stalls.

Regulation, such as the checking of scales, and cooking equipment in food stalls, is scarce.

new food

Shota's father is overjoyed at how tasty the new food is.

The new food supply means that the water snake is now staging a comeback.

On the other hand, it has provided a new food source for planktivorous fishes.

amount of food

In exchange, a large amount of food and other supplies are given to Tara for the Hilltop.

For example, if she had just a small amount of food, she multiplied it to feed lots of people.

The balloon limits the amount of food the stomach can hold and creates thereby an early feeling of fullness and satiety.

provided food

They provided food, shelter and basic necessities.

Keb provided food and shelter to victims of the storm.

Members were not paid, but provided food while on duty.

food banks

In 2014, 1.5 million people a week used food banks in Germany.

It was not however until the 1980s that U.S. food banks began to experience rapid growth.

Benefit cuts, failures and "punitive sanctions" force thousands of UK citizens to use food banks.

food or water

He drifts out of the shipping lane with no food or water.

Most of the victims died en route due to lack of food or water.

Targets were often soldiers bringing up food or water to forward positions.

health food   (Comida saludable)

The product was advertised as a nutritious health food.

He was known to lecture and promote dubious claims about his health food products.

Seeds are typically high in unsaturated fats and, in moderation, are considered a health food.

food availability   (Disponibilidad de comida)

She will lay around 1,000 eggs, depending on food availability.

This type of migration is normally associated with food availability.

Therefore, forager return rate is a good indicator of food availability.

junk food   (comida chatarra)

Concession stands typically sell junk food.

The other mothers storm away and Marge realizes that she misses eating junk food.

As '80s slasher junk food, something I'll never turn down, it's worth watching once.

food stamps

As a youth, Francis received food stamps and lived in an apartment with 18 people.

Donald spent multiple nights in motel rooms that his mother had purchased with food stamps.

could be purchased in Colorado with food stamps from the United States Department of Agriculture.

food fish

It is consequently highly prized as a food fish.

It is of commercial importance as a food fish in its native range.

It is a very popular and sought-after food fish in the Indian Subcontinent.

when food   (cuando la comida)

Foragers take less time when food is more abundant.

This competition reaches a peak during early spring, when food is scarce.

In the fall, when food is plentiful, adult male badgers can reach up to .

free food   (comida gratis)

"Guru ka Langar" (Guru's free food) is a very important part of Sikhism.

Their most famous activities revolved around distributing free food ("Free because it's yours!")

They refused food far less often in the free food condition than in the token-exchange conditions.

healthy food   (comida sana)

Okko then remembers that Matsuki was working on a menu of healthy food.

The father can only eat bland healthy food, but he finds the food the inn staff unsatisfying.

Market competition thereby produces a void of healthy food retailers in low-income neighborhoods.

food vendors

Sales include antiques, crafts, treasures and various food vendors.

Today it is a thriving market with 300 traders, crafters musicians and food vendors.

It's a destination for various street food vendors alike nearby Yaowarat road as well.

competition for food   (competencia por la comida)

Commercial fishing produces competition for food, and sometimes petrels are accidentally captured in fishing nets.

Given this support, their lifespans are increased, and behavior and nuisance problems caused by competition for food are reduced.

Since they have a peaceful nature, other fish may "bully" a reedfish, despite its large size, especially in competition for food or space.

food truck

In September 2017, Lion's Choice launched its first food truck.

By 2017, the US food truck industry had surpassed $2.7 billion.

Food truck rallies and food truck parks are also growing in popularity in the US.

food rations

She ordered the empress's food rations to be reduced.

They were provided with uniforms, firearms, food rations and a dubious salary.

It distributed 200 tonnes of food rations to 12,000 people, but stated that 30,000 was the target.

supply of food   (víveres)

For the first time, grains provided people with a steady supply of food.

Captured Japanese stock increased the total supply of food to 14 days worth.

This has caused price fluctuations which are not strongly related to the actual supply of food, according to the United Nations.

food storage

These food storage workers are called "repletes".

Other parts of the burrow system are used for food storage.

Together they lost five sheepfolds, two tents, a tin shack and two improvised food storage sheds.

fresh food

It sells a range of cheap products and fresh food.

It sells a range of goods, including fresh food, meat, and fish.

Zhejiang cuisine focuses more on serving fresh food and is more like Japanese food.

food market   (comida de mercado)

These purchases do not affect low-income producers and consumer in the food market.

In the east is Leadenhall Market, a fresh food market that is also a visitor attraction.

In 2017 a food market affiliated with the restaurant dubbed Clover Grocery opened nearby.

all food

Traditionally, all food was cooked in specialized clay pots.

The infant refuses all food, crying incessantly and intolerably.

Fruit allergies make up about 10 percent of all food related allergies.

food product

This seal is extremely important to the safe preservation of the food product.

Tofu is made of soybeans and is another popular food product that supplies protein.

Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards.

snack food   (Bocadillos)

Knish is a snack food consisting of a meat or potato filling covered with dough that is either baked or grilled.

"Cancha", which are roasted maize chulpe kernels, are a very popular snack food in Peru, and also appears in traditional Peruvian "ceviche".

Potato chips remained a fairly small part of the snack food market until the 1950s, when snack foods in general became more widely available.

search of food

Elephants go on seasonal migrations in search of food, water, minerals, and mates.

These mass movements may also be opportunistic, in search of food, rather than seasonal.

The burrow system consists primarily of foraging tunnels, which the rats dig in search of food.

food science

), and also in environmental and food science.

This is a subdiscipline of food science.

It hosted food science conferences.