Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

video footage   (metraje de video)

The explosion was caught on a video footage filmed by a local resident.

The Man then masturbates to video footage of what he has done, and leaves.

Despite having lots of video footage of people, he says it is hard to see.

stock footage   (metrajes)

The stock footage was sourced from 16mm prints.

They used stock footage from Pathé News and the General Film Library.

Some of the stock footage in the film is from Michel and Wormser's exhibit.

archival footage   (material de archivo)

His character was portrayed via archival footage.

The real Mötley Crüe appear in archival footage during the end credits.

The use of archival footage in video especially calls for extra attention.

film footage   (filmaciones)

It featured a mixture of modern reconstruction and original film footage.

The live-action film footage derive from the film "A Star Is Born" (1937).

The film footage featured in the game received some criticism for its low quality.

live footage   (metraje en vivo)

The video includes live footage of the band from a New Year's Eve show.

The rocket was enabled to transfer electronic data and live footage back to Earth.

A DVD was released with recorded live footage of the Melt concert on June 26, 2013.

footage shot

It relies on footage shot by Johnson across the years in numerous different countries.

Parton appears in the film as well, in news clips and in footage shot for the documentary.

The ratio of footage shot to footage used was 263:1, one of the highest ratios ever for a film.

archive footage   (material de archivo)

Adolf Hitler is again briefly featured in archive footage.

It is now the largest repository of New Zealand documentary archive footage online in the country.

Beckham never personally appeared in the 2002 film "Bend It Like Beckham", except in archive footage.

found footage

"", Romania's first found footage horror feature film, was released in 2015.

"The Lost Tape" is a psychological Horror film, bound in a found footage style.

The song was also used in the found footage science fiction thriller "Project Almanac" (2015).

concert footage

The video features concert footage of Rob performing the song.

The majority of concert footage was filmed at the Manchester Arena concert.

Vestapol rapidly expanded to include concert footage from living artists too.

square footage

, the village had a square footage of ; in January 2003, Svay Pak had a diameter of .

This was not their largest location, but was the most profitable store by square footage.

The mall was opened on July 26, 1972 with an initial square footage of at a cost of $25 million.

new footage

The new footage, directed by Thomas Montgomery, was shot in three days.

The episodes contain a compilation of scenes from the television series and an additional twenty minutes of new footage.

On 4 November 2013, an extra long 3 minute trailer/sneak peek was released and revealed new footage and major plot points.

camera footage

The "Today Tonight" story captured some hidden camera footage of Abigail.

Subsequent examination of my gun camera footage showed good hits on the Sabre.

They often poked fun at the central host by showing archiving footage or hidden camera footage.

additional footage

Each man had an assistant director, who shot additional footage.

Photography for the additional footage began on September 3, 2019.

Some additional footage was shot across the Cooper River in Charleston.

scenes footage

and behind the scenes footage.

In every sprint shown in the behind the scenes footage, LFA out-launched and out-accelerated the R8 V10.

The video is composed of behind the scenes footage, live footage from the group's numerous performances and scenes from the telenovela "Rebelde".

features footage

It features footage of Moore's wife and kids.

The music video features footage from "The Living Christ" series.

It features footage of the band's show in London from earlier in the year.

minutes of footage

Roughly 34 minutes of footage was shot before shut down; a trailer was also made.

Forty-five minutes of footage from 35 scenes was shot over 12 days with Christian Cooke.

Eleven minutes of footage were deleted for modern home video release, most of it racial in nature.

includes footage

The game includes footage from the film.

The video clip includes footage from the Holomráz Tour 2018 (indoor tour).

It includes footage from the recording studio and the Czech summer nature.

hours of footage

He recorded eleven video tapes containing approximately two hours of footage each.

Parvez Sharma filmed 400 hours of footage in countries ranging from Iraq to Pakistan.

Producers filmed 2,500 to 3,000 hours of footage for the nine 43-minute episodes of the first season.

documentary footage

The latter included documentary footage of the concert as a bonus track.

He adapted it as the film "Trumbo" (2007), which added documentary footage and new interviews.

Allmusic called it "a tremendous primer for the novice [and] an extraordinary two-hours-plus of documentary footage for the fans".

news footage

Newsplayer Newsplayer was a streaming video website of historical news footage.

Partial re-enactments are shown along with news footage, evidence, and reports from locals.

The subsequent battle exposes the Transformers to the world at large thanks to news footage.