Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

record for most   (grabar para la mayoría)

Schultz holds the NCAA record for most strikeouts in a game.

Ian also holds the record for most consecutive HoH wins at 4.

He also holds the record for most title defenses, at seventeen.

up for election   (para la elección)

Three single authority mayors are up for election.

All 25 seats in the Assembly were up for election.

known for playing   (conocido por jugar)

He is best known for playing Michael Myers in "Halloween II".

He is also known for playing the Grandson in "The Princess Bride".

He was known for playing Captain Peacock in "Are You Being Served?"

up for sale   (a la venta)

The titles were put up for sale to other publishers.

The buildings were put up for sale on two occasions.

His family put the business up for sale in 1919.

used for agricultural   (utilizado para agricultura)

Tractors are used for agricultural works.

Land in the remainder of the locality is used for agricultural purposes.

Of this area, 66% is used for agricultural purposes, while 23% is forested.

known for having

Rifbjerg is also known for having been a journalist and critic.

Kaimiņš is known for having a camera with him most of the time.

Parton is known for having undergone considerable plastic surgery.

filed for bankruptcy   (declarado en bancarrota)

The school closed and Beatrice filed for bankruptcy.

The ILLF filed for bankruptcy in September 2011.

In December 2017, the "Herald" filed for bankruptcy.

school for boys   (escuela para niños)

It is a Roman Catholic school for boys and girls.

It was a four-year elementary school for boys.

A primary school for boys was founded in 1980.

sold for scrap   (vendido para chatarra)

She was sold for scrap in Greece in October 1991.

She was sold for scrap in July 1910 for £14,500.

The CAN Railway was sold for scrap after World War I.

designated for assignment   (designado para la asignación)

On September 14, he was designated for assignment.

He was designated for assignment on June 10, 2008.

Doubront was designated for assignment on July 29.

available for purchase   (disponible para compra)

DVD titles are available for purchase on iTunes.

High-speed data passes will be available for purchase.

Archive photos and articles are available for purchase.

mm for males   (mm para hombres)

The length of the forewings is 18.2 mm for males.

The length of the forewings is 14.9 mm for males.

They grow up to 49–58 mm for males and 62–63 mm of females.

school for girls   (escuela para chicas)

She founded a school for girls in Ningbo, Zhejiang.

Very soon an industrial school for girls was opened.

She became a nun and started a school for girls.

responsible for all   (responsable de todos)

It is soon revealed Marion is responsible for all this.

Ed was responsible for all the editing and coordination.

VCH is not responsible for all health care within Metro Vancouver.

mostly for football

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

available for download   (disponible para descarga)

This client honeypot is not available for download.

It is also available for download for use off-line.

Both series are available for download on iTunes.

mm for females

The length of the forewings is 20 mm for females.

The wingspan can range up to 90 mm for females.

The wingspan is about 30 mm for males and 40 mm for females.

offered for sale   (ofrecido a la venta)

In a few years the property was offered for sale.

The property was offered for sale in early 2004.

In 1978, WAPL AM and FM were offered for sale.

award for best

It won the Filmfare award for best screenplay.

And nominated huading award for best supporting actress.

The film also won the Creative Talent award for best acting.

scheduled for release   (programado para lanzamiento)

The game is scheduled for release in July 2018.

In Japan, it was scheduled for release on 8 June 2018.

"FDR" was scheduled for release in late 1996.

candidate for reelection   (candidato a reelección)

Malepeai was not a candidate for reelection in 2012.

He was not a candidate for reelection in 2008.

He was not a candidate for reelection in 1902.

intended for use

It is intended for use with 5.56 mm rifles such as the M4 carbine.

LORANA is intended for use from land or helicopter platforms for launch.

They are often part of a pressure suit or intended for use with a flight helmet.

filed for divorce   (pidió el divorcio)

Presley and his wife filed for divorce on August 18.

The couple filed for divorce in February 2019.

She again filed for divorce on March 20, 1995.

candidate for renomination

He was not a candidate for renomination in 1912.

He was not a candidate for renomination in 1910.

tackles for loss   (aborda la pérdida)

Te'o also recorded 5.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack.

He led the Saints in tackles for loss during the 2017 season.

He finished with 1.5 tackles for loss.

used for both

It is used for both civilian and military traffic.

These were used for both passenger and cargo operations.

In practice, the two approaches are used for both types.

designed for use

"Suburito" are "bokken" designed for use in "suburi".

It was designed for use in web kiosks and digital signage.

The boat hull was designed for use in higher wave conditions.

available for free   (disponible gratis)

The digitized records are available for free online.

The service was available for free to AOL subscribers.

The journal is available for free in electronic format.

used for growing

Of the agricultural land, 9.6% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 4.2% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 3.2% is used for growing crops.

used for other   (utilizado para otro)

The blunt points were also used for other reasons.

They continue to be used for other purposes, including research.

It was also used for other sports.

known for writing

He was known for writing and producing his own skits.

She is known for writing the book "Tom's Wife" in 2011.

He is best known for writing the courtroom drama "Twelve Angry Men".

used for many

This low salinity water is used for many purposes.

The older khaki uniforms were used for many decades.

The lake is used for many different purposes.

run for reelection   (correr para la reelección)

In 1992, McHugh chose not to run for reelection.

He did not run for reelection on 21 August 1881.

Knudson declined to run for reelection in 2016.

responsible for providing   (responsable de proporcionar)

Canada is also responsible for providing 22% of China's french fries.

109 Signal Squadron was responsible for providing communications to 2 Task Force.

It was responsible for providing the Soviet Army with all types of aircraft and ammunition.

available for streaming   (disponible para transmisión)

On July 11, "Awakening" was made available for streaming.

On September 27, "Outlines" was made available for streaming.

"Here I Am Alive" was made available for streaming on July 30.

adjusted for inflation   (ajustado por inflación)

The figures have not been adjusted for inflation.

When adjusted for inflation, its total nett gross is .

The price will not be adjusted for inflation.

worked for several

During the 1930s, Taylor worked for several government agencies.

She worked for several years before attending Brockwood Labor College.

Cojocaru also worked for several of Israel's top rated TV productions.

ran for reelection   (corrió para la reelección)

Mauguin ran for reelection to the senate in 1894.

Incumbent supervisor Eric Mar ran for reelection.

Incumbent supervisor David Chiu ran for reelection.

known for creating

She is known for creating large and exotic pieces.

He is known for creating Welch's t-test.

He is best known for creating the ABC dramedy series "Desperate Housewives".

known for producing

Edmonton is also known for producing many ball players.

It is best known for producing the Eurovision Song Contest.

The instrument is known for producing a continuous, low pitch.

available for use   (disponible para su uso)

It is still available for use in France however.

The mine is still available for use in Ecuador.

By the end of 1969, all 758 beds were available for use.

played for several

He played for several seasons in the lower leagues.

He played for several clubs in Costa Rica.

He played for several Croatian and Austrian football teams.

tied for second   (empatado en segundo)

He tied for second on the team with 8 tackles.

In 1963, he tied for second place in Málaga.

Alaska, Coca-Cola and Talk ‘N Text were tied for second spot.

tied for first

In 2005, he tied for first in the Aeroflot Open.

In August 1949, he tied for first place in Grossröhrsdorf.

In 1949, he tied for first place with Efim Bogoljubow in Oldenburg.

municipality for every

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 6.3 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 5.3 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 3.1 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

eligible for free   (elegible gratis)

Runaway, homeless and Migrant Youth are also automatically eligible for free meals.

Also in September 2010, about 85% of the students were eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

available for sale   (disponible para venta)

The parish church has closed and, in 2019, is available for sale.

Plans are not available for sale.

Of the total production, 24,112 were available for sale to the public.

known for winning

He is also known for winning Series 10 of BBC’s "The Apprentice" in 2014.

She is known for winning the 2017 Air Stars, Asian Aerial Dance Art Competition.

He is chiefly known for winning the 1977 BRDC Vandervell British F3 Championship.

award for gallantry   (premio a la galantería)

He was the first Naval officer to be awarded the Maha Vir Chakra award for gallantry in the 1971 war.

Crosses of Naval Merit Crosses of Naval Merit () are a Spanish military award for gallantry or merit in war or peace.

Laureate Plate of Madrid The Laureate Badge of Madrid () was the highest military award for gallantry of the Second Spanish Republic.

books for children

The Sindhi Adabi Board has published books for children.

Helen Hay was a poet and an author of books for children.

The Sindhi Language Authority has also published books for children.

notable for having

It's notable for having a “really cute kitty” cat.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

The city is notable for having one of the largest palaces in the Maya world.

used for all

A single tuning knob was used for all wavebands.

These are used for all types of performing art.

A NASA C-47 was used for all of the air tows.

for example

Early films were influenced by traditional theater – for example, kabuki and bunraku.

(from the Latin doctores) may be used – for example, instead of Dr. Miller and Dr. Rubinstein: Drs.

Correspondingly, the mode is not unique – for example, in a uniform distribution "any" point is the mode.

used for orchards

The suburb lies predominantly on cleared land which was originally used for orchards.

Of the agricultural land, 7.6% is used for growing crops, while 1.5% is used for orchards or vine crops.

Of the agricultural land, 72.03% is used for farming or pastures, while 3.54% is used for orchards or vine crops.

stood for election   (se presentó a las elecciones)

She first stood for election in 1976.

In 1874, Kennedy stood for election in Donegal, but was unsuccessful.

In 1868 he stood for election at Manchester but failed to gain the seat.

name for several

Rattlepod Rattlepod is a common name for several plants and may refer to:

Baugh used this name for several nomadic kingdoms as he traveled to Europe.

Triaspis Triaspis is a scientific name for several genera and may refer to:

responsible for overseeing   (responsable de supervisar)

It was responsible for overseeing the nation's agricultural development.

Buckeridge was responsible for overseeing the temporary roofing of the half-built nave.

Besides, it is responsible for overseeing the crime and law and order situation in UTs.

voted for president

Voters chose 5 electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Voters chose 9 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Voters chose 8 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

responsible for maintaining   (responsable de mantener)

They are responsible for maintaining the good condition of the costumes.

He or she is responsible for maintaining decorum and enforcing the rules.

Lino (Urushemeyoung) Mettao Olopai (1940-) was responsible for maintaining the Carolinian culture.

responsible for many   (responsable de muchos)

He lived in Gatchina, where he was also responsible for many buildings.

This interaction is responsible for many of the details of atomic structure.

As a result, Kang grew up to become a serial killer who became responsible for many other deaths.

used for various

The name "Ma'di" is used for various peoples in the region.

Each group has its own set of masks used for various reasons.

These playgrounds are used for various games during the sports period.

responsible for managing   (responsable de gestionar)

Here she is responsible for managing the company's growth.

VSE are responsible for managing all Rose Quarter properties.

It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

suitable for use   (adecuado para su uso)

The book is also suitable for use with "Heroes Unlimited".

This makes them suitable for use where a connection in cascade is required.

This generally allows better insulation making them more suitable for use in cold water.

run for president

He was the first African American to run for president.

In 2017, Gorman said she wants to run for president in 2036.

He had been widely assumed to be preparing a run for president.

responsible for developing   (responsable de desarrollar)

The panel responsible for developing standards is CEN/TC 119.

The EEA is responsible for developing the network and coordinating its activities.

She was responsible for developing Art Bank, the Canada Council's art collection program in 1972.

available for public   (disponible para público)

The tool and its source code are available for public use.

All of the championship trophies were available for public viewing.

By October 1945, DDT was available for public sale in the United States.

sold for scrapping   (vendido para desguace)

She was sold for scrapping in October 1970 to N.W.

"Northern Venture" was sold for scrapping locally.

On 2 May 1934, "Terry" was sold for scrapping.

responsible for creating   (responsable de crear)

They learn the reactor was responsible for creating the loop.

He, along with Itcai the Jaguar, is responsible for creating the earth and water.

Rare was responsible for creating games in Nintendo's long-running "Donkey Kong" franchise.

worked for many

She worked for many years with the American Legion.

Forden worked for many years as a bus driver in Manchester.

Horion worked for many years as a volunteer for the organisation.

up for auction   (en subasta)

In a buyout, the company is first put up for auction.

The station was put up for auction in 1940.

Conan Doyle's house was put up for auction.

up for adoption   (en adopción)

from the family who had given him or her up for adoption.

They also have many cats up for adoption.

1967), whom she put up for adoption.

approved for use

It was never approved for use in the United States.

It is not approved for use in the United States."

It is not approved for use in the European Union.

known for portraying   (conocido por retratar)

She is known for portraying Prudence in the E!

He is known for portraying Nick in Disney's film Rock It!.

He is best known for portraying musician The Notorious B.I.G.

feelings for each   (sentimientos por cada)

And undeniably, their feelings for each other resurface.

Michelle and Will acknowledge their feelings for each other.

While Suraj trains Naina they develop feelings for each other.

used for making

Gall-nuts were also used for making fine black writing ink.

In prehistoric times, they have been used for making bone tools.

The deposits are 100 percent quartz crystal and is used for making glass.

used for training

April and May were used for training with the invasion fleet.

The ship is also used for training RAN divers in hull clearance.

She was raised on 8 April 1943 and after repairs, used for training.

used for storage

It was used for storage and as a training facility.

The third floor was used for storage of baled cotton.

After the war the base was used for storage of weapons.

struggle for independence   (lucha por la independencia)

In 1988 the struggle for independence in the Karabagh region started.

Historic events, especially the struggle for independence which has the most monuments.

The central sharpened bamboo spear represents the Dairi people's struggle for independence.

ran for mayor

In 2001 he ran for mayor and was reelected in 2005.

In 1974, he ran for mayor losing to Rod Sykes.

In 1965, Givens ran for mayor of Jersey City.

records for genealogical

The records for genealogical research are available at the state archive "Statny Archiv in Nitra, Slovakia"

tied for third

In 1979, he tied for third place in Lugano.

They also tied for third in the NFL with 26 interceptions.

He also tied for third in victories.

run for governor   (postularse para gobernador)

In 2005, Faso announced his intention to run for governor.

He did the same in his speeches during his 1951 run for governor.

Kennon attempted without success to run for governor again in 1963.

run for office

Stockton waited until her daughter went to college to run for office.

The Kentucky legislature allowed former Confederates to run for office.

His son, also named Arne Zabell, has run for office in British Columbia.

opened for business   (abierto para los negocios)

The diner opened for business on September 5, 2011.

The courthouse opened for business on 5 January 1910.

The elegant Queen's Hotel opened for business in 1863.

due for release

Both are due for release via the INgrooves label.

This CD was due for release October 2011.

Their 12th studio album is due for release on 14th August 2020.

played for both

He also played for both Garryowen and Munster.

He played for both the West Coast and the South Island.

As a player Dalnoki played for both Ferencvárosi TC and Hungary.

converted for use

The building was converted for use as senior housing in 2008.

It was built about 1840, and converted for use as a parish hall in 1906.

In 1959/60, 17 Q38 trailers were converted for use as trailers with the CO / CP Stock.

not for profit   (sin ánimo de lucro)

It is a not for profit group run by volunteers.

It is a government-owned, not for profit, insurer of last resort.

Superact Superact is a not for profit arts organization based in Taunton, Somerset.

up for scrap   (para chatarra)

Her wreck was refloated and broken up for scrap in the 1950s.

The hulk was taken to Seattle, where it was broken up for scrap.

"Ouragan" saw no further action and was broken up for scrap in 1949.

school for children   (escuela para niños)

There is a school for children up to 15 years old in the village.

It's a primary school for children aged between three and eleven.

She was a prominent figure in the Jewish religious school for children.

criticized for not

The NYPD was criticized for not taking Mineo's claims seriously.

When the book came out, it was widely criticized for not breaking any new ground.

Key organizers in the march were criticized for not including other points of view.

set for release

The film was set for release sometime in 2012.

The album is set for release in 2018.

It is set for release in 2020 for PC.

noted for having

Gwen was noted for having an affair with Louise Bryant.

The album is noted for having three distinctive versions.

Buxton was noted for having "no rowdiness" in his clinics.

tie for second

Hunter Mahan shot 68 (−3) to move into a tie for second at 212 (−1).

They finished the season 8–2, 6–2 in PFL play to finish in a tie for second place.

They finished the season 7–4, 6–2 in PFL play to finish in a tie for second place.

tie for third

The Raiders finished in a three-way tie for third in the NLL standings.

They finished the season 7–4, 5–3 in MVFC play to finish in a tie for third place.

They finished the season 18–15, 9–5 in WAC play to finish in a tie for third place.

responsible for ensuring   (responsable de asegurar)

The arbiters are responsible for ensuring the rules and laws of chess are adhered to.

The warden and assistant wardens are also responsible for ensuring discipline in residents.

Each headmen were responsible for ensuring that their unit obliged to the rules of the Hoko system.

stand for election   (presentarse a las elecciones)

In 2012, Melchior announced that he would not stand for election.

He did not stand for election in 1695, probably due to his failing health.

Any South Korean citizen over the age of 25 is eligible to stand for election.

love for each   (amor por cada uno)

They both express longing and love for each other and embraces.

They discover their love for each other and decide to get married.

With her soul freed, Cray and Aliza realize their love for each other.

used for several

The name "Turn" is used for several castles in Slovenia.

It is also known as "African carp", a name that is used for several other species.

The course is also used for several other motor racing events and open-air concerts.

adapted for use

The larger one has been adapted for use as a studio.

and have since been adapted for use in endomicroscopy.

In the 1920s, diesel engine were adapted for use in shrimp boats.