foods such   (そのような食品)

Frozen foods such as Blood Worms, Brine Shrimp, Daphnia are well liked.

The young consume relatively large live foods such as nauplii of brine shrimp.

It mainly aimed at imported Italian foods such as Italian Espresso and Prosciutto.

foods and beverages   (食品および飲料)

In final implementation these regulations prohibit some foods and beverages on the school campus.

Chefs use chlorophyll to color a variety of foods and beverages green, such as pasta and spirits.

The rules apply to foods and beverages sold on all public school district campuses during the day.

other foods   (他の食品)

Wild seeds, berries, nuts, and other foods were gathered.

The caterpillars provide food at a season when other foods are scarce.

There is also a bowl of rice and various other foods placed on the table.

snack foods   (スナック菓子)

Salty's Kiosk is located next to The BRO and sells slushies, ice creams and other snack foods.

Many snack foods, such as pretzels, cookies, and potato chips, are available in disposable single-use sealed bags.

Potato chips remained a fairly small part of the snack food market until the 1950s, when snack foods in general became more widely available.

processed foods

They are found in a wide variety of natural and processed foods.

These processed foods became a large part of diets in many industrialized nations.

That means no processed foods or those produced with contact to hormones, pesticides or fertilizers.

staple foods   (主食)

Ancient empires valued luxury goods in contrast to staple foods, leading to famine.

Gabonese cuisine is influenced by French cuisine, but staple foods are also available.

One of the Antiguan staple foods, fungi , is a cooked paste made of cornmeal and water.

certain foods   (特定の食品)

He characterizes certain foods as either forbidden ("unclean") or acceptable ("clean") to God.

The antiscorbutic properties of certain foods were demonstrated in the 18th century by James Lind.

Food taboos also encompasses when people are forced to consume certain foods in a specific manner.

traditional foods

The nearby garden offers tea and traditional foods.

Films about Acoma history are shown and a café serves traditional foods.

It serves alcoholic beverages like wine, rakı, vodka, beer with meze and traditional foods.

variety of foods

It eats a variety of foods.

Chefs use chlorophyll to color a variety of foods and beverages green, such as pasta and spirits.

Belizean cuisine is an amalgamation of all ethnicities in the nation, and their respectively wide variety of foods.